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no response to customer problem!

This Bank is the worst bank to deal with for Home loans. Most easy to get a loan but most difficult to exit. The customer just gets stuck with them and their irresponsible employees. If one errs in paying their EMIs then finally one starts getting Collection calls from agencies who want to know nothing except the fact that the collectible amount is due towards the bank. Their website to lodge complaints doesn't work and the quality of employees planted at call centers is pathetic. There is no approach to customer service.



  • Ba
    basavaraj Nov 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please aviod ICICI bank. They are practicing unfair business practice very aggressively. These guys showed me how I can save by migrating my home loan from SBI to ICICI. I was paying 10% to SBI in 2005, ICICI was giving loan at 7% the lowest at that time. I migrated from SBI to ICICI. Today, still SBI is maintaining at 10.25%, but ICICI rate has increased to 12%. ICICI is charging highest interest in the country for it existing customer. Think, what happens when the interest rate gone up by 5% from 7 to 12. NEVER NEVER go for this bank for loans.

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  • Ta
    Tata Nov 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello my Tata phone has been lost.

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  • Vi
    Viper Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree yar

    Its the worst. Not only in a specific section, the whole bank is worst, we should never have a relationship with this bank. They should not be allowed to run a stuid bank like this with this stupid people.

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fraud notification of icici bank credit card

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing this email to inform you that on my ICICI credit card [protected]...

icici are cheaters!

I applied for an ICICI Titanium credit card around mid of October 1007. The executive visited me, took all forms, photo, documents etc and told and told me that I should be getting the card in the next 2 - 3 weeks . He also told me that I will be getting a verification call, which I received too.

I got three verification calls (Yes, THREE!!) to verify my details, from three different ICICI personnel, asking the same information over the next two weeks and FOUR address verification, Two in Office and TWO in Home and I had to entertain all of them with all the information and additional documents they asked for verification (It was always the same thing and they would say that if they don’t present the documents, the verification will be marked as negative)

I called ICICI last week of October and was informed that my application "cannot be found" on the system!!!

Finally when I called the customer care (the hellish experience on earth) I came to know that my application got rejected (god knows for whatever reasons).

Whenever somebody tries to call icici bank and you will get many options. Upon selecting one option, you will get much more options and the process continues. By the time you speak to some human being (after selecting all unwanted options) you would have spent 10 - 15 mins wasting your phone call.

After all these drama, I came to know the result of my application. First of all, the executives who come to us makes vague promises telling that we are eligible for the card and promise 101 things. The actual truth is, these cheaters get an incentive for "every application form" filled, from the customers, whether the applicants get the card or not.

Wonder how they got to be No. 1 in credit cards.

  • Ra
    Rahul Masurkar Nov 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had exactly the same experience. What's more I had got the invitation from the bank itself, not from some bank-agent, who may do such things for commissions.

    Same thing, 4/5 verification calls, every call 15-20 minutes. Finally when I got pissed off and said that I have changed my mind and no longer wish to apply for the card, the executive coolly says sorry and says he'll do the honors not to dispatch the card. God knows, if they declared me unfit for their credit cards.

    That was for gold credit card, now I get Titanium card offer.

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  • Sa
    sanjay kumar singh May 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Manager icici credit card
    I bring to kind notice please send me my credit card statement my credit no is 477-----3005and my mobile no is 9305360034

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  • Ga
    gaurav parekh Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir, i am gaurav parekh and my card number is 5176537135996005 and i am using this card from nearly 18th month and i have used nearly 80000/-rs in this and i am also a reguler payement making custmor that you can see my past payments but i am not gatting any reward point for my uses my statment always sawing o earning untill today i think this is not possible after 18 months and my request is that if i am earning or holding any rewad point than please transfer my point to reedemt it and send me all petrol voucher if i am holing any points.please looking to matter and please reply.thanku. gaurav parekh.

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personal loan fraud!

