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getting regular calls asking for another customer

I am Arti Kulkarni and I have two mobile phones with me. I am getting regular calls from Credit card...

poor service!

I have taken a car loan from hsbc bank. My last installment was due on 05 April 2007., and i have paid all the installments of my car loan still my NOC has not been issued by bank. More than two months have been past still i have not been issued NOC by hsbc bank.

  • Un
    unknown Aug 11, 2007

    A little more than a year ago I banked with US Bank when I moved to Sacramento, CA. The teller who set up my account wasn't very informative of all their policies. The place I had it set up was in a safeway supermarket.

    I had to wait a month's worth to get my debit card. I constantly called up the supermarket station and asked what was the deal with my card. I had a number of people give me the run around and to make matters worse the teller who originally started up my account had quit. I wasn't even given anything like starter checks, brochures, nothing. When I spoke with the supervisor there she ended up laughing in which I promptly told her to shut up with it. I ended up going to an actual facility that was located not too far away. The tellers there were a little better and had more of a firm grasp of what they were doing but when telling them about what happened to me at the station in the supermarket they only expressed sympathy about how the staff there was ill trained. What about sympathy for the customer?? I worked in customer service for years and know for a fact that no matter what the situation you gotta express some degree of sympathy for customers because it's a well known fact that when we clock out and go back to our lives we're no different.

    To make matters worse, they didn't give me a choice in the matter when offered a credit line due to my good credit status. I tried to decline it but they claimed that it's made automatic for those of good credit. This credit line is not at all that wonderful because even though you asked to be charged debit when making purchases the credit line somehow manages to sneak in and take effect. The overdraft fees are awful. I made only one occurrence of overwithdrawing and I was charged a rate that increases with each day. They also enforced a spending limit without my consent.

    Customer service is horrible. Over the phones you will get reps that will give you the run around. The tellers at the supermarket are exceptionally rude and the tellers at the facility would often try pushing you into using other parts of their service that you've already said no to.

    I had planned on moving on to a different bank and would've done so sooner but the fact that I just moved into the area and I was in no position to switch banks for the sake of keeping stability of income forced me to stick with them for a year's length.

    When the time came for me to finally break off from them I found that I owed them over $600 for the credit line. I of course had to pay it off and get it over with.

    To sum it up, US Bank has terrible customer service, a lot of sneaky underhanded ways in stealing your money, and all in all no consideration or ethics when dealing with any customer from what I've seen with my experience and watching others who visit the facilities and get the aggravating run around.

    I encourage everyone to steer away from ever having to bank with US Bank. For a business that deals with keeping your money safe they most certainly do the exact opposite and attempt to turn your hard earned money into something that's under their ownership.

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  • Co
    cobalt tinor Aug 25, 2007

    that sounds absolutely horrible, and can say i've had similar dealings. I was shopping around for a different bank and all i got were these bank employees who knew nothing about their product much less the benefits of banking with thier company as opposed to the one across the street. One of these banks was Bank Of America, whom i will never deal with.

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  • Sc
    Scott Taylor Sep 07, 2007

    In the world of big banks getting bigger we have fallen prey to their tactics when leasing a car. My wife and I have never leased before and thought it may be a nice option. Well, it was NOT! Be aware of US Bank, they have no concern for the leasing customer(s)!

    After leasing the car, we took out the carpeted mats to preserve them so when we turned the vehicle back in we would not be hassled. Boy were we wrong. They charged us for additional wear and tear, door dings. We even added tires at our expense! My wife is a school teacher driving 20 miles round trip for the three years and a couple of family vacations, so the use was less than a traveling salesman.


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  • Ha
    Hari Challa Nov 29, 2008


    Sub:- NOC-Reg.,
    Ref:- My HSBC Credit Card No. 4476 9212 0791 5426.

    With reference to the above, I cancelled my credit card in Dec'2007 at that time I paid final payment Rs.75, 181/- vide ch no. 057181 but your peole are charged interest and late payment fees Rs.14539/- about this payment your people (HSBC) are not informed me and my name sended to CIBIL data recently bank people send me a bill of Rs.14, 539/- I paid bill also vide ch no. 166163, Dt.18.11.08 it was cleared on Dt.28.11.08.

    So, kindly I request you to send a NOC letter at the earliest it was great helf ful to me. My communication address was changed new AddressHari Challa, Plot No.56 & 57, Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081. Mobile No.9966641234.

    Thanks and Regards
    Hari Challa
    Managing Director
    Aliens Developers Pvt Ltd

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  • Ha
    Hari Challa Nov 29, 2008

    please send me a NOC letter for credit card final payment.

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  • Su
    Sun_abcdefgh Jul 12, 2011

    I agree with you. HSBC stands for fraudulent services. I had credit card was settled long back almost 30 months back, still I haven't received any NOC from them and now they have registered my name in CIBIL, even though I have the settlement letter and the receipts for the payment and even I have the cheque in the name of HSBC. Even then they do these things. HSBC really Sucks. HSBC generates revenue in this manner only, I feel. These people they really suck.

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  • Ve
    veritastheteam Jul 19, 2011

    Dear client,

    Your Credit Information Bureau (Cibil) credit information report(CIR), other than your income, is the single most important tool used by a lender to evaluate your application for any loan or credit card application. Naturally, it's important that you understand yourCibil CIR and what it takes to maintain a credit history, so that it is viewed favourably by lenders.

    We providing assistance on behalf of the client to get CIBIL report.

    Please not we neither working on behalf of CIBIL nor any other government department.
    We are Independent financial advisors.

    Our serivices includes
    Assisting for applying CIBIL reports
    Helping for CIBIL report correctoion
    Assisting getting loans from nationalised or private banks or NBFCs
    Representing CIBIL issues and other matters to client's bank
    Fighting for getting NOC or NO DUE CERTIFICATE from banks on behalf of client after settling account
    Liasioning between Bank and Cleint to sort out the matter of credit cards or loans
    or more information please visit at https://www.cibil.com


    We are not providing any free services but advising professionally and result oriented.


    914, Sahajanand Shopping Centre
    Opp. Swaminarayan Temple
    Shahibaug Ahmedabad 380004

    Ph: 079-65498941
    Fax : 079-40099917
    SMS: 09687967770
    Mail : [email protected]

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credit cards and accounts cancellation problems

I am a customer in HSBC Bank, I have an account and 3 credit cards from the bank . My account is [protected]. well in March 2007 I have decided to cancel all my cards and account, due to the reason that i was not satisfied with their service. I have paid all my outstanding . Then on March 14, 2007 I have sent an official letter to HSBS Customer Service Manager asking to cancel my cards. They have called me back and assured that they have canceled it.

