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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved customer service and product quality

As a contractors I could not believe how my customer was treated. First purchase of 7k all substandard...

Resolved sexual ad

I just saw the new kitchen ad from Ikea. The guy asks the gil if she wants to go upstairs to have sex and the...

I want people know that they will get over on you

I made a purchase at ikea in february 2009 for maybe 20 or 30 dollars I never received a bill honestly I forgot until 2 months later for 100.00. They claim the bill was sent back but why is it that this bill was recieved for 100.00 and also why did I never receive a phone call after the first month. I believe that there was never a bill sent out purposely so I could accumulate charges. This is actually my second problem with them and I want people know that they will get over on you so be careful when you use your ikea card.

customer service

This is the first time that I’ve ever written a customer review about anything. My experience with Ikea was comically terrible and I felt that writing a review highlighting my experience would give me a small sliver of recourse and hopefully save someone else from the exceptional levels of frustration that can go along with shopping at this retailer.

I bought a bed from Ikea on a Friday that came in two boxes. When I got home, the materials in box 2 very obviously did not fit with the materials with box 1. I called customer service to try to figure out what happened (why materials that were in box 2 were incorrect).
I spent an hour and 15 minute on the phone with multiple people. I found out that the model of the bed that I’d purchased had an old model and new model – however, the old model boxes were intermingled with the new model boxes on the merchandise floor, with no distinction – this is how I ended up with two incompatible boxes.

The Ikea customer service staff did not seem to hold any power or ability to help to solve their error. They were disconnected from the rest of the business – they could not communicate with the staff at the store or the delivery team when they need to clarify information related to my case. Most frustratingly, they were seemingly completely uninterested in working to fix Ikea’s error - it was more like a line to listen to customer complaints than a way to solve problems.

Ultimately, after significant pushing from me, they agreed to call me back the following day to coordinate a day for the box with the correct material to be delivered. Over the next two days, the call did not come. On the second day after my call, I decided to go back to the store.

I waited 45 minutes in the returns and exchanges line before speaking with anyone. It was 45 minutes only because a man in line with a lower number (we received numbers upon arriving) was exasperated – he gave me his lower number ticket and left in disgust – in hindsight, there is no doubt that I should’ve taken his lead.

When I finally got to the returns and exchanges counter, the attendants were again unempowered and were seemingly making an effort to be unhelpful. In addition, there were not knowledgeable about their products (at least the customer service representatives could understand the old/new model distinction). Ultimately, I was given a receipt and gift card to purchase the correct box 2.

I then went to the merchandise area to get the correct box 2. I waited roughly 20 minutes in line at the checkout counter. Once I got to the clerk at the register, he said that I would not be able to buy box 2 without box 1. For the third time (after the first time on the phone with customer service and the second time at the returns and exchanges counter), I explained what had happened. I showed him the receipt from the returns and exchanges counter (which was time stamped, showing him that I had been there just minutes earlier). He called some sort of authority figure in the store over who then told me that I would have to buy the full bed over again.

At this point, I was appalled at the egregiousness of it all. Rather than lose my temper, which didn’t seem productive (although may have been a little bit cathartic), I left the store. I went directly to another furniture store and bought a bed. I then went home and threw out my partially assembled Ikea bed – it was not worth returning to the store to return the bed – I would rather swallow the cost of the Ikea bed than face the prospect of dealing with such willful unhelpfulness again.

Ikea’s initial error was in faulty inventory stocking. However, the real failures were in (1) their inability or unwillingness to communicate among different parts of the business (customer service, delivery, returns and exchanges, and the checkout registers were all totally unable to communicate with one another) and (2) their unwillingness to work constructively to fix an Ikea error in order to help a customer.
I would shrug and say that this was an isolated bad experience – but the 45 minute line in the returns and exchanges section, along with people leaving the line in disgust, suggests that my experience is not unique at all. If you are looking for furniture: as a fellow consumer, I strongly suggest that you shop elsewhere to avoid the frustration that can go along with shopping at Ikea.


Resolved deceptive return policy

We bought an unassembled sofa bed on Aug.09 and have noticed some sort of a defect on the product. It...

