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AutoNation reviews & complaints

AutoNation complaints 257

AutoNation - Unethical Business Practice and no feedback from complains

First, I got my Prius 2016 from AutoNation Toyota Hayward but the Engine Light was ON with a broken part from the first week. They claimed it was from the manufacturer. AutoNation Toyota Hayward sold me a car that was broken from the beginning. NO APOLOGY, NO COMPENSATION!

Second, I got the Extended Warranty of North America and another warranty package from AutoNation. However, Toyota Service Department told me that they do not find any record from the first day. I have been calling the Finance Manager, Harish Malik, to clarify the status. He kept saying that he would take care of it. For the following 5 years, I and Toyota never get an appropriate answer from AutoNation. I decided to cancel the Warranty packages although I had been paying for them.

I did not know if Autonation Toyota Hayward had actually bought the warranty service for me, or it is only a scam.

Finally, I canceled the Warranty package, but I still got charged on my payment.

I made another email complaint, but no response from them at all.

Desired outcome: Refund my Warranty Service

AutoNation - Sticker Shock

I have been a loyal Lexus Auto Nation consumer since 2001 with 2 lexus family! I went into your West Palm Beach facility (the only one I have ever used) My RCF lease is up in April. Besides being almost devoid of cars, I found the new IS 500 on the floor and I was taken back by the $20, 000 add on to sticker because of a price adjustment. This is a insult to anyone and more so a LEXUS only customer! There are certainly other brands I could go to that have no such ADJUSTMENT! In this time of Need I find this an insult! I know I am talking to a AUTO GIANT and I am 1 person to complain, but I feel this is quite offensive!


AutoNation - Service department put a damaged drive shaft on my vehicle

I own a 2015 gmc yukon denali. I took to autonation chevy south corpus christi for a reputured drive shaft and ujoint. Repairs were performed or so they were suppose to be. I drove to abilene tx shortly after recieving my vehicle back and noticed a vibration that changes with speed. So i took it to a trusted dealership here and i was informed that a damaged drive shaft was put on my vehicle. I have attempted having this resolved with the service department and i have spoken with the general manager whom said he would return my call and here i am over a week later with no returned call and a vehicle that has a new (damaged) drive shaft

my phone number is [protected]
vin number is 1gks1jk4fr515304
email address is [protected]@gmail.Com



AutoNation - The purchase of 2011 Toyota Camry

I was looking for a car on MY PERKS at work and I received a notice about a 2011 Toyota Camry at AutoNation Honda. I went to the dealership to see the car. The car wasn't there and was told the...

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AutoNation - Service contract

The dealership finance guy who did my paperwork stated that he had to go over service contracts because that was law in Texas even though I told him I didn't want service contract. After I refused he told me he couldn't help lower my interest rate unless I bought service contract. So i took it to reduce interest rate on truck. I later cancelled the policy because I never wanted it. Now the finance guy said it will take 6-8 weeks to refund money. This is a lie and should be against the law. I should not take no more than 7 to 10 business days to handle this transaction (I attached email to prove this).
Also if it takes 6-8 weeks to cancel this policy who pays the finance charges I incur for this cancellation? I should not have to pay for a refund that should be done in a timely and lawful manner.
Next the dealership is making you purchase fake vehicle protection to purchase any vehicle. They have a $509 protection appearance package, but no one can tell you what that is. They also have a $615 window protection plan and also no explanation of what it is. I have attached email from the people who have these contracts and they won't give a valid explanation of charges. They also stated that these items cannot be cancelled. I would like to take my car to any state run faculty and they can check vehicle and see that nothing has been done to vehicle by dealership. Also it is against the law to sale a product and not be able to tell you want the product is. This is a total scam.
The dealership also charges $499 dollars for tinting two front windows and door edge, this product is less than a $100. The only windows tinted is front two windows.

This is fraud and over sale by dealership and I will be contacting a lawyer, Ford and Consumer groups.

Desired outcome: Refund on all products.

AutoNation - Warranty service 2020 chevy equinox

On Sunday Sept. 26 Check Engine lite came on and stayed on. On Monday Sept 27th approximately 8:05 I arrived at auto nation chevrolet in Pembroke Pines Fl. I explained to the technician what the problem was and he told me there was nothing they could do because I did not have an appointment. I explained to him that it was an emergency and it was under warranty as I only have 20, 000 miles. He still refused to take the car I even offered to leave the car but he said no. He suggested that I go to auto zone for anaylasis. I could not drive the car with the check engine lite on so I took it to a very reputable mechanic to fix it. there were two sensors One was vapor cannister vent solenoid 911-731. The other was vapor cannisterpurge valve CP876.
Total Cost Parts & Labor $461.93

