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card membership charges

I am HSBC credit card holder since April, 2007. Card No-[protected], HSBC Bank has charged Rs 700/- as card membership fee first time without informing me in the statement period from 15-4-11 to 15-5 11 .
Request for wavier of this membership fee of Rs 700/- as I have never paid in past four years.
Malvinder walia

hsbc banking problems

HSBA Dubai, one of the country's largest banks and the biggest bunch of tools I have ever delt with.
My Complaints are as follows:
1. My HSBC bank card no longer works in any HSBC ATM. It works fine on every body elses ATM?
2. It took 6 phone calls & 3 visits to the bank to get a replacement bank card.
3. It took 3 months to get the new card issued and courried to me. (Thats the Premier Service. Id hate to see the Standard service.)
4. 2 months later and I am still unable to activate the new card. As their phone banking services are faulty.
5. 15 plus calls later, still no card, phone banking still dosent work and all the security details are in my wifes name. I cant answer any of the security questions they ask me and im a man ...so they hang up.
6. It has taken me 3 years to get a Visa card issued in my name. (& yes it actually works)
7. Random account freezes and overdraft penalties due to non-payment of loans, when there has been over 65k in the bank to pay off 6k owing ??? Aparently computer errors cause this ...not some idiot on a computer.
8. The customer service ###s dont understand english...or arabic for that matter. I have no idea where they hire these monkeys from.
9. All the HSBC staff travel to their workplace everday by bus, car and train. But not one tool can actually give you the right address of where they work or where the Main branch office is located. Im suprised these idoits don't get lost going to the bathroom, or forget to breath.
10. It take $400AED, 3 branches, 4 people and 2 weeks of traveling around to get a car ownership certificate issued incorrectly? and then be told I have to pay another $400AED for the correct one. WTF?
11. All of my credit card & bank details were stolen by a corrupt employee and then their main credit card server got hacked. Well at least some guy in Lugan Russia managed to get a fully working bank card in my name and make a few purchases on it. I still can't even do that.

This is not a banking service ...its a complete mess.
I'd like to send them a bill for the time Ive wasted running around for them.


settlement of credit card done

Dear Sir,
I Mr. Shashikant M. Ghadi, holding HSBC Credit Card A/c No: [protected]. This is to inform you that I have already done the settlement with full & final payment to the HSBC Bank. The settlement was done through your collection agency GURUSAI ENTERPRISES. The collection person Name: Mr. Sunil Patil & his senior person who had come at the time of settlement with the letter was Mr. Nitin. I have also received the settlement letter Ref: FFSCPDNWOFFBOMHDMTCS-GURUSAI ENTERPRISE80820111 DTD. 08 AUGUST, 2011.
I am attaching the settlement letter & the payment receipt made to HSBC bank & Gurusai Enterprises receipt.
I request you kindly look into the matter and see I should not be receiving any credit card statement from HSBC bank henceforth.

Thanking you,
Your's Trully

Shashikant Ghadi

settlement of credit card done
settlement of credit card done
settlement of credit card done

closure of credit account no. [protected]

This has Ref to earlier letter dated 11 July 2011, it is to bring to your notice that your business executive visited my office in year 2008 and without my consent opened credit account and issued credit card in my name in April 2008.
The said credit account is never operated by me and no transaction whatsoever amount was, ever made by me. It is clarified that credit card issued to me by your business executive has never been used by me at any point of time.
It may please be noted said to note that despite my repeated requests in past to your bank, to close the credit account mentioned above, you have taken no steps to close the Account in question and you are illegally showing the credit balance amount of Rs 14000 against said account.
Needless to say that I have never availed /utilized the services of credit card and account in question.
Therefore it is ridiculous to see that an unexplained credit balance being shown against the said account and same has not been closed despite my repeated request .By way of this letter you are being put to notice that in case account in question is not closed with immediate effect, then I shall be constrained to proceed against you at your cost and risk before the appropriate competent authorities and you will be fairly responsible for the consequences that may follow.
It is for your information and necessary action please.
Subhash Awasthy
E-02 Ambuja Colony
Village Daburjee P.O. Lodhimajra Distt. Ropar – 140113
Mob [protected] ; mail id : subhash.[protected]@ambujacement.com


