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K Oct 01, 2019

I booked my car hire for the UK through the teachers union in Western Australia (SSTUWA) who list Hertz as a corporate partner with favourable rates for members of the teachers union. The size, cost and inclusion of satnav were emailed to me by the union. On arrival at the Hertz desk after a long haul flight I provided the customer service person with the pre- booked booking reference, fully expecting to just sign the forms, pick up the key and get on my way. This didn't happen. Despite the fact I was travelling alone, I was given a variety of reasons as to why I would need a bigger car, and was also told I would have to pay more than was stated in the original booking for the satnav. I suggested to the agent that I'd just use Google maps on my phone, but was told that given where I was travelling to that wouldn't be a good idea( neither was a big car!) I also clearly stated to the agent I wanted a car that would fit into a parking bay, and was assured it would. It's a fairly long & tricky trek to the car park where the hire cars are kept, especially when pushing a laden luggage trolley. I was unimpressed to discover that the car I had now hired did exceed the length of the parking bay and was much bigger than 1 person weighing 58kgs needed! I was then faced with the prospect of pushing my luggage all the way back to terminal to start the whole process again . Given that I'd already been travelling for 24hrs, and it was late in the afternoon I had no option but to accept the situation and get on my way, as I didn't want to find myself negotiating my way out of Edinburgh in the dark. Despite what the agent said the satnav proved to be unreliable, and on 1 occasion switched into french. I ended up using the data on my PAYG phone to keep Google maps on to ensure that I wa being given the correct directions. I'm now faced with a rental cost which is 50% higher than the original agreement & the stress of driving a large car around single lane country roads. I have emailed and ring Hertz but still haven't received a response.

Hertz Edinburgh Airport

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