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Complaints & Reviews

harrassment of consumer

I got my car Verna serviced from HMP, New Delhi. Since then, there is some problem in AC cooling after the...

dsc hyundai bad service cheating people

hai i am vijay i left my car for service at hyundai before 4 days, hyndai santro on the first day service advisor named anand attended my call and took for service at dsc hyundai saligramam, left only for small issues ie, door lock and hand brake hang up and for service, but the guy anand wat he did he called me in the evening and said your car had got failured in brake cylinder and engine valve i said its ok make those added with the problem and i can pay for u, then on the second day when i called him to get my car he said ur car had sensar problem so it costs rs6000/- so if u accept i can make it ready,
i got more tensioned i understood very well those service advisors are trying to make moneyfor their company, my car is just 2yrs old new car and just used 19000kms, an i checked with the automobile dealer for this sensar issue, the automobile spare shop dealer and a car mechanic said dont accept the problem just shout then they will give ur car back and say them when i left it was good, the service advisor anand called and asked me for changing of sensar i shouted him then he said asthough the sensar is gone u cant even start your car i got fed up an i said i dont want my car i can take it later
how i could i will come with the mechanic and see then finalise wat to do,
then the third day anand callled me and said your car is ready for delivery so u could come and take,
tell me how is it possible now where the sensar problem gone so it shows very well those dsc hyundai
employees are all cheating people, no good servicing also when i took my car there were oil stains stains in seat cover and alloy wheels, door knob two were missed, so dear car owners please dont go to dsc hyundai for car service one one day then will find new problems in your car even it is a just bought car from the showroom also, cheating frauds, bleady criminals,
particularly dont contact the service advisor anand, [protected], he will cheat u very easily be alert
any body see this, please don't go to DSC for servicing. they are horrible. better go to HMP or KUN...

DSC service is very bad...

the worst dearler

I bought a new car from salesman Harold Mason of Porter Hyundai on 05/30/2009 with Kentucky driver's license. I made full payment in cash and gave him my current Delaware mailing address and told him any document should be mailed to my current address. I was told that they would need 2 weeks to generate title related document for me and they would either send it to my current Delaware address or hold it in the office for me to pick it up. I chose to pick it up from his office by myself since the document is very important.

Around 06/15/2009, I did not get any information from him then I called him, I was told they need another week.

1 week later when I called again, I was told they need more time.

when I called him again at the beginning of July. I was told they made a mistake that they sent the document to Kentucky on 06/30/2009 via certified mail. Harold asked me to wait 10 more days for the document get back to their office.

from then to 07/21/2009 I called him multiple times and left several messages. finally I was told I should contact with Tracy (sounds like this name). I also called her several times and left her message but she never returned back my phone call. on 07/21/2009 she answered the phone when I called her again. after some investigation she said the documents sent to Kentucky. her job is sending the documents to the address on my driver's license. she does not care whether I gave them updated address or not. I was very unsatisfied with her answer then I said I would talk to her manager.

on 07/22/2009 I went to their office around 5:30PM, talked with both salesman Harold and one of the managers Eric Sunstrom. I told them I have given them more time than they need, more time than they expect to resolve the issue, but they still could not give me a solution. now it was time for them to listen to what I want. I told them I wanted 2 things: first, a new temporary tag because the old tag I bought from them expires; second, I need a solution by 11:00AM of 07/24/2009. I am reasonable enough to give them 1 day to investigate the whole issue. Manager Eric agreed with what I said, he apologized to me that their mistake put me into trouble, and he would compensate me with 1 free tank of gas. at that time I did not take it because my tank was already full.

on 07/24/2009 I did not receive any phone call from them. I called Eric, he said he already told his employee to give me updated information. his solution is asking me to wait till 07/27/2009, if the document still does not get back to their office by the time then he will request to generate a new one. I accepted his solution.

on 07/27/2009. I did not receive any phone call from them. on 07/28/2009 I called Eric and left a voice message. on 07/29/2009, I called both Eric and Harold again and left a voice message for each of them.

at 1:00PM on 07/30/2009, I called Eric again it went to voice mail again. then I called operator to request to speak with big boss of Hyundai. then the Hyundai manager came on the phone. after I briefly explain the whole situation. he said he is aware of this case, the documents were sent to Kentucky and they are still waiting. I told him Eric said he would request to generate a new copy. keeping me waiting forever is not a solution because they are using their mistake to punish me. then the manager said it is not their mistake, I used Kentucky license then they will sent it to Kentucky even though they have my current mailing address. there is nothing he can do. I have to wait until the documents get back to their office.

now the problem is they do not pick my call, they do not return my call after I left message, they refuse to track the package via USPS. I am completely in dark whether the document is still with USPS or some unauthorized person sign the delivery, or even worse if they ever generated the title document for me? they do not lose anything because I already paid every single penny for car. for the whole situation I am the victim.