I have to agree with the nay sayers HSBC DUBAI is one of the No actually the worst bank I have ever used. The phone service is terrible it is impossible to ask a question without being sent to multiple people with long waits in between and having to give all your identifying details each time - the result typically is after a long wait to be disconnected mysteriously before receiving the answer to your question if you are persistent you may actually reach someone who will tell you to go into a branch and inquire. If you go into a branch they often tell you they don't have the forms needed to make an inquiry or change a service and that you will need to locate those online and mail them somewhere. UGH! Their response to unhelpful phone service is to have a 'premium account personal banker' LAUGH! La dee da I actually have one of those and apparently he's been on vacation for the past year and he doesn't return calls. I agree with the numerous posters above charges are definitely suss I am continually getting charged 100 to 150 dhs with various descriptors on statements that cannot be explained by HSBC representatives. I and a number of my co-workers also using HSBC were surprised to discover that our credit card interest has simply been increased without notice during this time and one co-worker's credit limit was halved because he paid of the credit card each month and left no balance. I was referred to the bank when I arrived in Dubai by my employer about 4 years ago and took out a loan. I made the mistake of topping up the loan last year when it was almost paid off because HSBC was running a 'special' promotion with lower interest of 4.7% however for the last few months the interest has magically increased to 9.9% payments taken out immediately with salary installments but no one can explain why. In addition I was charged double for an ATM withdrawal last month -despite having the receipts showing that only one withdrawal was made and that I received a timed out message when attempting another it took 6 phone calls, downloading an online dispute form sending it in to an 'investigative body' and then waiting another 15 days a total of (23 days) before the money was credited back to my account which by the way was a large amount that overdrew my account and I was charged interest and over-limit fees for - still not cleared . I agree with the latest poster that it may actually be the region though and overall management practices in the banking industry however the sheer amount of inaccuracies in favor of banks suggests that the chaos will continue as the banks are profiting from it. Everyone in the UAE seems to have stories of mistreatment with their banks and long term residents simply shrug and say that bad banking and service is simply a given in the region. When I've asked for referrals people are never confident or satisfied with their own banks and will typically say I'm with so and so but have this issue or that with them. I tend to think that this nonchalant acceptance of being overcharged or accepting unexplained interest charges etc is why all these practices continue. I have to admit I'm guilty as well I continue to allow unclear charges monthly on HSBC statements to continue unexplained and will only go through the painful attempt at requesting refunds or reversals if the amount is large.Basically, if you are working full time it is somewhat impossible to regulate. HSBC will reverse things if I consistently bother them about it but they make it a time consuming painful, stressful and expensive process so as a customer you have to weigh whether the fee or overcharge amount is actually worth the effort to appeal it. If the majority of customers simply allow unexplained interest hikes, unexplained fees and charges and double charges on money transfers the bank makes a substantial profit . By making the application procedure to claim back charges difficult and phone calls unhelpful and branch timings hard to attend customers are literally lulled into accepting unethical practices and bogas charges Last year, I started looking for a new bank visited 3 called at least 2 more and was basically told by all that they would love my business and would have a sales representative call me. A month after making inquiries I grudgingly accepted that the problem was indeed perhaps endemic of the region as none of the 5 new banks had bothered to get back with me on my inquiries regarding their services and transferring my account despite contacting them all once again repeating my request of services available and a desire to move my account. This is odd when as overseas 'new customers' are usually signed up in a day thus I agreed on the 'top up' with HSBC (sigh) seeing no viable alternative. Rakbank was the only one to ever contact me but that took 35 days after my initial inquiries about their services and two days after deciding to take a loan and stick with HSBC. My husband who had been overseas was an HSBC supporter and a year ago said to me that I should stick with them as they were globally recognized however now that he's permanently in Dubai and has a Dubai Islamic account (required by his employer) he's changed his mind now that he is here and has witnessed first hand the service I receive he can't wait till I clear up this loan this year and switch accounts he has had none of the trouble I have and he can't believe there is no authority to appeal these charges . I truly hope he has found a good bank with reasonable services however I admit that after 4 years I am a bit jaded and suspect that he's simply in the honeymoon stage and wouldn't be surprised if he too suddenly as unexplained trumped charges to complain about with his bank in the near future. Regardless, I have another 6 months to observe his services before I am free to transfer from HSBC anyway which I will do because despite the bad service I hear from people about their banks I'm usually able to top their tales with the horrible service HSBC offers and now I know that any last minute great loan offers they might offer to persuade me to stay with them will only increase later unexplained.