I have applied for personal loan in Vashi branch & submitted all the documents to the officer. For first time...

direct trading account blocked

I have submitted the requisite documents as per ICICI's request 2 times earlier. However 25 days back they have blocked my Direct trading account. He next day I have given (ICICI employee collected) the documents in original again. After that I have been frantically calling their branch, call center and all possible contacts at ICICI without any success. I have started believing that ICICI has no concern to their customers and they are interested in getting only new entrants.

  • Ga
    Gautham Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree with Mr. Prasad. ICICI's behavior is really very bad.

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  • Ra
    Ratanaram Shivram Choudhary Nov 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There may be any understanding or communication gap or mis understanding. I have two joint account at Ahmadabad for last three years and availing other banking services regularly. I have experience much better than other bank. I have my one account with SBI and one another in a Co operative Bank, the services of the SBI and Co operative Bank are not bad but comparing to the ICICI, SBI's services have lower standard.

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looting money from savings account

I am an unfortunate guy to avail a housing loan from ICICI. I am writing this letter to bring to notice of all persons who have taken a housing loan from ICICI.

ICICI housing loan department has looted money from my savings bank account three times without informing me. The demand draft what I submitted to them towards EMI Charges treated as bounce cheque and started pulling money from savings bank account.

The statement they provide to customers are all nonsense. I have taken Rs. Five lakh loan on floating interest. At the time when I took loan the interest rate was 11% for a period of 20 years (240 Installments). After that the interest reduced up to 7%.
At that time they dont reduce our EMI's They just send a statement saying your period (240 months EMI is reduced to 170 months) But We dont get any benefit. Now in their statement the period is showing as 300 Months. And over and above we got a letter saying to keep the period constant, the remaining months we have to pay extra EMI charges.



Let us storm to MR. KV Kamath's office to STOP the Nonsenses what ICICI is doing towards the customers.


Sunil menon

  • He
    hemablr Mar 25, 2010

    I am the seller of a property in Bangalore.

    All property documents / details had been provided to buyer before loan sanction.

    The buyer insisted that he would proceed with agreement only after he got it cleared through legal / technical team in ICICI. Valuation people came on Feb 25th or so. They apparently gave him the go ahead, after which we signed the sale agreement on March 1st.

    The buyer has given EMI cheques and everything was supposedly ready for disbursement, with registration scheduled for April 3rd.

    Now they are raising an objection due to horizontal deviation, deviation from plan and lack of setbacks

    The property in existence for nearly 10 years now
    Taxes up to date
    All construction in the area is similar
    ICICI Bank had funded the property in 2004 and loan closed only in Jan 2010.

    The loan amount approved is about Rs.20 lakhs, when purchase price is Rs.36.9 lakhs. The buyer is contributing almost 46% (Rs.16.9 lakhs). Properties in the area are sellling for Rs.40-50 lakhs. Considering that, the risk to the bank seems low.

    My parents have paid an advance for another home in RT Nagar and were supposed to sign the agreement today (25th) and move this weekend (27th and 28th)

    I spent almost $750 to get the PoA attested by the Indian Embassy. They asked for several documents at different points of time, but we gave them everything. They even asked for my PAN Card details, saying it was required for disbursement.

    After co-operating with them completely, why are they raising this issue now?

    The buyer and his wife are both employed in good companies (Fidelity and Infosys) and their down payment is quite high. Its not as if they are going to default on the loan, even if someone raises an objection later on. I am sure they will deal with it and resolve it.

    Did it take them ONE MONTH to realize that there are technical deviations?

    If deal falls through, who is going to compensate for all the expenses, incurred by me as well as the buyer?