  • Pa
    Papalo Jul 30, 2009

    You have every right to be angry. There is multiple things they could do if they choose to do any. It looks like they choose to ignore their customers. To be told twice it was your fault when they made the origonal promise is unexcusable. Hyundai as a company is greatly influenced by their CSI (customer servive index) and would be greatly disapointed in how you were treated. Contact the corperate o0ffice and don't waste your time with people who have proven they don't care. When you receive your purchase questioaire be sure to send it back. If you don't receive one (probably mailed to Kentucky as well) request one from the corperate office as well.

    If this is how the dealership shows their appreciation for you buying their product I can't imagine the manfacturer being happy about it.

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deceptive sales practices

We tried to purchase a car from Randall Noe Hyundai, from sales man Richard Griffin on July. My husband received a phone quote from Mr. Griffin and drove to the dealership to confirm the price and see the vehicle. The trip to Terrell was in excess of 100 miles from our home.

I contacted the salesman on Friday evening to select the color vehicle, at that time, Mr. Griffin confirmed the price of 15, 790 for the white vehicle plus T.T.&L. and would have the sales dept fax this info to me and my Credit Union. Approx 30 minutes later we received a call stating there was an error in the pricing and the cost would now increase by over 600 dollars. We disputed the increase and requested to have the prior pricing agreed to for our deal. I then contact Louis, who identified himself as Sales Manager, which we latter found out was not true, Dean Marshall is the sales Manger at that location. Louis agreed to honor the original price, however he refused to fax the information to the Credit Union. he insisted I drive the 100 miles back to the dealership . The following AM we recontacted the dealership and spoke with Mr. Marshall, who after review of the deal agreed to fax to me and my Credit union on Monday AM. Monday came and NO fax arrived. Repeated calls to the location to speak with Mr. Marshall where not returned. The following AM we once again placed a call and Louis told us Mr. Marshall has sold the car over the weekend.

After numerous calls I was able to contact Randy, the GM at that dealership, Mr. Noe has failed to return any of my calls. Randy agreed to fax info to credit union and it was done promptly by Frank in the finance office. When we received our copy of the fax the pricing had increased I then contact Louis and he said they added a security bolt to the car, I told him we we did not authorized or want, he then said, he would not remove, and if we did not want it buy the car elsewhere.

This is no way to do business, this is why car salesman get a bad rap.

  • Ra
    Randall Noe Sep 23, 2009

    This complaint is not true. The customer called over the phone and was given her a price of $15790. She wanted Randall Noe Hyundai to deliver the car and paperwork to her 100 miles away. When we told her she would have to come to the dealership she got upset. Randall Noe Hyundai faxed the Buyers Order to her credit union snd she never showed up to buy the car. Randall Noe Hyundai has a above average customer service rating and always helps their customers. Some customer you just can not make happy.

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bad customer service

If you are going to buy a car here, make sure you know what you are doing. They will come up with horrible interest rates even though they state that your credit isn't bad. They keep you waiting hours. They promise you items for your car only to recind on the deal once you've signed the paperwork. If you don't agree with what they say, the belittle you. When I tried to stick up for myself, I was yelled at.

  • Je
    JEFF Q Aug 23, 2009

    Very accurate

    Check out the following complaint by me


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  • Ha
    hatesharrisburghyundai Feb 23, 2010

    I FULLY agree! Especially with the "belittling" part! I don't have the best credit, and I told the salesman that when I first arrived on the lot (why try to hide what I know is true)!! But they advertise 100% credit approval, and they have a great selection of new Hyundais!

    First, the salesman hit on me while we were browsing the lot.
    Then, when we went to close the deal, and my credit became an issue, he told me that my parents must not love me enough because they wouldn't co-sign on the loan with me!

