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returns nightmare

I purchased an item online that was named incorrectly on the website. I returned it immediately and requested credit for shipping as well, as the item was named and described wrong on the website.

Not only were none of my requests acted on, but it is impossible to plead your case directly to the returns department, as they do not take calls or emails. I was promised twice they would call me, they never did.

On my most recent call I was told that none of my requests were passed on to the returns department, neither for the full credit, nor for the return call I was promised twice.

To add insult to injury I was told that the partial credit was made by issuing me a gift card!

I would by no means use the gift card, as I would not purchase from their online department again!

Incompetence added to an unworkable policy and structure.

Return an item and get a gift card instead of a refund! Outrageous.

  • Lb
    LB5 Sep 09, 2009

    Purchased a front loading LG washing machine. Salesperson never mentioned the fact that I would have to leave door standing open and chemicals regularly in order to avoid a musty mildew odor from accumulating in my laundry room. I didn't notice the problem right away, but after about a month it was driving me crazy. I called to ask about it and was finally told about the open door and chemicals. Problem is that I am severely allergic to most chemiocals and cannot even use chlorine bleach. I couldn't leave the washer door standing open because it is situated right next to the door into my garage and would be ripped off when someone entered the house. I kept getting the run around - sent back and forth between LG and HD. Finally got hold of local store manager and he assured me that if I called one more number, they would arrange for me to return the washer in exchange for a top loader. I DID call one more number SEVERAL times - leaving a detailed message each time. My calls were never returned. I gave them a couple of weeks to respond before I called the manager back. He seemed utterly surprised that I hadn't already returned the washer because he thought his people had taken care of everything. Almost four months after my initial complaint, they picked up the washer.
    The post script to my story is that the original washer had been automatically placed on their "no interest - no payment for 6 months" program. They picked up washer just before the 6 month expiration date, but I am just now learning that they credited the price of washer onto my regular revolving account and I am now paying all the accrued interest on an appliance that I don't even own! When I once again called, I was informed that it is written in my origianl FINE PRINT contract that they may credit any return monies as they see fit? But, they also said that I could have requested that the credit be applied to the 6 months no pay plan except nobody bothered to tell me that at the time. Naturally, now it is too late. Buyer beware! I usually read EVRYTHING before I sign a contract. But, let's be honest. They send those itty bitty pages in the hopes that we DON'T actually read them. I am so discouraged by businesses who practice immoral, albeit legal, tactics in the name of the almighty dollar. Karma is a wonderful thing ...

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lied and refused price match

I spoke with someone and was told you did not price match on line, so I went to your local store when I was told they did price match but the item I wanted was on line only. This was a lie since I saw it in lexington s. C. Now you are telling me the only items I can buy online are your specials of the day, seems to me I was told anything just to get me off the puter, item 1191819 was forsale at big lots for 30.00, caparing them to your price of 100.00, since my husband and I shop your store for all our do it yourself projects I never expected to be treated in the run around till your worn out game, im terribly disapointed in your handling of this matter and will not be doing any holiday shopping at your stores this christmas.
Sincerely ms. Kim g. Young

  • Sp
    SPSean Oct 01, 2009

    We were told today that Home Depot in Bloomindale Illinois does not price match Sears and ABT advertised prices for large appliances...

    I realized that they might not match online retailers, but Sears and ABT are two of the largest appliance retailers in Chicago.

    There really should be a legal action..


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  • Tx
    TXbuyer Aug 04, 2011

    Nobody at Home Depot (online or Stores) will price match and beat by 10% like it's stated on website. DONT EVEN TRY. Everytime to try to dismiss there explaination they come up with another. From Customer Service (any price match is soley up to store manager. No store has to price match.)

    My Question: Why have that in writing on website then. Poor business. Lowes here I come. Hope I dont get treated like this there.

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fraud and scam

This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the Home Depot customer service center. I did get a reply back stateing they would have someone from the store call me, they never did. I remailed them and told them so, they said it would go to corporate now and some one would call me, still no call. I e-mailed them again, no response as of yet. I did try the customer service line since there is no address or phone number for corporate listed anywhere, but I was on hold for 1/2 an hour before hanging up.

