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I was charged $195.01 in late fees and interest charges on an account that was paid off in Dec. 2018. I am trying to get this matter stopped.
This started December 10, 2018 . My account with Home Depot is #[protected].
I was told by Genesis Card Services that if I paid for the total purchases (original amount) as a "settlement", I could then request late fees waived and the account would be considered "paid in full" as of 12-11-2018.
However, only 2 late fees were dropped on 12-28-18, and I continued to be billed late fees "to the late fees" for five months subsequent! When I brought this to the attention of their Customer Service in Feb. 2019, I was told there was nothing that could be done about it.
I am now requesting all late fees/interest charges be dropped and the account be considered "paid off" - since my final payment was received by phone on Dec. 11 2018. (The total now is $195.01 - a whopping amount considering it is all late fees and interest charges as the original two purchases were since paid for and the card has been "dormant" since Sept. 2018).
Please see to it that this matter is resolved as soon as possible with Genesis Card Services/Home Depot Home Improver Card. Thank you. Ellen Trumpler (account holder w. Home Depot)

Apr 25, 2019

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