Well just few days back for some strange felling i have called through the phone banking system of HSBC and was shocked by hearing that on each card i have an amount of 200 DHS fee , which is yearly fee for the cards renewal. I again spoke to a phone banking officer asking him why they haven't been canceled? he had no answer, was rude, and assured that again someone will contact me from the bank. But unfortunately no one did.

Thank you

  • An
    Anand Kumar Sep 04, 2007

    Its not a complaint. I want to send a mail or I want to call HSBC customer care. If I call customer care number in Bangalore, its always engaged. I have searched for email-id, but it ends in vain. Where can I get an customer care email id...

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  • Co
    Coleen Hilary D'souza Aug 05, 2008

    name Coleen D'souza
    card no. 4476 9212 0306 4757
    cell no 9822013980

    I had called your customer care regarding the reversal of all charges and your customer care officer had promised but still nothing has been done... it has been lingering on for a long time. I am getting sms's / statements to make payments. And kindly inform Tata aig I am not interested in their policy as I had not asked for the policy.

    Kindly zeroise my account so that I can operate this card.

    regards Coleen D'souza

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won't credit payments

I have been trying for over a year to get HSBC Mortgage to correct my account. I have faxed and mailed copies of all payments they say haven't been paid. They're saying I'm four months late. I paid almost $1,000 in late fees that I didn't owe, also HSBC didn't credit me my annual insurance, and tried to triple my payment for that as well. I had to fax copies of my canceled check and also have my Insurance Agent call them before they'd correct it. This has ruined my credit, that's all I have, I'm a widow at 49, three children, with no life insurance to help and lots of bills. I'm sinking and dying fast. I've always done my best but I can't make it without the help of my once good credit. I don't have any money at all. HSBC says their records are right, how can they do this when I have concrete proof of payment from canceled checks and bank drafts? Any suggestions?

Thank you.

  • Ti
    TINA SUTTON Apr 07, 2008

    Please explain how HSBC can mail me documents showing my mortgage with them 11/1995 when I have my mortgage papers from SAXON & Meriteck showing my mortgage was paid off in 1997? I also recvd HUD papers (detailed) from HSBC/HFC Mortgage with my signature forged dated 11/1995. What started me looking at my mortgage papers was when HSBC/HFC sent me a check stating they were monitoring my mortgage account for late fees acessed in error so I thought what else did they due in error & there it was over a period of several years starting with when I started using HFC/HSBC July 2nd 1997 they added disability & credit life into finace & deducted from a revolving loan same day July 2nd 1997 & than added the disability & credit life into my refi even though the insurance was cancelled the same day than they did it again in 1998 & 1999 which adds up to apprm 30, 000.00 & now HSBC is sending me fraudulent papers! I sent copies of all the paperwork I had to their research department + called first, when I called they stated I didnot have disability or life insurance on my loan numbers however when I disputed my finding all of a sudden I had disability or life insurance ! I sent them proof of all my original documents & all they did was copy & paste information to what I sent them even copying & pasting my signature! When I addressed these issues with OCC, Nation of Banks, BBB & FTC all I got was the run around, each department said to contact this one & that one. Than when the OCC sent a letter giving HSBC/HFC a date to respond all HSBC/HFC did was send them the samething I sent them except HSBC/HFC did not send the 1995 fraudulent documents to Nation of Banks or the OCC . Where is the justice? I am now after 14 years living here walking away from this house because I refuse to pay a company that has raped me + on top of everything else HFC/HSBC knew what I was going thru during those years. My daughter was bit by a dog July 2nd 1997 & it took off half of her face, they acted like my friend when all they wanted was my money. My daughter is now 20 she was 8 at the time & we are still going thru surgeries but I will be darn if I give one more penny to the devil himseld! Regards E.C.S

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  • Ki
    kimputers1 Oct 16, 2009

    My problem since they bought my mortgage note from my original mortgage lender. I'm been through hell with HSBC going on for nine years..

    HSBC is out of the U.K. and many other banks in a America are based from other countries out of the U.S. well.

    These banks have the power to do as will without U.S. congress permission. This to me have proven that America is being sold out and land squeezed out from it's owner's through the power of interest and late fees. Look at the amount of it is applied towards interest vs principle. "Go ahead I'll wait".

    Well? It's simple the word is: RIDICULOUS!

    With jobs declining rapidly, and no pay increase for many existing workers and that number is increasing too. How is one to battle the war on interest and late fees with no little or no ammo?

    I had my existing problem for nearly nine plus years and in a recession still and hanging on like millions of other homeowners facing similar or close to the same issues many have with these banks.

    I contacted the US White House via their homepage and click on the link "contact us" and select area of issue. Got a reply around thirty days later but help was not a consideration only additional contacts to other useless organizations like H.U.D and B.C.C..

    Ok bottom line I been through four attempts to refinance and four attempts for a loan modification. Unsuccessful last attempt with an outside company to get a loan mod stole my money fifteen hundred dollars. I went with this company based on BBB ratings and good standards. Why is the number of home foreclosure are increasing still and not being mentioned via news media. And now a number of loan modifications company are scamming homeowners to push them deeper in the hole.

    Is this an agenda taking place?

    If a international bank holds title to land in the U.S.. They have the rights to claim that land as ownership also titled to the bank that resides in their country. Well this is my case point that America is being bought out. And the way to push American citizens out of their property with our own laws and law officers is through the power of interest and late fees. With money that doesn't exist, 97% of money is through electronic transactions data.

    Also like to mention how unfunny home value are still decreasing, but your home property taxes go up because your local county state assessment office value your house twice as much than it would sell for. Giving them the justification to raise your property tax.

    Is this an agenda taking place..hmm!

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customer cheating!

I purchased some ornaments on some shop on may 26th costs 7,600, but my bill generated with 12,600 and i asked to HSBC credit card dept they first told that merchant did another transaction on 2nd 4th 7th of June with out my involvement. Next time they told that due to some technical problems they (hsbc only) did that extra transaction. I asked about bill generation and they told that wait for 3 more days.

Can anyone suggest what to do. After bill generation i must to pay the whole amount na.