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problems closing accounts

"Closed" accounts come back to life when the computer calculates and pays that month's interest. Then...

Highland Falls Banks

unauthorized withdraw of money

June 4, 2011 I spoke with a CSR from HSBC regarding scheduling a payment from me to them for my RewardZone Mastercard. I couldn't give them a payment that day, so I arranged to call in or use the website to make a payment around the 13th of June. No problem "ok ma'am, I'll make a note of that and will be looking for the payment around then." Well that CSR or whoever, took it upon themselves to make an ACH withdrawal from my checking account on the 15th, 17th and the 20th. Each time it got returned due to insufficient funds, obviously. How can I resolve this problem with them when I cannot reach anyone in charge or at least the CSR called me today the 23rd that no manager is around and continued to belittle and patronize me during our conversation. The unauthorized withdrawal or the 3 attempts, caused my other ACHs to be returned and numerous fees to pile high. Finally I had to pay my bank a Stop-Payment fee just so HSBC would quit trying to collect my money illegally. So far, no one will connect me to a person of more power than a condescending CSR or one who cannot understand me due to a language barrier. If anyone can help me out that would be appreciated. I need to hire an attorney obviously, so they (HSBC employees) will listen or take any kind of remorseful action on my behalf. I don't think stealing people's money is a professional business tactic buy hey Madoff did it so I guess they think it is okay as well. Not in my book!

  • Re
    reefercat Jun 24, 2011

    so I guess you were already delinquent on the 4th, else why would they be asking you for a payment. Then you didn't pay as promised on the 13the, right? What was that you said about illegal?

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mortgage fraud

To whom it may concern: My mother recently passed away and I've been helping my father with his affair...

refused to accept my payment

Due to the economic situation, sometime back I found myself with some rather delinquent credit cards, with one of those being a cincinnati reds credit card issued by hsbc (seperate from my original hsbc account). unable to send full payment, I sent a token payment and informed them I would try if possible to send such payments until I was once again able to resume making regular payments. needless to say, this was of course not satisfactory with the creditor. I have exhausted every other possibility I could think of with the only other choice being bankruptcy. a choice I would rather not make however, current circumstances may leave me no other alternative.

credit card blocked

Hsbc did it again...

I have a platinum card issued by hsbc uae last week. I could only use it for few days before I started getting a message "do not honor" at few outlets. I called hsbc and strangely I found out that the card has been blocked. the system does not show any reason of blocking it. I was also not informed by anyone from the bank. after wasting many hours trying reaching the bank's call center I could not get a reason at all and was kept on getting a message that we are investigating. after three days today I was told that card has been blocked because no body updated their system internally as to the documents submitted by me. they admitted that its bank's fault and my card should not be blocked. but they did it...

  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not much you can do, the bank have admitted it was there error. For some reason recently HSBC have been very lacking in the CS department ive had a few problems recently with them tho ive been with them nearly 20yrs and this is the first few things but as it was about fraud the way they have treated this incident has been slow and lack of communication.

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  • Rv
    Rvees Oct 25, 2011

    I am also facing the similar problem now. I called Customer care several times and not getting a positive reply. Today I have been informed that this is due to Some missing documents. But I had submitted all the relavant documents to them. From the last week I am waiting for my card's activation.

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credit on account not refunded

Letter sent to hsbc:

As of today, I have a credit of $2170.60 on my account with your company. I have phoned the following number [protected] on various occasions to discuss this credit and have requested that the amount be refunded to me. unfortunately it has become clear with all my conversations that your representatives have not been accurate in giving me the facts regarding this transaction. below is a history of the times I have called your company and what I was told regarding the refund check by your representative:

May 23, 2011 – told by your representative that a refund check would be generated and sent out by close of business today.