    EXCUSE ME!!!

    I was so offended I left right then and there.

    No wonder they went out of business!!!

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complaint about my vechile i10 magna kappa.

The below letter copy is i have sent to hyundai customer care on 24th june, still my car is in service center they are telling the parts is not avialable, and still my windshield problem is not yet resolved, they are telling there are some procedure, the manufactores will come for an inspection about winshield this is 2nd month i registerd against this issue. none will came, i think after an accident they will come.

What i want to do..
I am a proud owner of i 10 magna kappa from 3 Feb 2017(4 momth) till my second service. Two days after the second service the vechile started giving me trouble it started with a small sound from the engine and the sound increased day by day. The now the vechile is in MGF service center Palarivatom - Cochin - Ernakulam - Kerala - India. The service engineres over there are they not able to find out what is the trouble with my vechile. when i contacted the service center they requested me for two weeks time which is not acceptable by me as i am a business person in a starting stage and my travelling is 100-120 Kms. So please check in to my matter and do the needful as soon as possible, otherwise it may effect your cost and dealer reputaion if i move to leagal actions which will be a waist of time for the three parties.

Hoping that you may consider my matter immedieltly and giving me full support by sending your i10 enngs to MGF service center Palarivatom - Cochin - Ernakulam - Kerala (To my knowledege this is the first ever engine complaint registered on a i10 kappa kerala)

NB: Even before this complaint i have registered the compliant about my front windsheild at the same service center which have not been taken care about till date.

  • Ch
    CHETAN NEGI Apr 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Managing Director FAX Nos:- 011-41678811
    Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
    New Delhi.

    Subject: Hyundai motors Humiliation and Casual attitude towards customer.

    Dear sir,
    Greetings of the day!

    This is in continuation to the mail sent to CR earlier. DATED 16/04/2017.
    I will meet you in probably any CII meet you join or any Korean meet we will have. Because I know this letter will probably not reach to you.

    I am serving a punishment to take a decision for buying Hyundai car. I will not let this happens with my friends, colleague or family.

    This is in reference to the purchase of Hyundai i10 Magna to be purchased from Suhrit Hyundai Greenpark in the name of Chetan Negi.

    Your organizational structure is so complex that your receptionist transfers the calls directly to customer care without proper listening what the customer wants to say.
    If I am dialing board nos. then I can reach to toll free customer care nos also.
    Then she transfers the calls to the sales people Like vikas saxena who is Handling this case from last Thursday but not been able to help me by giving the Excuse of ICICI formalities which is not correct and not true.

    I have called atleast twenty times to get the contact people names and
    Ms Farah was the first contact person to reach.
    In Hyundai corporate Ms Neeru told me that I will receive a call from Neeraj kohli he never calls.
    Mr saurabh srivastava never picks up phone.
    Mr Mohit chabbra is so busy that a cheque can not be made in favor of dealor for past 5 days.

    Today also they can not deliver me my car. My finance people are going to charge EMI from 4th of may which the loan i have not used.I was told either take refund or we will transfer your case to MGF Hyundai. I went to MGF on Monday waited whole day at home but they could not deliver the car.

    Now today 21st of april they are refusing to deliver the car.
    If i transfer my case to another dealor like SAMARA or MGF karolbagh who are ready to give car by tuesday itself they are asking for change in rate of interest applicable from last week. 13.5 % to 14.75% ICICI bank

    There is no other hope but to lodge an FIR against suhrit (COPY ATTACHED) and now I refuse to buy any Hyundai CAR.

    Looking forward for an immidiate response.


    (copy of mail send to [email protected]) dated 16.04.08

    Dear sir,
    Greetings of the day!

    This is in reference to the purchase of Hyundai i10 Magna to be purchased from Suhrit Hyundai Greenpark in the name of Chetan Negi.

    I have been seriously humilated by the dealor and they dont bother with the reputation of Hyundai. I have prviousely worked with Samsung india and i know the Korean Culture.

    It is indeed a shame to have dealors like suhrit.

    I booked my vehicle on february and i was told to get the delivery on Monday April 14. Last day of Navratra.

