Home Depothome depot 11% rebate process

I purchased a generator during a 11% rebate promotion. Trying to receive my rebate has been nothing short of a hassle! The store employee warned me that I might have problems- because Home Depot has a terrible history with their rebate process. She was NOT kidding!!

9/14/19- I submitted my rebate on line and followed all directions.

9/16/19-Received an email stating my request was received. Tracking #[protected]

9/30/19- Track my rebate and it stated it was invalid. It was missing the rebate amount. Am I supposed to figure that? I could if you need me to.

9/30/19 - I called the number on the rebate form. Person was very nice and said yes you were having problems. She entered a new ticket for my rebate gave me a new tracking number #[protected] and said I was all set.

10/7/19 - I checked tracking for new request - again it stated it was invalid. This time for invalid post mark (but I did not mail) and receipt date legibility. Tried calling the number of the rebate form and the option to speak to someone has no been removed. After going around in circles I hung up and looked up the customer service number on line.

Customer service transferred me 2twice once I was disconnected the other time it rang for 12 minutes before I hung up.

Called again and someone is assisting me as I write this.

You are a large company offering a nationwide promotion. You obviously know you have a problem because your own employees said it, not once but twice. I am very frustrated. The ONLY reason I purchased this was because of the promotion your were offering. You are not living up to your own integrity!

Should I have faith this will be addressed today?? I am not so sure.

Signed extremely disappointed!!

Oct 07, 2019

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