Hyundai Motor Americacustomer service

A Nov 20, 2019

Bate and switch experts, lies and liars.
Leased vehicle was brought in for return, which had about 3K over mileage.
Sales rep Nick assured us that if we lease the new vehicle, there will be no any charges associated with the returned car. Proceeded with the lease of the new vehicle, listed on web for $145 a month (Tucson), and left the dealership with the monthly payment for $350 (???).
Keeping in mind that we returned the old vehicle at no cost, we agreed and did not ask for itemized statement.
Shock came 2 weeks later in a form of a bill from the dealership, advising that we owe $700 for excessive mileage. (!!!).
Upon calling and speaking with Sameer Wahaj, (sales manager) and Kamran Madani (used car manager) we were advised that promise was not documented anywhere, therefore, it's not valid and the adjustment will not be honored. Sameer's overtone was sarcastic and rude, verbal agreement (promise by sales rep) completely ignored.
This place with personnel and so called 'management' is dishonest, cheating and obnoxious.

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