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i purchased this lawnmower 7/28/18 on line via the home depot located on 21st so. and 3rd w. store in salt lake city, utah. had to wait because this particular lawnmower was not in any store just on line. this lawnmower some time before the new shipment arrived for delivery. delivered by truck to my residence. used this lawnmower 4 times in 2018 (end of seasonal lawnmowing in 2018), stored new lawnmower in protected shed on property for the winter. now 2019 is here and lawn needs to be cut.. got lawnmower out of my shed let it sit in the sun for 2 hours, because of being cold, put fresh gasoline in engine, checked all fluids spark plug etc. lawnmower refused to start. worked all day trying to get lawnmower to start.. ended up calling local home depot store, in west valley city, asking for manager, because i said some bad words and told this manager mike, that this mower was a piece of [censored], etc. he hung up on me. i called back, asked for him again, and he refused to take the call. ended up talking to another store associate by the name of carol, and she took my call, she addressed the issue, said i could bring the mower in to the store, but i don't have a vehicle, that big enough to put the mower in and to bring the mower to the store in west valley city, utah. (this is where i shop mostly) so carol finally sent two male employee's down to my house which took about 7 minutes to get to my home from the store. took the lawnmower back to store and fixed it to run. i am pissed that a brand new lawnmower i purchased late last year, did not work this year. the reputation of briggs and stratton engine which i have other products with this engine style has operated with no problem come to find out after the fact that is particular lawnmower has been discontined as of last year for this year, (i got ripped off at that rate and no one told me) and too, the carburator was in major bad condition like it had been used for 10 years and not ever cleaned and maintained proper, as per the employee at the west valley store told me when he brought my lawnmower back. now this was a brand new lawnmower, and the carburator was filthly, this diagnosis by the employee was caused from the manufacturer in the first place. it was full of gunk. if this lawnmower does not work the way it should then next time i mow then home depot can shove this lawnmower, and replace the lawnmower with one that i can depend on for useage each week for lawn mowing. i did not purchase the $35.00 store protection plan because, i figured i was buying a really good lawnmower, instead i got a lemon. please let me know via my e-mail. ms.[protected] what the final decision is . thanks

Apr 30, 2019
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      May 02, 2019

    Hi Ms. Tadd.

    I believe I can help.

    To address one of your concerns, most mower manufacturers will only produce a particular model of mower for a single mowing season. They produce enough to get them through the year and then evaluate what changes to make for the following year. It is, therefore, not uncommon that a model of mower purchased last year would not be produced this year.

    Any mower, regardless of how new, requires regular maintenance. This maintenance includes winterizing the unit properly and bringing it out in the spring properly. It also means using the product correctly throughout the mowing season.

    Here in Utah, we have can have very light winters, as we did during the 17-18 season or we can have a more common winter with snowfall throughout the season. In either case, temperatures generally have your lawn dormant from about November through February. The carburetor being dirty and becoming clogged has nothing to do with the quality of the machine or the manufacturer of the engine; it has everything to do with the quality of gas and how it was winterized and put away. Although not required, it is a good idea to use ethanol-free gas for any small engine. In Utah, you will find most Maverick service locations will carry this form of gas. Use a specific gas can labeled ethanol-free just for such equipment. In addition, it would not hurt to use a fuel stabilizer; if not during the entire season, use it to put the unit away at the end of the year. Sta-Bil is a great product and can be purchased at Home Depot for a mere $8.98. Make sure you completely run the tank dry at this point. Even storing a small amount of fuel in the tank over the winter can cause problems.

    In the spring, you'll want to take the mower back out and check it over for use. Remove the cap over the spark plug and remove the plug itself. Check it for excessive corrosion around the tip, gap and electrode. Clean or replace it if necessary. Then remove the air filter. Check it for cleanliness and clean or replace it if necessary. Although if properly maintained, the carburetor shouldn't have to be cleaned, now would be the time to do it if necessary. Finally, this is a good time to inspect the blade. If dull, make sure to sharpen it to produce quality cutting. Some people who feel inadequate in this type of work, may take the unit to a preferred small engine servicer for yearly maintenance. As I believe you've come to realize, Home Depot is a good place to have this work done. You can contact Home Depot at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337).

    During the mowing season, you'll find very little needs to be done to keep your new Poulan Pro running well. The most important area to reiterate is to use ethanol-free fuel and regular fuel stabilizer. For quality cutting, I'd make sure to continually check the blade for sharpness. It isn't unheard of to have a blade sharpened two or three times during our (Utah) mowing season. To make it easy, you may want to purchase an extra blade from Home Depot and have it sharpened. As one blade become dull, remove and exchange it with the sharpened blade, then bring the dull blade into Home Depot for sharpening at your convenience. Finally, make sure you regularly wash and dry the underside of your mower's deck after each cutting. Not doing so can cause long term damage but will, more importantly, create less than an optimal cutting experience.

    Hopefully this helps a great deal. Please let us know if you should need any further help.

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