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I pride myself in keeping my bills paid in full--on time--with using "auto-pay" functions for my credit cards. In August, 2023, my Home Depot Card (handled through CITI Bank) had the account number changed with a new account number issued by action of CITI Bank and not at my request. At no point on the bank originated account change was I notified the "auto pay" function had to be re-applied for. Subsequently, when I was expecting my account to be paid automatically, the payment was not processed, rather a $29.00 late fee was assessed on the account. I contacted Home Depot Customer Service and the late fee was corrected with a credit back to the account for the amount. My issue here now is if my credit rating/credit score is negatively affected through what I consider to be a bank failure to properly communicate, causing a black mark against me for a "late payment", I have no recourse on the matter. I feel that Home Depot and CITI should/must clear this matter to prevent my credit rating from being negatively affected. I would appreciate hearing back on this matter please.

Desired outcome: Eliminate any negative reporting on my credit score

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Mr. Helpful
Los Angeles, US
Oct 31, 2023 10:14 pm EDT

Hi Pappy.

Contact the location where your purchase was made. They should be able to clarify any negative impact on your credit.