Hyundai Motor Americamajor complaint toward dealership springfield woodland ave. p. a


Online I request for Auto Loan couple days later Gentlemen called my house he has approve for loan up to $35, 000 even u got bad credit then he told me to come in to dealership when he asked me what date is convenient for u I told him on Satureday Oct-21-17 so I took a risk went there This Gentelment help us out ! See I see advertisement on TV One month $165 months. But this deal is saying u buy a car no less then $300 months and Insurence gonna be $200 so we're looking at $500 month I know I shouldn't go there but I took a chance went there with my Daughter and I was humiliate why am I here they told me to come and disappointment guy gave me his Bussiness card and today is Oct-23-17 I'm still thinking about it! So I asked him what about used car he keep saying nothing under $300 months so I walk out with head down

Hyundai Motor America

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