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A Oct 07, 2019 Review updated:

On Friday Sept. 27 th My husband and I were walking through Home Depot shopping for our new home. As I was walking in store my foot go stuck. I looked down and saw that it was stuck in a pile of feces on the floor. Of course I was yelling for help and quite grossed out thinking someone bought there dog in the store and left this mess. It ends up being as I was told a customer did this...The manager did help me by getting wipes and gloves so I could lift my foot and sandal out of this mess. My husband was vomiting outside because he was so horrified... I did pay for my items and got 200.00 discount... I called totalk to customer service because I am horrified this could happen in a store with many staff members. I want someone to recognize and follow up with me. My doctor said human feces do carry health issues, I did throw out my sandals and jeans ………

Anna Formentin
8 Timothy Road
Wayne, N.J 07470



  •   Oct 07, 2019

    Your two hundred dollar discount wasn’t good enough for you?

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