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Complaints & Reviews

poor performance

Hi Everyone,
This is my thired complaint against Deep Hyundai. My Car was serviced on 18th June'2011, however after compaining twice i did'nt received any response from them. My Car is not running in good condition after servicing. After paying such a high amount for servicing satisfaction is low.
Service Station: Deep Hyundai (Udyog Vihar Peeragarhi) Delhi 110087
Car No: DL4CR 8290:
Contact No: [protected]

  • Bs
    B.S.SOBTI Sep 30, 2012

    Hi Pradeep,

    I got my car repaired( insurance claim) from Deep Hyundai in July2012 as my car got damage from the front in the accident...Multiple parts were replaced like front Axle, Front right arm, front right tyre and many other ...but when i went to Himgiri Hyundai for a paid service today the informed that front right Knuckle is also damage as there is a bent in that...So I got it replaced along with a Front right wheel bearing which could have covered in insurance claim resulting in extra payment from my pocket. When I called your representative Mr Vinod from Deep Hyundai Wazirpur(9999668839) instead of apology he told me that it could have got damaged while driving as we gave you the car after all the testing, I just wanted to know how come only front right knuckle got damaged apart from other spare parts within 2 months as I think Knuckle is a heavy metal part and if it got damaged in road bumps then it should have damage something else and it should have damage the car body as well... I don’t know which testing your representative was talking about? When i got my car after the repair i had to visit your service centre again as they charged me for the wheel alignment but it was not done properly so had to got it fixed again... If you guys cant fix this minor thing how can i be sure about the rest? This was the second time i visited Deep Hyundai...prior to that i visited deep hyundai in Feb or march 2012 and that time when i gave my car, Central Locking(genuine hyundai) was in the working condition but when i got my car back it was not at all working and your representative didn't bothered to inform me that...when i reached home and observed it was not working then i called him up and he informed to visit hyundai showroom to got it fixed ... And same thing happened again Mr Vinod told that I need to visit Himgiri hyundai to get my central locking fixed...When i visited Himgiri hyundai initially they fixed my problem and they informed that only wrong wires were connected due to which it was not working... If i have to visit your service centre again and again for the same problems that too after paying a huge amount what's the fun in that... I'm wasting my time and money... I'll make sure ill not visit your service centre again for any reason... as I had alot from your team... Thanks!!!

    Bhupinder Singh Sobti
    Reg No: DL8CT 5160

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complaint against manager and workers of himgiri hyundai, wazirpur

on 4.4.2011 in morning i, Ajit Singh left my car for service at Himgiri Hyundai automobile, wazir pur Industrial area, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. and when i alongwith my cousin Sh. Narender Singh went to pick up my car i20 bearing No. DL- 4CJ- 7222 from service station we found a dent on my car. I immedeately asked about the same from the service adviser namely Mr. Harvinder Singh, he misbehaved with us and when we objected he started absuing us, immedeately I called up the PCR and my nephew Satbir Singh. an altercation took place between us on which Harvinder Singh called some workers from inside the workshop and they all started beating us black and blue. In the meanwhile my nephew also came there and tried to save us from the workers of the service station. but all of them started beating my nephew also. meanwhile the Police came there and saved us from the hands of workers of the service station.
Police officials took us to hospital for MLC and took the workers who were involved in the above mentioned occurance in the police station where we identified the persons who had beaten us. there we came to know that one of them was D.G.M., Two were Engineers, One was working as driver of the Himgiri Hyundai automobiles. An F.I.R. was lodged against all of them Under Sections 308, 323, 34, of I.P.C. in Police Station Ashok Vihar, Delhi, and all of them remained in Judicial Custody for more than 10 (ten) days. and the case is under investigation.
even after the conduct of the officials of the Himgiri Hyundai, wazirpur did not change towards their customers, as my nephew went to the same service station to get his car serviced but they refused to even check his car by saying that we will not provide any service to you and your relatives and even to your villagers from where We belongs. due to their conduct we all are compelled to go to another service station namely MGF Hyundai, Wazirpur industrial area.
so you are requested to kindly consider the matter and do the need full.


I own a 2009 SantaFe with 24.000 miles on it. The rubber door seal has worn away leaves sheds of material and holes in the seals of both front doors. When I bought the car the salesman crowed about the bumper to bumper warranty for 36 months. When I brought the car to the dealership, I was told by the service tech that door seals are only covered for the first 12 months. After 40 plus years of driving and owning some cars 10 or more years, I have never seen a door seal wear out. I must assume that Hyundia uses an inferior materials in thier cars. They would replace both doors seals at MY Cost. Beware of what they REALLY Warranty! Would not buy another Hyundai

  • Ro
    Rodney Todd Jul 25, 2011

    I just recently purchased a 2009 SantFe LTD that was owned by the service manager of a Hyundia dealership in Ontario, Canada. Had a similar problem (especially in the winter months) all door seals pulled away from their fixed locations resulting in open gaps around the doors. Took the vehicle into a hyundia dealership closer to home as the balance of the original warranty was tranfered over to my name and they immediately replace the drivers door seal and ordered the other three, which are due to be put on as soon as they receive them - all under warranty. The replacement door seals are of a heavier gauge rubber and appear to perform much better. I do think that this is a manufacturing defect and you should be able to get them replaced under warranty as I had absolutely no problem in doing so. RT in Ontario, Canada.