    I fully intend to ensure that the buyer takes up this matter in Consumer Court for compensation, since I would be deducting all my expenses + penalty from the advance payment that he has made.
    Facility vide application number : 777 8309939
    Franchisee code : ADM-0047-164659
    Reference Number : 60938697

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fraudulent act of icici

Dear Sir/Madam

This Niranjan , I have taken ICICI home loan 25,41000 on Nov 2006,I am paying Interest for home loan for the past one year ,for which I have given ABN Amro Post dated cheques.Recently I have provided 5 cheques of ABN Amro Bank for the amount of 19,201/-Rs each. For the month of august to September the amount has been deducted from the corresponding bank correctly.But for the Month of Oct amount has not been not claimed from ABN Amro ,though there was sufficient amount so I lodged a complaint regarding this 15 days back.they told that banking personnels will get back to us with in 1 day.But they didn't.

But the most worst thing is today I have checked my ICICI bank Personnel account which i have not disclosed to anybody, in which the amount 19201 has been debited.Means without informing to the customer ICICI bank officials deducted 19,201/- Rs on 26th Oct from my personnel account,which is nothing but Loan amount "LBBNG00001440383/LI SEP07-26 "(This is my loan account),and the same month check has been diposited in ABN Amro bank. How ICICI people can deduct the amount from the personal account with out informing the customer?
what is the guarentee that ICICI is giving to the customer deposited money?

Niranjan Babu

  • Ni
    Niranjan Babu Bommu Nov 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received apology letter from the bank .They have apologized for the fault which had been done for my PEMI cheques and debit handled on my account.

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noc for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of nhpc ltd.

It is submitted:

1. that A home loan amounting to Rs 15.5 lacs has been sanctioned and disbursed in the name of ARVIND KUMAR SHARMA for the purchase & construction of plot no.557, 21-B, Faridabad(India). Application No. is [protected] and LAN LBFDB00000740785
2.that I, ARVIND KUMAR SHARMA is employee of NHPC Ltd. and presently posted at Corporate office, Faridabad.
3.NHPC Ltd. has home loan facility for its employee of Rs. 7.5 lacs.
4. that those employees intrested to repay Rs7.5 lacs of loan to the concern bank may got sanction of Rs. 7.5 lacs on the production of NOC for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of NHPC Ltd.
5. that ICICI bank Ltd. and various other banks has already issued NOC to NHPC employees having loan from the concern bank for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of NHPC Ltd. and thereby said employees had got sanctioned home loan of Rs. 7.5 lacs from NHPC Ltd., which NHPC Ltd. directly releasing in the name of the bank concern and thereby bank handed over the loan documents to NHPC Ltd. with due codal formalities.
6. that a copy of NOC AND OTHER RELATED DOCUMENTS of Sh.Anish Gouraha(employee of NHPC Ltd.), AM(E), Employee No.101743N ARE ATTACHED FOR REFERENCE.
7. I have taken loan from icici bank ltd. on similer terms and condition and has been continiosly communicating with the customer care of the icicibank ltd. for issuing NOC for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of NHPC Ltd. for the want of repay of 7.5 lacs to icici bank ltd.
8. that communications recieved till date may be concluded that icici bank can not issue NOC in my case. a mail dt.17.10.07 says "We re-iterate that we are unable to provide the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of NHPC Ltd. as ICICI Bank has not extended services to the second charge with NHPC.
The No Objection Certificate can be issued only in case of closure of the loan."

9. that through mail, it was requested to the bank that above mention decision of the bank may kindly be communicated to me in hard copy duly signed by a authorised signatory of the bank so that observations of RBI could be obtained BUT REPLY IS -WE CAN NOT ISSUE NOC. Last reply dt.26.10.07 says "We would like to re-iterate that we will not be able to issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) for ceding 1st mortgage in favour of NHPC Ltd."


thanking you

yours sincerely
arvind kumar sharma
mobile no.-[protected](delhi, india)

asking a month for demat conversion of physical shares

1. Why ICICI bank representative of Dwarkanagar, Visakhapatnam, Main branch is asking for conversion of demat one month in the age of electronics ? Clarification required for the same,

2.All the links are in the network why this many durations, they are asking fro customer?

3. Customer are behaved by the representative just as like a servant in front of master, they are thinking that customers are coming to beg some thing. Brutality of the ICICI bank are not at tolerable.

