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Complaints & Reviews

the service is bad at the home delivery counter

The service is bad at the home delivery counter. I waited over 40 min in line. There was one person at the...

shuttle bus

Yesterday on Sat I took the subway from Manhattan to the place in Brooklyn to catch the shuttle, at Borough...

Resolved product sucks

I purchased an ikea trofast extend-able bed for my 6-year-old son on oct. 17th, 2009. 4 months later, my son told me that a long wood (Bottom one) of a headboard dropped off from the headboard.

Since then, I found that the two major long woods of two headboards are seriously shrinking.in fact, the other pieces of wood of these two headboards are shrinking as well. They cannot support the bed at all now.

I sent these two headboards back to the store on march 1st, 2010. The store manager, "dan", apologized for the serious quality problem, but refused to do anything with the problem, saying that it has been passing 90 days of return policy.

This product is 100% inferior, with serious quality problem. I believe that this same product will have the problem happening to other kids. However, ikea did not even pay attention on this issue even thought it can kill little children.

Ikea products suck, and their services are even worse!

Resolved awful business practices

I have just had the most unpleasant experience in your store. We purchased a total of three Poang chairs from your store over the last year. The most recent three weeks ago. We kept the receipt and the box for that one. Yesterday, one of the other chairs delaminated on the right-side and split apart. We packed it in the box and brought it to the store for exchange. Your CSR, Kumar, after looking at it, said it was used and that the receipt and box were not for that chair. Absolutely true, but it was for the same type chair, which you advertise carries a 25 year warranty against defective material or workmanship according to your website. No one disputes it is your product only that the paperwork and the box are not the original. Since when does the box have anything to do with the defective product? Your employee seemed to imply that we were trying to steal something in some way. What we were trying to exchange a defective chair for a new one.

He stated he wouldn't accept the chair and that WE had to remove it from the store. I left it in a cart out front. We had planned to buy a $149 wardrobe after exchanging the broken $60 chair. Needless to say we did not, nor will we shop with you again. So this poor treatment has cost you $149 in sales in the near term, I have called my daughter and suggested she not shop there and I will encourage my friends not to do so either. Monday I will call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Hopefully knowledge about your business practices will either force you to improve them or at least cost you dearly.

Resolved waste of time and money

I had purchased a Malm queen bed frame last year and had to purchase the added metal frame piece and wooden slats that the matress sat on. I had no problems until about 3 months ago when I was getting up from my bed and the one side collapsed in. I picked up the mattress to find that the wooden slats had slid off the frame and bent the metal supports underneath. I tried fixing it a few times only to have the same result. There is a gap in between where both sides of the wood meet in the middle where the metal support beam is and for some reason i think this is causing the problem. I had gone into the same Ikea store for other items and asked the women in bedding how i would get replacement wood and metal supports since obviously mine were defective. She told me to check at customer service who rudlely told me I would have to purchase replacement wood and metal supports. After spending an addional $50 on top of the original purchases of furnature that were over $600 I went home and took off the bent metal supports and wood. I tried putting the new metal supports on only to find they were too long and that the store had not given me the proper screws to replace the pieces anyway. I decided to try the wood without the metal supports and it fit like the old wood had. After testing the bed the wooden slats again slid off the frame. I called the store I had purchased from and they told me my only option, again, was to purchase new supports and wood. Why would I spend another $50 on the replacement parts if it was just going to do the same thing?? I love all my Ikea furnature and this is the first time I have ever had a problem with my items. I don't feel like after all the money I spent on the furnature the first time I should have to keep buying replacement parts that don't work! I love Ikea furnature but I don't think I will buy anything from them again. I would rather pay more for furnature then waste my money with parts that break and are not fixable.

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Resolved will never buy anything from them again

I bought book shelf at IKEA for $100. and since it was my 1st time in one of their stores I looked at many things and thought after I experienced putting the book shelf together and finding out how easy it was I would go back to the store the following day and buy a dining room set, which was a little pricy, but I like the way it looked. I passed by the book shelf I had bought and noticed it was $30. less because it was on sale. I went to customer service and encountered a very rude & sarcastic woman who said she was the manager. She told me she would not refund the difference. I asked her if I brought back my receipt the following day would she then adjust the price? She became even more sarcastic & rude so I left. I went back the next day and showed her my receipt. She laughed and said that item isn't on sale today, when just the day before it was. I went and looked at the item and she had removed the sale tag. I sent all the information to IKEA Customer Service, but they did bother replying. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM IKEA AGAIN.

Resolved terrible company

I tried to retun a chair today on Nov 8, 08 at Ikea covina. I was at the customer service. The customer svc representative said it was opened box and took my item and went to back room and said he has to inspect it. And it took him about half and hour. Finally, he came with the chair assembled and told me nothing wrong with it.

