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To whom it may concern
I purchased a washer dryer from Home Depot because they advised me that it would be delivered in 3 days. Home Depot advised me to disconnect my washer and dryer. I would have done it but did not because I'm a woman that does not have enough strength to do it and even if I could move the washer and dryer I would be stuck with no washroom because it is very narrow. The delivery 🚚 men flat out refused to move the washer and dryer and ended up taking the Maytag washer and dryer back. Now I have to hire someone to come and remove the washer and dryer before they attempt another delivery. All the accessories from the hose to the ventilation tube that goes to the dryer are less than 3 months old. The delivery men should have been more understanding and remove the old appliances and install the new ones. It does not take a rocket 🚀 scientist to do this task.
This is the first and last time that I purchase anything from Home Depot. The last time I bought a washer dryer it was from Sears and they came and removed the old washer and dryer and then installed the new one. That's service. This incident was totally uncalled for.

Sep 27, 2019

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