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I brought a hyundai television from a dealer by the name adhishwar electronis, bangalore, india, 6 months ago.the same day i installed the television and the television was having some electrical problem. I called up the dealer and informed abt the technical problem the same day. The dealer assured me that some technical person will be visiting to my home to rectify the problem. Next day nobody turned down, after that i used to call the dealer many times but he used to escape by giving some false promise. I collected the contact no of the hyundai service centre & i explained them the whole story. To my surprise till today nobody responded to my request.

Such a reputed company, how can they neglect the costumers request. Like this the company (hyundai) will be loosing costumers & will not be able to attract indian market.


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Mar 17, 2011 3:53 am EDT

Dear sir,
We bought a new hyundai tv 29 inches from NEXT RETAIL INDIA LTD NEAR FORT MAIDAN, PALAKKAD, KERALA([protected]) by exchanging our old BPL EMPEROR TV on 18/09/2010.They told that it has warranty for one year.Tv worked well in first six months but three weeks before it got stucked suddenly.
We informed that to the concerned showroom and they told that they would inform to the company and would be corrected within 24 hrs.But we didnt get any response from the company side for one week..Then we called the service engineer of hyundai Mr Pramod(ph-[protected]).He told that he would come and do service within 24 hrs.But we didnt get any response from that guy for one week.We frequently calledup that guy finally he came and told that yellow tube was damaged.Then he come in another day and told picture tube has gone.Finally he told that if he get those tubes he would replace and all. But so far no response from the company side.

Since the tv is under the period of warranty, it is the responsible of you guys should do replacement..Being a reputed company, hyundai should avoid customer grievances immediately..
this is the nth times we are informing to the company..

We have proper evidence for everything..This type of fraudulent we would never excuse..Really we lost trust in your company.We would never encourage anyone to buy anything from hyundai.

If we didnt get justice within one week, we would move to the consumer court for the penalty.
Regist no in company-CAL0703110092, comlaint cal no-[protected]
Sathian nair,
palakkad, kerala

Oct 21, 2014 6:50 am EDT
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I bought a hyundai tv 24inches on 29 Mar 14 from Singapore Giant Tampines. It' s was seldom use and spoiled less than six monthly after bought. Brought to repair at Hyundai Service Centre 0504 / no. 63 Ubi Ave 1, Boustead House one month ago (20 Sep 14). Was told need overseas spare part to repair. Can't Hyundai provide me a one to one exchange ? One month wait and still waiting with no dead line is not acceptable. Service receipt no. 14351. ... Nobody update me, everytime i must call to check for status ! I can be contactable at if need to. THANKS !

Jul 02, 2014 8:53 pm EDT

I have a Hyundai TV which I bought from a reputable outlet Shopwise in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. The tv only worked for less than 2 years and had a problem on the power, it cannot be turned on, so I looked for an authorized repair service center. I paid for check up fee and waited for 2 months now, then I was told that the problem has net been diagnosed "for two months"? I completely disagree. I tried searching in the internet and found out that Hyundai TV has not enough technical support in the Philippines, it is a waste of money and time buying this product.

Sep 20, 2009 3:00 am EDT

I have purchased a hyudai colour TV just one and half years back and the screen is getting diffirent colours and perhaps someday it will stop functioning, and definitely it may be due to manufacturing defect of colour picture tube. Will the company look into my problem and get it sorted it out? or not ?

Jan 20, 2012 7:56 pm EST

the hyundai product is bad.pls no body can take's product and main it's service is so, very poor, i have call a complain and service care have give me a compliain no also.but no body are acctive.such a cheapar product.
complain no VAR1901120025

Oct 02, 2011 8:03 pm EDT

I have a Hyundai Tv years ago, and the control remote got damaged. I don't find one to subtitued it. I want to know if Hyundai Brand belong to another brand because I need a code to enter in a universal remote control that I bought. Please answer as soon you can. Thanks.