  • Bh
    Bhanu dadhich Sep 17, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    I had forwarded you request on 28 feb 2007 with reference to the matter that had not received my credit card no. 4384599912524187 and it has been misused. This was informed to you to take the suitable action, But in spite of that today I got a call from HSBC lawyer Mr. R.K Verma, That they are going to take some legal action ,this call disturbed me a lot as I was considering that some action has already has been taken on this matter and I was not found guilty.

    I am again listing the facts with evidences I have already explained;

    1) I had received a mail on 30 Dec 2006 that my credit card application is registered under application reference # 200636291986.
    2) On 08 Jan 2007 I received a mail that my application is approved and application reference no. was # 200636291986
    3) I was at Baddi unit of Macleods pharmaceutical Ltd. At that time when I filled the application.
    4) I was in Mumbai from 2 jan 2007 onwards so it is not practically possible for me that I can receive the card being at Mumbai as delivery address was of macleods pharmaceutical baddi dist solan (HP) .
    5) On 23 feb 2007 I received my first statement at Baddi plant and I was informed on phone by my Baddi office that bill shows outstanding of 45000/- Rupees approximately . I called to customer care and told them to block this card immediately.
    6) Also on the instructions of customer care I had submitted an application of mishandling of credit card at HSBC Bank branch ,stationed at Kamala bhavan Swaminityanand marg near Garvare house Western express high way Near old Bhar cinema Andheri (E) Mumbai.
    7) On 17/09/07 I had received almost ten calls that warrant will be issued to me if I will not pay the settlement amount . But in between time span of almost 6 months I had not received any communication from HSBC bank.
    8) As in this whole sequence I had cooperated with the bank a lot but as I got calls today Mr. Rajnesh Sarin directly told that this fault is not from banks side as he wants to indicate directly the delivery of the credit card in the correct hands is not banks responsibility and ones the card is handover to courier there is no responsibility lies with bank that credit card is handed over in right hands or not.
    9) As per his statement any personnel working in courier services which banks are utilizing for card delivery is authorized to misuse the card if he/she requires.

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  • Pe
    pee_dee May 29, 2008


    I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by Alcon Labs.

    Two days later I was BLIND

    Use Google and enter EPOCRATES MAXIDEX to verify

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credit card ripoffs!

It seems that Credit card companies are ripping the user of their cards. I constantly have to watch for their...

cheating customers!

Dear members of complaints board,

Myself abhay agrawal age 29 yrs, working in a mnc as an area sales manager – gujarat. I had one complaint against hsbc credit card.

I had applied for hsbc bank gold card, two executives have visited my office (at indore) and bank has sent me two different gold card. but I had chosen one gold card [protected]. I broke second card & drop into hsbc bank cheques collection box. at the time of form filling sales executive has committed me that this card is life time free card. I received card on 30th august 2004 with credit limit of rs 50,000.

From 1st sept’04 to 30th august’05 there were no problem, I was using card smoothly & paying timely. my billing cycle was 7 to 6 every month. on 7th august’05 to 6th sept’05 statement bank has charged 2000 annual fees & appx rs 141 other charges. I called to customer help line and after discussion with tele officers he assured me that we will reverse amount in next statement, please deposits balance amount & use card without any hesitation (as per statement due amount was rs 6141 so I paid rs 4000 by cash 8 * 500 = 4000 on 22.09.05). as per bank difference between dues & paid was rs 2141.

Next month I only use rs 569 facility from bank, but in next statement annual charges has not been reversed and total outstanding went to rs 2884.75. I again called to customer help line, again officer assured me that this will reverse 100% in next statement, pls pay balance amount. I paid rs 570 (which actually I was used and have to pay as a genuine customer) by cash on 18.10.05.

But in next statement again annual fees was not reversed and total dues amount went up to rs 2395.67. this time I called on customer help line & asked about discontinue my card facility. tele officer advice me just broke the card & drop it on cheques collection box of hsbc bank, your facility will automatically discontinue. I did exactly same.

But statement is coming continuously and dues amount is growing every month.in between I shoot mail to hsbc customer care helpline also, but nothing has changed. and as per latest statement total dues amount is appx rs 6800.

Now collection agents are coming to my house (indore) & calling regularly, they are using abusive language with my family & parents. I am also using icici bank credit card from 29th march 2003 and in span of last four year, not even a single time I faced any problem with icici. I am very regular about payments and using credit card as an additional facility provided by bank.

This is just cheating with customer, coz at the time of form fill up executive claim something, and in reality bank did differently.

  • Ra
    Rachita Das May 31, 2007

    I am having a HSBC credit card, I have never used it, still this month i got a statement showing balance due of rs. 2,000.

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  • Bh
    Bhanu dadhich Sep 17, 2007

    Dear Sir,
    I had forwarded you request on 27 feb 2007 with reference to the matter that had not received my credit card no. 4384599912524187 and it has been misused. This was informed to you to take the suitable action, But in spite of that today I got a call from HSBC lawyer Mr. R.K Verma, That they are going to take some legal action ,this call disturbed me a lot as I was considering that some action has already has been taken on this matter and I was not found guilty.

    I am again listing the facts with evidences I have already explained;

    1) I had received a mail on 30 Dec 2006 that my credit card application is registered under application reference # 200636291986.
    2) On 08 Jan 2007 I received a mail that my application is approved and application reference no. was # 200636291986
    3) I was at Baddi unit of Macleods pharmaceutical Ltd. At that time when I filled the application.
    4) I was in Mumbai from 2 jan 2007 onwards so it is not practically possible for me that I can receive the card being at Mumbai as delivery address was of macleods pharmaceutical baddi dist solan (HP) .
    5) On 23 feb 2007 I received my first statement at Baddi plant and I was informed on phone by my Baddi office that bill shows outstanding of 45000/- Rupees approximately . I called to customer care and told them to block this card immediately.
    6) Also on the instructions of customer care I had submitted an application of mishandling of credit card at HSBC Bank branch ,stationed at Kamala bhavan Swaminityanand marg near Garvare house Western express high way Near old Bhar cinema Andheri (E) Mumbai.
    7) On 17/09/07 I had received almost ten calls that warrant will be issued to me if I will not pay the settlement amount . But in between time span of almost 6 months I had not received any communication from HSBC bank.
    8) As in this whole sequence I had cooperated with the bank a lot but as I got calls today Mr. Rajnesh Sarin directly told that this fault is not from banks side as he wants to indicate directly the delivery of the credit card in the correct hands is not banks responsibility and ones the card is handover to courier there is no responsibility lies with bank that credit card is handed over in right hands or not.
    9) As per his statement any personnel working in courier services which banks are utilizing for card delivery is authorized to misuse the card if he/she requires.