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service department

I have a Hyundai Santa Fe and it broke down while in Mexico and called the service department to find out if...

bad service

To Whom It May Concern

This is the second complaint letter that I have written and I am yet to hear back from anyone about it.

I took my car in for a service at Hyundai Sandton on the 4th of May and have had problems with it since then. I asked when I dropped my car off that the back breaks be checked as they were making a big noise every time I pushed the breaks. It was not looked at> When I complained. I was told that I would have to bring my car back on the 9th of May, which I did. I was then told that there was nothing wrong with the breaks. The noise persisted and I had to book it in again on the 11th May. I was given a courtesy car to use for the day and was told that I would be contacted when my car was ready. I never heard anything the whole of the Wednesday and on Thursday afternoon I eventually had to phone myself to see when I could collect my car. I was told that my breaks had been changed and fitted with originals. It’s been about a month and my breaks are back to making the noise, and this time it is even worse the before. I contacted the Dealer Principal of Hyundai Sandton and was told that he would phone me back, which he still has not done. I went to Hyundai on the 17th June and was told that no one could help me at the time I went because everyone was on lunch break and that it was illegal for them to work during that time. I left a message asking that Sean, the man in the service department and the one I had been dealing with the whole time would phone me back on Monday, the 20th June. He still has not phoned me back. I had to phone again and this time spoke to a man in the complaints department named Mervin and was told that someone would come past my place of work the following day and collect my car and take it back to the workshop to have it looked at. I then had to phone again in the afternoon because no one had gotten back to me. I was told that someone would contact me today (22 June) and my car would be fetched and sorted out. I am waiting to see if this is the case today.

I am deeply disappointed with the level of service that I have received from Hyundai and when purchasing a car in the future, I will not be considering Hyundai again.

I would like to gear back from you about this complaint that I have submitted for the second time now and to know what has been done about the level of service at Hyundai Sandton


Lauren Murphy


I took my 2009 Hyundai Elantra for it's 15, 000 mile check-up and routin oil-change to Hampton Ford...

modified paperwork after the fact

I purchased a car and finished all the paperwork and signed for it. I did not purchase any extras and...

financed at different price than told

I went to oxmoor hyundai to purchase a vehicle. The sticker price was 28, 500. We were told there were 2...

service & performance

I have a Santro Xing and having tremendous problem of engine knocking and air conditioner.
For this problem we have send the car to the workshop thrice but they are unable to resolve the same.
It seems that it is of no use to buy a reputed companies product because seeing the performance of the car our old Indian cars are much better and longlasting since we can maintain those cars in any roadside garage.


Points in short of the case history are listed as below:
1) CNG missing issue persisted for a long duration. Escaped major accidents due to this problem
2) JBL Speakers washed out during one month post accidental repairing.
3) Car RC (registration certificate) delivery took 6 months. Got my RC after 6 months even that with my regular follow up.
4) Break shoes loss at 14000 kms mileage
5) Hand break lever still not being replaced.
6) Petrol missing problem still persists.
7) Noise still comes while driving car with AC on.
8) Flaw in the fitment of right side front gate. There is a gap in between which is noticeable.