I purchased a 10'x10' Princeton shed on 7/22/04. At no time did the salesperson nor the manager who was also assisting me inform me of any additional items that would be needed to complete the construction of the shed. I was informed that the partially assembled shed came in 2 large boxes/crates and would not fit in my small Ford pickup, so I would need it delivered or rent their truck. When the shed was delivered I found that it was 1 package the size of a sheet of plywood about 8? high (It would have fit on my truck).

After spreading half of the unassembled shed across my lawn and started to build it, I learned from the instruction manual that the flooring and roofing materials were not included. I have no problem putting the shed together, that's why I bought a kit and not a prebuilt shed. I do have a problem not being informed by the salesperson and manager that I needed to purchase additional materials. If I had known this at the time of purchase, I would have looked at a prebuilt shed. After paying $700 for the shed, I do not feel it was necessary or right to have to pay $50 for delivery (which I did not need) and another $200+ for flooring and roofing materials (which I should have been told were not included).

This was an extremely inconvenient situation that required additional trips back to the store, interruptions in my construction time, and more money than I wanted to spend. This problem would have been avoided if the salesperson/manager had been more informative. Something needs to be done so that future customers do not have the same situation happen to them.

I am very frustrated with this situation and hope that you can help alleviate this situation. In what way is Home Depot willing to reimburse me for this problem? I buy a lot from your store; feel it to be better than Lowe's, but I have never had the same situation happen to me at Lowe's.

Please feel free to contact me at any time at work 717-***-*** and/or my home at 717-***-*** if you would like to discuss the matter further. I have not gone back to the Home Depot since and the store is less than a mile from my house.

  • Di
    Divine Aug 01, 2009

    Email their president Frank Blake. His meail address is [email protected] Be prepared to get a backlash from employees though if you go their often and they know it is you who filed the complaint.

    The employees act like gods. They failed to realize that it is the customers paying their salaries

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terrible everything

We ordered kitchen cabinets from Home Depot in May, 2007. When cabinets were installed, there were poor quality issues, bad measurements, wrong size cabinets ordered. 2 cabinets & a couple of doors had to be replaced. The cabinet sides were particle board, covered with a plastic woodgrain that peeled off when painters tape was removed. After an installation that took 7 months to complete, we are stuck with poor-quality cabinets that had a top quality price. Home Depot-Atlanta has given a partial refund, but refuses to discuss the matter anymore. We feel that we paid more than double the value of these cabinets because of the Thomasville name.

Obviously, we don't recommend Home Depot to anyone!

custom ordered door - delivered too short

I ordered a 82 1/4 inch custom-order door from Home Depot. Supplier -Emco. The door that was delivered measured 81 inches yielding a 1 inch gap at the bottom of the door, rendering the door virtually useless. Response from Assistant Manager: "Thats the way all these doors are delivered from the manufacturer - anywhere from 1 -1 3/4 inch smaller than the Rough Opening size". After a frustrating debate with this individual he said "there are no returns or refunds on custom orders due to company policy- sorry about the gap at the bottom of the door - perhaps you should shim out the door frame at the top by 1 inch then it should fit." I say this is totally unacceptable. What is the purpose of a customer order? A 1/4 inch gap at bottom of the door could be acceptable and compensated by adjusting by the door sweep. If had wanted an 81 inch door, I would have ordered one. Home Depot's arrogance really miffed me. This situation is just not right and their response is not acceptable. "You can do it - and we can help?" Right! Next step, escalation to Store Manager and then to District Manager, President of Home Depot Canada, then small claims court. My patience with this company has now run out. There are other building suppliers out there and they will get my business in the future.

