Hungry Jack's Australiaproduct service and overcharged

M Dec 04, 2019 Review updated:

I went through the drive thru and put through my order at 8:18pm on the 4/12/2019.
My order was 5 Large whopper hunger tamer meals 3 of them being double 2 of them single all with cheese. I felt that we had been over charged as the order came to $94.05 which it has never cost that amount before and we order this regularly. We made some alterations being 4 of the cheeseburgers no bbq sauce and no mayo ketchup instead and 1 no mustard and 1 a cheesy cheeseburger.
As I was about to complain that I had been overcharged I was told very rudely can you just go and park and check your order there's a line of cars behind you . I decided to ring them an the guy I spoke to who was also rude said as you ordered special burgers you are charged for it its not free you know. I said you are joking so you charged me to have bbq sauce and mayo taken off and replaced with ketchup he said that's correct as the burgers in the meals are standard and if you want to change them you are charged for it.
I would understand if I wanted to add something but not to take off so instead of substituting two sauces for one they charged us for it all . Then when we ate our meals as soon as I got home and we don't live very far from there our food was squashed stone cold and very very sloppy it was absolutely disgusting most of it ended up in the bin. The whole of my experience with Hungry Jacks this evening was absolutely appalling and we are regular customers which we will never go again and I expect to be compensated greatly for this ie a full refund. My order number was 699.
Michelle Murch.


  •   Dec 04, 2019

    Please tell me there were four others in your car...

    You were only overcharged if you paid that amount. I'm not in Australia so I'm not sure what the going rate for your average hungry jack meal would be but a large double Whopper with cheese is like 13.00.

    When you add up all the additional items, um, yeah it's going to get up there.

    Spending that much on food, money and calories is just a waste. No one needs to eat 1800 calories in one sitting!

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      Dec 04, 2019

    I love the food n the people so soz! give me hungry jacks anytime

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