Desired outcome: wish to get reimbursed as the equinox is still under warranty


AutoNation - Service

July 23 and July 26, 2021

I first submitted my service request via online service for the car saying shift to park when the car is in park. In the original request I requested a replacement vehicle. This service was schedule for July 23 which gave them at least 5 days notice to place a vehicle on hold. when I arrive at the dealer there was no replacement vehicle. I was told that maybe one would come in that evening. Later that day, I call to check the status of the vehicle and they inform me that the part needed for the car was not available and the vehicle would be ready on Monday. I needed my vehicle and could not go all weekend with a car. So I was instructed to bring the vehicle back on Monday. Get there Monday and the GMC department never opens. After I had been there since 730am finally little after 8 am the chevy side puts a sign out stating to go to there side for service. Now there are several cars ahead of me. Also, I requested on Friday that if I returned the car on Monday that I would need a rental car. The guy at the service desk never requested that I need a rental car. When I arrived there were 2 rental cars on the lot and again I requested for a rental. I was told that I was not on the list for a rental. I was told that the job would take approximately 2 hours to fix and I called at 225 on July 26 to check the status and the vehicle still is not ready from 8 am.

Desired outcome: Rental car for the remainder of the week because I was scheduled to go out of town.

AutoNation - Service at Mercedes of Miami

I cannot believe how my phone calls to The Service department at this dealership are being repeatedly ignored.

Joel was my advisor last time I was there and did not return my calls until the 3rd time I reached out.
Today is "déjà vu". I am tired of being ignored.

Secondly, I scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. July 20 at 7 am. When someone answered (in SERVICE), she said I was scheduled for 8 am even though my confirmation email clearly states 7 am.

Jul 15, 2021

AutoNation - Lack of communication with customer when making service appointments

Around the 1st of July I made an appointment online to get my car serviced. In doing so, they wanted to know what was wrong. I told them what I wanted done, including an issue with the transmission...

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AutoNation - Ford explorer buyout fiasco

On June 15th we went to Ford Autonation in Bradenton Florida to buyout our lease. Everything went alright we signed about 10 to 15 forms and turned over our check for 27900.00 which cleared. Thi...

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Jun 20, 2021

AutoNation - Sale of 2018 toyota rav4

Salesman promised to remove sap blotches all over the car before we drove away with the 2018 RAV4. He lied. It was not removed. At the very last minute after we signed the "contract", the upsale guy (who took 5 hours to write up the paperwork for a cash sale) informed us there was only one fob for the car. After calling the national AutoNation customer support phone number, we got a call from the General Manager of the AutoNation in Roseville, CA where we bought the car. He promised to take care of getting the sap removed AND providing us with a second fob at their expense. He never followed up. AutoNation is a rip off. Furthermore, AutoNation somehow bypassed the Carfax accident reporting system. After getting the car home, we discovered several unattached rear-end plastic body parts in the spare tire hold. Also discovered several body parts missing under the rear of the car. The rear bumper was painted over to hide damage. None of this was revealed by the salesman or manager.


AutoNation - used car purchase

We called the dealership on Friday, May 9th, following up on an online add on the Ford Margate AutoNation website for a Nissan Ranger Pro-X 4wd 2020 used truck. We spoke with Alex Ortega. The ad included a highlighted box with a $495 value that the truck included a tow package and a bed extender. The bed extender is standard equipment. After we had provided a credit card to charge $5, 000 as a deposit with the balance to be wired, my wife noticed that the bed extender was not visible in the pictures of the truck. Over the next week, regularly contacted Alex and the dealership, so we could close out the deal and get the bed extender.
Finally, a week later Chris Cavilieri got on Alex's phone to help address our questions and concerns about the process and the bed extender. Chris represented himself as the new car manager, although we found out later that he was the used car manager. He said that the truck had been traded in for a Tacoma and maybe the bed extender was in the Tacoma. He said they would not provide a bed extender or the cash to buy one. We also requested a Carfax, which indicated that the truck had been traded in at a dealership in Hialeah about 2 hours south of the Margate dealership. I called that dealership and they had no details on the truck. Thus, Chris' story about the Tacoma was false.
We chose to sign the paperwork in a local AutoNation (in Colorado), and he said they would send the paperwork there. The following Monday through Thursday we called the dealership to follow up on when the paperwork would arrive in Colorado. We were repeatedly told that the paperwork would be going out that day. Finally, it arrived in Colorado on Friday. We signed the paperwork the following Tuesday but indicated that we did not receive the bed-extender in several places on the paperwork. Then we wired the balance of the funds a couple of days later.
Meanwhile, because of the communication problems I began trying to contact Nissan America and AutoNation corporate. I was given the AutoNation Corporate Concierge service number. I repeatedly called this number and after almost 2 weeks spoke with Jordan B. on May 27th, explained the situation, and emailed him a picture of the box from the ad which included the VIN. I subsequently heard nothing either from Ford Margate AutoNation or AutoNation Concierge service. I emailed again on June 2nd. June 7th and received the following message: "your case is currently pending and awaiting a resolution. We will follow up with our General Manager and Executive Team to see exactly what can be done".
Frustrated, I posted a 1 star rating on Google. I received a response from Ford Margate asking that I call the GM. I called the GM that day (June 7) and on June 8, but was told that the GM was out and not at his desk both times, which was the standard response, when we were trying to get the paperwork from finance sent to the local dealership.