Sep 10, 2011 7:00 pm EDT

I am also one of the unfortunate customer who bought Hyundai LCD TV model HY4298L based on the recommendation of TV dealer(Kulkarni Brothers- Dadar, Mumbai). within 6months the sound system failed. Worst part is the Hyundai company attitude is not customer centric. It does not care about customers. so there is very poor communication & false promises. Now it is almost one month but Hyundai is not able to source the PCB for replacement. my advice to all PLEASE DO NOT BUY any Hyundai product. from Vinay Patil. Mumbai

Aug 30, 2011 10:53 am EDT

I purchased a Hyundai 22" LCD TV on 16th July 2011, from the day one I have problem with the set as no one from the company came to install the TV, when repeated complaints were made the dealer who sold the TV sent his sales person and got it installed on 18th July 2011. The TV went blank on 10th August 2011. On complaint the dealer took the TV and still under repair.
I think this company will not last long and request future buyer to look into the matter seriously. Anthony

Jul 23, 2011 3:25 pm EDT

i had purcahsed ahyundai lcd 32" from a dealar sharma electronic karawal nagar delhi on 9/7/11. after 2 days the lcd was having asome electronic problem. I called up callcentre many time and delar may time .
the service centre assred me that your problem rectify in two day.
the technician mr raj kumar collect the lcd for repair it, till today i have no reponse form your service centre or mr raj kumar and call centre .
so you are reqestded that ple.solved our problem .

the name hyundai sach a reputed co. how can neglect the costmumers request. vijay kalra
plot no 861 flat no g-4
shalimar garden ext-1
shaibabad gzb. 201005
ph no [protected]

Aug 02, 2010 1:02 pm EDT

I bought a big screen hyunndai tv at Home Depot in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. It snapped, one day, and hasn';t worked ever since. Home Depot says they no longer sell this product and repair people laugh when we tell them what kind of TV we have. Apparently, there are no parts available for Hyundai TV's. We purchased ours 3 years ago and the company is supposed to carry parts for 7 years. So, now we are stuck with an expensive, worthless piece of junk.

Jun 10, 2010 10:16 pm EDT

Ive brought a Hyundai tv two years a go and it only lasted one week! no picture and then no power#@$% what the hell...
took it to are tv man to repair only to find are tv is junk!...he said Hyundai tv are rubbish.. now where stuck with a thousand dollar tv that dosan't work...

I strongly agree with deepaklekhraj they are selling defected goods..

never buy Hyundai products!

Feb 17, 2010 11:55 am EST

hyundai is worst company i hve ever seen.
they r just cheating public by selling there defected goods
just never rely on them...

Sep 29, 2009 2:16 am EDT

Hyundai is a big disappointment in the TV arena.
I am repenting the day I brought the Hyundai TV. They keep changing the customer care number and now I can't reach any of them.
I Brought the TV 2 years back and this is the 2 time I am facing the problem.
Can we go to consumer forum for cheating done by Hyundai.
please let me know If any one already filed such complain against them.

Aug 18, 2009 9:32 am EDT

Hi even i ahve a Hundai TV and have lot of problem. I do not even know the service repair center #.Pls can some one give me the contact # so that i will follow up them.

Jun 07, 2009 2:49 am EDT

I too agree . I bought the television 2 years back and there was flickering on the screen after few months and it has not yet been corrected after calling them many times.

Hi All,
I bought a hyundai television 21'' from SPAR Koramangala, Bangalore, India, 6 months ago.Now No picture in TV and only sound and trying to contact local service people to the given number in Guarantee card, but in Bangalore number they have given a mobile number and no response from that number, now struggling to contact them..
If any body have the Bangalore service number for Hyundai TV please let me know
Thanks in Advance

Oct 15, 2008 8:34 am EDT

my son got a hyundai ldc flat screen for christmas... that thing is worthless. it will not even come on now.. and it takes days to get it to turn on. never again will i buy a product from this company at all...for something so costly it should work more than a year or two..

Sep 19, 2008 9:32 am EDT

i have a hyundai htp 4240, and my defect problem, i have is that when i switch the tv on it clicks then cuts out, then im trying to turn it on for upto 20 minutes then it will come on and stay on, then i'm able to turn it off and on like normal . then when i switch it off for some time it does the same thing where i have to keep turning it on and off to get it working again ..can anyone help me out


Sep 17, 2008 1:01 am EDT

I bough a Hyundai TV just 40 days ago. I initially hesitated to buy it but then after assurance from the dealer that the product is good, I bought it. Its been just 40 days and the picture tube has gone already.

I was unluncky that I didn't find this site while trying to get feedback about Hyundai TV before buying it.

Jul 25, 2008 7:01 am EDT

I too face poor service response from Hyundai.I brought a television two yrs ago.i face some problem in my television.i booked a call after a repeat request one person came and look into the television one important ic failiure in your board and its not available in the he suggested to replace the mother board.i also tell ok pls do it .He told to rectify tomorrow with board and rectify it.Afterthat he didnt come and make it ready as of now.if i asked to his branch they told the board is not avaialble.So for my humble request to all pls dont go for this television and the service support is very poor.

