Hungry Jack's Australiadisrespectful to family environment

I Aug 05, 2018

Today around 5.30 pm at Campbellfield hungry jacks. We went there as a family for having dinner. We were waiting at the table and tv was on and channel name was MAX 46. it was a disaster that what they put it on for watching. it was literally porno music clip. There were more than 6 families with their young children including us with 5 and 9 years old children. One of the gentlemen who have 3 young girls walked to the desk to complain to change the channel which wasn't appropriate for families. Staff members looked and laughed at each other rather than showing respect for customers request and the channel hasn't been changed after that warning. it was a disaster and no respect to families and children from HUNGRY JACKS AND THEIR REPRESENT STAFF MEMBERS. I will pass this to my community members not to go to that place and I will take it to the head office of HUNGRY JACKS in Melbourne.

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