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Home Depotnot able to have installation of carpeting and wood planking

On July 1st we purchased and paid for appox. 150 sq/yd of carpet and a small 90 sq/ft area of planking. After paying for this we were told to stop by the store on 7-15 to pickup the planking so it could acclimatize to the temp. in our home. We stopped on the 15th and were told that the planking had not been shipped as the supplier did not have a piece of reducing trim. The store agent told us that the carpet was on hand and they were waiting to ship the planking until they received the trim. We were told they would check a few stores to see if any had this trim. He told us he would call us back. No call. We stopped by again twice last week and were told that they could not tell if things had been shipped yet and when the store agent who sold us the items showed up they would have him call us Saturday 7-20, again there was no call. Each round trip to store runs up appox. 35 miles and we are out the fuel costs to get an answer which we have not received yet. If the trim cannot be found, let us know we will switch to something you have on hand. Has Home Depot decided they just needed our money and we are hung out to dry. This is the worse service I have had from any home store in years. Please find out what is taking place so we can decide if we need an Attorney to regain our money or if Home Depot will come thru with their goods. We would like to know, a install date if they decide they are installing things so we can plan our vacation. The order number is H [protected], we paid with a check which has been cashed by Home Depot, and the purchase was made on July 1st at the Topeka, Kansas store. The store agent is MDC 1997. I have always had good experiences at Home Depot until this time. In fact we have ordered in a Refrigerator, Shop Vac., Washer/Dryer Combo unit and several smaller items online or at this store in the last two years. Unless this incident gets solved, this will end my business with you and I will do my best to convince other people to trade elsewhere also.

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    Home Depot — scotts turf builder bonus s southern weed and feed, fl.

    I purchased a bag weight of 34.48 to cover 10, 000 sq. Ft. of lawn. I put it in my trunk. I waited a day a...

    Home Depot — handicap accessibility

    Went to your Biddeford Maine store last week. I have to use a wheelchair to shop stores due to a recent...

    Home Depotzero turn

    Reference # [protected]. I have a contract on my zeroturn and it was not fix right the first time and that took 13 days. They picked it up again and now it has been over four weeks and nobody knows what is going on. The service I had to use who did not fix it the first time told me I would have it two weeks ago and again told me I would have it last week. The service contracts at Homedepot are garbage. Think about not having your mower for six weeks and counting during cutting season and there [censored]s at the 800 # are no help.

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      Home Depot — washing machine

      I bought this machine from home depot 13/3/17 and we only used it about4 times a month and this ting had got...

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      Home Depotlg refrigerator

      We purchased a LG Refrigerator 4 1/2 years ago. We also bought the extended 5 year warranty. It has already had its compressor replaced. Now the ice maker has broken.

      I noticed the ice maker broken July 2. I called Home Depot for servicing and gave specific information on what was broken. The agent said she'd put in a request with LG. But, if I call LG directly using the number she gave me, I might expedite the process. I called the LG number and LG says they have no record of the request and I can't put in a repair order through them or they'd charge me. It has to go through HD for the warranty. So I call back HD and they said oh...a service person is coming to your house between 8-4 on July 3 and they will call you to narrow down the time. So, I don't hear from anyone all day. I called LG later that night and they said the appointment wasn't until July 12 and that HD made the appointment with them. I called back HD and spent 32 minutes on the phone with a person who first reiterates that the appointment is July 3. I told her NOT according to LG! So she puts me on hold for quite a while and comes back and says, that July 3 was only tentative and that the appointment was July 12. Huh?

      The repairman from A&E shows up on July 12. He confirms the ice maker is broken, but DIDN'T BRING ANY PARTS! We had to order the parts. The parts have now arrived (only took a few days), but the repairman can't come back until July 25. If they would have ordered the parts when I told them what was broken, the ice maker would have been fixed already.

      THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE SERVICE! We purchase an extended warranty and it will take 24 days for an ice maker to be fixed? What if the compressor went again, would we have been without a refrigerator for nearly a month!?!

      Come on! What kind of service is that? It makes people long for the days of Mom and Pop shops that could give you service in a reasonable amount of time because they cared. This is the TYPICAL big box store ignoring the customer once a purchase has been made!

      Contract with repair services that have enough technicians to get the job done in a timely manner!

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        Home Depotonline website purchase - debit card charged for failed transaction

        On July 16/ 2019, I attempted to purchase a Bosch dishwasher through homedepot.com . I received a red bar telling me to re- enter my credit card umber or use another method of payment. I assumed that meant the order did NOT complete. I received no email with confirmation and no delivery date. However, I did receive an email alert from my bank letting me know that Home Depot had submitted a credit carda Authorization for the amount the dishwasher would have been if the order had gone through and processed correctly.

        Now I have 614.09 on hold through my bank and it can NOT be cancelled or charged back because Home Depot ( local store) has no record of the transaction ...again because it never actually processed. So, because Home depot's system ran a credit card for an incomplete purchase, my money is on hold for 7-10 business days until the pending authorization " falls off " and then my money will be released back into my account. This is a mes. I have bills going through, no cash and NSF charges piling up. How can you run a credit card for a transaction that never actually processed? How can you have no record of it in your system ? How can you have no way to rectify the matter for the customer? My back will gladly perform a charge back but not without the authorization or approval code from Home Depot. Again I have wasted 2 days on the phone with home depot and there is nothing they can do. They have no record of the charge ( because it never completed) but my debit / credit card is still blocked for the attempted purchase for 5-7 business days. This is beyond upsetting . I have no choice but to wait for the phantom charge to fall off my bank off and cycle through your system. Please know that I will NOT ever use Home Depot again on;line or otherwise. There should be a way to resolve this without wasting 2 days . When the funds are cleared and I have paid off the NSF FEES that resulted from the debacle, please know I will go straight to Lowe's to purchase the Bosch dishwasher. This is my first and only time buying online and it will be my last.