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compressor noise

Stan, Wilmington, NC. We purchased a Maytag French Door bottom freezer Stainless Steel model MFD2561KES unit...

doesn't honor extended warranty on faulty water heater

In January of '06 we purchased a GE water heater with installation and lifetime labor extended warranty from Home Depot. 2 1/2 year later, this past Monday night, the tank developed a leak and flooded our basement. For the past 3 days I have been on the phone and in person with the store, Executive customer relations, GE and the Warranty department, and they have still failed to replace our water heater under the warranty. I don't think I have EVER come across a more incompetent bunch of ###s in my life. I have been given nothing but the runaround and excuses. The latest was the store manager, David Moriarty, who told me yesterday, when he said that the installer was coming, he got it confused with another customer by mistake. UNBELIEVABLY. We haven't been able to take a shower, or wash dishes or clothes for over 3 days now, with little end in sight. NEVER buy a major appliance from these incompetent thieves. And DEFINATELY do NOT but an extended warranty. It's as worthless as they are.

  • Ch
    Christian Sagna Feb 06, 2009

    Dear Home Depot Customer,

    On behalf of The Home Depot I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in regard to your purchase of a Water Heater and Extended Service Plan with our company

    Please know that it is The Home Depot’s goal to satisfy all of our customers with our products and services. We look forward to assisting you and your family with all of your future home improvement needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


    Christian L. Sagna
    Agent Expert
    2455 Paces Ferry Road/B-3
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    Phone: (770) 433-8211 or 800-654-0688 x84861
    Fax: (770) 384-5038

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  • Be
    Ben Holloway Sep 20, 2018

    @Christian Sagna Don't just apologize correct the problem.

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  • Ab
    A Blewitt Aug 20, 2010

    I am having a similar problem with getting my hot water heater replaced. I purchased the 12 year
    GE Heater in 2005 with extended life-time warranty for parts and labor by Home Depot. It was leaking, and Home Depot sent out a technician that said the heater was defective and needed to be replaced. He spent an hour of his time explaining the problem to Warranty dept.. I have continued to talk with various people concerning this and am amazed at the incompetent service I received. I have been without a water heater for 3 days and expect guests tomorrow. I have spent hours desling with this and will just go ahead and invest my own $1000 to get a replacement. My attorney husband will handle the Consumer Fraud complaint and other legal action.

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  • Be
    Ben Holloway Sep 19, 2018

    My hot water heater failed on Monday September 17, 2018. I purchased my hot water heater from Home Depot in December of 2010. I also purchased a lifetime warranty for the Water Heater that included the labor to remove and reinstall the unit. Immediately after seeing the product had failed and seeing water all over the floor of my garage, I went to Home Depot and presented all receipts pertinent to the purchase of hot water heater and warranty.
    I presented the receipts to the customer service representative, and was told I had to contact the warranty department.
    I did as she requested, spoke to an Assurant representative and was told they had no record of my purchases. I then emailed all the receipts to [email protected] The next day I received an email stating they had received what they needed but it would take 3 business days to get back to me as to what service provider would examine and replace my water heater. I have also spoken with representatives from Assurant and Home Depot.

    Delisa from Assurant has told me she would do her best to have my water heater replaced in a timely manner, but she that it could take up to 2 weeks. Being frustrated with that response I immediately contacted the corporate office of Home Depot and spoke to a customer relations representative. I asked why their response to warranty work was so inadequate and slow. I also advised the representative that I could go to Home Depot today and purchase and new Hot water heater and have it installed today. I then asked her to contact the Assurant the warranty servicer and ask if I could go today purchase and new water heater and then have Home Depot bill Assurant for the New water heater and its installation.
    Today is Wednesday and I'm still waiting for a response. My family has been without hot water for three days.

    Getting Home Depot to responsibly honor their lifetime warranty has been a Nightmare. Home Depot's treatment of this customer and honoring its warranty has been a horrible experience. Its been three days now and Home Depot hasn't done anything to honor its warranty, save apologize for how long its taking. Its obvious that Home Depot is doing a miserable job of keeping its word. If you're considering making a purchase from Home Depot and purchasing an extended warranty, think twice. The experience I am having is not the exception. It has become far to common for Home Depot.