May 27, 2011 - told by your representative that the money would be refunded to me via fed express overnight. obviously the representative I spoke with on may 23, 2011 did not process the transaction.

May 31, 2011- told by your representative that the refund check was sent out on may 30, 2011 should be rec’d with two working days.

June 2, 2011 – I call again and spoke with heidi. ext. 78152 id# hrs87h. it was explained that the check was sent out on june 1, 2011 and I should have the check in two working days. so again, the representative I spoke with on may 27, 2011 did not process the transaction.

The history clearly indicates that every time I inquired on the status of my refund check, I have been receiving conflicting information from your representatives.

This is a formal written request for your company to refund the amount of $2170.60 to me. if the money is not to be refunded, I request a written response by your company explaining its position.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. jeanette woods

raised monthly interest!

This credit card company is a fraud. Unless you are planning on getting a GM vehicle, do not get this card! You can't use the "earnings" for anything else, other than a car, and even so, they give you very little points. My main complaint about them, however, is that they hiked up my APR by 15% just before a bill was passed that would prevent companies from doing this. I have never missed a payment on my credit card, never late, and always paid more than the minimum. These opportunistic crooks will rob you blind! I am stuck paying 25% in interest every month! After that they actually had the nerve to send me an email saying that they have noticed that I haven't been using my card. REALLY???

  • Bk
    bk11102 May 25, 2011

    I used the card for two things, one semester of school and glasses that I needed to see with. So I am pretty sure they both qualify as emergency purchases. I didn't even have insurance at the time. Like I said, I was playing 2x the minimum and they still hiked my APR up. They have also taken money out of my account twice prior to the scheduled date of withdrawal. My mistake on the interest every month, but it is still shady to do that to someone who was making payments diligently. I wouldn't be upset if it was a 5% raise... Apparently I'm not the only one who has had this happen to.

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rip off

We were in the same boat. we had re-finaced our mortage and then was sold to hsbc. that was something I will regret from now on. things went ok for a while as long as the payments were on time, but then my husband was laid off for three months. when he finally got another job it was for alot less than he had been making. we called and told them what was going on and that we would get things caught up as fast as we could. we sent one payment then another and by then still owed two. we had asked if we could pay the principle payment payment and put the others at the back of the loan. one lady told us if we made one payment that she would defer the other to the back of the loan, so we did. then when we sent the next payment they refused it. they would not take anymore payments unless we became current. since we could not do that we received foreclosure papers. we then had to get an attorney and file chapter 13 to stop the foreclosure. for the past 4 years we have had almost 300.00 taken out of my husbands check every week. some weeks he would only bring 200.00 (sometimes less). a week. all because they would not work with us at all. they favorite saying is all or nothing.