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  • Da
    DATTATRAYA d. sHETE Sep 17, 2008


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unauthorized charges credit cover


One of your bank agent called me over the phone sometime back regarding "CREDIT COVER" and I declined the offer. Despite that around Dhs.25/- was deducted from my credit card account [protected]. Then I called again 8004722 and spoke to another of HSBC agent; I was assured that it will be returned back/ revert to the credit card. The assurance was false, again around Dhs.25/- has been deducted and to sum up these unapproved credit cover deductions have taken the credit card account over the limit.

I demand that since the credit cover deductions from my credit card unapproved and unauthorized by me (HSBC Customer) and the resulting credit shield deductions (Around AED250/-) due to the deductions - must be credited back to my credit card account. Kindly ensure that my request is attended immediately in order that it abides by the Central Bank rules and regulations.

Awaiting HSBC positive response soon!

Usama Aziz Khan
Cell: [protected]

  • Ch
    chhavi sikri Jun 02, 2008

    i bought nokia n 76 BLSR-641541 from alashi mobile phone trading.vide bill number 0695 dated 22.9.2007. P.O BOX NUMBER 61430
    shj karma ajman

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  • Ra
    Rakesh May 24, 2009

    Dear All,

    I applied for a SINGLE POINT LIABILITY LETTER from HSBC, Dubai.
    A single letter that shows my credit cards / Car loan outstanding. However, HSBC is avoiding to give a single letter... Instead they gave me two letters one for credit cards and the other for car loan...
    I requested them and pleaded them to give a single letter but they were adamant...
    I just wanted to know, If HSBC gives such a single letter and if so, whom should I contact??

    All positive suggestions are much appreciated...

    Thanks & Regards
    Rakesh - 0506538636

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harassing phone calls

3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week keep getting a phone call from [protected] (HSBC) on my cell phone. When I...

unwanted phone calls from hsbc

I get 8 calls a day, even on Sunday from HSBC, they are for my daughter who does live here... who can I call to stop these calls?

  • Gi
    GINA CORNELIUS Jun 12, 2007

    I am in the same boat. They call my husbands phone a ridiculous amount of times from the 1st to the 15th of the month. A lot of times it will be at least 10 calls in 1 day in half hour intervals. I finally answered the call just to complain and talked to some woman that sounded like she was in India. I had also checked my bank statement online and it said the payment was taken out of my account on the 5th of the month. I have NEVER had a late payment.. yet they still proceed to harass me. I said.. "Well, there IS a 15 day grace period, I don't think I should get a call until the 15th day if the payment hasn't posted." She says " Well, are you aware that's it's already the 12th?" NO DUH LADY!

    Yeesh, this company makes me mad. Being a first time homeowner I'm new to this, but I can't take this company and I want out of their clutches! If anyone has any good advice on a way to get them to stop calling me that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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  • Al
    Albert Garcia Jun 22, 2007

    I too am having the same problem with my cell phone. About five days ago HSBC has started calling at about the same time every day. I have made several attempts to get them to stop calling. I have had this cell number for several years and I have just started receiving these calls. The number they are calling from is 909-397-3080. If you call the number you are greeted by an automated machine that indicates that they are with HSBC. Also if you Google the number you get a hit for a HSBC website.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post a solution to this problem.

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  • Ma
    max Sep 21, 2007

    I'm getting a half dozen calls a day, for 5 days running. I am not a customer of theirs, it is a wrong number. I confirmed this to them on their second call, yet they called back within 30 minutes and repeatedly asked for someone who doesn't live here and I don't know. Each CSR claims to have "completely removed my number from their systems".

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  • Jo
    John T Dec 28, 2007

    This is totally correct. HSBC will ignore your demands to stop calling, and will never leave a message on the machine. I have seen several numbers, most often 800-684-8429. I went online and took my home and work phone numbers off of the account and put on my side business phone number, which is on a machine all day and does not ring audibly. i did this today; we'll see if this stops the harassment. I get calls even after a payment is made; they start on the due date, even if the payment is made online and I can see it on the screen.

    I have also read that FDIC collection practices specifically prohibit this kind of harassment. I don't know if there are liquidated damages available under that law / regulation, but if there are, there has to be an attorney somewhere who's willing to file a class action lawsuit!!

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  • Jo
    Joyce Morris Nov 08, 2008

    I am not nor have I ever been a customer of HSBC, yet they call me several times during each day beginning at 08:00AM and ending by 10:00PM. It does not matter that I tell them that the person they are asking for does not live at this house and to stop calling me. I just retired and moved to this location and simply wish that I could enjoy my retirement without all of the constant interuptions.

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  • 26
    260753 Sep 16, 2009

    surely...even my sister is getting calls...its tottaly ###ed up now... they will be soon in danger if the calls dont stop! any solutions to it??

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personal loan emi deduction

This is bhaskar rao mylapalli from hyderabad. I have preclosed my hsbc personal loan and even after that monthly emi has been deducted from my bank account. I have suffered a lot with this irresponsible transaction done by hsbc. due to this reason cheque worth rs.6692/- that has been issued on my credit card was bounced and I could not pay my credit card and other bills on time. I am facing a lot of financial problems due to this wrong transaction.

I took personal loan (a/c [protected]) rs.3,30,000/- from hsbc, hyderabad branch in the month of april 2006. I met the hsbc representative on 5th feb 07 and I gave him a uti cheque (no:811042) worth rs. 3,12,363.00/- as per the loan foreclosure calculations he gave me. after receiving the cheque, representative said that it would take 5 days for cheque clearance and 10 days to get a noc letter from hsbc. loan has been closed on 10th feb 07. and monthly emi rs.7936/- has been debited to my bank a/c on 12th feb 2007. I called hsbc customer care on the same day and she said the amount that has been debited would be credited back to my account within 7 working days. this is not happened till today and even I didn't get pre closer letter.