Desired outcome: get the bed extender for my truck

AutoNation - Advertised car unavailable, then mysteriously sold without making it to the car lot.

On Wednesday, May 25th I scheduled a test drive for a 2005 Honda Civic. When I arrived, the salesman did not show to work. The next salesman was unable to locate the vehicle. I left and contacted the sales manager, Andrew Whitney. I was told via email that the car was being serviced and that I could return and he would have the car waiting for me to test drive. This car is currently at our second lot going through reconditioning. From Mr. Whitney "Let me know when you and your son would like to come take a look at it and I will have it pulled up front for you." My son scheduled an appointment for 5/28/2021 at 9:30 a.m. When we arrived we were told that the car would be ready at 11:00 a.m. I asked to speak to a manager. He stated that they were waiting for parts and the car would be ready for a test drive at 11:00 a.m. He concluded the conversation with this statement, "I just found out that the car was sold this morning". I am not quite sure why the manager made lied in such a blatant manner. Because my son and I are minorities, because my son is Autistic, or because he was aware that they were failing in several areas, communication amongst staff and management?

Desired outcome: An apology from ALL four individuals, tow managers and two sales people. And the chance for my spacial needs son to test drive the car.

May 26, 2021

AutoNation - Screaming service tech/too long wait

Check engine light came on. Had 9:30am appointment on Monday May 24th. When we arrived we were told ALL the appoint, ent did was park it at Auto nation it would be 8-10 DAYS before they even hooked it up to see what's wrong. His supervisor did hook it up. Gave basically little info but promised to have dg in 48hrs & after back & forth agreed to pay for rental. We went back Wednesday & they had done NOTHING. picked up our Jeep this little man was screaming in my face! No wonder you have the worst rating due to service department! We left & went straight to DeMontron & bought a second Jeep. Talked with their Service Manager-a polite non screaming man who explained what to do IF ceviche engine light came on again We will NEVER DEAL WITH AUTO NATION AGAIN. YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS LOSING YOU LOTS OF SALES. Are your masks optional?

We had to get Mopar involved to even get as far as we did

Keep owners I've talked to in person & on social media all same the same thing about Auto Nation being the WORST service around. I believe your one star rating reflects tis

Desired outcome: Replace this little man with someone who doesn’t scream in customers face

AutoNation - Repair Work

I have tried to reach this location by phone 3 times since Saturday. I am unhappy with some of the discrepancies I found on my invoice after having repair work done (on 5/6 and 5/7), and wanted to speak with a representative about it. I have left 2 messages with the customer care adviser twice since Sat. and still have not heard back. I also called the main line today, 5/11 and was told all representative were busy . I said I would hold, but was told that she was unable to do that. What does it take to get a follow-up call and an answer to my questions. I had both tires and battery replaced on 5/6 and 5/7 based on a phone call to me from the care representative stating these items were problems. When I got home and read the invoice both the tires and battery were described as not an issue on the invoice. I am quoting from the invoice on the check that was done "Your tires have been inspected and are in great condition and are not needed for replacement at this time" Quote for battery "Your battery has been inspected and is testing good at this time". Do these quotes sound like issues? Based on this experience, and misinformation I received, I am skeptical to ever use this service again. I have been using them since 2014 when I purchased my new Toyoto, and my husband has done the same. I do not recommend buying a car or using servicing at this location.

Desired outcome: Explanation for this service and possible reparations

AutoNation - Chevrolet Valencia

Tried to buy 2021 Chevy Corvette c8 at this dealership, filled a credit app, submitted, checked all disclosures before that(dealer price $91k). After I submitted I had a chance to speak with manager...

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AutoNation - Sales at spokane valley, wa subaru

We purchase a 2020 Subaru Forester from your dealer in Spokane Valley, Wa we first were informed that we would have the buy a new car to get the options of a crosstrek 2019, And come to find out the...

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AutoNation - Valenica Ford dealership in Valencia California

This dealership acts in bad faith. They sold us a truck that was not fit for the road and the dealership knew it. I contacted corporate and although promised they would make the situation right, they...

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AutoNation - Service

I'm getting my Honda Accord serviced I encountered problems with billing and less than competitive Prices. The service Manager told me both parts were included in the price plus labor when. in fact they only service one part and left the other undone. in doing this, this meant the car was still burning oil and leaking. They refused to honor the price on the invoice and tried to back peddle their way around what was printed on the invoice. it seems that the first price was wrong and they did not tell me. I am sure that auto shop has lost my business.

Desired outcome: nothing

Dec 04, 2020

AutoNation - Fraudulent sales

I purchased vehicle from Autonation under the agreement that the vehicle would have a new OEM factory water pump installed. The sales person gave me a maintenance record indicating a new water pump...

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