Home Depotflooring and window covering

R Jul 23, 2019

1. Store is ridiculous sand poorly managed.
2. I ordered carpet and window custom blinds at the Golden Home Depot Store in
July, 2019.
3. I attempted to pay over the phone with "Luke", in the above dept. at the store.
4. He couldn't give me the correct amount which included minus $100. credit that I
rec'd from Liz at the Pro Desk.
5. Luke asked me to send him a text with the bar code that was associated with the
6. After waiting 20 minutes after the text was sent, I rec'd no call from Luke.
7. I called the store only to find that Luke had gone home. I find out later that the
store told him to go home because he had worked more than his scheduled hours.
Remember I got no return call after sending him the bar code.
8. I then visited the store and talked to Karen Damhoff. I spent over one hour with
her trying to pay. Finally I said just forget it. Lets move on to the blinds. She was
clueless about the color of the blinds even though I gave her a piece of the
9. Karen told me that they were short of help in her dept. but mgmt didn't like
employees to work extra hours. I think and they send Luke home because he had
worked more than his scheduled hours????
9. Karen gave me a large book and told me to match the color the to valence color.
10. I leave store frustrated about the lack of service, inability to pay the correct
amount, and amount of time spent with store in trying to pay and order.
10. I called Golden Store and spoke to a store manager named Jaret. He had a totally
lackadaisical attitude about my problem with no comments or solutions.
11. I went to the Arvada Home Depot Store (1502): problems were resolved quickly.

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