Fyi: if hsbc representative had tell me that monthly emi would be deducted even after closing the personal loan, I wouldn't try close the loan and will close it after emi get deducted from my bank account.

preclosure of personal loan a/c - customer harassment

I live in Vikas Puri, New Delhi-18.I took a personal loan from HSBC Loan A/C No. [protected] for 5 yrs. On 9th dec. 2006 i made a request for a pre-closure of my personal loan a/c. I was told that on 15th the letter has been dispatech to my emailing address. But till date i have not received the letter. I know the HSBC'S intention behind this ,is to get more and more interest against my loan as i wanted to close the a/c quickly.

When i visited the punjabi bagh branch on 23rd dec, 2006 without the pre-closure letter they refused to accept it. My complain was again registered for the pre-closure letter and i was told that they will get a feedback on this complaint by 31st dec,2006. That mean that i have to pay the interest as well till that date or beyond the date when i have the pre-closure letter in my hand.Even when i have cash in hand and i wanted to close the a/c on 23rd dec. as well when i went there with the cash, i can't do anything. I am trapped here. Stay away from HSBC!

  • Sa
    Sandhya Jan 07, 2007

    Reading this post let me share my experience. I had taken a personal loan from citibank. I had a quite quick response from them when I applied and even the processing went on with out any trouble. Later when I too wanted to pre-close the loan, I went online and found that the process is outlined very thoroughly. I too had to give a month's notice to the bank, but that is clearly mentioned on the site. And then all the procedures were completed in the month (although they tried hard to make me take an additional loan). I stated my intention to them by 20th of the month and the process was over mid next month.

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  • My Name - Dhananajay Tiwari

    I took a PL from HDFC bank, of Rs. 1, 50, 000, and now i wanted to preclose the PL, the Bank is refusing my Request, I am also ready to pay 1 year interest or penalty, still they are not accepting my request.

    Kindly help me, regarding the policy / law for this

    My contact details 09730396900.

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this company needs to go away!

I have a Best Buy card through HSBC that I have been paying on for 3 years now. I usually pay double what is owed every month. With very little exception, I have paid on time. December of 2005 I switched back from sending checks to electronic payment through my bank. My minimum payment of $19.00 was due on 12/03/05. They state they did not receive my payment until 12/08/05 (I believe they received it, they just did not process). They charged me a late fee of $29.00.

For the sake of argument, lets just say that the fee WAS correctly applied. My next due date was 01/02/06. The total due (because of the late fee) was $53. The payment that they received on 12/08/06 was for $50. I sent another payment that they received on 12/28/06 for $43.44 which brings the total received to $93.44 when only $53 was owed.

They charged me a late fee on 01/02/06, even though they received $40.44 more than they state I owed them! During this time I was unable to receive mail so I did not immediately catch their mistake. I simply kept making payments. My monthly payment should have been $19.00 each month. My next due date was 02/02/06, and should have rightfully been a $19.00 payment. They received $40.00 on 01/19/06. Yet again, they charged me a $29.00 late fee.

I paid them double what was rightfully owed every single month, but they kept tacking on a late fee every month! Now, by the time I have fully realized THEIR mistake, my "minimum" balance due is around $200! I have paid them over $280 in the last 6 months, and my balance has actually INCREASED!

I wrote to HSBC and explained the situation, gave them the dates and amounts paid (which was taken from THEIR statements once I was able to check them online) I received 3 letters back from HSBC.

The first letter stated that my account was billed approximately the 8th of the month. Ok, thanks for that. The second letter stated "We are unable to honor your request for a late fee waiver at this time. The total minimum payment is due on or before the payment due date appearing on your billing statement". No kidding, and you received $40.44 MORE THAN THE MINIMUM and STILL charged a late fee.

The third letter stated "We are unable to comply with your request to delete certain information from your credit report. HSBC reports information that relates to the actual credit experiences we have had with our customers". Baloney. They are trashing my credit because of their mistake. Even in the face of absolute proof, they refuse to correct their mistake.

This company needs to go away.

  • Bu
    Burrowes Dec 13, 2007

    I totally agree... this company needs to vanish!!!

    I had a Rhodes account with HSBC that I paid in full and closed in Feb of 2007. In June of 2007 HSBC decided to erroneously report to the credit reporting agencies that my account was past due. They have yet to correct their mistake and I am at risk of having the financing of my new home fall through if I am not able to get them to confess in writing to their mistake! I have spoken to supervisor after supervisor all to no avail. I am at my wits end with these people... CREDIT IS SLAVERY!!!! and don't let anyone tell you any different!!! You buy your way out, they let you think you are free for just long enough to let your guard down, then they kidnap you the next state over, steal your "free papers", sell you back into the system and the burden becomes YOURS to prove that you were once free...

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  • Sa
    Samantha Jan 19, 2008

    I personally dont have a credit card with HSBC but I see why Matthew is upset as a consumer myself, however you must remember even if you pay $500 on a $5000 balance every month and your pymt due was only $100 that doesn't give you the right to deduct the amount if you so chose for your next payment even if you feel that the late fee or any other fees are not legitimate. If you are ever having a problem with making pymts with a company and you "feel" they are holding your payments, get setup on an autopay with that company or your personal bank, you must remember it's always a choice to use a credit card and don't forget these companies are banks and they are here to make money, and this is a loan just as your house payment is I do have other CC but I always remember they are banks and if I slip up once they will nail me, so if you chose to have a CC you have to take it upon yourself to make sure your pymts are rcvd timely b/c the postal service makes many errors, I know I work there.

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  • Ad
    Adam Lamb Apr 01, 2008

    Yea well I just sold my bike and got scammed and I think they are in on it. I did a check by phone with the guy I sold my bike too and they told me it went threw and I had a zero balance. Well then the next day as I am driving to delever my bike to the guy I call and it still says zero all the way up till today and now it says I have a $7000 balance. And now i cant find the guy. So does anyone know what i can do?

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  • Kg
    K Glona Jul 29, 2008

    This company took over for GM Cards and everything I have read is correct. It seem no matter how hard you try to pay on time they will find a way to make it late. I went to online bill pay and went to pay it the day before it was due and said it would be credited late. So I had to pay extra 15 to have it credited on time. Then I reviewed statement it still shows it was late, but then they credited the charge back but they still charge it against you. This is the only company that has ever been a problem for me. Calling and writing them get you no where.

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  • Iv
    ivolyn Nov 17, 2008

    i have sofa from tham that iam paying on and my blance never change ever time i call thay spoke to me so bad thay call me at night and sunday early in the morning late at night idont know what to do

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  • Ja
    Jacob Nov 21, 2008

    We have paid on our Best Buy card on time for the last 2 years. They keep charging us fees after fees. Late fees after late fees. When we ask them why they say we didnt pay on time but on our bill it says that we paid on time but there is still a fee applied.