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fake matress warranty

The 25 year warranty for Ikea Beds is a scam. I purchased a mattress and after 4 years many springs failed. I was told that I had to purchase another matress from Ikea and pay for the matress to be shipping to their main office in Montreal, Canada and then wait for a refund. After 6 months I was informed that Ikea would not honor the warranty and give me a refund.

poor customer service

On the 12Th of may 2011 I went to Ikea, after picking up all my shopping went to cashier to pay, I found that the young lady was rude and aggressive to the customer as she did not help in any way with the scanner in one hand and the other hand in her pocket telling me to hurry up to move the boxes that she can scan them and also telling me that if Am waiting for her to pick them up I can wait for a very long time as a disable person I could not believe the service I was receiving from Ikea so I decided to live my shopping and call the manager that said that he will investigate the case without receiving any apology I left the store.

  • Le
    Levanah10 Dec 23, 2008

    About a year or so ago we bought a 2-pack of 24-hr. light timers at IKEA in Stoughton, MA.

    The cost was less than $5.00 for both, so we tossed the package (and the receipt). Who keeps a receipt for a $5.00 item?

    Last week one of the timers failed, so we took it to IKEA expecting a quick exchange or credit.

    Instead, we got "How do we know you didn't buy this at a flea market?"

    My God, what presumptiveness! My wife and I are 60-ish and grey-haired, and we drove a half-hour in rotten weather to return a $2 timer, and the clerk responds as if we're thieves.

    So already a bit irate, I asked to see the manager.

    What seemed like an inordinate amount of time later -- we were all ready to give up and leave -- the manager appeared.

    His line was the same.

    I told him that IKEA had lost us as customers, and turned to leave. But then, beginning to steam, I turned back and asked for his and the original clerk's name.

    Instead of identifying themselves, they threw us out of the store.

    I'd like to note that this IKEA store is essentially empty. Apparently other customers have been treated similarly, and have learned their lesson and now shop elsewhere.

    IKEA management should be treating its employees well enough, and hiring employees with sufficient intelligent and self-respect, to treat customers with respect. No customer should ever be accused of being a thief (or the equivalent -- buying a broken component at a flea market and trying to return it).

    If IKEA management can't manage to believe that the customer is always right, then they are not going to succeed. All they need do is look to General Motors and Chrysler for a view of their future.

    The problem with the timer is a built-in inherent design defect. One of the AC line plug prongs is mounted weakly, and breaks away from contact inside the timer. This will happen to people who use the timer intermittently and thus plug and unplug it often, because each re-insertion puts pressure on the defective internal component. This timer is made in China, and it is distributed exclusively by IKEA. Obviously, IKEA is not going to repair the problem, because they weren't interested in replacing the defective product -- or even hearing of the problem.

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  • Ga
    Gacho Mar 23, 2009

    I puchased a as-is sofa from Ikea, the item was dirty but not broken. I had it delivered and it arriived broken. SOmething happened to the sofa from the time I left it for delivery and the time it arrived.
    over the next 4 days, I spoke to people at Ikea from customer service to managers to customer relations at corporate office, even thought every last one of them agreed that I was in the right, their store policy forbid them from righting the wrong. I understand the policy, but the circumstance is not typical.
    This is very surprising to me that a company who pride itself on being consumer and enviromentally friendly does not have even one person in the companhy who is authorized to step outside of company policy to right a wrong. In the past years, I spent about $2, 000.00 per year on average at Ikea. I am so disappointed on how they handle this situation that I can not see myself spending any more money there.

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  • Lu
    Lukas hentrich Jul 04, 2010

    i didnt have any problems with ikea exept some stuff get broken pretty quickly, the food is really nice

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  • Sd
    Sdymkowski Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never purchase another product from Ikea ever again. They have the worst customer service ethics I ever experienced.The product I purchased from there was a bed frame and headboard.They do not tell you that some of the parts you will need are a seperate purchase.It is rediculouse how they do not make an effort to help you load the boxes on your cart even if they are taller than you or even weigh more than you.Good luck if you order anything additional from Ikea such as additional needed parts. It will take forever to recieve and the packaging will come damaged. They do not do anything to compensate either for their poor customer service.

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  • Gravitytheseducer May 05, 2012

    If you're disabled how were you able to lift up those heavy boxes and put them on your trolley? And how did you plan on getting them into your car? I hate when people play the disabled card when there is nothing wrong with them. It's called laziness and that's not a disability!

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  • Sa
    sarah11999 Aug 13, 2015

    I agree with comments about IKEA's terrible customer service. I was there 2 hours today trying to sort out the fact they sold me a desk when they errr didn't actually have one in stock. What a complete nightmare it all was. I had to go all round the store again to get a refund (waited ages) then go back to the warehouse and wait ages for a different one.

    No apology. Appalling.

