Hi. Someone hit my car at the end of August. I was contacted by their insurance company saying the reservation had been made. Once I contacted Hertz in Memphis I never could get anyone to answer the phone. I live across the bridge in Arkansas and figured since the accident wasn't my fault...I wasn't spending my gas money to cross the bridge and have to find someone to take me. Regardless it took 3 weeks for someone to finally get back to me. Supposedely the regional manager of the Memphis area. Since September 19th I have been calling Hertz trying to get them to come get the vehicle. The vehicle was dropped off at my house with no signed contract. Actually I wasn't even home, my husband was. I have spoke with about 20 people from the 1800 numbers and none of them no anything or can help. The last guys name I spoke to was Terrance. He assured me last Thursday the car would be picked up and I would be getting a call. Here it is Monday the 30th and I still have their car and it seems like it is of no concern to them. Shame on insurance companies using people like this to do business with.

Sep 30, 2019

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