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no staff, useless

To whom this may concern,

My name is alex giesige. Today (01/08/08) my mother and sister went shopping at ikea, innaloo. What they told me shocked and disgusted me and;

I will be expecting a formal reply to this letter.

After shopping for a fold out couch (Parts of which were not in stock), a number of bookcases and various other wares my mother and sister were then expected to lift these huge heavy boxes into one of your trolleys without help.

My mother has a condition called fibromyalgia a serious muscle and nerve condition which means she is not meant to do heavy lifting.

Then after struggling with the loose mattresses, the trolley and other items, they were finally able to get to a register, pay for the items and then make their way to a lift and stairs with no help. My mother and young sister tried to figure out how the would get two heavy boxes, three mattresses and a number of other items down the stairs and down the elevator.
A female employee passing by offered to help carry one of the mattresses down the stairs for my mother and sister. Once down the bottom my mother asked if it was possible to pull her car up and load all the items in from the door, the employee said that they had no choice they had to pull the car up as trolleys were not allowed out in the car park. She told them that someone would come to help them load the items into the car. Then she left.

My mother then had to leave my sister will all the purchased items at the door while she went and got the car. On returning another two separate female customers had come to the door also with their own purchases. With no staff to help them they had to wait as they couldn’t just leave they’re purchased items also un-attended.

My mother and my sister waited for about 10-15 mins for a staff member to come, as well as the two other customers. My mother became fed up with waiting and her and my sister loaded the mattresses and the large heavy boxes and the other items into the car by themselves.

Finally after a good half an hour or more a male staff member passed by. One of the female customers asked him for help. He replied that he was a trolley boy and was not meant to help customers. However out of the kindness of his heart, did offer to watch the female customer’s belongings while she went to get her car.

The other lady also waiting by this time was so fed up she asked the lady and the trolley boy to look after her purchases, an went in search of staff for help. She returned after making a scene and demanding help and finally three staff members appeared to help. However for my mother and sister and the other customer it was too little to late.

I am beyond appauled

I will in no uncertain terms be seeking advice from legal counsel.

My mother’s details are as follows:




I expect that a written apology be sent to her.

Alex r. Giesige

  • Ma
    Mady Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Goodness - get over it. You mother is obviously not as helpless as she or you would like everyone to believe if she and you sister were able to load the merchandise. Yes, there should have been more assistance available but hey - that's life sometimes. GET OVER IT.

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customer service

I received the worst customer service ever at Ikea in Fort Lauderdale. Several customers were trying to...

they have no customer service

Ikea is the most ridiculous company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Their policy is simply not to compensate consumers regardless of their mistreatment. After many trips to pick up defective merchandise and waiting in line-ups for hours to pick up merchandise, I was insulted when the manager offered me a 10$gift card...can you imagine how insulting that is! I was even phoned to come and pick up merchandise only to arrive and find that there was nothing there for me. I have since spent hours on their phone lines trying to seek some kind of justice!

terrible experience

First of all, I live 45 minutes away from the Ikea store in Frisco. I shopped there on Saturday with my...

don't shop there

I purchased some lights at Ikea USA for about $50.00. I took care to save the receipt and the original...

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malm base and sulton fjordgard mattress - the worst

Do not make the same mistake that I made by purchasing this junk from IKEA (which I think is Swedish for uncomfortable), cost about a grand with delivery. The slatted base with that beam down the middle flexes in such a way that it puts pressure on the mid section of the body causing you to wake up with sore hips. The mattress is extremely hard and I have been unable to completely relax and get a decent night’s sleep on it. This combination feels like a worn out spring mattress, which is what this bed just replaced. The staff at IKEA seemed to know little or nothing about the product they are selling and were not helpful at all (I think I get it now, the sales person just stared at me as if to communicate “you’re stupid for buying this”). I bought this combination after seeing it displayed at the store. I did lay on it but the real test is sleeping on it. I spent more money purchasing a memory foam topper, now I’m into this fiasco for about $1100 and still sleep better on my couch. It’s a little better but the flexing issue still causes pain on the hips, by the way I’m a 5’10”, 155lb. male, pretty average. After trial and error I found a couple of books from my book case that limit the flex of the base to the point that it feels like cheap motel mattress. It suffices to say that next week I’ll be testing out the return policy at IKEA. I’m not sure if their delivery service picks up, so I may have to rent a truck take it all back.