4.They are subjected to behave like a gentlemen in front of every customer.

5. Can you kindly put little effort to give respect to the emotion of helpless customer with legall right as Indian citizens.

cash deposit in packet

Hi, ICICI Bank Mayur Vihar Phase- 1 , New Delhi 110091 branch offers a facility of cash deposit in packet to...

not refunded the full amount

I m sivasankar.I have applied for icicilombard insurance on aug 30th.
Policy no- 4034/CHI/[protected]/00/00
CARD NO-BLC-IL-[protected]-A
A person by name Vishnu(tele sales person) had called me and said all fraud and wrong information about the policy and
made me to take the policy from it.He said me that once u get the card from insurance company your are
ready to admit in any hosipital for even viral fever.
So. i have taken the policy...

i have got the cards on 15th september.Once i have gone to the image hosipital in hyderabad around 22nd of sep.
i came to know there only that some approval process is there for this insurance.

so , i have planned to cancel this policy and i have cancelled.while cancellation customer care people said me that u ll get full amount refundable.

i have only got Rs 4200.....of which i paid Rs.10616

so i have to get still Rs.6400........
so ,please get credited to my account the remainig as soon as possible.

thanking you,
P.Siva Sankar
mob no-[protected]

  • Sa
    samrat soiroji Sep 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was offered health insurance of icici lombard by saying that icici cards will pay the full premium for first year as it is promotional offer. Ur monthly statement will show the amount but u need not pay when doubt raised the telecaller assured that the entire conversation get recorded n whatever said is truth i aggreed n received policy bond. I did not received any statement but got an sms on04/09/2017 saying ur amount due. Beware!

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  • Ss
    SSunder Oct 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some crooks from ICICI called my home phone, and deceived my mother into buying the ICICI Lombard insurance. They have charged about Rs. 15000 on my wife's credit card account. My mother is not a card holder, but the ICICI manager asked her to masquerade as my wife for a subsequent sales call. My mother was given my wife's Credit card number, expiry date, home address, mother's maiden name etc to prove that the call was genuine. These details are only available with ICICI bank. She was lied to that I and my wife had instructed the bank manager to call my mother. The subsequent sales call came immediately not allowing my mother to verify the details with me or my wife. My mother was asked to "act" as my wife and say "yes" to everything the ICICI sales person asked. She was asked for medical history details. She said yes to all questions and called me after the sales call. This kind of behavior is unacceptable from a bank. The sales people were deceptive and cunningly lied to an elderly person. Beware of these crooks.

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pathetic customer service in home loans

I have a money saver home loan account with ICICI Bank. When I took out the loan I was told that for this product there will not be an online account. I was given a phone number and an email id which I was told to contact for gettting any information about the account.

For the first few months, I could get all the informationt about my account over email. However after about 3 months all of a sudden, the email stopped responding. Repeated reminders to the email address went un-answered.

Then I tried to call the number that I was given. To my horror, I was told that the only way I can get information about my account is by personally travelling to the branch of the bank in Bangalore. This was not only a complete change in the promise that I was made when I took out the loan but was practically impossible for me as I am currently living outside India.

The loan account that I have taken works on a model in which I am given a current account into which I keep depositing monies. The monthly EMI is then taken from this deposited amount. The EMI figure can change whenever the bank wants. Therefore it is extremely important for me to know how much balance I have in this account and how much EMI is being deducted.

In Aug-2007, I travelled to India for this purpose. My intention was to check the balance of the account and also to discuss the issue with the manager and find out a method by which I can get a regular statement of my account. On the first day of my visit, after waiting about two hours in the queue, I could finally get a statement. To my horror again, I found that amouts have been deducted from my account for unexplained reasons. When I asked the representative about this discrepancy, she could not explain this to me and asked me to come on another day. This was very difficult for me as I had to travel back to London. When I wanted to speak to the manager, the honorable manager refused to speak to me. Instead, he made me speak to one Baljepalli Kumar in Mumbai. When I spoke to Mr. Kumar, he was very nice and took all the details and registered my email details and even provided his own email id. He promised that the discrepancy that I have highlighted will be addressed and further on, whenever I want any information, I can contact him directly from my registered email. He wanted me to come on another day to get the clarification on the discrepancy on my account.

