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I have made a complaint on December 15th, 2011 regarding my credit card dispute. Till late June 2012, i had notification from HSBC saying that the dispute was done by me but no further action and HSBC cant do anything but informed me that i had to check with the merchant directly. HSBC has the power to let a third party to decuct my credit card but they dont allow me to cancel that transaction. this sounds ridiculas! Please help me to rectify and resolve this issue once and for all. Thanks.


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    sparkeye Mar 06, 2012

    im a malausia residing in overseas. Complaints to HSBC few times about getting their statement delayed adn every month i have to pay for the late charges and finance charges. Ive told them once when i came back at KL but no one look into it. I only use this account for Insurance charges and until Dec/Jan, so happen i went back to KL and receievd call from HSBC telling me my due payment and will cancel my card if it is delayed. I paid via bank transfer but it failed without relaising it. Therefore it passed due and they cancel my card. Im fine with it as the service is from bad to WORST. I paid and i request to reimburse all the finance charges and late payment of which is it not my fault. Other bank can send statement to my on time (just the stamp is RM0.90 rather than RM 0.30) why cant HSBC such a BIG bank do so? Or is it because they prefer to have such way therefore they can "rob" their clients money? I think so. WHat a shame to such a big corporation!!!

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