    Today also they can not deliver me my car. My finance people are going to charge EMI from 4th of may which the loan i have not used.
    Now today 16th of april they are refusing to deliver the car even on 24th of april. They are ready to refund my 45000 Rs downpayment i have deposited two months ago.
    If i transfer my case to another dealor like SAMARA or MGF karolbagh who are ready to give car by today itself they are asking for change in rate of interest applicable
    from last week. 13.5 % to 14.75% ICICI bank which is indeed a big cost 400 Rs a month per emi is the difference. Please calculate by yourself for 60 months .

    My loan was approved and cheques have been given and has been disberssed by the bank in next two days to suhrit past 15 days.

    Please take this mail as an intimation that any action i am going to take would be against directly Hyundai party Suhrit Greenpark.

    Looking forward for an immidiate response.


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  • Ro
    Rohit kejriwal Feb 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My father had purchased Hyundai I10, Magna from Poddar Hyundai, Gaya under Hyundai December Delights offer at a price of 4.6 lakhs and had paid INR 2.60 lakhs in December itself with an understanding with the dealer that car would be registered in January 2017 and was assured delivery of car with complete documents. The car delivered on January 16, 2017, but we are yet to receive the registration documents. It has been such a disappointing experience with Hyundai.

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no response

I purchased a 2007 elantra and the face of the radio peels. When asked why this happen was told they never heard of this before and will try to give me a new one. I have been waiting 7 mo. And still no answer except we are working on it.


Dear Sir/Madame,

I herby lodge a strict complain against Chandra Hyundai, Udaipur for treating their customers in a totally unprofessional manner. Their Sales Manager, Mr. Akhilesh had come to my office on 25th June and after prolong negotiations, we finalized 2 numbers, Hundai I20 cars, magna version, silver colour. We even paid them booking amount of INR51, 000*2=102, 000/- for both the cars instantly. Mr Akhilesh promised us the delivery of the car before 13th July, as well as further booking confirmation letter and other details within the next few days.

Till date, we neither have the booking confirmation, nor the status on the cars. On 9th July, when I made an effort to Reach Mr. Akhilesh, he was not at all unapologetic about the delay, rather he was justifying himself by saying that we made a commitment, and not all commitments in the life can be fulfilled. I reminded him that he was still under obligation, on that he started talking nonsense. I reminded him that as a customer I have my rights to cancel the booking, and it is upto him to make the situation pleasant or to worsen it further. I further mentioned to him that one irritated customer will definitely deter atleast 10 other customers, and I will ensure that this word reaches out to all other potential Hyundai customers, local newspapers, media channels and blog sites on the internet. On this Mr. Akhilesh said that he does not cares and he will think tomorrow about all this matter. On demanding my booking amount with 18% interest and an apology letter, he did not give any concrete answer either. This is not at all done and I intent to lodge a formal complain with the competent court of law. I further intent to take the matter to full justice.

I demand a full scale written apology from MR. AKHILESH AND CHANDRA HYUNDAI. A stern action must be taken against both the dealership and the salesman which are trying to seriously damage the image of a customer oriented company such as HYUNDAI. Further, I demand an immediate delivery of my cars. I hope somebody is listening at HYUNDAI-INDIA. I never hoped for such an unpleasant start with HYUNDAI.

  • Su
    sudeep1234 Nov 19, 2009

    Hi friend,

    What you are writing is good about Hyundai, this bloody people not giving proper commitment and I don’t know who is taking care of this issue….

    I was purchased i20 in June month and I gave service it’s very very worst, they are not washing properly.

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unsolicited phone calls

Less than 15 days late on a car payment and I receive calls daily harassing me for money. According to the...

don't be fooled by other hyundai dealers

Harrisburg Hyundai claims to be the number 1 Dealer and 95% customer satisfaction! They are! most of these...

they are rip offs

Take it from and ex-employee do not buy from this dealership! they are rip-offs!!! I did not work in sale...

I can not deal with hyundai egypt

السادة/ هيونداي مصر

تحيه طيبه وبعد.