theft - worst customer service in the world

After eight years of being a loyal customer of HSBC it is once again that they prove that their customer service team is quite possibly the worst in the world.
When I opened my accounts at the bank, I was given a savings account for my salary transfer, a mastercard, viascard and insite credit card for telephone and internet purchases.
A few years ago I received notification that the internet card would no longer be a service on offer, so I finalised my bill and discontinued using it. Unfortunately I had previously signed up for small monthly charge of approximately 12dhs per month on a public speaking website. This continued automatically being charged to this account and because I was unsure on how to cancel it, I proceeded to pay the charge each month, transferring money from my savings account. In August 2010 the internet credit card details dropped off my internet banking and I assumed that it had been closed for good. I had no way of viewing any details and I never received any hard copy bills in the mail. Fast forward six months later and I start receiving calls from collections telling me I owe them over AED 500 in charges and asking if can I pay that today? After questioning them what I owed them for, it was approximately 70dhs in accrued charges and the rest late fees that had been accumulating each month. I asked them how I was expected to pay the account when firstly I was unaware that I had any charges and secondly the account didn't exist on my internet banking so I has no way of transferring the funds. I advised them I would agree to pay the amount that had accrued from the charges but had no intentions of paying the late fees. After several weeks of harrassing calls, talking to deaf ears I had a customer service representative agree to credit back one late fee if I made the payment of AED395 and cancel the charges from the Public Speaking site. At this point I was sick of the phone calls so agreed to make the payment on the provisor I'd never hear from them again. Firstly i was told I could do this by credit card...but no I couldn't use a HSBC card, then I tried my Mashreq debit card which seemed to be fine but then a few days later the phone calls started again (this didn't process even though the money was in the account). They tried this again, then a few days later they are calling again. I decide then to go to an instant deposit atm, planning to deposit into my savings account and then transfer it to the card. The result, the machine eats my card as the account has been dormant for too long. As a result, this required a visit to the branch, involving taxi fares and time wasted in my schedule which consists of a full time job, studying and volunteer work.
I deposit the amount agreed to and do not hear anything more for three months. Then the phone calls start again, I am furious and demand to speak with a supervisor immediately, after I have been told I need to pay them another 500dhs in charges. This time consisting of only late fees that have been accruing on top of each other. I advised him that I would not be paying them and that someone needed to take ownership of this problem and they were harrassing and thieving from me and none of these charges were through any fault of my own and a result of nothing other than the banks incompetencies.
The supervisor was extremely apologetic, agreed with me and confirmed that he would sort this out for me and credit any charges back to my account. The phone calls stop...for two weeks and then they start again, nothing resolved. The customer service representative asking me once again, if I can pay the charges today. I aske for a faxed copy of all the transaction details from August last year, apparently this can't be provided - he told me to check online (after I had just told him I had no access to this account online.) The branch itself told me they don't have the record either as it has moved to collections, so at this point I am being told that basically no one can provide me with a copy of my statements, which I am almost certain, legally I have the right to view. I was also told that he couldn't tell me who I spoke with two weeks ago as he didn't have access to this information, however he could contact the supervisor and get him to call me back (total contradiction going on in that sentence.) What frustrates me even more, is that I have worked in a call centre in the past, so I know how the systems work, more to the point how it should work.
It has now been two days, I have not received a call back from the supervisor or anyone else. I'm wondering how many days this will last and who will take ownership of this problem.
Can anyone offer any advice as in my own country there are procedures to follow if you want to make complaints. I don't want to speak to anyone over the phone. I want to document this in writing or have a third party involved. Any recommendations would be appreciated. :-)

  • Ja
    Jami3 Jun 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you. HSBC is my current nightmare. I have been trying for 1 1/2 months to get the secure key to do online banking. They have yet to send it to me. Customer service is useless. The Premier Account (which I have) representatives respond to my emails, by using an automated out of office on a "REST DAY"!! Now I have to fly to the UAE to close my account because I am so disgusted by them. If anyone retains a lawyer to bring a lawsuit, please contact me. They certainly deserve to be sued.

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hsbc bank outright awful

Our mortgage is with HSBC. We had always paid our mortgage on time. In October of 2010 we received a certified letter telling us that our property was going to be sold. We proved to them that we had made our mortgage payments but they had processed them to someone else's account. After 7 months and a lot of attorney fees they finally fixed the problem. Of course not after calling us 60 times a day to tell us our account was in default. The best was when the collections person asked me 'how do I know you didn't pay this other person's mortgage for them'. I was like seriously if I was going to be generous enough to pay someone elses account don't you think I would pay my own.

Today I went to a local HSBC branch to cash a $4300 check that was made out to me and had come from another HSBC branch. They verified that the account existed and that there were enough funds in the account to cash the check. When they went over to the manager to ask if they could cash the check the manager said the check looked fake and took it from me. She would not return it to me and told me that I can't have it back until they verify that it is real which can take up to two months. I would have happily taken it to my own bank which would have put a 7 day hold on it but they told me that I can't have it back.

Thank you HSBC for not only messing up our mortgage but for stealing a check made out to us that was a donation for our non profit animal sanctuary. Thanks to you 7 cats were euthanized today because we were counting on that money to take care of their medical expenses.

You are the most crooked people I have ever met in my life and I learned a huge lesson. Next time we get a large donation we will take it to our own bank and wait the 8 days rather than risking having you steal it from us. Believe it or not we live close to the Canadian border and we do get donations from Canadian citizens. Just because a check comes from Canada does not mean it is fake.