Case History(HR 51 AJ 8820)
This is in regard to the inconvenience, loss and harassment I am facing due to the Hyndai Authorized dealer named Himgiri in New Delhi, India. I bought my Hyundai Accent Car under the registration number HR 51 AJ 8820 on August 12, 2010. This car I bought with Dealer fitted CNG for which they charged 45, 000 rupees. After a month car met with accident damaging the right side door and the car bumper. There wasn’t any damage to the engine. It was completely body damage. Himgiri took one month to service it reasoning out parts are not available they are in transition. Post delivery I could notice that my JBL speaker was washed out and wasn’t responding although I explicitly conveyed them to take care of the front speakers. I got them verified from the Audio System Dealer I purchased from and they said company(JBL) will not replace as they are washed out in water. So there I incurred loss of 5000 rupees. I conveyed this thing to the workshop manager Rakesh but he did not bother to hear that.
Thereafter I escaped major accident due to continuing CNG missing problems. It became the regular practice that point of time that my car was at their workshop on every weekend due to the CNG missing issue. Rakesh promises me that he personally took the rectification of the problem under his supervision but the result wasn’t as promisable as his wordings. This problem continued for months and thereafter when I warn them about lodging the case against them due to the loss and the inconvenience and to the most risk of life then kept my car for 1 day and it was then rectified. The number of visits would have been near about 10-15 times that point of time.
After some time I could realize that there is some problem with the breaks. The car wheels are running smooth and the excel became a hit tight. So I could realize that something is touching the wheel as the rotation was not smooth. I got it checked with Himgiri and get to know that break shoes was touching the wheel and due to which I had to get them replaced with the new one for which they charged me 2500 bugs approx But I was not convinced with the fact that at merely 14000 kms my Car break shoes was replaced and due to the reason it was touching the wheel. I asked them the root cause of break shoe touching the wheel so they weren’t answerable and reasoned out that you need to get it replaced. So I could notice another flaw in their fitting post accident which resulted in a loss of money to me.
On that day itself I saw them Hand break lever slipping cause of which I could not park my car with hand break on I have to park it with car geared. I asked them to replace it as it is under warranty to which Mr. Rakesh said it is not in the stock and will be available very soon. He made some temporary arrangement to fix that hand break issue. But as expected his fix did not worked out and again I asked about the availability of the hand break in their stock past 15 days so the status that time was not available in the stock.
Moving ahead Car started missing on petrol. It is in the period of May 2011(past 9 months from my purchase) I could not start my car on petrol . I reported this issue and I also reported that there is some noise I m hearing from the car while driving. They sent some technician at my office so that I can show the problem. The car did not started so he assured me that he will fix this issue. I also told Mr. Rakesh about the sound I could hear while driving. My observation was that when this sounds is heard the car runs as if the engine is overloaded and when it goes off the engine picks up immediately. This problem I noticed while the Car AC is on and this voice goes on & off while driving with AC on. I showed this problem to another Hyndai dealer named FX in Faridabad but they said you need to visit to your dealer as the CNG kit is being installed by them and we won’t be fixing it. Left with no choice I had to call Mr Rakesh to fix this missing on start issue. Mr. Rakesh me again delivered the car with petrol missing issue fixed and assured me that it won’t be occurring again. I had to rely on his words as there was no option.
Past 15 days the same issue (Car not starting on petrol) recurred. Again Mr. Rakesh asked me to hand over the car to him for 1 day . I allowed so and they kept my car for 1 day at their workshop and delivered me the car. They reported that we have taken the test drive which they perform as a part of their procedure and the missing issue is not reproducible. They handed over my vehicle to me with this missing issue fixed but still hand break and that noise issue was not resolved. After driving for another 10-15 days the same problem recurred. This time I get Mr. Pankaj (HMIL) involved and have asked him to get this issue verified at HMIL workshop as Himgiri is not able to rectify the problem. I explained him the complete history of my car and the inconvenience, life risk and the money loss I have faced due to Himgiri in 9 months. The case is still pending as Mr. Pankaj wants me to again get my car repaired under the supervision of Himgiri at their Wazirpur center to which I am reluctant. On each visit I had to shell money for filling extra petrol so that there isn’t any issue while repairing. This is also an extra expenditure to me.

  • Jn
    J.N Thakkar Jul 07, 2011

    J. N. THAKKAR.
    [email protected]
    Dt. 07/07/2011.
    Dear Sir,
    I have purchase new Accent car from Sharma Cars Pvt ltd.
    at time of purchase i have given my residace address, I T pancard and other what they demend proof. But on bill they have given me incorrect address, From Last three month I am behind him to make correction in my billing Address but still they are not responding me,
    Now should i go to comsumer cort for the mistake done by dealer and i am suffering from last three month.

    Jitendra Thakkar.

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engine goes off

My car Hyundai Santro LS 1999 model, has a trouble that the engine goes off while running in rain fall.
The vehicle is being attended by the authorized servive person. He tried by cleaning the distributor and insulated all wirings by liquid spray. But still the problem continues.

fraud emails

Fax: +[protected]
email: [protected]
From desk of the promotions manager
Hyundai motor uk ltd, united kingdom
payment approval from hyundai motor united kingdom

As a token for appreciation towards the rapid growth of the hyundai motor company, we have decided to carry out this reward program so as to encourage our customers all over the world for their contributions toward the rapid growth of hyundai motor. hyundai motor company was founded by chung ju-yung in 1947, and has today grown so large to become a multi-national company.

This reward program is based on creating more awareness of this product and also, creating opportunity for the reduction of poverty around the society. we are pleased to announce your email address as one of the 15 lucky winners of the hyundai motor uk ltd international free lotto draw conducted here in the united kingdom on the 30th of may, 2011.