لقد قمت بشراء سيارة ماركة هيوندي فيرنا موديل 2009 رقم موتور 129913 ورقم الشاسيه 518181 وقد استلمت السيارة يوم 16/6/2009 ولم تعمل السيارة سوي 435 كم واذ افاجأ باني افقد السيطره علي السيارة وتتجه السيارة من تلقاء نفسها بالاتجاه الايمن غير انها مقتربة من الارض بصوره مبالغ فيهاعلما بانني قد طلبت تجهيزها بالغاز من قبل الشركه ولم اقم بتعبئه الاسطوانه حتي الان طبقا لتعليمات الشركه.

فاتجهت الي مركز الصيانه المعتمد بالطريق الصحروي يوم الاحد [protected] حتي اجد حل وكان ذلك في الساعه الثامنه صباحا وانتظرت دوري وكنت رقم252 واستلموا مني السياره لاصلاحها وبعد مرور اكثر من 7 ساعات استلمت السيارة وعند الخروج لتجربتها وجدت نفس العطل.

فعدت مره اخري للمسؤل عن اصلاح السياره لاجد حل فقام ببعض اعمال الصيانه وقال لي تم اصلاح موضوع الاتجاه من تلقاء نفسها للجانب الايمن اما موضوع ان السياره مائله الي الارض بصوره ملحوظه فقد نصحني بان اقوم برفعها في خارج مركز الصيانه باستخدام قطع غيار من الخارج. فتعجبت وقبلت الوضع علي ذلك.

ولكني عندما خرجت من المركز فوجئت بالسياره كما هيا لا يوجد جديد فرجعت اليهم من جديد وانا في قمه الاستياء والضيق من سوء المعامله و سوء الاهتمام بالعملاء وقد كرهت السياره التي لم استخدمها سوي ايام معدوده وطالبت مقابله مديري خدمه العملاء م/ابراهيم مصطفي و م/ هاني مصطفي ولكن لم استطع الوصول اليهم حيث ان لديه اجتماع في وقت خدمه العملاء .

وهذه المره نصحني احد المسؤلين عن الصيانه بتغير كاوتش السياره حيث انه نوعيه رديئه ماركه نسر (مع العلم بانه المسلم مع السياره) وان اشتري ماركه مستورده مثل التي يستخدمونها مع السيارات الملاكي

(فتسألت كل السيارت تحمل علامه هيونداي العالميه ) وتحت رقابه جوده واحده بغض النظر عن الاستخدام التي تستخدم فيه السياره فاعتذر لي المسؤول بأنها صنعت في مصر وخاصة لمشروع احلال التاكسي للتوفير من سعرها .

اذا كانت شركه غبور اوتوا لا تستحق التوكيل ولا تحترم العلامه التجاريه الممنوحه لها لما هيا مستمره حتي الان.

هل حتي تسئ لاسم هيونداي العريق الذي تحترمه جميع الاسواق العالميه.

لقد كنت بصدد شراء سياره اخري لابني ماركه سوناتا ولكني كرهتها بسبب سوء خدمه ما بعد البيع التي لا تحافظ علي العميل بل تجعله يندم علي قرار استخدام سيارات هيونداي.

وحتي الان انا لا استطيع التحرك بسيارتي ولم اجد حل ماذا افعل.

هل اقوم باصلاح السياره خارج مراكز الخدمه كما نصحني احد المسؤولين عن الصيانه وبالتالي اخرج من الضمان الذي لا استفيد به (علما بانه من احد اهم شروط المشروع القومي انني لا اتعامل الا مع التوكيل لاصلاح سيارتي).

صوره لهيونداي الدوليه و جهاز حمايه المستهلك و هيونداي مصر(غبور)

محمد السيد السيد


[protected]@rayacorp.com Gentlemen / Hyundai Egypt

Greetings, and after.

You have to buy a car brand Hiondi Verna Motor model No. 2009 and No. 129913 chassis 518181 was received on 16/6/2009 the car did not operate the car only 435 kilometers While surprised that I lost control of the vehicle and the car moving on its own right, but the trend towards the land amounts Veraalma I have requested the gas processed by the company I was not engaged in the mobilization of the cylinder so far, according to company instructions.

Appealed to the status of road maintenance, adopted [protected] Asahroi on Sunday until I find a solution and it was eight o'clock in the league and I waited for No. 252 and received my car repaired after the passage of more than 7 hours in the car and took out of the experience and found the same fault.