It looks sturdy to him. And he won't issue the refund because it was assembled. But the item was opened for seeing but never installed or used. But it is ridiculous because he assembled it, of course, it is assembled and considered to be his definition "Used" and against the store return policy. So, I asked for customer service manager. There was a young girl came out and I recalled her name is Shiela, and she is the person in charge there which I doubted. And she said she could do us favor and grant me 70% of the original value store credit. I refuse because I won't shop again at this store. I tried to take some pics there so, I might be able to post on the net to share my experiences. But she was trying to take my camera away. I told her that you better not to touch me. I was totally disgruntled! Bad Service! Unbelievable & Amazing! Never See this kind of customer service In USA. And customer service will risk their company reputation or facing possibilites of violating a consumers's right for a $ 50 merchandise.

Resolved misleading their customers

I had the same problem. I bought a foam mattress from Ikea after I asked the lady responsible of that division about their return policy. She said clearly that it is 90 days if you are not satisfied “Satisfaction Quarentie”. I tried to return the mattress after 10 days since it was a vey bad quality and they had the following excuses:

I am returning a used mattress. Which I couldn’t be satisfied if I don’t try it. I am not returning the mattress in its original package. There is no ways I can package the mattress again in its original package. The packaging they have is designed not to be reused. Then they took the mattress to their warehouse to inspected, and they mentioned that it has a stain and they can not take it back. Of course, I couldn’t go with them and probably, if there is any stain, it would be from their dirty floor.

I will never shop in Ikea again since they are misleading their consumers about the return policy, so they can sell their products.

Resolved late delivery

In November, I bought a pax hemnes wardrobe, without the doors, on the basis that the doors would be in stock within a few weeks (as instructed by the in store staff). I had rung Ikea Nottingham several time to see if the doors were in stock, to be told that they weren't but that they would be in X number of weeks. Every time I rang after that number of weeks, I was told that they were not in stock and that they would be in X number of weeks. So I tried to order the doors online, but they seem to be the only product that is unavailable to buy online.

One day EIGHT months later, I can buy the doors online. BRILLIANT. Not really. My order is put back a week, and then the day before I am due to have the doors delivered, I get an email confirming my cancellation... WHAT? It appears that the card had been declined, yet they only bothered to tell me this the day before I was due to have them delivered, despite the fact that someone from Ikea had called me to confirm the delivery. S

o, I ordered the doors again with another card...and when I checked my bank statement they had taken the money out! Why would you cancel an order saying there was a problem with the card when you have already taken your payment?

So yes, back to the present, I have paid AGAIN for the doors, and lo and behold, someone rang me a couple of days ago saying that the doors wouldn't be available for my delivery date, and that they would be delivered in a weeks time. Do I believe this? Well, no. During this process I have written to Ikea twice asking them why I haven't received my doors. The first time I was told that they would be in at a certain time (which they werent) and the second time I wrote in asking for some sort of compensation (or at least my doors!), but they replied saying they couldnt offer me anything and that they were pleased I had managed to re-order the doors. Had they not been paying attention? Obviously I am not going to get these doors this time around either. OR EVER.

So, TEN months down the line and I am still doorless, and £140 short.

Resolved very rude staff

The ikea staff are rude, never call you back, the managers never call back and speak to customers like s*t. The staff in the leeds store argue with customers and chew gum whilst taking to you! Don't want to see whats in there mounth! Have you no manners at all. Avoid ikea at all costs. I will never shop at the ikea again ever..

Resolved overcharged

Yet another complaint about ikea. 2 weeks ago I went to ikea to order my kitchen. All was going so well; very helpful assistant, everything would be delivered, etc. The bill came to over £200 more than I expected but I hadn't know exactly what price the double width worksurface would be so although the assistant and I scanned down the order checking the price of items - but not the total for each items - and everything seemed in order. Aware of a queue forming behind me I decided to check further at home. This is when I found the mistake - mr ca had ordered 33 plinths for me instead of 3 - enough to plinth my entire town! - at an extra cost of £270.

I called ikea immediately and was told someone would call me back - which they did the next day although I was not impressed when the man said I would have to show them my paperwork first. I suggested he looked online as this was an order waiting to be delivered and he would have all the information there. He called back, confirmed the mistake and said it would be forwarded to the relevant department. (Don't you just dread that phrase?)

The following week my credit card bill arrived; ikea's full amount was on it but no credit. I called the bank first to check it wasn't being processed. Then I called ikea. They promised to call me back, that day or the next. Nothing. 2 days later I called again. They promised to call me back later that day. Nothing. I've checked with my bank again this morning to see if anything is being processed - no. So I called ikea again and have been told someone will call me back.