When I went to the bank on the specified day, after waiting for about two hours again, I was told that the investigation has not been done yet and I will be updated over email about the findings when it is done. I was frustrated and came back. The next day I flew back to London.

During this visit, I also tried to update my mailing address in India so that at least I can get account statements over post. However, strangely, the ICICI home loan banking computer system did not accept my postal address. This is when then ICICI prudential account that I have has the same address and I get regular statements in this address.

It has been almost two months since and I am still waiting for the clarification. I have already sent few emails to Mr. Kumar and ICICI bank customercare about this and as ususal there has not been any response from them. My request for an updated account statement has also not been addressed. I cannot even foreclose this loan account as I have to pay a huge penalty if I do so. Am now frustrated, and surprised with the callousness and arrogance of this bank. We were supposed to get better service with the advent of these private banks but it seems we are walking backwards.

Am consulting the legal experts on this. Meanwhile my suggestion to the prospective customers of ICICI is to be careful before committing to any product or service of ICICI bank.

Lalatendu Dash

  • De
    deepali tripathi May 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i m also facing similarkind of problem.
    I m serving in indian army. i have taken a home loan from ICICI Bareilly (UP). For filing IT return, i ned a certificate from the bank that what amount i have paid tiwards the repayment of my loann, indicating clearly the amount paid towards interst & principal.
    Inspite of repeated visits by my father i m not being given such certificate, I, being posted at Lebanon with United Nations Peace Kee0pking Forces, am not able to pursue.

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balance transfer issue

Dear Sir/Mam,

I had a credit card with ICICI 4-5 years back. I had an ongoing balance transfer issue which was never resolved. I use to receive threatening & abusive calls from the Debt Collection Agency, not even sparing my family. Infact, someone form Customer Service told me that the a/c has been closed with nil balance. On 25/10/07 when I checked my savings a/c no [protected] it was blocked & when I spoke to Cust Serv, they told me that it has been blocked due to non payment of CC bill. They are making me to run form post to pillar, asking me to speak to CC team,Savings a/c team & even the Collection Agency with no result
Pls help me, as to what I Can do in this matter.

Kunal Desai

harassment for home loan recovery

I had taken Home loan from ICICI Bank, Borivali (Mumbai) in Mar'03. I had opted payment schedule as through Salary deduction which was from day one . Amount was being deducted from my Salary and regularly getting credited to ICICI Bank Home loan dept. th. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. This is since Mar'03.

Suddenly I got phone calls and letters from ICICI bank mentioning that 2 back dated EMI's (Jul'03 & Dec'03) are not recd. and bounced. I had furnished all details about clearance of those cheques (Which was issued th. State Bank of India, Mumbai branch.

Even though it is not updated in their records till date and it is showing 2 emi amount + Interest amount more than EMI which is again increasing month by month since Jul'03.

I am harassed by ICICI bank for ICICI officers mistake.

Thanks & Regards
Ravindra Jain

  • Mg
    MG.Advertising Services Jun 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subject: Complaint For Overdraft Facility, for A/c no.629105038303
    Respected Sir,
    Our agency, A/c no.629105038303 has applied for the Overdraft Facility for the fixed-deposit of Rs. 3 Lac from your bank
    on May 1st, 2008. Your bank required 10 days for the bank procedure. But till today, this Facility has
    not been provided to our agency.
    Please, consider this matter seriously and take immediate action to provide the Overdraft Facility for MG Advertising Services A/c no.629105038303.

    Thanks and regards
    MG Advertising Services

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  • Ra
    Raj Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I think you are misunderstanding. The payment is electronic transfer from Tahweel Al Rajhi, Thoqba, Saudi Arabia to Indian Bank, Annanagar Branch, Madurai, Tamil Nadu via ICICI bank.