    Then about 4 months ago we get a call from a collections agency! I was like WTH! He said that HSBC had placed out account with them because we are not making on time payments. Um...YES we are! It says it on our bill! The guy was really rude to us. We are being harrassed by them now and have had to hire a lawyer. It's a mess.

    NEVER EVER get a best buy card or anything that goes through HSBC.

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  • Ro
    Robin Moore Mar 10, 2010

    HSBC took over my Suzuki account and now i get late fees all the time. i usually send the payment out the friday after i get it that is what i did before they took over and for some reason it is late so than i started sending the payment before i got my statement and omg the check would clear before the date showing 2 payments on 1 bill i send the check the day it says and it takes them 10 days or more for it to go through giving me late fees than i send it 3 days before it is due and it cashes in 4 days giving me late fees i call they say they cant help its the post office so i sent 1 delivery confirmation and for some reason the post office got it there in 2 days and i got no fees i work for the post office and it is not them u should be able to send the check out 5 days before and it should get there in time this is the only company that i have a problem getting payments to on time why is that out of at least 15 different bills i pay by mail is this one having such a problem!!!

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hsbc personal loans are cheats!

I had approached HSBC in Bombay for a personal loan. Upon approaching them, they promised to get me the loan within two days and the lady officer gave me a list of documents which I was supposed to produce. After submitting everything I waited for the verification process.

The verification process took forever but somehow got completed. Later after 1 more week I was asked for more documents - like no objection certificate from my Uncle in whose house I was living. Then one more period of waiting after which I was asked for my Form 16.

This process lasted more than one month and finally I was informed that my loan was "approved" and a person was sent to my house to collect security cheques. Once I gave the cheques, the disbursement never came! I kept on following up with the executives and they kept saying that there was one small delay, but declined to tell me what it was. After 15 days I got exaseparated and asked for my chqs back. It has been 10 days after since incident they have neither given me the cheques back, nor have they disbursed my loan.

I would advice any sane minded person to refrain from approaching an unprofessional bank like HSBC for a loan.

  • Ra
    Rajeev Chaudhary Mar 14, 2007

    I have applied for Personal Loan of 2 Lacs through the HSBC bank. File has been filed by the DSA with the given address below.

    Effort Marketing.
    B1/A12 . Mohan Cooprative. New Sagar Ratna, NTPC.
    Phone- +911130887955

    The final contract was signed 15 days and I have already received an intimation of the final approval. They are saying that the Pay Order is being dispatched. But It already Fifteen day that I have not received it. I have given many call to the office, but they cut the phone whenever I called up. They are ruining my life.

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  • Bh
    Bhakti Wable Mar 28, 2007

    I have availed of a personal loan from your bank amounting to Rs. 2,00,000/- in the month of February from the Bund Garden branch, Pune. For availing this service, the contact person was Mr. Niresh Patel (Mobile no.: 09860606338).

    For repaying the loan amount, I have submitted a document stamped by CitiBank-East Street, Pune from where the ECS will be carried out. HSBC had requested me for providing the payment option as ECS debit.

    In spite of having the funds in this account before 10 March, which is the first EMI, HSBC has not withdrawn the amount from my account. An associate of HSBC from the Collection department namely, Mr. Sachin (Mobile no. 9881060053) had come over to my residence for recovering the same. This Mr. Sachin informed me that there is some internal problem the bank has regarding the ECS facility. I got the same reply from Mr. Niresh Patel (Mobile no.: 09860606338)..

    I would like to know why was this not communicated to me when I availed of the loan and why ECS debit was suggested in the first place. Since I have the requisite funds in my account, I am willing to repay the loan in whichever mode you prefer. However instead of suggesting how I should repay the amount, the HSBC recovery persons are harassing me and my family.

    I don't appreciate the fact that HSBC Collection associates came to my residence and called me when the problem lies with HSBC.

    I am extremely unhappy with the way HSBC associates have handled this issue.

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  • Sr
    Srinivasa RAo May 15, 2007

    I don't want to complain about anything i rather want to appreciate the service that HSBC has given me. I am impressed by the service rendered by one of the sales manager of HSBC Mr. Bobby Francis. He had been very kind and soft enough to handle my case though the loan was delayed but still he made every effort to keep me updated of the status from time to time.

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unwillingness to settle the account

I have a credit card of hsbc. I had been making my payments on time till I got transferred. I informed my change in address to call center but I did not receive any statements for 4 months.in the meantime I was constantly following up at call center.in the meantime hsbc did not send me any statement and started charging late fees to which I objected as I had a right to information before paying my bills. now I wish to finally settle my account but hsbc is again lingering to take payment from me and constantly changing statements. I am willing to pay anytime in a single shot to hsbc. I am fed up with the way these guys are working!!

  • Ra
    Rajesh Dec 09, 2006

    I am also facing the same problem. Did anyone have settlement from HSBC credit card anytime?

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  • Er
    Eric Mar 12, 2007

    I have heard this many times and I have the same answer. If you have a credit card or any other loan, you know that there is a payment due every month.

    It makes no difference if you receive a statement or not, you know if you don't make a payment it will of course effect your credit report and will also result in late fees.

    If you want to dispute charges, fine, but still make the payment that you know will be due.

    Well how do you know what to pay without a statement??? Not making a payment because you did not receive a statement is an excuse for "passing the buck" on your responsibilities. Even if it is the first payment!! It is your credit, be accountable.

    HSBC is wrong for not sending you statements but you should have handled it by paying then disputing...you tried to make a point to them but hurt your credit in the process.

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delay in statement generation

Since statement of my credit card is generated on 16th on every month, so I haven't yet received my this month statement which could be a cause of late payment.


  • Bo
    Bonnie SINGER Feb 19, 2007

    I am currently still trying to resolve the not posting payment then it was returned so they could say i didn't pay now hsbc sold the account and collectors want over 1.000.00 dollars on a card with only 200.00 credit limit! Yes it was one of those get a visa and they sent me a master card with ridiculously high interest after i started using the card!!! and i couldn't even read the small print because it was fuzzy!