My credit card bill is due next week. This kitchen cost £2000 - should have been £270 less! - and I clear my cards each month so I don't get charged interest. I do not want to pay the extra £270 and wait another month for my credit.

I am writing on this board because ikea has no complaint department you can email or write to. You can call them - and they can promise to call you back, or you can chat online. But I want to write so my full complaint is logged.

I have been given a delivery date but reading the forum on ikea deliveries I am not holding my breath...

  • Ja
    Jacqueline Bath Oct 15, 2013

    I wanted to purchase an IKEA coffee table for my granddaughter's birthday so I told my daughter to take her to a nearby IKEA store to pick out one so I could have it sent to her residence where she goes to university. I ordered one, plus a storage shelf online. No final billing appeared. I always print them out. I checked email to see if they had sent oone but they had not. My granddaughter received her two pieces on time and was really pleased. When my credit card came I learned that, though the items totaled $114.00, the tax plus shipping or whatever brought the total bill to $371. +.

    I tried to fax my letter and complaint to IKEA but they do not have a fax number. They did send a confirmation number following the order and, when I emailed about it, they did not recognize the number. First time I called I was on hold for so long that I gave up. Later tried again and got a woman who found my bill right away and emailed a copy to me. She said that it was correct because that is how much they charge to ship.

    My credit card people tried to help but could not. I wish I could get a refund of some of the shipping cost which is ridiculous, but am afraid I am out of luck. I will never shop at IKEA again and will tell everyone I can about the failure to receive an invoice at the time of purchase (I would have cancelled the order) and the overcharge.

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Resolved snapped finger

I bought a folding chair from Ikea about a few months ago and today my daughter fell off the chair. When she...

Glasgow Furniture

Resolved return policy

We bought a book case from Ikea for a kids room.
We assembled it halfway & then realized that it will be too big for a small room. We had not even open all the pegs & the screws. Everything was in its original packing. Two day later we went to return it to the store.
First it was a two mile long return line. Finally after standing there for 1 hour we got our chance to speak to the customer service rep. He was the rudest person we ever met. His eyes scanned every single shelf for 20 mins & then in the end he pointed to a less than 1mm spot on the shelf where the paint was chipped. He said the book shelf can't be returned. We never even opened it to assemble & it was among the last shelves.
Bottom line, after talking to the rudest of the people including the managers & wasting 3 hours of our time, we were told that the item couldn't be returned.
On top of that they literally, opened every single pack & threw it in the corner for us to pack & take it home. They didn't even have the decency to put it together if not in the original packing then at least something we could carry home.
Bottom line, Ikea is good to shop for stuff which does not require assembly. Because once you open it there is no way they can return it easily. I think they have been schooled to make the return process as difficult & pain sticking as possible so that the customer takes the stuff back out of sheer frustration.
Ikea your return policy sucks !!!

Resolved very rude cashier

was there yesterday, the cashier (her name is Michelle, i believe it was cashier counter #8 or 10) wa...

Resolved awful, awful, awful

I recently went to the closest ikea store 40 miles away. I needed to buy a few items to finish a kitchen remodeling job. While I was there I tried to return an item that was bought online. They would not accept the return because it was purchased online and there way nothing they could do. Any other store would have no problem with a return. I stormed out of the store so they could not take any more of my money. When I did I was attacked by they loss prevention manager. The stores are more communist now than they ever were. Lawsuit pending!

  • Zo
    zoerouhi Aug 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    go for it girl im not a lover of ikea hate everything about them good luck

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Resolved customer service/ policies

Having been to Ikea many times in various states and always having fair customer service I was appalled at...

Resolved arrogant, inefficient, bad service

Let's boycott Ikea.

I have two bad experience that turn me off from Ikea. I would advise strongly that you reconsider if you want to shop at Ikea.

1. I bought a wardrobe from Ikea. I was told to pick up on the same day. Three of the pieces of the wardrobe is big and heavy. So, I sent my contractor to pick up at night. When he got to Ikea, waited for 40 minutes, he was told one of the pieces is not available and he has to come back half to one hour later or the next day. Com'n, we have paid for the item and it is not available for pick up? Also, one of the pieces is damaged. The next day, I went back to the store to make sure, and was promised by the store manager, that the two pieces will be put aside so that my contractor can pick up when he gets here at night. So my contractor goes again the second night. However, the piece that replacing the damaged one has not been set aside at all! worse still, he was told that it is out of stock! We went back a week later today and was promised that it will be set aside for my contractor to pick up...my contractor and myself have run at least five times for this $1100 purchase as if Ikea never appreciate our business.