    Ref. # is 46784367 dated 28-08-2008. (Copy attached for your ready ref.).

    Beneficiary Name : R. Deivanai Achi, Amount INR. 300, 000. (3 Lakhs).

    Payment Query : Beneficiary Claims non receipt of fund. She is not receiving the money so far (i.e) ICICI bank is not transferring to Indian Bank, Anna Nagar Branch, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. More than 20 days are completed. Still she did not receive it, why this much time take I do not know.

    I am requesting you please transfer the said amount asap.



    Mobile # 00966-550511729

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money2india: read this before you use the service!

I think everyone who is using or planning to use money2india service and the people responsible for...

penalised for mistake of the bank and their collection agency

Loan A/c - LBCHE [protected] Since 31-08-2006

Kind Attn:
Mr Rajiv Sabharwal
ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd

Sub: Penalised for the mistake of your Collection Agency
Ref: My Loan A/c LBCHE [protected] Since 31-08-2006

Dear Rajiv,

All of us have a dream .. and one of the biggest is to own a home. I too had taken a loan from ICICI for an upcoming property being developed in Chennai where ICICI is the partner bank.

Allow me to put the things in clear perspective:

Part - 1
a) I took a loan of approx 15 L (sanctioned 40 Lkhs)
b) Bank only advised me to pay interest (not principle.. ????)
c) The bank increased interest all through the early part of this year (2007) with intimation of the same coming in at the bank's convenience.
d) The bank did not deem fit to make a payment statement, so that I could structure my payouts.
f) The Collection agents land up at their whim & fancy and demand money for the current month, previous month and future months (as if we have a tree full of money).
g) One such event in June. I had to scrape money from relatives as they asked me money for previous month, June month and also took cheques for the next 5 months.

Part - II
a) Burdened by the Loan.. I had a meeting with my auditor, a bank representative (from a bank nominated agency and not bank direct), and aimed to restructure my loan.
b) It took a while before the agency came back with the suggestion.
c) The loan was restructured.. I rounded off my earlier loan to 20 L, and agreed to make balance payment required by the builder from my reserves.
d) The bank lost my Aug EMP Chq.. did not deem fit to inform me.
e) The bank submitted by Sept EMI cheque without date.. again causing non -payment.
f) After chasing the bank officials concerned everyday (as the builder was demanding release of the money everyday lest I be slapped with interest).. your bank advised that they will deduct the Aug-Sept EMI amount from my new disbursement and I have to pay that money to builder direct (but I will charged Interest + Principle pay out on full 20 L).
g) After much deliberation I got the Sept EMI cleared, paid an amount by Cash towards Aug EMI and interest on the delay.. so that the money could be disbursed.

My contention is that as your bank becomes bigger.. like all things bigger.. it seems to be getting away from the very customers who made it big.. There seems to be no more "Hum Hain Na"..

The way your officials and collection agency people behave leaves a lot to be desired.

I do hope, pray and request that you please look into the matters and ensure that the bank also stands for Customer services... and not just size.

Gitesh Agarwal

non activation of nre account


On my last trip to India, I visited ICICI bank in Saharanpur, UP to open an NRE account. This was middle of June 2007.

The officer handling NRE account was very courteous and quickly completed all the formalities to open an account. Took a check from me to open an account, gave me the User Id and password to operate my account online.

Today, the date is October 10th, 2007, my account is still not activated, the check that i had given to open an account is still not cleared, despite reminders many times.

I closed my account with one of the Public sector bank assuming that ICICI, being a private bank, will give better service, but I was proved wrong.

All attempts to contact the officer incharge have failed.

Can anyone tell who should i contact for this ?



transaction dispute not handled!