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  • Ma
    Mary-Lawrence Yanniello May 10, 2007

    I had 2 credit cards with HSBC. One was just a Mastercard which they closed last year stating due to the amount of credit that I had. I think they are full of it - I hadn't used it in over a year and I think that is why they closed it. And by their actions they confirmed this, because I also had the Best Buy Reward Zone Card which they just recently lowered the credit line stating the same reason, yet I hadn't used it in over 2 years - I was paying it off monthly on a special same as cash, but didn't charge much on it.

    And than when my last statement came in they charged me interest on the same as cash, even though the payment was there a week before the final date. I called them and they said that this would be removed. We'll see...

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  • Ja
    Jasbir Singh Sep 03, 2007

    I am holding a credit card of HSBC from last 8-months, from the last eight months i am complaining via e-mails and phone calls to their CC to send the bills. But till dt.03/09/07 i haven't received any of my bills.

    After speaking to their manager the problem remains the same.

    Then after all my efforts i decide to cancel my account on dt.12/08/07 and i was committed that i am going to receive call with in 3-4 days, but till 23/08 i haven't received any calls.

    Then i called up on dt.23/08 at 1604HRS and spoken to mr. Kavel then he committed me that iam going to receive call in next 2-3 days and when i asked for the last request, the response i got that it is in process and i asked i want to speak to some senior person, he puts me on hold for 15-mins and finally he disconnected the call.

    Again i called at 1627HRS and spoken to ankita, i asked for the reason why he disconnected the call?? and why i haven't receive any retention call?? she gave me a complain no.2708653840.

    So can anybody suggest me what to do....???????????

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  • Ja
    Jason Manley Sep 25, 2007

    Got a computer at best buy for 600 dollars. My dad who has perfect credit and many holdings co signed. I have bad credit but was given 4000 dollar limit. I put the computer and 300 in merch on the card. Then i withdrew 400 in cash and they zapped the limit down to 36 dollars shy of my balance.No word about not being able to cash withdraw or a limit. Was gonna pay the computer and balance in 2 months. They left me hanging with a 200 bar tab at abiker bar. My first bill wasn't even sent was due in 60 days. They told me even if i paid all balance in cash it would be 6 months before they would "review" re instating my previous limit...they are ###ed...they had my dads cosign for gods sake! I will pay them them minimum forever...or maybe ill just take the computer back after i pee in it!and the credit hit.

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  • Ko
    Koroth Raman Nambiar Oct 04, 2007

    August 2007 credit card statement was not received. Based on spent estimate, Rs.34,000/- was paid as exact outstanding information was not sent by the bank throught the monthly statement. It is a regular feature for not getting the monthly statement and any number of calls made to call centres has a stock reply that within the next four working days, the statement will be sent. It has become wastage of a customer's time by calling the call centres on a repeated basis and no worthwhile result is coming out. To my surprise, on going through the Sep 2007 E- statement, finance charges of Rs.886.37 plus service tax of Rs.109.56, totalling Rs.995.93 has been charged for an amount balance remaining of Rs.1439.98.
    If the Aug statement had been received, 100 % of the outstanding would have been paid as can be seen from the past payment practice. In trying to call up the senior people, not one is responding and declaring for himself/herself as not responsible for answering.The call centre gives standard answers and no managerial decision is taken. The customers are made to suffer for the banks own fault. Where on earth is a system that charges Rs.995.93 as finance charges for RS.1439.98 kept pending beyond due date which is 69.16 % interest for one month or 829.95% per annum. The bank is advised to withdraw the unreasonable finance charges levied which is totally due to insufficient information from the bank in not sending the monthly statement.

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  • St
    stacey Nov 30, 2007

    You guys are ridiculous. you won't call to see why you haven't received a statement? You can call you know? There's customer service, people are being paid, good money, to answer your questions. You can call, ask for your amount due and the due date. sometimes mail is returned if they have the wrong address on file. What happened to being responsible..?? You're all so grown up when you apply for the cards or loans but you can't get your ### straight and get on top of your own things?

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  • To
    TONY BOYLAN Jun 20, 2008

    Hi my name is tony boylan from Dublin Ireland i need some information on who is the manufactures of your hand outs at rugby matchs ie the goodie bags with caps stickers bags for the waratahs

    if at any time you want to visit Ireland call me or return the favour please call me 018478487 ireland

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  • Ak
    A.K.Pradhan Nov 01, 2008

    Please e-mail following duplicate credit cards monthly statements for the month of September 2008 to Oct, 2008. at the earliest.

    credit card nos. 4384599992991330 and 4384599991131342

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keep charging account I do not use

This started with my account having AOL being charged to it and wanting to stop payment. I was in Iraq for a year and thought that my AOL account had been closed, however it was still being charged to my card. I attempted to contact AOL to stop them collecting the fee for a service I was not receiving. Due to not having the phone number or the screen name, I had a problem trying to get them to talk to me about the account. I then in January called Household Bank to stop payment. They told me I would need to try to contact AOL and work it out. After trying for a couple more months I then called back and explained in detail what was going on. I was told at that time they would place the account in dispute ( this was March). The next month I noticed that I was still being charged for this and called again. I was told that sometime it took awhile to put this into dispute and to stop payment, however I would have to pay or it would have a negative impact on my credit. The next month again, it showed up on my bill and again I called. I was told that there had just been an error and they would get it corrected but unless I wanted to have it impact my credit I needed to pay. In June I was able to get a different phone number from their web area to get thru to AOL and finally was able to have them stop. I told them of the problem I was having and they stated that I should have contacted my credit card if I had a problem with getting thru. I then called back my credit card company and told them this and they stated that I just need to keep paying my bill or my credit rating would suffer. I stopped paying them. They show me as being late for the account and they keep sending me bills. They have sent me letters stating that they have put the account in dispute (4 of them were dated for the same day with different numbers). They stated that they had arranged to have HSBC, AOL and myself talk over the phone and this was sent out on 09Oct2006 however I never received this letter.

The just of all of this is that I just called [protected] this last week and was transferred twice trying to get thru to a supervisor, I was told that my account would be credited the fees of $90.00 however, the credit report that shows me late and part of the money still stands. I was told that “If it is not in writing it was not in dispute no matter what was said to you over the phone.” They went on to tell me that they could tell me anything but if it was not in writing, it was my problem.


Card Issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.

One HSBC Center
NY 14203

Talking to HSBC

P.O. Box 80053
Salinas, CA [protected]

  • Ga
    Gabriel Martinez Aug 20, 2008

    I have a 600.00$ creditcard debt from HSBC bank on my credit report that was'nt my. In year 2005 it has stated I had opened an account, at the time I was only 15 years old. If you would please contact me by email on what I can do as far as getting this disputed off my report, or if you have any information about this.