2. We also bought a metal box with "as-if" condition. However, when I went back and unwrap it, my finger was cut by a deep dent at one edge. There is no way to see the dent at the store because there was a sticker there on the wrap (I would think it is purposely done so). The box cost only $5, not a big deal, but I brought it back so that I can tell Ikea that this is not right.
However, guess what? very interesting. You can see Ikea's customer service attitude and philosophy from such small thing like this:
(A) the girl at return counter told me that the dent should not be sharp enough to hurt someone.
(B) the manager comes, he told me that this is "as-if", can not be returned. I told him, this is cheating because the dent was intentionally covered. Besides, this is a consumer safety issue as well. These two argument should take priority over the "as-if"condition.
(C) the manager also said that he did not wrap this. Isn't this funny? of course I know that he did not take the plastic bag, sticker to wrap this. But the wrap is still done by Ikea (with a Ikea sign on it!), and that is still what I mean by cheating!
(C) I get the manager of the manager over. I told him that this is the safety issue and I could put them to court. He kind of telling me that he is not afraid to go to court because he has been there many many times...Com'n, is he saying that consumers have been taking Ikea to court extensively? Ikea must be doing so badly that he has alot of this court experience! the statement say it all! Anyway, he did give me store credit at the end...unapologetically.

$5 is a small matter. I really do not care if I do not get the $5 back. My point of taking the item to Ikea is more to tell them that this is not the right thing to do (wrapping the dent area so that it is not seen and sell item "as-if") if this is done intentionally. If it is unintentionally, all they have to do is apologize for that (because someone get his finger cut!). However...you can see from the above experience for myself...do you want to visit Ikea again? not me. I won't spend another $1 there. After all, Ikea does not seem to contribute the money back into the society (http://www.economist.com/businessfinance/displaystory.cfm?story_id=6919139) appropriately.

  • Bk
    bknblk Sep 05, 2009

    Obviously you do not understand what "As-Is" means (BTW it is not "As-If' like in the movie 'Clueless') "As-Is" is just that - You buy the product just as it is, no warranties, no returns. Most products sold in As-Is condition are usually damaged. That's why they are being sold "As-Is"! Your other complaints are valid, but the one about the $5 box is just ridiculous.

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Resolved defective products

I thought I was the only one who felt that Ikea lacks customer service. I felt Bullied for asking them to show me how to work a supposed adjustable chair that wouldn't adjust for me. The Customer Service Guy said he didn't know but couldn't refund my money unless the chair was defective. HELLO! If it wont adjust and it's supposed to adjust, IT's DEFECTIVE!!! the customer service rep asked for the next customer and told me to move out of the way so he could help her. I haven't shopped there since and have encouraged all of my friends and family to also stop shopping there.

  • Po
    poang May 15, 2010

    That was terrible CS. I agree. This guy could use some re-trainning; too bad his manager did not get your feedback on your experience.

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Resolved poor quality of kitchen planning

I used IKEA's in store kitchen planners and their approved installer-planner ( They only have one) for an extra charge. When I explained the challenges of my small space and when he actually saw it, he drew up plans that did not reflect the actual space. When I asked for actual measurements, he agreed to revise the plans. Because I wanted to get the 20% discount on a substantial order, I needed to get the revised plan and check it out. A week before the deadline he said he had mailed it; he hadn't, and I ended up in the the store where he had faxed an order at the last minute and I placed the order. When I checked through everything later that day, several items were not in stock and missing.

I have slowly gotten the missing items but needed to get them home on my own or for an extra charge.

During the weeks that followed, I tried to give feedback at the store and was promised return calls that never happened. Their 30" cook top does not fit in their 30" base cabinet. A downdraft vent does not fit behind their oven. Their planner never mentioned this. When I asked if he even had a contractors license, they said yes, but when I asked for a number, he didn't have one!

The planner's order included butcher block counter tops which I never ordered. And I have a dented refrigerator that I called about 6 days in a row. Since you are routed to an East Coast call center and not the store when you call in and since they do not answer the 1451 customer service number when you call the actual store number, it is almost impossible to resolve any problem. I finally went in and Stephen (the person I was promised would call me back) happened to be there. He said he got no messages and that it would be another week or two till they got the refrigerator, but that they would call me.

Hopefully, that will actually happen.

Fortunately, I have someone doing the work for me who has been able to work through the problems. But "Kitchen Planning Center" and their "official consultant" are a joke.

Resolved kitchen remodel / incompetence; poor customer service

I spent over 12 K on kitchen cabinets and counter tops at Ikea, which has turned out to be a mistake and...