I raised 2 separate transaction disputes on my credit card. As a part of the process I faxed them the copy of the complaint. As I was unable to send them a FAX to the number provided by them I called up the customer care requesting for an alternate number. In the follow ups with the customer care I was informed that the request was under process and was asked to check back later after the 90 period. When I did that I was informed that the dispute has been rejected as I did not FAX them. Now the customer care claims that they had no alternate FAX number and nothing could be done about the request.


  • Su
    sumit Das Apr 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unauthorised transaction done using my ICICI credit card and for that over limit charged.

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  • Sa
    sandeep k Jul 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I raised transaction disputes on my credit card. As a part of the process I tried to fax them the copy of the complaint. As I was unable to send them a FAX to the number provided by them I called up the customer care requesting for an alternate number. In the follow ups with the customer care I was informed that the request was under process and was asked to check back later after 3 working days period. When I did that I was informed that the dispute has been rejected as I did not FAX them. Now the customer care claims that they had no alternate FAX number and nothing could be done about the request.
    And my salary account was kept on lein without any intimation. The worlds most worst bank with the worst employees in the bank. They call it customer care but its not care its customer suicide care.

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  • Co
    come on now????????? Mar 16, 2010

    yes beware is right, i guess this liberty discount club is linked to a site . or something ?
    earlier in this month, i got a call from my bank saying there was a few charges on my account . that were from internet charges . and i don't purchase things off the internet . well long story short they took 29.91 out of my account . and my bank gave me the e-mail address and a phone # so i called and they said a site i had visited was linked to theirs . i cancelled out of it did'nt even know what it was for. The person on the phone said" i had to fill out a request form. so i did and then i called today to my bank to see if it was refunded? and instead of refunding me my money . THEY TOOK MORE OF MY MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT . and caused an over draft fee. so i called and now they want me to get a copy of it from my bank and fax it too them, and wait ...
    this company should be shut down for stealing money from people and the employee's should be ashamed for what they do to people, so it went from somthing i didn't want or need to me losing almost a hundred dollars.

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fraudulent transactions - no resolution - savings account debited

I had been given an ICICI bank Debit and credit card a/c when I had joined my company FirstSource (earlier known as ICICI OneSource). Although I had used my debit card frequently I didn’t really feel the need to use my credit card a/c. However last year in July there happened to be some fraudulent transactions on my credit card a/c which included transactions at a petrol station and transactions for Gold.

I had spoken to the bank about this and raised a dispute as advised by them however had not received any confirmation about these transactions. I had received calls from the recoveries department asking for the payment (sometime during Oct – Nov), however hadn’t received any call or letter from the disputes department. In addition, whenever I had asked the agents from the recoveries department about the status of my dispute; they would say that they are not aware of anything, however will check and get back in a day or two but had not lived up their word. In fact, I had also visited the agents at the bank on a few occasions and they said they would get back in person or by mail however hadn’t. I did make numerous phone calls and also sent faxes to the bank about my dispute however they hadn’t got back with any suitable reply.

Lately I received a letter from one of their lawyers asking me to get in touch with them with regards to the payment and so I did send them an email and also logged a complaint onto the ICICI bank website. I did get a reply this time from their head service quality stating that the dispute had been resolved in the bank's favour. Further on when I had a discussion with one of the executives in that department I was informed about the same thing, however there was no explanation to the fact as to why they hadn’t responded to my earlier complaints and confirmed the details of the disputes and enquiries that I had made earlier. Therefore, I went ahead and asked them for the proofs based on which the transactions had been resolved in the banks favour. I asked them to provide me with copies of those dockets. The bank did agree to send me the copies however asked me to wait for a month.

In the interim, when I received my salary for the month of April ’07 into my ICICI debit card a/c I was shocked to find out that all the money from my account had been taken out. I did get in touch with customer care and one of the managers there kept stressing that this had been done according to the terms and conditions. He too couldn’t find any record of me being contacted by the bank to confirm their decision; and informed that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour and on being questioned about this mentioned that he did not have access to any such details (whether the disputes department had sent me any confirmation). He also mentioned that the recoveries team would not have access to my account details and hence would not be able to comment on the status of my dispute however did confirm that they had access to my debit card account to take all my money out; which I found very strange and nonsensical. To add my shock he also mentioned that he wasn’t aware of Subject Access Request and there was no way that I could have any access to the information that they hold in regards to my communication with them.