I went back again to repair the car on the official has to find a solution so some maintenance work and told me that the trend has been the subject of reform of their own by right of either the subject of the car diagonally to the ground, notably advised me that I was sent outside the maintenance center by using spare parts from abroad. Vtjpt on the situation and accepted it.

But when her car was surprised of the Center has provided no new Faragat them again and I'm at the top of resentment and ill-treatment of the narrow and poor customer focus has hated car, which was used by only a few days and called customer service managers interview m / m and Mostafa Ibrahim / Hani Mustafa, but I could not reach them, where he has a meeting at the time of customer service.

This time, one of the officials advised me to change for maintenance كاوتش car as he ماركه Eagle poor quality (with the knowledge that he is with the car) and bought ماركه imported, such as those used with the car Almlaki

(Vtsolt all Hyundai cars, with a global) existence and under the control of the same regardless of usage, which he opted to use the car when I made it official in Egypt, especially for the replacement project for the provision of taxi price.

If the company does not deserve Gbor given power of attorney that does not respect the trademark given to them to come alive until now.

Do you even did a disservice to the name of the Hyundai-old respected by all world markets.

I have to buy another car for my son, but I ماركه Sonata Ltha because of poor after-sales service, which does not maintain the customer, but make it regrets the decision to use Hyundai.

Even now I can not move my car I did not find a solution to what to do.

Can I do to repair the car out of service centers also advised me to one of the officials for the maintenance and, therefore, out of security which is not used by (note that it is one of the most important conditions for the national project, but I am not dealing with the agency to repair my car).

Forms of the Hyundai International and Consumer Protection Service and Hyundai Egypt (Gbor)

Mr. Mohamed El-Sayed



  • Im
    imy Jul 21, 2009

    Hyundai verna the worst car ever made, every day something goes wrong with it . i Really hope you could stop making it and end people's torture . as for me i hope i can have enough money and buy a decent car!

    Iman khaled,
    Cairo Egypt
    [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sameh EL Deeb Apr 13, 2010

    كل سيارات هيونداى فيرنا فيها نفس العيب انا سيارتى موديل 2008 و ذهبت للتوكيل اكتر من مرة وطلبت فحص السيارة لانها بتحدف يمين وبعد تظبيط الزوايا عندهم حسب زعمهم و اخر مرة حاسبونى رغم الضمان و لازال العيب مستمرا
    و لما طلبت مقابلة مدير المركز بالاسكندرية ا ظ عادل قابلنى وقال ان دى حاجة معترف بيها من شركة هيونداى ومتأثرش على سلامة القيادة
    وكل عيب يبرروا ان ده عيب معترف بيه من هيونداى وهكذا

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  • Hi
    Hillel Magen May 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I tell you in Switzerland it is the same. I have a trajet 2004 119000 km and its pain in the [censor].

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  • لدى سيارة هيونداى تريكان موديل 2004 ديزل المعرفة (crdi)2.9 لدى مشكلة لم اجد لها حل حتى الان منذ شهرين دواس السرعة لايستجيب على الاطلاق -تمت عملية البرمجة لاكثر من مرة والحال كما هو فى السابق كانت استجابة الدواس تصل لسرعة 130كلم فى الساعه كقراءة بالعداد ولكن فعلياً كانت 60كلم فقط والان لايصل 8كلم فى الساعه وقود السيارة ديزل كما يقال اريد حلاً

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2006 model is my car. Currently in the 31, 000 km.serious paint problems.I refer to the service.They said to...

unethical hiring practices

The dealership here is corrupt.

They will promise you things that they will never keep.

6 figure income? Trust me, no way.

In addition;

the workers there from the sales dept. to finance, to management and so on and so forth are corrupt to the bone.

Avoid this dealership like the bubonic plague.