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door purchase & installation

In February of 2008, purchased 2 new exterior doors, 2 new storm doors and four new interior doors. Scheduled installation for March (all doors were to be in). Installation was to be done by H.D. sub-contractors (one to do the exterior doors and a different one to do the interior doors). I took a vacation day to be there for this work. Note: H.D. uses one installation contractor in this area who subs his work out to other sub contractors! The installers arrived to do the 4 exterior doors. They set-up to do the front exterior door, only to find out that the door was the wrong handed door. The front custom storm door was not in. They went to install the custom interior kitchen door only to find it had hairline cracks in it and now had to be reordered. They left the kitchen storm door and materials in my garage. H.D. went and found another door from one of the other stores and had it delivered to Waltham. Scheduled another vacation day for the install. Recieved a phone call from the installer late that morning only to tell me the door came in incorrect. This time the box was marked correct on the outside but was the opposite handed door in the box. Now they had to find another one and I would now have to take more time off! A different installer came back this time and only had time to do the front exterior and storm door install. He left the new kitchen door replacement in my garage and would have to ccome back another day to do it's install. That weekend I checked out the "new" custom kitchen door, only to find out they brought back the same door which was rejected! Would now have to wait almost another month to get this door reordered and installed. Another vacation day lost, installer came back took off the old kitchen door and tried to install the new one. Only to find out that the door hinges were manufactured incorrectly (door cut wrong). Temporarily installed door and ordered another door. Keep in mind, that the kitchen storm door has been in the garage all this time. The new door arrived and was to be installed by the manufacturer's rep and not the sub contractor. Did this on a Saturday (lucky me I didn't have to take another vacation day, right). He took off the temporary door installation, only to find out that the sub-contractor did a "make shift" job on building out the side studs. Went and picked up 2x4's and had the new door installed properly by the manufacturer's rep. NOTE: This door was measured by the sub-contractor and said it needed to be custom made. According to the manufacturer's rep, an off the shelf door would have fit (which would have saved me money & time). Now I have to call the sub contractor back to come out and install the kitchen storm door, which was not the responsibilty of the manufacture's rep who only was representing the extrior door company (another day off). The owner's son came out to do the work. Installed the door and determined this door was warped. Had to now reorder the custom storm door. Door came in and was installed by a different sub-contractor (another day off from work). Now keep in mind, this entire project which was to be completed in one possibly two days by two sub-contractros, did not get completed until September 2008 (took approximately 7 months form the original order). Lets talk about the interior door replacements: These were custom sized doors (measured by the sub-contractor) and were to replace existing slab doors. These doors were measured to fit over a wall-to-wall carpet (not installed). The doors were installed on the very first day they were scheduled and seemed to be just fine. The carpet came in and was installed. Only then did I find out that only two of the four doors were cut properly. Being very frustrated and not wanting to take more time off from work, I planed one door by myself and got that to work. Tried to plane the second door only to find out the bottom plug of the door was almost completely gone (cut-off during initial installation). These doors were to be custom made and there should have had at least 1" of plug in the bottom of the doors. Also during all of this time, two of the interior doors were hitting the srike plates and would not close. My front exterior door was hitting the strike plate and had dropped to the strike plate side. My exterior front storm door had dropped and could not be locked. Had to schedule another day off for both the exterior sub-contractor and the interior sub-contractor to come back to fix the problems. For the most part, they were resolved (front exterior door still swings in by itself and the storm door is not plum/level but locks). I paid for all of the materials up front and had a balance of appx $2000 for the labor/installation. During this whole process, I dealt with the same expediter at H.D. and he was always very understanding and apologetic. Said he had never had an order for work go so wrong. From the get go, I told him we would need to address all of my lost wages (vacation time) if & when this work was completed. He agreed! I met with him and discussed what I thought would be a fair reimbursement for my time ($1400.00 could have been more). My daily salary is $280.00). He said he would discuss it with his manager. Approximately 45 days later [protected]) a service manager called and left a message that they were going to give me a 10% discount!!! They want $1743.00 for the install. I called and talked with the service manager who was told to talk to me by the store manager. I told him it was unacceptable and that I needed to discuss this with the manager (who was not in). I will be calling him onthe 25th. FINALLY, NEVER WOULD I USE A HOME DEPOT INSTALLATION SERVICE OF ANY KIND! ALSO, IF THIS ISN'T RESOLVED TO "MY SATISFACTION", I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN A HOME DEPOT AGAIN (THERE IS A COMPETITOR!).