Many people have complained about this number but HSBC have confirmed to me it is one of theirs and uses an auto dialer.
It is a real nuisance and I have an email address for complaints. It is:
Please shoer them with complaints.

  • Ma
    MAHMOUD OMAR RIZK Aug 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    in reply to your massage
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    If it is True send me how to get this money ? And where is it found? I hope your fast reply

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  • العبيدي العبييدي Sep 10, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @MAHMOUD OMAR RIZK mahy al'iijra'at alqanuniih lilhusul eali aljayizuh almaliuh

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  • El
    El Dongwan Tito Oct 04, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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credit card telemarketing insurance

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to make an enquiry if this is actually legal. I am an HSBC credit card customer, and I have just recieved a call from thier telemarketing agent based in KL. They were asking if I would be interested in a savings plan they have for me. They are willing to waiver my credit card annual fees for the next 15 years provided if I sign up for thier protection plan. I would be getting back returns after 15 years and only need to pay in RM202 per month for this plan.

I asked this person how did they find my number and where did they get my information from, the person said was representing HSBC malaysia so they got my name and number from thier own system. So I further asked if I was interested in this plan, but I would rather like to gain more info on it, and requested if further info can be emailed to me. And the agent said no. So I asked if this information is available online? again the agent said no. So I asked the agent how can I make an informed decission without seeing some form of proof of this promotion or without reading the terms and conditions.The agent said that they are ready to answer any forms of clarification or details should I ask them.

NOW my complaint is, is it really legal for them to actually use my information and call me up ? Where is the privacy law in place in Malaysia, dosent it apply to this ? whats worse is that they are promoting a product that requires me to simply say Yes, without actually be able to read the terms and conditions up front. The moment I say yes, they will start charging me the RM202 in my account per month and then I have to wait for documentation to arrive. I feel like even banks are beginning to have shady deals with thier own customers, and this is not good for the trust of the customer. I hope that I am able to recieve a good response and advice regarding this. Thank you very much.


I'm so disgusting how can hsbc can hired people with drug issues and abused behavior. I was under the impression your company is a drug free environment but to my surprise this is not the case. nobody monitors their employees and their abuse in the company. I believe that random drug test should be done in financial institutions like yours.

Please check specific individual working in your tampa facilities: daniel watkins jr.

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    ramdev78 Apr 21, 2011
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Although madC, you may have a point that this particular customer Boston35, may be angry because he/she was charged with some fees, this may normally be the case. Unfortunately, But I do really have to agree with the customer about HSBC employees with the Drug cases. I am an ex-HSBC employee and Yes, I have particularly have met many employees who are into drugs. Many cases of them taking drugs such as Extassy, Ice and Ganja during thier visit to the local nightclubs in the weekends.Many of these same staffs work on nightshifts and staggered working hours. Most would actually do thier clubbing before going to work.

    There are also some of them even caught sleeping on the job, getting high while on call or worse drunk during working hours. This is very true and very real. I have seen this with my own eyes and worked with co-leagues who has taken drugs. I really do reccomend to HSBC Management team to really further monitor thier staffs closely to drug and alcohol problems. Its a very serious problem and serious precautions need to be taken to avoid any sorts of mishaps in the future. Especially on thier foreign Global Resourcing Centre (GSC) based in India, China, Philipines and in Malaysia.

    I truly do recommend a breath analyser and urine test sample to be taken for staffs who work in the very late night shifts. Certain spot checks need to be done from time to time to ensure that both employees and customers are kept safe. We hope that HSBC Management are looks into this matter and seriously make a center wide decission.

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ecowas funds with held

My fuds amounting to 1.5 million united states dollars are with held in this bank. am required to pay $250 for transfer but I don't have the cash. I proposed tht they deduct from what they have but all in vain. please do assist me in the transfer of the funds. my email is [protected]@rocketmail.com. bank contact is +[protected]. thanks and hope to hear from you.

sold me a no good insurance policy

Lat year around February I took out a life insurance policy for my 25 year old daughter that has a rare lung...