  • Me
    Me Me Feb 05, 2009

    Mistake? I recently purchased this exact combination (Malm & Fjordgard) and find it extremely comfortable. Additionally, my chronic back pain was alleviated after just one night on this mattress.
    Why this angry, bitter wanker of a poster (TC) has posted this complaint on multiple boards is beyond me. Choosing a mattress is purely subjective and requires a bit of research and testing before buying. Ikea has a 90 trial period for all mattresses. That's 3 months, TC. Blame the "fiasco" on yourself, TC. Stop wasting time complaining and get a life.

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  • Bc
    bcsarmaa Aug 08, 2010

    I just moved into a condo and wanted to buy a new bed + mattress as part of the move. A little background, I definitely prefer firm mattresses and I'm a stomach sleeper. I went to Ikea to try out all the mattresses over a 2 week period (in the store) I kept coming back to the Fjordgard. I also wanted a sexy platform bed so I purchased the Malm.

    Long story short I love my bed. Mattresses are definitely subjective so my preferences may not match someone else but for me this was a perfect combo. The Malm is rock solid and the mattress provides the support I needed. The mattress does not move around and I've had no problems with the slats.

    If you have different sleep patterns or are super picky this might not be the best combo for you. As for me I could sleep on a wooden floor if I have to, it's actually plush mattresses that cause me the most back pain.

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buyer, beware

My husband and I purchased several items from Ikea and one of them was a bed. We then paid to have it delivered to our home.

When we went to assemble to bed we discovered the mid beam had not been delivered and without this beam the bed was not usable. I called the store we made the purchase at and explained the situation hoping we could just come and pick up the missing part.

The customer service rep that I spoke to informed me that we would have to purchase the part again even though we had the receipt proving that we had paid for it already !! When I asked to speak to a manager I was informed there was no one available and if I wanted to leave my name and number I would be called back but it would be at least a 48 hour wait and the manager would only tell me what the customer service person had already said.

My husband drove down to the store (a forty minute drive) and even then he was still refused the part unless he paid for it again!

I work in retail myself and understand the importance of quality customer service and I can safely say my experience with Ikea is definitely the worst I have ever had !!

I will not be doing any further business with Ikea and I would like to warn everyone else out there, if you do choose to shop at Ikea BUYER BEWARE !!

  • Ka
    Kathleen Ortega Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar experience. I bought 2 beds from the Covina CA. An employee retrieved the beds from the self serve area for me as I only have use of one of my hands. He "forgot" the midbeams. I drove them to my home in Missouri. When I assembled the beds they are both worthless without that one part. I called customer service and was promptly made to feel stupid for not picking up those parts. Then I was told I had to buy the items and pay for handling but not shipping. The website clearly states this midbeam is included in the price of the beds.

    Ikea has the the "we have your money so you can kiss our ###" attitude. The jerk customer service person asked me if she could do anything else for me. She wouldn't give me money to drive 40 mile round trip to the hardware store to buy something to hold the mattress off the floor. Then she told me to have a fantastic day. Felt like a hard slap in the face. Not a nice feeling after I spent over a grand in their store.

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no response

I purchased a kitchen from ikea in 2005 I saved up and paid all my money on a new kitchen. In 2006 it started to fall apart the finishes came away from the wood.

I have tried calling and going to the store and not once did i get a response i now have a kitchen which is falling apart and need to save for a new one again and when i purchased it, it was suppose to have a ten year guarantee.

ikea credit card is a drama!

I am new to IKEA credit card my 1st payment was due 1/4/07 and I made payment over the phone 1/3/2007. Not...

purse stolen in ikea, then kicked out of the store!

I went shopping at the IKEA store in Schaumburg, Illinois and my purse was stolen out of my cart. All I was left with was my cell phone.

I lost my money, cards, and my only set of apartment keys and car keys. I had only one set of both of these keys because I had just moved and was shopping for my new apartment, and I had recently bought a used car. The management was tepid at best at helping me, they would not show me video footage, nor did they care if I had a ride home. While waiting for a tow truck and trying to arrange a ride home and a place to stay( I live 20 miles away, not so easy) I was told by Joe in Loss Prevention that I must leave the store. I explained to him what had happened to me, and I was given 1 - 3 hours to wait for a tow truck to get my car towed to a place to get new keys made for my car. I was told I could not wait anywhere else in the store (employee entrance, or vestibule) and that if I did not leave voluntarily, I would be escorted out by security. He said he was only following store policy. I was distraught by this, and I left on my own after more arguing. I had a thin coat, no gloves or hat and it was 30 degrees out. All of my outdoor clothing was left in my locked car. I was put in danger by IKEA by being forced to wait alone in a cold dark abandoned parking lot.

