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bedroom fitting

We had 2 bedrooms designed. We called designer out twice to change something we didnt like in one bedroom. She changed it, was design of a wardrobe. Therefore we signed and paid.
Surveyor came out, told me everything is fine, no changes needed, didnt show me survey just asked me to sign as NO CHANGES TO DESIGN.

What was fitted was not what we paid for, it reverted back to the old plan we had changed ! Furious with them. Conned to sign and pay for an order they couldnt comply with.

inefficiency, noisy and messy hammonds operative.

Yesterday I had a second bedroom fitted by a Hammond installer, Neil Longworth.

When he fitted the first bedroom he didn't put sheets down on the floorboards while cutting panels and left an awfull lot of saw dust that filled up the hoover, twice.
The noise he made while doing the work, by dropping 'things' on the floor, could have been heard by a deaf person!

When he came yesterday, he was asked to put a dust sheet down on the floor, which he did, and yet the dust collected this morning was an outrage and, again, filled the hoover up twice. He must have shaken the dust sheet on the floor instead of taking it away.

He turned up at 9.45 am and, in my opinion, his productivity is to do with making the job last as long as possible and spending time on the phone. It shouldn't have taken 8 full hours to do this job.

Should I need more work doing, I do not want to see him again!!!

inefficiency, noisy and messy hammonds operative.
inefficiency, noisy and messy hammonds operative.


Avoid like the plaque !! I had a sales rep come to my flat OCT 2018 for 3 double fitted wardrobes and it was the WORST DECISION I ever made choosing hammonds. My fitting date was 21st December 2018, weary I told the surveyor look if there's going to be a problem with you installing this over Christmas I'd rather wait until new year he reassured me that hammonds is the leading company for wardrobes and there'd be no hiccups. First fitter came on the 21st with incomplete bits to complete the job, full of cold and moaning non stop about how terrible hammonds was to work for. I have flat and had emptied my whole bedroom furniture into my living room (heavy furniture) fuming I rang hammonds but of course the office was closed for now 2 weeks because of Christmas( failed to tell me that) and I would have to spent my whole Christmas upside. The fitter came into the front room told me he was finished, I was shocked as I was told this was a 2 man job. He rushed it, the wardrobes was in a terrible state they was scratched, dug, smash marked and not only that he puckered up my carpet and ruining my ceiling by banging it with the doors of the wardrobe. The workmen ship was absolutely diabolical screws all different directions and colours. Thick silicone on show and hideous wonky brackets. It was genuinely so upsetting. Obviously I was furious complained and late January they send round some "senior surveyor" "sub contractor" who couldn't give a hoot about customer service all he did was come into my home and row with me about the work trying to defend the workmenship and try to belittle me. Silly idiotic man he went out as quick as he came in. A second date was set for a "fitter" to try and rectify what had been done to these wardrobes, he also bad mouthed the company and decided to rip it all out and start again but that instead of the 2 days he was booked for he wanted 3 days, as he was from out of area he was put up in a hotel. I refused as I already used my leave and was prepared to take anymore !! He was meant to do a full day Saturday but left half day and said he had paperwork to do ?? Very odd behaviour. He rang me that evening insisting on doing the wardrobes Sunday and money to which I refused and said he shouldn't have left 1pm when he was due to work all day. Gave me these excuses of vosa say you can't work and drive more than 8 hours a day all this bull**** honestly pack of lies that came out of his mouth. So Sunday morning he turned up I assumed to do the work but little did I know he was sneakily removing his tools from my house shut the door behind him and never came back. COWARD. Enraged third complaint to Hammonds now in an even worse position because the wardrobes are not fully dismantled all around the room, the mess he left. It was a living nightmare. Again emails and photos and all this palaver and inconvenience again. Eventually the third fitter came and completed the work to a good standard that I was happy with and on the same day I received a call from the second fitter, he was extremely drunk calling me all sorts of names and being really offensive and abusive down the phone, threatening that he knew were I lived and this is a HAMMONDS FITTER. It was so bad that the police was involved, I assume he behaved this way because he got in a lot of trouble for just leaving the job and wasting people's money and time putting him up in a hotel to do zero.
Hammonds offered a MEASLY 10% off the order. Harpsden painted range £3100 (hand painted most expensive in the range) £310 for all inconvenience and upset and trauma. I had to have a second lock fitted because I felt so unsafe in my own home all because of wardrobes. They paid for damages £150, where they'd ripped all my wall paper and skirting board plus puckered up the carpet which I only got because I took them to the furniture obusmen. All the staff are robotic and say the same thing " we are sorry you feel this way, it's not the standard we aim for at hammonds" blah blah it's all a pack of lies none of them care they just want your money and don't care how they get it.
That 10% compensation in noway reflects the serious trauma and suffering I had to put up with just to get some wardrobes fitted, I will NEVER EVER use hammonds again and I've warned everyone I know about it. PLEASE save yourself the pain and struggle USE SOMEONE ELSE.