  • Bi
    BIgBear23 Oct 01, 2010

    I would like to know the name of the main contractor that subs out the work.

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  • Bi
    BIgBear23 Oct 01, 2010

    I really want to know the name of the main contractor, not the subs.

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bad customer service

I went to the home depot in joliet, il just off of rt 30 and i-55 today (Wanted to check out different fireplaces). Anyway, I am walkinga round and looking at other things on the way to the fireplace and pass up two home depot employees talking about a putz (Customer) that one of them had helped earlier that day. Then when I tried to pay for some light bulbs the person at the cash register stopped ringing me up (She scanned the item, took my money, and started helping another employee standing next to her with a problem with her cash register) when it would have taken all of three seconds to get my change and then go to help the other employee.

poor carpet installation and no recourse

We had a large living room carpeted by home depot. We purchased the carpet through them and had them install it. The carpet was extremely poorly installed. There are ripples going all the way across the floor as well as little mounds against all of the walls. Obviously the installers did not know what they were doing — the carpet was not properly stretched. I even had a contractor come in and tell me he has never seen such a poor installation job. I contacted home depot regarding this issue and they ignored my complaint. I contacted them a second time and they simply sent a letter — complete with typos — telling me that my complaint was 'rejected'. I would never have anything installed by home depot again — we are stcuk with this awful carpet that guests trip over and many comment on. Of course, we are always happy to tell them just who installed our carpet just in case they are looking for the worst carpet installation service in the country,

  • Da
    darthrez Jun 13, 2009

    I had a deck done by home depot as well and have never been more disgusted in my life! We're actually contacting the media and a lawyer as I have the ### installation they passed as complete. This has cost me a promotion at work as well as costing us the loss of 2 kids for my wifes daycare due to not having a proper fire escape.

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unauthorized billing

I'll keep it as brief as possible. September 2007 I used my American Express 'Points' to buy Home Depot Gift Cards. I used a $500 card and had just over $400 left on it. In January this year I wanted to buy something else but the card wasn't in my wallet, it was missing.

I assumed Home Depot could track the card, cancel it and issue me a new one if it hadn't been found and used. I thought they could do this by using the last four numbers printed on my receipt from the first time I used it. Boy was I wrong to assume that Home Depot could possibly be that smart. They told me they don't keep track of Gift Cards, it's American Express that should keep track!

Now if I found the card and went to use it, how could Home Depot possibly debit my card if they 'don't keep track of gift card numbers'? Also, how on earth do they expect American Express to do this? I've been trying to find someone to help me for the past ten months since I lost the card. Is Home Depot's system really so antiquated that they can't keep track of their Gift Cards or are the Corporate staff just a bunch of pathetic ###s?

Writing this may help get it off my chest but it doesn't solve the problem. I'm sure someone somewhere has some common sense and can actually get to the bottom of this.

Until then, I'll be shopping at Lowes or the Do It Center.

  • Pu
    purvislets Mar 02, 2009

    Home Depot gift cards are not trackable. They work like cash. If you lose them, Home Depot is not responsible for replacing them

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dissatisfied customer

September 15, 2008 Dear Home Depot Manager: On July 7, 2008 I purchased Storm Windows from your...

no service

Recently I visited this store two different days to purchase a lawn trimmer and a shovel handle. I waited in...

staineasy carpet

I absolutely concur with the thayers, as well as glenn rawsky. It doesn't seem to matter where you buy...

horrible carpet

We purchased premium Stainmaster carpet (near the very top of the price line) from Home Depot about six months ago, and it stains far worse in a matter of months than the carpet we removed which was fifteen years old. Things which normally did not stain our old carpet (like plain old dirt) stain the new carpet. Stain removal products which worked on our old carpet don't work on the new "Stainmaster" carpet. The carpet is essentially worthless, and we believe we have wasted $5, 000. They should call this carpet "StainEasy" for honesty in advertising!