can I get my down payment back

I am a new user of Hyundai. I was looking suv vans and i choose Hyundai santa fee 2009 Limited from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Your dealer is South Town Hyundai. I went to this dealer on 26 of May for the Santa fee 2009 limited. Every thing was fine and my major concern was to get the car as soon as possible. The manager told me that he has a stock and he can get this car on 27th of May. I got the deal and put $5000 down. Now on 27th I got a call from the dealer ship that i can’t get the car on 27th but i can get on 28th. I say it’s fine. Now on 28th i received a call and told me that i can’t pickup the car on 28th i can get on 29th .I said it’s fine to me. Again i got call on 29th and told me that i can’t pickup the car on 29th i can pickup the car on 30th. I already made my plain to go long trip on weekend. But i said still no problem i can rearrange my trip. On 30th of May I went with my family member to pickup the car. Every thing was fine and the finance manager was showing some thing about the car. He Figer out that there is no remote starter kit installed and side visiors. He came to me and tell about this situation. I was little bit upset but i said it’s fine. But again he told me that they did a big mistake instead of Santa fee Limited 2009 they brought Santa fee GLS 2009. The situation look very panic among the employess although we were upset but still looking for some solution. and finally the General manager came to us in a very rude manner .Although we were upset he was trying to makeup their mistake and put every thing on us that we gave you a hell deal(hell discount) and you have to bear. I was totally shocked and i asked what you gave me deal. Me and my family was really disappointed about the behaviour of General Manager and the Finance Manager was also shocked about the behaviour of GM. I sold my car on Thursday(28 May) I got the insurance on Friday(29). The General Manager left the showroom without solving this issue another lady came to us and telling we can’t help you right now because we closed at 6 pm. Sales person, Manager, General Manager every one left without solving our problem so what I thought that they don’t want a business or that’s a way that they are dealing with customers. Now I decided, option first if I get my money back or atleast i am not going to give business to this particular dealer atleast. Now I have to waste my time to come on Monday which is not my day off I fight for my right what the lady told me to do on Monday.
I think your Hyundai is a great and valuable company and definitely you work for building relationship with customers too. So I demand to help me out the issues.
Sayyid Manzur Shamsi

azera problems

I have had a 2006 Azera for a little over 3 years. If you check the service records you will find many, many repairs since the purchase. Some took 5-7 days in which they had to completely remove the dash and in one case take out the passenger seat. The air conditioner has been a problem every summer and required some sort of repair.
I tried to return the car but was told that would be impossible si I just sucked it up. The service guys at the dealer have been terrific. The service manager Pat and the sevice drive person Joe have done an excellent job.
The problem is that I have been laid off and the car is out of warranty. Going forward I can not afford to pay for additional repairs and based on the history of this automobile I am afraid I will see many more in the future. Oddly enough, I bought the same car for my wife, 6 months after mine, and it seems to be fine. I should never have bought a new model as I did when I purcahesd mine.
I would like to know what Hyundia can do for me if anything. I appreciate your attention and hope to hear something back.

Robert E. Fouts
Cell - [protected]

unethical hiring practice

1.) I found the following ad on CareerBuilders and pasted it here for review. I responded to the ad and...

uh, they left, took off, no notification to customers.

I am just finding out today (Saturday, May 2nd) that the dealership where I purchased a new car last July, has folded with no notice to the customers. Besides having to travel a good hour now for my services, I have been majorly ripped off on two programs which they talked me into paying extra for through my original contract. These programs are the "Tire for Life" and "Oil Change for Life Programs." No other dealership is responsible for honoring them, as I am just now finding out. They seemed to have sucked many potential buyers into these "extras" and after finding out the extra money I paid for the programs would actually reap me some decent benefits such as new brand name tires and 12.95 oil changes for life, versus paying maybe 35-40.00 per oil change, I was finally o.k that I had signed up for this. The problem is, we have been majorly ripped off! I am just hearing that someone purchased a car from them in the last month or so, when this dealership owner knew good and well that he may be folding and they were talked into the same program knowing full good and well that they would not be around to honor it. Next stop, BBB, then Office of Consumer Affairs. Oh, and then phoning the owners "other business that seems to be staying above water in Cobb County somewhere" and giving him a piece of my mind. Thanks!


I bought a new Hyundai Elantra in 2004 and have been making payments every month for $433.00 per month. My car is supposed to be paid for in June 09 (this year, it was a 5 yr contract) and i called to get the total balance due so i could go ahead and pay it off and now they say i owe 8, 000.00 left on it from late fees!!! Can they do that? What can i do about this. The blue book value on my car is only 1, 300 dollars. I cant afford to keep paying on this car when it should be paid for in JUNE... Please help!

Anyone with any advice please feel free to email me at

Thank you so much!

predatory auto lending

February, 2007 we were strong armed into purchasing a new Hyundai Elentra when my husband and I were looking...

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