A/C -DC082. 20th November 2018 Hammonds started installation of wardrobe and did not finished, although I wa...

bedroom furniture

Wish I had read reviews before spending our hard earned cash with this terrible company, after waiting 3...

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fitted bedroom furniture

This company provide service which is as poor as I have ever encountered. We ordered bedroom furniture and made a first payment on 15 January 2019. The job was completed exactly 5 months later on 15 June. Having been assured by the showroom staff, designer and surveyor that delivery time was 6-8 weeks once we had paid our deposit we were given a date 3 months hence, i.e. Mid April. The fitter did a reasonable job, especially considering the surveyor had measured incorrectly, but he discovered that 2 out of the 3 wardrobe doors were unusable - one was damaged, one the wrong finish and mirrored not plain. Of the two bedside tables one had the wrong finish on the side panels. Clearly they do not have a quality control inspection before products leave the factory. The fitter ordered the replacements there and then and expected that we would receive them in a week or so. Ha! After countless phone calls and hearing endless excuses the replacements actually arrived on 15 June. So a job we expected to be completed in around 2 months has taken 5 months. For our poor service and inconvenience we have been offered the paltry compensation of £125 on a bill of almost £5k). I would never use this company again and wouldn't recommend them even to my worst enemy.

  • Am
    Amanda Combe Sep 04, 2019

    We ordered ours in Jan 2019 and still it is not completed. The first fitter was scruffy, arrived in a beaten up van 3 hours late and did a substandard job. Ever since we have had phone calls, emails again and Gaian with them and every time they mess things up: unsuitable fitting dates without consultation with us as to when would be suitable, fitter arrived and hadn’t been given the correct parts, invoices for outstanding amount when job not completed, customer service person went off long term sick and no-one took over her emails so we heard nothing for weeks and then only when I rang them, then a new person took over and got everything wrong. This week was the last straw; they arrange a fitting today, emailed at 6.30 this morning saying the fit was Friday.My husband had taken the day off and stripped the room before he checked my emails when no-one arrived and realised he had wast3d his time. Have now emailed and told them to stuff their re-fit and that they will not be getting the outstanding 10%. No wonder they take 90% up front as otherwise they would never make any money.

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  • Bu
    But I am the client Feb 26, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a very disappointing experience with Hammonds. Their designer (salesman) thought 32cm was adequate space to pass between bed and wardrobe but this didn't come to light until the surveyors visit. He spotted the issue within 2 seconds of being in the bedroom. Essentially the salesman knew it was going to be a problem but never warned us and wasn't interested in resolving our bedroom storage problem. He was probably hoping the surveyor would bale him out or we would have to compromise on buying a small bed . We wasted weeks waiting for the survey, which may never have happened had we not chased for it. Now to rub salt into the wombs we have to wait 48 hours before their client services team refund our deposit. For our £800 deposit we have had nothing (repeat nothing) from Hammonds apart from disappointment.