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Resolved 0% interest it's a lie!!!

Be very careful with the "Ikea credit card" always read the small letters and do not make the same mistake I...

Resolved pax wardrobe

Warning Ikea does not stand by there 10yr warranty. I have a damage basket for the interior of my PAX 23"...

nasty attitude

I totally agree, one time the security counted the numbers of items I purchased on my way out. On my way out she made me look a theft and I contacted ikea store customer service representative, manager. No one has any decency to even acknowledge the mistake, and “””” apologized”””…. I will never go to ikea in brooklyn, they are filled with overworked, nasty workers and security staffs who doesn’t know how to count, not to mention the arrogant attitude.

Resolved awful service

Upon returning a piece of furniture we were greeted by a loud, agressive woman - before she looked at the furniture she through her hands up and said it was not returnable - accompanied by a gremlin of a man calling it junk. The furniture had never left the box - but had gotten slightly damp from the mist while loading it into our truck for return which, by the way we carefully wrapped in tarp. The rest of the staff swarmed us like a nasty hive of bees and even called us uneducated customers. If you value your money and self I would not reommend this store to anyone. The return policy is misleading and trying to get help from the arrogant staff is not worth it!!!

  • Valerie Nov 05, 2008

    So I took the advice of my friends and family to give Ikea a try (a lot of them are from California and they swear by the place) so I figured I would brave the big blue and yellow monstrosity with bravery in mind and an appetite for a good deal when I was in the market for a new desk. I'll let the uber-hip sheik interior pass without reprimand as the real problem was when I bought my desk and finally carted it back home, it was missing half the screws. So I carted the darned thing back to the store and the customer service simply shrugged their shoulders. Literally, it was nothing more than that. So I've written to corporate. This is truly unacceptable.

    What am I going to do with a half allotment of wonky screws, a few pieces of polished wood and an Allen wrench? Good riddance. If you do shop there make sure you check that everything is in the package as promised.

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no customer service, denies returns

I spent over $7, 000 on an ikea kitchen. The order failed to include cabinets I ordered, included several cabinets I did not order, and included cabinet doors and drawer fronts that were oak when I ordered white. I had to make five (5) additional trips to the store to complete the order. Every time I had to return an item, customer service was rude and difficult. As it took more than 90 days for me to complete the kitchen (Given all the back and forth to ikea), I had additional items that needed to be returned. After 90 days, good luck returning an item to ikea. I was questioned ad infinitum, the brand new, unopened merchandise was opened, and then I was told that a return would be accepted only with a 40% discount as the boxes were damaged. I explained that the merchandise was new, never opened and in the same condition that I received it. The rude ikea manager said that the boxes were damaged and they could not resell the merchandise. I am convinced that the employees are trained to sell you more than you ordered, and then they make it very difficult to return anything to the store. The 90 day return policy is short as they know that many of their products will last only 90 days.

  • Un
    unhappy in Maryland Apr 10, 2011

    Ikea Kitchens are SUPPOSED to have a 10 year guarantee. I suggest going to the States Attorney's Office for Consumer Protection.

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doing bad business

I bought over $1000 of closets including $49 for delivery & $150 for assembly. Upon arrival, assembler's asked for another $150 because customer service had made a mistake plus $75.0 to screw closet to the wall. After i refused, Ikea agreed to take back & charge me $49 to return.

Had they told me the total price correctly in the store, i would not have bought the product. What they did was intentional. Ikea's staff have become day light robbers. waisted hours of my time with much frustration, i will try not to shop at Ikea any more.its better to pay a bit more and get some respect.

Resolved billy bookcase

If form follows function, you'd expect the ikea billy bookcase to house books - wrong! Shelves are made from inferior particle board that sags under a load of books - not even a full shelf! I mean, what is a bookcase for if not to store books? I bought four bookcases to store my library and was disheartened to see shelves sagging before i'd even finished sorting my collection. Not good, not happy!

Resolved return policy

Called Ikea to check on stock the website said they had 163 pair of drapes I needed.We drove 2 hours to get...

rude customer service

I purchased a bunk bed from IKEA. During assembly, I noticed that two parts were defective. The holes on these parts were not drilled all the way through, so it was an obvious manufacturing defect. I drove to the store for the second time. After waiting in line for more than half an hour, I was given two replacement parts. I went back and tried to finish the assembly, but I found out that the parts I were given were incorrect, the hole locations did not match. I drove back to the store for the third time and asked for replacement parts with the correct hole locations. The customer service person asked for my driver's license. When I asked why they need my license (looks like they wanted to scan the info) they said this is the "policy for returns and exchanges". When I tried to point out that this is not a discretionary return or exchange, and I am simply trying to get replacements for defective (or incorrect) parts, the response I got was "This is our policy. If you don't like it, I will have to ask you to leave the premises immediately".