After a few months I did receive a copy of one of the dockets which was for the Gold transaction (approx Rs 18000) and was informed that the dockets for the other 2 transactions (Rs 700 Approx) had been misplaced and hence the amount will be waived off my account. Incidentally, I had managed to recover the dockets for the other 2 transactions during one of my meetings with the Fraud department last year. And, when I look at these dockets none of the signatures match that of mine and an even bigger surprise here is that each of these signatures are different from each other.

And when I brought this to the notice of the executive from head service quality he asked me a copy of the 2 dockets which I had and mentioned that he would forward them to the Chargeback department. I went ahead and personally handed the dockets to him. Later, when I got in touch with him after a few weeks he informed me that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour. However, when I questioned him for some justification he asked me to again send him scanned of those dockets as he had misplaced the ones that I had handed him. So I went ahead scanned those dockets and sent them to him. And I kept receiving calls from the recoveries department. So, I again contacted this person and he again mentioned that the dispute had been resolved in the bank’s favour.

Now I am terribly tired and frustrated of wasting both my precious time and money of being behind these goons. I am now totally convinced that they do not bother about their customer but only about the money that they can steal from them.

Overall, I am very disappointed as I have been ill-treated and mishandled by ICICI Bank in spite of being such a loyal customer and also a part of their sister concern. I feel this bank is not bothered or does not value their customer’s time, money, wellbeing or satisfaction. I did have hopes of this matter being resolved by them and I have waited longer than any person would have, for a resolution. And now, as recommended by one of my dear ones I am turning to you with great trust that you for sure will help me obtain justice and free me from the mental torture that my family and I have been going through.

Yours truly,

Arcadius D’souza.

  • An
    Andrew Dec 05, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Arcadius D’souza,

    Approach them legally, then only you will get your money, back into your account.



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fraud & cheating!

I have surrender my credit card due to false billing. I have not demanded any loan but they have send me a check of Rs 16000/-. I refuse to take loan, but bank put a penalty and a EMI amont to pay. At last I surrendered the card as it was making me headache. After one year company advocate Shailendra shingh is threatening me to deposit a amount of Rs 3500/- to pay instantly within 2 hours in bank otherwise he will suit file against me for recovery. He said that he has send notices to my offices which I have never found. His statement is wrong because he doesn't send me any letter to my residence address. I asked to send me demand notice to pay after seeing the bill but he refused. I am mentally pussled & waiting for summon and fighting case against company up to supreme court.

  • An
    ANAND BASEDIA Nov 12, 2007
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    Anand basedia

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  • Rp
    R.P.Singh Chandel Oct 07, 2008
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    i have contacted to your jabalpur chapter in the month of july08 & requested to stop the credit card facility on my credit card #4477460759528005 with immediate effect but because of your linger on policy i have been told to use the balance amount to put it to zero.in reply i have told you that amount is negligible consider it a donation &close the any further transaction.in 29sept08 i through net i have informed you that my card is lost therefore any further transaction made through my credit card is your responsibility.so for as making customers for your services are concerned you act like any thing but after accomplishing your task or purpose why do you behave like deaf & dumb & putting we people in great trouble.

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  • Su
    subrata Dutt Nov 08, 2008
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    I want to inform a case of forced billing by SBI and in spite of informing about the non transaction and ultimately served with a legal notice. If this is the way the credit cards are operating in the market, any bank can charge anybody with a transaction, fatten up the amount with interest and nonpayment fines and can file a lawsuit to recover the amount without any proof of the involvement of the customer. Can you suggest what is the remedy. You may kindly email me and if required I will send all particulars in the matter. Kindly help me out I am a serious heart patient and am not in a position to withstand the mental agony being inflicted on me by telephonic threats and legal notice.

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