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customer service

My installation was booked for today 24/10
The fitter turned up with a right attitude on him and really didn't want or seem interested in starting my job
As we had spent the last few days clearing the room in preparation the last thing was the bed which we were in the process of packing up.
He said he was leaving the property and refusing to install as the room wasn't clear!!! The bed would have been out of the room in under 10 minutes, in which time he could of either waited or started to bring in the boxes but no his attitude left my wife in tears and she asked him wait a few minutes but he shouted at her stormed off
Common sense surely would have been to hang fire for 5 minutes but in my eyes he didn't want this job as there was 64 boxes to carry up 2 flights of stairs
Now they have reappointed the install for 5 weeks!!! 5 weeks!!!
While my bedrooms are like a bomb site !!!
A £5000 order and I get this in return, my wife left in tears

incentivised reviews on trust pilot and review centre

Hammonds Furniture ask for two reviews in return for £25 M&S vouchers. They do not specify that these reviews MUST be positive and do not state on either review site that these are paid customer reviews.

This makes their reviews mis-leading to consumers. I based my purchase of wardrobes because of their good reviews and had I known they were incentivised I may not have made the decision to purchase from them.

They have ignored my complaint despite 3 months of emails

fitted bedroom furniture

I booked and paid for a £16, 000 bedroom fit. 6 weeks I have had to wait. The start date of the 3 day fit wa...

fitted wardrobes

I placed an order on the 30th March and paid Hammonds a substantial part of the cost upfront.
I was given an install date of 29th May. At 8am I revived a text from the fitter telling me he would not be coming as he had not received my wardrobes.
I called Hammonds who gave me no reason for the delay but a new installation date of the 17th July.
Later that day I received a message on my phone telling me that they could not guarantee that it will be fitted on the 27th July.in the mean time Hammonds have several thousands of my money.

fitted bedroom furniture

Truly awful customer service. They TWICE rescheduled our fitting, which meant that we had to sleep in the spare bedroom for a MONTH and we had to reschedule the carpet fitting, which cost us an additional £70. The fitter couldn't complete the fitting as one wardrobe door was MISSING and another door and a standalone unit were DAMAGED. Despite repeated attempts to get though to their customer service dept by phone and email we have had ZERO response from Hammonds to say when we can expect the replacement parts. We also have a load of rubbish stacked in our drive but again, no contact to say when this is going to be disposed of. We used Hammonds about 12 or 13 years ago and were pleased with their service, but on our latest experience we could not recommend them. I am reliably informed that our experience has been typical of the past 6 months at Hammonds. Hammonds are showing all the signs of a company that has supply chain problems, which typically go hand in hand with cash flow problems. Beware giving your money to this company!! Wish we'd only paid a small deposit and only paid the balance on successful completion. Lesson learned, as they now think they have us over a barrel.

customer service

Account no CM946
I ordered fitted furniture for my daughters bedroom . The fitter arrived six hours late in a very bad mood. He was rude, offhand and offensive. My daughter was upset and shaken by his behaviour. I phoned customer service three times and sent three emails and only after threatening to cancel the order did another fitter complete the installation. On the day of completion I received an email requesting the final payment. I immediately phoned customer service to say that I wanted to speak to a manager prior to making the final payment. Three weeks later I am still waiting for that phone call. My daughter then decided that she required a set of drawers in one of the wardrobes instead of a hanging rail. I therefore ordered a set via the designer. I have not received either a courtesy phone call or confirmation of my order for the extra drawers. My daughter and I are already under considerable stress due to her waiting to go into hospital and do not need further stress caused by Hammonds. The resolution I require is to draw a line under this whole saga with a phone call, the installation of the drawers and making the final payment.