I don't think asking for driver's license (and not to just look at it to confirm the identity of the customer, but to scan information from it into a database, which would probably go to a company like TRE) to replace a defective or incorrect part is acceptable policy for any store that respects the customer.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That might be the proper way of looking up your Ikea account so that they can get you the right pieces.

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Resolved poor return policy

Several months ago I purchased a glass-topped desk from Ikea for our daughter. I later found that the desk was too large for the space. I found every receipt except the one I needed, and not having a receipt, Ikea refused to allow me to return the un-opened desk.

I was polite as was the Ikea representative, I mentioned that we are good customers and that we paid for the purchase using a credit card and we knew the date of the purchase as well. This fell upon polite but unsympathetic ears, and I was informed rather matter of factly that they were sorry but no returns without a receipt. She added that they were unable to trace the purchase in their system. This of course was untrue as all large stores have this capability. It was not done because Ikea does not want to do it.

No, I do not hold Ikea responsible for my failure to find out about their return policy before shopping there, and I do not hold them responsible for losing my receipt. The problem I have with Ikea is that they have a poor return policy. Honest and good people can lose receipts, and indeed I have don so. Since I knew the date and could provide the card number on which the purchase was made, Ikea could have confirmed that the purchase had been made by me and should have refunded my money or at least provided a store credit. Though they seem friendly their return policy is not.

Before the end of the call, the Ikea representative and I wished each other a pleasant day. I began making calls to find a glass cutter to cut the table-top. It cost us $120, but Ikea lost much more: I am an instructor at a local college, I make a point to tell my students to check return policies of stores before shopping. I always reference my experience at Ikea. So far I've reached hundreds of students each year. Not to mention friends and family. Ikea proved they had little regard for me as an individual shopper, but we are all capable of spreading the word about unfriendly policies of merchants who are fortunate to have us as customers. I no longer shop at Ikea and I know a lot of other people who don't either.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "This of course was untrue as all large stores have this capability" That is completely incorrect and one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. Some of the largest chains have some of the most basic computer systems.

    Ikea's return policy sounds very fair to me. It's completely your fault that you lost your receipt. I have never lost a receipt that was for something I could someday plan to return.

    I hope your students also learn from your story the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions.

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misleading delivery dates and lousy service

Went to buy a sofa and bed at Ikea in New Haven CT and could not even get any sales help. Foolish me I went home and ordered it off the web and was given a delivery date.

When the delivery company called to schedule the delivery I was told they don't even deliver on the date given on the web site. When I asked why they said "deal with it" or cancel.

I am still trying to get Ikea on the phone as it's a separate company but no luck there either. Guess they don't like keeping customers happy or care about sales.

bad quality

I bought a buffet or as IKEA named it "side board" which I liked, and it worked for 5 years. Last few months the cabinet buckled under its own weight and it became worped at the bottom. I tried to return it and of course they told me that the furniture has no such long warranty. But should anyone spend $400-500 for furniture that colapses under its own weight? They answered that under no circumstances I would not get a refund from them. IKEA is not backing its own product. IKEA HAS BAD QUALITY ITEMS AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE TO BUY ANYTHING AT IKEA AGAIN.

their ad is too sexual

Ikea Houston advertising 69 in bedroom. This is vulgar and disgusting advertisement. They alude to the position even though they act like they are meaning June 9. It is still disgusting and Christian women buy furniture and most of it. Is this what a homosexual mayor gets Houston? Shame on Ikea!

  • Bu
    bubbly sara Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree with above issue.

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  • Du
    Durand Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Huh? What the heck does a mayors sexual orientation have to do with a Swedish company?

    I really don't think your mayor is consorting with the advertising agency that IKEA uses.

    In regards to the commercial itself, it is offensive and insulting. They know full well what were doing when they filmed it.

    Make you voice heard. Complain directly to the company and store and do not shop there.

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  • My
    myfavoriteweapon Jun 08, 2010

    ooo...the homosexuals are out to get you! maybe it's you with the dirty mind.

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  • Go
    GO Texans Sep 29, 2010

    Really? This is what you are concerned about? LOL

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