IKEA is not prepared or willing to help people on a human level, only prepared to deal with their bottom line, which is too low. I am not surprised to her from others that their customer service in infamously horrible.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the IKEA customer relations headquarters, and about 3 weeks later I was called by the security manager at IKEA Schaumburg. He asked for more information about the situation. He said the situation could have been dealt with better, but did not say how.

He offered me a $50 gift card, when this whole fiasco cost me $700+. Anyways, I do not want to go back there, and I would rather tell my story in public forums to show how horrible their customer service is!

it started out bad, but ended up good!

Last winter I went to my local Ikea and purchased a dining room set, a table and four chairs. Since I own a compact car, I had a friend take time to bring his truck and help me out.

I picked out the ones I wanted in the showroom, got a salesperson to help me, pointed out which ones I wanted and had him print up a receipt for it (it was one of those Ikeas that has a warehouse across the street where you pick up some things). I paid at the register, and with receipt in hand, went to pick up the box. I double-checked the box number with the number on the receipt, just to be sure and they matched so I figured I was golden.

We got them back to my place and unloaded, and he headed home. It was getting pretty late but I decided to assemble some of it that night and when I opened the dining room table box, guess what? Wrong table. It didn't match the chairs in color. It wasn't even close. Although the numbers on the receipt and box matched, the salesperson had entered in the wrong number into the computer in the first place. It was a similar model but different color (rather hideous in my opinion). I knew that Ikea delivered so I called their customer service number thinking I could have them, next time they were in the area, do a quick swap. After all, it was their mistake, and getting access to my friend's truck again was out of the question for at least 2 weeks.

When I finally got on the line with a real person, I explained about the mix-up and requested that they do a swap with one of their delivery trucks. The guy on the other end of the line gave me a very hard time. He said that I should have checked the box numbers before leaving. I explained I HAD checked the box numbers and that the salesperson had entered in the wrong number into the computer in the first place (it was only off by a few digits).

Therefore, the only way for me to verify that the table was the correct color would have been to tear open the box right there in the warehouse. He said, "This is your fault. If that is what is necessary to verify then that's what you should have done. This is not our problem."

I about blew a gasket. What kind of company says "It's your fault we made a mistake"???. So, I asked to speak to his manager and was placed on hold for about 20 minutes. Finally, the manager came on the line and I was still fuming. I explained the situation to her and she very calmly said, "We'll have a truck in your area in 3 days, and we can swap the tables then. Is that ok?" I calmed down a lot and said, "Yeah that'd be great. That's exactly what I wanted in the first place." She said, "Well you still sound pretty angry about this whole situation."

I explained, "It's not the fact that your salesperson made a mistake. That happens and I completely understand it. That's not a big deal. The problem was your employee who I was just talking to told me that this entire situation was my fault." The phone was silent for several seconds and then she said, very icily I might add, "He said WHAT???"

She apologized profusely for that employee's behavior and I'm guessing someone got severely reprimanded that night, maybe even fired. I hope he didn't lose his job, but to be honest, if he did, he brought it on himself.

While the experience started out negative, it turned very positive at the end and this is a big compliment to the fact that, even though some of its employees may be surly from time to time, the manager I dealt with is clearly very good at what she does and extremely helpful. I only wish I remembered to get her name so that I could write a letter to the company to commend her.

  • Mo
    mohammed alherz Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had buy online and they they late to delivery so i refused to receive item ask them refund my payments since 26novmber2017 till now not refund and no answer from ikea saudi arabia please help me how can get my money back

    online order : IRW Order-WEB00039907

    [email protected]

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  • So
    sora lim Oct 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This was my worst experience at Ikea. It wasn't ever good enough but this was the worst. The cafeteria worker just ignored the customer and when i complained she simply brought the manager out. I didn't hear any apologies from her or even the manager.

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  • Fr
    franck monnier Jul 24, 2019

    delivery was not able to deliver on time

    call 1 833 221 6471, talk to a KATE extremenly rude, blaming me for you mistake, in such rude manner

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  • Sh
    shrutiag Oct 30, 2019

    I was deliever an old and broken Air pillow. When I sent mail to customer case of Ikea India, they refused return and exchange.

    Be very careful. Looks like Ikea is not able to maintain its quality in India. They are sending their old broken stock here to sell.

    Its really a scam


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