Bedroom furniture

Don't expect your lovely bedroom furniture to last more than a year. With mine the plastic wrapping is peeling off. You would expect that there would be no problem because they claim a 10 year guarantee. No chance. They are not the slightest bit interested. I even wrote to the CEO by recorded mail and he didn't even have the courtesy to reply ! DO NOT deal with this company if you want to use your furniture for more than a year.

Paying for inefficiency, not quality

My mistake in committing myself to Hammond's furniture is that I have failed to take seriously the many...

Built in wardrobes

In July 2014 we arranged for a fitting to happen in October 2014. When the fitter turned up on the dates (2 days to fit) he noticed that parts were missing, and he noted he had no instructions from which to work, and was confused about the extra requirements we had specified for a cable hole/tie area in the side of the wardrobe fitter inside an enclave so that we could still access the plugs. The wardrobe was fitted, incorrectly, and left a hole in the side which a plug could not fit through.

I called on the day the fitter arrived and Hammonds promised to call me back about the missing parts and lack of instructions- they did not. I continually called Hammonds' customer service desk and it took over a week to get a response. When I finally got a response, they eventually told me they would send someone around to look at it, 2 weeks after the fitting- and sort it out where possible.

I took the day off so the person could come, and they only confirmed what I had already described twice on the phone. They said they would come and rip it all out - and refit it all but it wouldn't be until 3 weeks later. The new dates we arranged were 2 and 1/2 days. The second attempt, in November, the fitter failed to turn up! I spoke to the head of customer services after waiting hours to find out what was going on- her name was Leah Meacham - and she was absolutely horrendous to deal with - absolutely 0 tact at all.. and I ended up sobbing in rage that now we would never finish this before Christmas since I had no holidays left and now family coming from abroad would not be able to stay with me because my room was in ruins. Did she care? No. Leah, after hearing my sobs, tried to suggest that I leave my keys with the fitters rather than take any more days off.. I was up to 5 days at this point.. Why on earth would I let anyone in my house from their company since I know they are liars, and they had done nothing but mess up at every turn?

The fitter came on the 2nd day and took the wardrobe out but left it in a huge state - Hammonds offered to reimburse us if we paid for fixing and redecorating.. but no decorator was interested in a 1 room job, and they were not interested in fixing someone else's mess either.. so in the end we had to use some of the time off we had booked during Christmas to pay for and do the repairs. We had to take more time off in January to do the final fitting which was completed on 27th Jan 2015, which was my birthday.. not the best way to spend my birthday but this was the date given to me and I know better than to wait any longer to get this over with. We had tried many times to try to call it a day - they don't install, we don't pay.. but they would not accept this.. and Citizen's advice told us we have to let them try and make good.

It was an awful experience dealing with the company.. I tried to follow the correct process, and I took it up with the ombudsman but they were absolutely useless and simply sided with Hammonds stating the amounts they would give us are reasonable of about 15% of what we paid, and to be honest it doesn't really cover the costs I calculated of 23%, which I asked for in writing but received no response for over a month.. In order to even get this money offered, I had to speak to my HR department to prove how much I am paid, my partner had to do the same.. I had said in my letter I would then go to the Ombudsman following the lack of any response. Top tip, by the way, do not communicate by post - it is not the best way to deal with companies now, if you want an immediate response - use Twitter!

By the time we got the result from the Ombudsman, which was in August 2015 - way more than 3 months after we filed our case.. We had no money left to go to court since we were planning a wedding, but had I any more left I definitely would have tried.

Unbelievably bad customer service, and to be honest I do have a functioning wardrobe now for the last year, but I don't trust it will last since I don't trust the company - and I don't recommend anyone goes with them, the quality is not bad, but if you want to spend 3 months trying to fit a wardrobe in your house and repair the damage when they get it wrong, then go ahead and use them.. but if it were me, knowing what I know now - I would not take that risk. There are bad complaints for every single wardrobe fitting company out there- and people make mistakes, it happens.. but what defines largely how bad a situation is, is the way it is dealt with by customer service and let me assure you to say it was not pleasant is a huge understatement.

