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L Jan 14, 2020

Dates: December 31, 2019 to January 14, 2020. Order No. WA76706451

Home Depot has no control over their stock or delivery. They misrepresent the availability of items and use a very poor delivery service. I ordered a 4 piece kitchen suite from Home Depot because they said that they could deliver in 2 to 4 days. Other stores told me it would take one to two weeks. Time was of the essence since my contractor was waiting on the appliances. I also thought that the local Home Depot store was consumer friendly and had its own delivery service (my mistake).

Home Depot contracts out their delivery to this Spirit Delivery with its main office about an hours drive away. Delivery was rescheduled 3 times because at least one of the appliances was apparently not in stock. LG told me that Home Depot could have checked its computer and seen that they were out of stock on one of the items. LG also said that Home Depot "does this all the time". What that means is that I could have ordered the appliances from another store at less cost. When I called the local Home Depot they were reluctant to help because I had ordered online. I did not go to the store because when I called it for information the person on the phone was eating his lunch and was not at all helpful. Who knew that the online Home Depot and the Dunkirk/Fredonia Home Depot were not working for the same business? To make matters worse - Home Depot had the wrong phone number on the Order and couldn't change it so in order to check the status, I had to type in someone else's phone number.

As an aside, the first time I ordered, it was on the phone, we got to the end of the Order and my Home Depot credit card was $51 short. I offered to put the $51 on another card and was told I could not. I then had to contact Home Depot Financing; I asked for an additional $200 and was approved. I then called back to place the order and got a new person, had to start all over and by the time I had repeated the spelling of my Town three times, I said never mind, I'll do it online.

When delivery finally occurred the Spirit employees would not bring the refrigerator in because the yard was too muddy. I also arranged for them to take my old refrigerator. They did not have it on the work order and left.

I then contacted Home Depot again and arranged to have the delivery service come back to move the refrigerator from the garage where they left it to the house. The delivery service still did not have the order to take the old fridge and left the new one in the middle of the room waiving the delivery order at me showing that there was no haul away order. I told him I had paid for it with a credit card and he should call his boss. He said he could not get a line from here (which I thought very odd) so I said ok I'll call Home Depot - as soon as I dialed he took out his phone which worked fine and made a call but by this time I was trying to explain to the local Home Depot person what was going on and did not know whether or not he had gotten in touch with his boss. He seemed angry that I had called Home Depot. It upset me that he had lied about not being able to get a line when he could have just called his boss to begin with. He clearly did not like that I had called Home Depot so I gave him my phone so that Home Depot could tell him that he was supposed to take the old fridge. He told Home Depot that he had gotten permission to take the fridge but that I had called Home Depot anyway - and I was in the background trying to tell the Home Depot person on the phone that he was lying that he had told me he couldn't get a line and I was not aware that he had gotten through.

Home Depot then accused me of causing the problem by not listening to him lying! He left without hooking up the new fridge or taking the old one. Home Depot acted like the whole thing was my fault. They implied that it was my fault for "shouting" in the background and he said I wouldn't listen to him. I was trying to tell them that he had told me he could not get through to his boss and I did not know that he had gotten permission to take the fridge. I am certain that he would have left without trying to contact his boss if I had not called Home Depot. At that point I was angry and I just wanted to be left alone. Some of the Home Depot employees were very nice but I was too upset to respond in kind.

The desirable resolution would be for Home Depot to stop misinforming customers about the availability of appliances and to find a local non-Buffalo based delivery service for this area. I cannot calculate my own loss: I spent 3 days waiting for deliveries packing and repacking my old refrigerator not to mention the endless hours on the phone and the emotional stress and the delay had my contractor waiting so... I have a brand new fridge in the middle of my room and an old fridge that I will have to arrange to have removed. I am still upset. All in all this has been a thoroughly awful experience and I want people to know about it and will make sure that they do. I may turn it into a comedy routine once I am able to look back on it.

I especially want to say THANK YOU to Home Depot for turning what I was looking forward to in my new kitchen into an unpleasant memory that will haunt my kitchen and may make for a good story to tell when I entertain guests.

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