bad return policy

On July 19, 2008 my husband and I purchased $190.26 worth of items at the Blairsville Home Depot. We also...

gift card

Last Father's Day my daughter purchased a $40 gift card for me at Home Depot. I lost it before I had a chance to use it. With my daughter's receipt of purchase in hand I explained to the local store that I lost the card. They refused to replace it saying that there was no way they could trace whether or not the card had been used. I wrote to the store manager and the company CEO explaining my loss including a copy of my daughter's receipt, but neither of them has responded to my registered letter. Beware of purchasing a gift card from Home Depot: Do not lose it or you will be out!

  • Ho
    Homer D. Poe Sep 20, 2008

    If you read the back of your gift card or store credit it clearly states that the Home Depot is not responsible if your card is loss or stolen. It also can not be redeemed for cash. When you buy a gift card it is up to you to be responsible for it.

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  • Ca
    Cassie Dec 17, 2008

    it's not just home depot that has this policy. it clearly states that you are responsible for your gift card. home depot has no way to track it.

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custom bathroom sink - debacle

I ordered a master bathroom vanity set which included a double-bowl granite countertop on 11/11/2005. My...

customer service

I was in line for 45 min! When I got to the checkout the lady told me that I wrote the wrong #'s down for a code on the wire I cut. The problem is I didn't cut it and I didn't write the code down. Another employee from the store did. I had to go back and find the correct code and stand in line again! Terrible service! ...Then again when i got to the checkout they forgot to put the wire in the bag. When I got home I was furrious! I called and nobody knew nothing. I went down and talked to the manager where he pretty much gave me a new wire and that was it. I feel like he didn't do anything special to make me want to shop there again. What a joke! I just sent them a letter using www.complaintsmailed.com that should arrive on their steps soon. I hope they listen to the letter! The last one i sent to the airlines worked well.

  • Ss
    sspnugen Jun 24, 2009

    Customer Service, I went in to a Home Depot Store on my lunch break to look for a refrigerator, there was 2 employees talking and telling stories, not once did they ask if they could help me, Home Depot mails lots of special discount coupons out but they give no customer service when you get to the store, no problem Lowes sold me what I needed

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  • HomeDepot_Care Jul 01, 2009

    My name is Michael from The Home Depot customer care department; I am new to this site and just read your post about the lack of customer service that you received. We have recently made several changes to our customer service and I am so sorry that we fell short in your instance. I have contacted the store and have made them aware of what had happened. If I can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact me directly. Again, we are sorry we let you down.

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA
    [email protected]

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  • Fr
    Francinealexis Jan 09, 2010

    My husband and I just purchased a new home. We spent over $14, 000. at home depot. I wrote a check for our carpet installation. Because of a mishap with my bank, they sent the check back, but it was reissued and cleared. One month later, my accout was charged by a company "TRS Recovery" who presented a check to my account with drawing $25.00! What! I am out raged!!! Who are these people! They said that they represented Home Depot. What? Are You that petty? Home Depot got every penny plus thousands from us! For now on your compititors will get our business. That is bad business Home Depot.
    Out Rage Former Customer,
    Francine Gadson
    [email protected]

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  • Jk
    jkresta Apr 04, 2010

    Today I visited the Home Depot in Corona Store #6665. I had over $300.00 worth of Inground Sprinkler merchandise in my cart. I went back to gardening and was interested in some pavers for my backyard project -- I need about 1800 units and about 50 units of another type of paver -- value over $500.00 I tried talking to the person who claimed to be the store Manager Joseph Mcaqs -- I tried several different ways to explain to him that I wanted to look into ordering the pavers from their store. He was extremely arrogant and basically really didn't care what I wanted. He told me what the process was and how many people I needed to talk to and was not interested in assisting me. He made it very clear if I wanted them I had to come into the store between 8 AM and 5 PM to go to the job desk -- I tried several times to explain to this arrogant idiot that like the average person I worked at a real job from 8 - 5 and was not able to come in -- he made it clear that if I wanted them I would have to come in when it was convenient for the store not me. So I walked out -- told him I no longer wanted the merchandise in the cart and vowed never to return to Home Depot -- trying to do business with Home Depot is a nightmare. Over $1000.000 worth of business walked out of that store that day. I guess HD really doesn’t care about its potential customers – they are too busy running them off.