Oh, and because I had not paid it all up front- I had to constantly go back and forth to Barclays the lender of the money at this point and ask them to extend the date by which I should pay back to match the expected completion date which changed 3 times. So, that was fun too, consider this as well.. Barclay's customer service have equally odd problems but the way they managed to deal with it was far better than Hammonds, probably because finance is a more regulated industry.. thank God.. and you're less likely to run into ### situations like this.

Finally, if there is one thing to say about Hammonds they do have 1 person in their entire company who possesses tact and empathy and that is Jane Randall, who at the time of my case was the head of Social Media and Complaints and wow does that company need her considering.. She managed to stay calm, and be pleasant throughout the entire thing which is more than I can say for the other 10+ staff I dealt with over the year. Jane, if you're reading, hope you're well (and baby I think now..) - consider leaving that poor excuse for a company you work for, their entire customers services department is a shambles and you're a diamond in a ### pile.

Fitted Wardrobes

Appalling Customer Service ok. I never really write reviews as I don't really have the time, however, this process was so exhausting and draining that I would like to share my experience in order to make people aware. I don't even know where to start from. I am stressed and angry with the experience. This is not a WOW experience this is a shoddy experience The job started well. We had 2 people visit our home in 3 different occasions to take dimensions, draw up the shape of the room and make sure the wardrobe fits ok. The job took 2.5 times longer to complete. Additional days were added to allow the wardrobes to finish. Hammonds said due to the shape of the room. Even though they knew from day 1 what the room looked like. We were quoted originally 2 days to finish the job. then took 5 days in the end. on the third day the fitter was at our place till 11 at night, cutting and fitting. he had to stop due to noise and come back to finish. Our baby was sleeping downstairs, I was desperate to get the wardrobes finished but there was simply not enough time. a week later I received a phonecall from the fitter on the friday afternoon, around 5.30 asking to arrive the day after, the saturday, to finish the job. I had to change my plans and we booked the sunday in the end. The delivered doors were not the right size, even though the fitter had measured previously and so again the job didn't finish. nevertheless he was here till 5pm on the sunday finishing other bits, which meant I had to cancel all my jobs for that day. even though on the phone he mentioned he would only be a couple of hours. not to mention the fact the fitter was more than an hour late, without informing us, I had to call him to ask where he was, and when he turned up he didn't apologise he just laughed it off saying I had more time to empty the room. the following saturday another fitter came to finish the job. he was there for 2.5 hours and finally hammonds was out of my house for good. The process was exhausting, Customer service was appalling throughout the process. no communication from them unless you initiate it. I put in a former complaint which of course took me nowhere with their resolution team. I also got what seems like a threat within their last letter "once the remainder of your balance has been paid, the 10 year guarantee will also be activated". The remainder is not a lot of money but when you take into account that I work contract and I just couldn't be at work and had to take additional time off this job has cost me a lot more than what it is worth. by the way two of the hinges broke within one day of the wardrobes been installed. I am scared to think what will happen in a years time. I am disappointed and what should have been a WOW experience was really not so WOW. Customer services has ruined the experience for us. Save yourself sometime and go to a company where you are not just a number in a queue with standard apologetic replies that mean nothing.


Avoid this company. Refuse to ring me back - wardrobes fell apart and took them 4 months to sort and trying to speak to a manager about the stress it has caused me and they ignore all my correspondence and calls - say will get a manager to phone me back and they don't!!! There are much better companies out there with better customer service and better quality products!

Chest of Drawers

This is what I have to say to Hammonds after buying a product and it breaking down after only 3 years: I am...

Completely wrong

The side panel had a join in it that we not informed about. The pattern in the wood did not pattern match. It...

Very Rude, Unprofessional man - and Illegal driving

My mother had booked an appointment for Hammonds to come out and quote for some fitted...