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          The Home Depot — maytag washer and dryer

          Received washer and dryer July 6, 2019 from contracted delivery company (Ovation) that delivers and install...


          Home Depotcheck refusal

          I tried to make a 625.00 purchase at Home Depot by writing a personal check on behalf of my 93 year old mother who couldn't do it herself My name is also on her account as an authorized user. My mother prefers checks because it makes a better record for purchases. The check was declined even though there was more than enough money in the account to cover the purchase. I was only provided with a record number for which no explanation was given at all as to its meaning. It was very embarrassing and demeaning to have my payment declined in front of numerous customers who were waiting in line. Even more frustrating was the fact that my payment was accepted using my Debit Visa card for the exact same account the check was written on. WTF were they thinking when devising this ingenious system!

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            Home Depot — customer service

            Today at the Paris store I couldn't get any help there was 4 employees helping one person with a toilet and...

            Home Depot — not sending out bills to make customers payments late

            I had the same issue as 5 others I just read. Cancelled the card because no bill for 8 mos. Called homedepot...

            Home Depotappliance delivery order w838836677

            After placing an order for a refrigerator on 7/2, our delivery date finally arrived, 7/13-exactly 30 days without having a refrigerator in our home that functions. Delivery arrived two hours outside of notified time frame-no big deal, things happen unexpectedly which cause delays. Where things go south is the installers insisted my water line was copper, the on off switch was "frozen" and would require a plumber to disengage the old refrigerator, after water shut throughout the entire house was completed. Therefore, my new appliance is sitting in a box, completely useless to my family, while my old inoperable one still lives in my kitchen. Leaving us still, without food in our home.
            The kicker-my neighbor, a general contractor, came into my home moments after the delivery team left, turned the nozzle on the water supply installed directly behind the appliance to the fridges water line, nothing here is copper, mind you, disengaging from the water supply, and detached the hose from the back of the broken appliance. This took one minute tops, and required no contact with any copper piping as all connections were PVC and hoses. I call the number provided to me by the delivery team, to see if they can come back, move my new appliance in, and haul away my old-given this is the service I paid for. My answer received was no. You'll have to wait for a call back. I have spoken to three people who are now unable to provide an update as to when I can expect the completed install and haul away. Totally unacceptable. The delivery team simply did not want to complete my order, and extended our families inability to have food in our home-which I remind you is a necessity not a luxury. Terrible customer service all around. I will never do business with Home Depot again, not for a shovel or the planned remodels on home, including the newly designed outdoor living space ready to start construction.

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              Home Depot — kids workshop

              Good morning, My son has been coming to the Kids Workshops every month for more nearly three years with hi...

              Home Depot5-piece patio table/chairs

              Home Depot guaranteed my patio table/chairs delivery between 7/3-7/11. Non Stop Delivery (NSD) received merchandise 7/2. Online said delivery 7/5. On 7/5 said delivery 7/8. On 7/8 said 7/9. On 7/9 said call for info. On7/11 called and said delivery 7/12 bt 11-3 w 30 min call beforehand. Never called. Never came. Asked Home Depot supervisor to call me back. No return call. Don't buy anything from Home Depot that must be delivered. Absolute worst ever!!!

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                Home Depot — renting lawn mower

                I rented a lawn mower from the store and the first time it was a very pleasant experience. The second time...

                Home Depot — flooring and kitchen design/installation/delivery

                Update: I am still waiting on a delivery refund of $161 - because Home Depot needs to "work with their IT...

                HomeDepot.com — store manager lawanda/corporate customer service

                I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my most recent experience with my local Home Depot...

                Home Depot — Your credit card

                It has become embarrassing to shop at your store ; I have a perfectly negotiable credit (home depot) but i...

                Home Depotimpact french doors installed in my house

                I had impact windows and doors installed in my house in December 2018. In June 2019, the french doors started leaking when a strong rain came. These are supposed to be hurricane doors, NOT STRONG RAIN DOORS. What would have happened if a hurricane came?! I called RIchard, a home depot contractor, and he found a crack in concrete where the doors were installed. It was an INSTALLATION PROBLEM. He fixed the leak but now I have water damage all the way around the inside of my NEW HURRICANE IMPACT DOORS!!! NOT TO MENTION A HOLE IN MY CEILING where the water damage is. I reached out to Richard and no response. I reached out to my sales rep, who called it in, and almost a week later, I have heard nothing! It is SOOOO ridiculous that I spent THOUSANDS of dollars and 6 months later, I am still dealing with this [censored]. If I could have them come take them back out and give me all my money back, I would do it. SOO DISAPPOINTED that they hire incompetent contractors that CANNOT FINISH A JOB CORRECTLY. Then everyone blames everyone else and no one knows how to take responsibility. I will never go through Home Depot again for a big job. SO INCOMPETENT.

                impact french doors installed in my house
                impact french doors installed in my house

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                  Home Depot — door locks

                  I've had the misfortune of being the recipient of the incompetence of Awilda in Customer service twice...