Jul 09, 2008 11:48 pm EDT

i had a hundai telivision.i purposefully use remote to child lock option and marked it on. but after going again and marking off the child lock also i am not able to use tuning function.when i press tuning function from menu it displays child lock on.but i have already made child lock off.i tried many times but failed.please help seems it is manufactring defect in debuging the program...

May 09, 2008 9:36 pm EDT

hyundai is a 3rd grade company in product and service.

Mar 01, 2008 2:59 am EST

hyundai is bigg hell ... god help me ... i prom...
in life i neve.. buy any hyundai.. product...

Feb 19, 2008 3:59 am EST

We bought Hyundai TV a year back,initially the TV had some problems with the volume and audio buttons. Recently there has been a new development, the TV make a loud sound and than for a few hours there's no volume at all. And yesterday similarly the sound went off, not only the sound but now the TV refuses to start up. Its been over a day, the TV still isnt wrkin, nobody is picking up the customer care number...

Jan 15, 2008 9:38 pm EST

I do have Hyundai TV 20 " & it does not work properly

Nov 09, 2007 5:24 am EST

Absolutely right.. Hyundai should be thrown out Indian market..
They should be banned in India. And all the dealers should be seriously punished..

Oct 06, 2007 7:51 am EDT

I bought 29 inch Hyundai TV. It is not getting switched on and the dealer has dispaaeared and I cannot even locate the service center's name and telephone, as the telephone number mentioned in the service manual is not responding. This is totally in contrast with the car service!

Sep 26, 2007 12:20 am EDT

Videocon Slim Trim 29 inch from Vijay Sales, Vashi, the one I got as a replacement to Hyundai 29 inch which conked off, is also having a minor problem already.

On the right hand corner below starts a Yellow Patch which extends upto the center of the right side screen. It is strange that before even the demo guy has come and shown us the features of the TV this has happened. We got the Videocon Slim Trim 29 inch on 16th september 2007.

I have complained to Videocon. Complaint No. MIV7I17089, spoke to one Bashir. Awaiting response.

Shall keep you all posted.

Sep 23, 2007 7:07 am EDT

Hi, We purchased Hyundai TV two years ago and having a problem with teh picture now. One Neutron India (authorized dealer) in Banaglore repaired it but the problem reoccured two weeks later and now Neutron India is not responding to our calls. Can anyone provide me any contact details of any service centre or contact person who can help in repairing our TV. we have spent so much on this TV and now it is not worth a penny for us. We are highly disappointed with a reputed company like Hyundai.

Sep 20, 2007 9:57 pm EDT

They have replaced my TV with a Videocon 29 inch Slim Trim Model as the technician said that the PCB is repaired (he took it for a day with him) but the TV tube is gone. Hence I got it replaced. Thanks to Mr. Prakash of Vijay Sales. I hope this one does not conk off.

Sep 12, 2007 11:02 pm EDT


This is Eswar ,unvaluable customer for hyundai televissions,Where i took hyundai TV in the year of oct-05 from that date means almost all 2-years.In this 2-years this is the third time i got problem with the TV and when iam informing to the servicing they are taking 1-week time to rectify the problem saying that we are not having the spare parts.

I think when we are giving the waranty they are suppose to mantain the stock or else u should not give the waranty.

When a common man took a TV they are going to entertain by that particular item but my tv is kept as show case item.

This is not acceptable from a company like hyundai.Pls see that to solve my problem as earlier as possible.

Sep 10, 2007 1:51 am EDT

I had purchased a Hyundai Television 29" on 15th July 2007 and the delivery boys delivered it on 17th July 2007. I do not have a cable connection. The boys switched the TV on and showed me the blue screen and said it was fine. I was convinced. I did not switch the TV on for long as I had no cable and was waiting for a cable connection. One fine day I decided to just switch it on after two months which is on Saturday the 8th September, 2007 and was shocked to see that the Tv was not starting at all. It was making a strange vibrating noise and there was nothing happening otherwise. It was like a dead machine and sounded like an old scooter.

I had purchased this from Vijay Sales, Palm Beach Galleria, Vashi.

I have informed this to the manager Mr. Prakash yesterday, the 9th September 2007. He said that he will send me the company person to rectify the problem. I am waiting for it. I will keep you all posted on this.

Please beware of Hyundai.

Mar 12, 2007 9:39 am EDT

HYUNDAI cannot do business in India. I too experienced the same. By fraudulent means they r trying to gain popularity in India / Bangalore.

Mar 12, 2007 9:34 am EDT

Hopeless company in the Indian market.


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