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  • Sa
    sandra kenner Jun 24, 2011

    see commens above

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  • Sa
    sandra kenner Jun 24, 2011

    I have tried unsucessfully I might add to send an email to express GOOD service I received from one of your sales persons. On June 14, 2011, I was in the Home Depot in Oxon Hill, MD and I needed assistance in finding a 65W Flourex Replacement Bulb. One of your sales clerks named Jermanie is the one who assisted me in trying to locate the bulb. I was truly impressed with his professionalism and determined attitude to me find what I was looking for. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not carry the particular bulb I was looking for. Nevertheless, Jermanie continued to find out if he could locate the bulb at another store. He got on the Internet and found a list of other stores that carried the bulb I was looking for. He was polite and did not hesitate to go that extra mile in rendering good customer service.
    To be honest with you, I rarely shop at Home Depot because of the terrible customer service I have received in the past. But my husband who is visually impaired suggested I try Home Depot to see if they sold the bulb. I really did not want to go there, but we really need the bulb. Jermanie has given me a little more faith in Home Depot and because of the manner in wish he serviced me, I might begin to do a little more shopping at Home Depot. Hopefully other members of your company who deal with the public will following the same path as Jermanie and go that extra step to ensure customers are pleased with the services they give them. Hopefully this email will be forwarded to the appropriate office because this is not at complaint, but a compliment.

    Thank you,
    Sandra Kenner

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  • Re
    Reviewer60613 Sep 02, 2015

    To: Ceo (Mr Menear), Board of Directors, Ann-Marie Campbell amd Mr Butler, manager of Zachary Home Depot.

    September 2, 2015

    Dear Mr. Menear,

    I frequent the Zachary, Louisiana, Home Depot, or at least I used to. The customer service here has never been good, but it has really gone down hill. It has reached the point of non-existance.

    Yesterday, mid afternoon, I was second in line at the returns counter to check out. The two cashiers were chatting with the woman in line in front of me, whom they knew, and I stood in line waiting a very long time while one of the women left from behind the counter to go check something for the woman. When your cashier returned, they all discussed the issue, whatever it was, further, laughed and chatted some more.

    Another employee, an older white man, who greets customers, was watching this. He could see that I was being ignored so he directed me to the customer service counter to check out, so I walked over there. There were two women behind the counter. I was the only customer in line to check out. The two women were at the other end of the counter, talking with a young man who was seated on the opposite side of the counter. Both women saw me, they glanced my way, but neither woman acknowledged me. I waited for several minutes, as I watched them laugh and carry on with the young man. I finally spoke up and asked if one of them would check me out. They glanced at me, but did not acknowledge me, and they continued to laugh and carry on with the young man. The older, white man stood by helplessly watching their intentional lack of customer service.

    I am able to whistle extremely loud, and exasperated that I was unable to check out and in order to be certain of their attention, I whistled very loudly and loudly asked them to check me out. They looked at each other and both continued to ignore me. I was dumbfounded. I told them that they could keep the merchandise and I walked out.

    Sir, I will pay more money at any of your competitors for better service. I will never set foot in Home Depot again and I am discouraging as many people as possible to boycott the Zachary location. Others here are as fed up with the years of poor customer service here, and others are willing to go elsewhere as well. Many have told me that they avoid Home Depot and will drive thirty minutes to buy what they need rather than set foot in Home Depot, as will I.

    I am a registered nurse, who serves the public, and prior to becoming a nurse I was in retail customer service. I have spent my entire life being customer service oriented. I am perplexed by your customer service model. Whatever training you have in place for your managers and employees in Zachary, Louisiana is pathetic. My plan is to blog about my experience and to use the web to rate Home Depot on as many sites as possible.

    Your former customer,

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