You have been made a winner of a brand new hyundai sonata 2010 model and a cash prize amount of (five hundred thousand pounds) through an electronic random selection of world wide e-mail addresses from the internet. consequently, you have been approved for a total payout of £500, 000.00 (five hundred thousand pounds) only. your email address emerged along side with 14 others around the globe, as the category of winners in this year’s hyundai motor uk ltd e-mail draw. your winning number is (wli776/003/ls10) and ballot number is (w: 112010/122/win-b)

For security reasons, we advised that you keep your winning information confidential until you claim your prize money. this is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. please be warned!

You are being legally contacted regarding the release of your awaited fund. after a detailed review of your file, the hyundai motor uk ltd has mandated that your fund and car should be released immediately. the sum of £500, 000.00 (five hundred thousand great british pounds only) has been approved in your favour via my desk. i therefore wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.

Please re-confirm to me the following

1. name:-----------------------------
2. address:---------------------------
3. country:---------------------------
4. mobile phone no:------------------
5. home phone no:------------------
6. occupation:------------------------
7. sex:--------------------------------
8. age: -------------------------------

Note that the above fund has been cleared from terrorist or fraud related activities.

Thanks for your cooperation

Mr. tedd morris
(promotions manager)
Hyundai motor uk ltd united kingdom
Contact email: [protected]

  • Le
    lewchoonkiat Jul 25, 2012

    my name is LEW CHOON KIAT, i hd booked a SONATA 2.4L SILVER at NCS sdn bhd on 29th JUN 2012 ( booking no. 1158 )
    yesterday they told me that the silver colour no more stock n just left white colour
    i felt dissapointed about the service since this is my 1st time to buy a HYUNDAI car
    i dunno whether there is really no stock or other problem

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worst car dealer, don't buy here

This is my first car purchase and I have been cheated morally and financially. I first spoke to Mark Vehling...

endless rust problems

Please I do hope that somebody can assist me as I am now at my wits end. I purchased a hyundai atos 1.1 automatic in december 2009. The windsreenwipers rusted after 4 month, 8 month after that they replaced them, now they are rusted again, they had to replace the hood latch because of rust, today they had to replace the oilfilter because of rust there was a hole and it was leaking oil, surely a car 3years old brand new out of the box should not rust like that, unfortunately I do not have any photos at the moment, but trust me everything in that engine compartment has rust, so by the time I have the car paid of in 2 years there is nothing left. Also, which I was not aware of, I lost my service plan because I did not take the car in for a service last year. The reason I never took it in was I had not clocked the 15000 km. Now i'm beeing told if I drive less km I should have brought it in yearly i. E. Last year this year, because I did not take it in last year I forfeited the service plan and now have to pay rand 1500.00, surely that is wrong, I really was not aware of the matter. Could hyundai not be little more forthcoming? And why do I have such a rust problem. Yes I do live by the sea, but im not the only one who lives by the sea yet my car looks the worst for wear and the other cars in my complex are much older. What am I to do. I was unemployed for 1 year just only recently got a job closer to home, and now that. Please, please assist

  • Ba
    bazil johnson Nov 18, 2019

    Please contact me as I have a similar problem with the same car and model

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service department

I am totally disappointed with the service department at Obrien in Fort Myers, FL. I brought my car to get 2...

lied to by manager

Beware of Carl Gregory Hyundai in Albany Georgia. I went there last Friday to check out the new Sonata...

extremely shady business

This company is poorly managed, unprofessional, and not to be trusted!!! I was told by management and the...

warranty work

Not only will Hyundai not honor the Warranty work, Your dealers try to get out of doing the Warranty work a...

loyalty bonus

Dear Sir,

Good Day...!!!

We have bought hyundai verna in october 2009 and we use to have hyundai santro earlier. So they offered us royalty or loyalty bonus of Rs.15000 but till date i have not received any money from them. I have bought car from Kosmo hyunai jalandhar and concerned person is Mrs.Kokila. She only asked me to complaint you because she said she is helpless its only hyundai company's fault. I have submitted all the documents in 2009 only and now they are making excuses that our documents have not been submitted. But i have cleared their doubt as there was a girl named Jyoti who was working with kosmo hyundai jalandhar as royalty bonus incharge, she accepted the fact that I have submitted all the documents. The problem which I think is that they have misplaced my documents somewhere and now they are not ready to pay.

Kindly check in this matter, I m really frustrated going there again and again for my money.


Chirag Mahajan


  • Dr
    dr amit goel Feb 09, 2010

    harrassment in giving exchange bonus checks and corporate bonus checks after 10months of purchasing car.

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  • Si
    sikha_rustagi May 05, 2011

    Really this is the fault of Hyundai company you have to contact to the company regarding this matter yet you can complaint at consumer voice they will response all queries I hope your problem will solve. I have contact details
    Tel : 011-24379074 (D), 47331018, - 47331020, 47331022-25

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misleading advertising

They run a constant add about giving you up to $6k over the Kelly Blue Book value on your car. I went in with...