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late payment charges

I have written and tried to cancel HSBC credit card for the past 3 months. I continue to be sent statements for payment and late payment charges. I have not seen or ever used this credit card.

  • Ra
    Rajesh K.R Dec 06, 2006

    TATA AIG people collected Rs.12,792.9 without my consent. How it is possible. Is HSBC people supporting it....

    I am a normal Indian man having a monthly income nearly Rs.9000 . I am using credit card normally for paying my mobile bills.

    I am going to file a case against both of them for unauthorized usage of my credit card account.

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  • I have booked an e-ticket through my HSBC Credit card. Since I am not able to print the e-ticket, I wish to stop the credit card Transactions.

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  • Ma
    Manish Aug 22, 2007


    I got HSBC card. First month i did not receive any bill. When there executive called me and informed that there is some due and requested me to make minimum payment. I made minimum payment and when i received my bill. they charged me with 300Rs. late fine and EMI charges. As per High Court order bank can not charge for late fine if user did not receive any bill.

    When i call in HSBC customer care there refused to reverse and told me to make all payment first then only they will block/close my credit card. Then after waiting for 1-2 months I destroyed the card and made all pending payment Excluding late fine charges. They keep on charging my expired credit card and till now it is 500. History by HSBC is as below(provided by HSBC on email). Even HSBC executive calls me and saying that will get money from me and they will send the police. Please suggest what should i do?

    Statement Date Outstanding Payment

    4-July-06 3658.00 No Payment received
    4-Aug-06 4236.68 500.00
    4-Sep-06 3864.96 No Payment received
    4-Oct-06 4384.01 No Payment received
    4-Nov-06 4924.79 3000.00
    4-Dec-06 2017.04 No Payment received
    4-Jan-07 2477.94 No Payment received
    04-Feb-07 2951.71 No Payment received
    04-Mar-07 2646.70 No Payment received
    04-Apr-07 3131.73 No Payment received
    04-May-07 3626.84 No Payment received
    04-Jun-07 3823.35 No Payment received


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contract problem

My son put a contract on a house and property for sale by caldwell banker agent representing hsbc the end of june, 2006. the contract was accepted and ernest money put down. my son paid the $400 for the appraisal and waited. now, the end of october, he is still waiting. as it turned out, there were leans against the property when it was put up for sale...in essence, it was sold 2 times in one week. it was finally determined that the back taxes were owed and that the owner, hsbc, would pay the taxes. now after the loan and appraisal have expired and cost my son more money, the back taxes have not been settled. we are told that the seller is now negotiating the penalties. my son loves the house, even though it will need costly repairs (more money in escrow for necessary repairs). we just want to be able to close on the house, so he can move and quit paying rent. he has passed up several really good buys waiting for this property. what can we do? this is very frustrating and my son is the one who is out money. yes, he will get his ernest money back, but not all of the other fees which are adding up. help!

this appears to be a scam!

Aig stated that my husband filled out a credit card form for me with hsbc to receive a master card. today I received a call at work from hsbc for late payment. once I inquired about it there were charges from aig (hsbc's insurance provider). this appears to be a scam. aig is pretending to know about the charge and pretending that my husband verbally ok'd the insurance (which he never did) and hsbc is charging me (including late charges) for a service from aig (their partner) that I never approved.

Hsbc refuses to cancel the charge based on my husband's phone call. aig refuses to cancel or credit my acct based on my phone call. so both of them acknowledge that the master card is in my name and not requested by me and that the insurance is supposingly requested by my husband and not me.

The operator at hsbc stated that there are hundreds of complaints and that's why I can't get through. I wonder why.

Aig claims that they will credit me for the $51.90 charged and hsbc's billing office is now closed (the operator did not know... i've been on the phone for 2 hours). however, the bill is for $83.90. hsbc's operator says to call back in 2 days. hopefully this will be resolved. but, I still feel this is a scam.

  • Mo
    Mohit Gonduley Mar 21, 2007

    Few month back , I got a call from HSBC customer care regarding opening insurance by third party Tata-AIG and monthly charges will be Rs. 300/- but I strictly said no but he said for two months its Rs. 10/- per month, so after second month you can close this policy and I did as a customer executive said. Second month I requested to close this policy. But third month I got another Bill again I asked for this what is this to customer care executive then I came to know that my Tata AIG policy yet not been closed and he again requested to request for close and whatever charges you are getting in your credit card bill will be reverted back but still I am getting bill every with new charges of late payment. This HSBC service is so pathetic, they got new way to cheat the customers.

    Now my bill is Rs. 2015/- without purchasing any thing on HSBC credit card. Again when I called up to customer care then he said there is no any policy of HSBC to revert back all the charges after cancellation on TATA AIG policy. These people are liers what they will say and what they will do they don't know.

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  • Gb
    G. Bradley Dec 11, 2007

    If HSBC has anything to do with it... it's a Scam!

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  • Am
    Amalendu Nath Jun 08, 2009

    Hello Friends,

    Absolutely right. Tata Aig in association with HSBC Credit Card is cheating.

    I have taken tata-aig maharaksha policy last year with a annual premium of about rs 15000 which expired on 3/4 th March. I got a call from tata-aig regarding renewal of the policy which I did not want at all, so told him not to renew. His executive told me that just renew your policy and get it canceled within 14 days, we will refund all the amount we charge from your hsbc credit card and for cancellation of the policy you just have to sms with your policy number to 58888 and we will refund entire amount to your credit card.
    So they have renewed my policy with annual premium of rs 30000 this time.

    I have sent him sms 4 times on different days within 14 days but they did not cancel my policy.
    Then I contact with tata-aig customer care who says I can cancel your policy after deducting 25% (why? - even I contacted customer care within 14 days - they says there is no lookup period for renewal of policy).

    I have contacted hsbc bank customer care regarding same, but they are even not ready to listen my problem, They says just talk to tata-aig, if tata-aig refunds it will automatically reflected into your credit card a/c.

    This is not the end of story, HSBC bank has automatically converted this policy premium amount of rs 30000 into emi without my consent, A step ahead of Tata-aig in the process of cheating.

    Overall, Its my suggestion that never take any policy from TATA-AIG using your HSBC bank Credit Card as both are very good business partner and never miss a chance to cheat you and beware of his cheating.

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