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April 4 2023 I ordered two windows and a front entry door from Sales Rep Bobby Dalfes. I was told the installation would be on June 5. On that date the windows were installed but I was informed the door was not available. The next day I was told the door was available and would be installed that day. When the installers showed me the door I told them it was not the right door. I ordered one with the Heirloom glass insert.. This one has a plain glass insert. They told me they should go ahead and install it and they would order the correct glass panel so all that would needed to be done was change the insert. Once they completed the installation I notice the trim was painted white and should have been black. I called Bobby and let him know what has happened. He came immediately and took pictures. He has the invoice which show "Heirloom glass insert". I had also texted a copy of the invoice to Alma. I also called and emailed her but never got a response. I was told by Bobby that it would take 6 weeks to get the glass. A week later he texted to say he needed me to sign a new request because the whole door needed to be order since the door I had was totally incorrect. On Jun 27, I got a call advising me that installation would be on July 27. Then I got a text and email saying the installation was rescheduled to June 29. After the appointed time came and went, I called Alma who surprisingly answered. She said the the original date for July was correct and June was not right. I asked her if anything could be done to move the date up. She curtly informed me that there was nothing that could be done. The door I have now has a clear glass panel and everyone can see into my house making me feel very insecure