HDFC bankcredit card not received!

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This is to bring your kind attention towards my problem. HDFC Bank has issued a Credit Card in my name but I never received the Credit card. The Bank agents handed over the card to someone else without matching my signature and without informing the issuance of card.

On 12-10-06 and HDFC Bank Agent informed me that an amount of Rs.9975/- is debited from my account through Credit Card purchase. Earlier only calls for address verification were received from Bank but Bank didn’t informed me when it issued the card. The Bank also unblocked the card for transaction without my permission, which resulted into the deduction of above-mentioned amount from my salary account.

After personal discussion with Credit Card Manager Mr. Rohit Saxena, (Credit Card’s Division 5th and 6th floor, Ansal Classic Tower, Rajourie Garden) told me that the Card was sent through speed post. But no parcel received through reply to the above complaint to HDFC Bank Card Division, P.O. Box 399, Anna Salai, Chennai. I received a letter stating that all the transaction incurred on my account before reporting blocking of card is payable by me.

I had requested Customer Care to block the Card only after knowing that the purchase has been done on my account. I have also requested Bank to refund all my money, as I was totally not informed about the issuance of card. This is the complete responsibility of the Bank agent to inform the customer about the issuing of card. Also the Bank has not matched the signatures on any receipt.

I have also filed the case in Consumer Court Noida but still the Bank hasn’t show me any proof of receiving the Card by me or the other person. So, think twice before you go to HDFC Bank!

  • Updated by shabnam sinha · Jan 05, 2019

    These people bluff their customers in order to make their points . Don't trust HDFC employee.

  • Updated by A B. Motivation · Jan 07, 2019

    Last month aproxx I 10-15 thousands transaction in my account, but last night 450 rupees charge in my account, so please refund it

  • Updated by Subhasri malakar dey · Feb 14, 2019

    Credit card auto debit cancle

  • Updated by Suprodeep Mukherjee · Apr 25, 2019

    Hi Team,

    Please be informed i have written evidence from HDFC bank representative who delayed my request for disbursement and due to which the builder of my house imposed a heavy late payment charge.

    The bank representative have also accepted his fault but no one is ready to act on my request of late payment waver off.


  • Sa
    saurabh mittal Jul 18, 2007

    I have invested in hdfc mutual fund of rs 4000(repayment on 10th of each month) but hdfc has dedcted from my account 8000rs each month. After that according to hdfc i have closed that scheme due to wrong amount deduction before two months but they are deducting my charges continuously and they have also deducted lot of charges against wrong schemes opened by hdfc.

    Branch manager and officer do not support me, but i will not invest in hdfc in my whole future and i will not suggest to invest in hdfc.

    If i says to officer is that i will complaint for you then he says u can do it and i will handle it.

    I have only one way, we should go in consumer court for it because i think hdfc bank is
    a corrupt bank. Nobody should invest here.

    name:- saurabh mittal
    mob. no.:- 09212745834.
    home no:- 0120-2880154
    original scheme for mutual fund reference nos.:-
    1. 3634363/02
    2. 3637124/61
    3. 3633946/89
    4. 3637263/32

    Wrong schemes opened by hdfc:



    hdfc bank ltd.
    sharad kumar singh(personal banker)
    mob no.-9810640103
    om plaza,sector-15,
    branch ph. no. 120-2886664

    My charges deduction is approx. 5000 against 20000 and i hope my charges will reverse otherwise i will meet with hdfc in consumer court. I will not invest in hdfc in my whole future.

    Note: Threatens that i will handle overall complaint against me.

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  • Su
    surendra Jul 19, 2007

    Hi, you need not to go to consumer court first you go to banking obdusman of your area, that fall in delhi and their email id is:

    [email protected] - write every thing to this mail, complaint HDFC with you proper contact address.

    All the best

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  • Ab
    Absar Ahmad Jul 19, 2007

    I was using HDFC bank card, and paying the amount, whatever i have used. But they are charging unnecessary charges on my card. They are now showing Rs. 5900/- due, only the interest charges. I have given all the details to them, but they are not giving any proper reply. Now they are deducting this balance from my SB account.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Aug 02, 2007

    This is regarding a credit card payment issue. I had a credit card from HDFC bank . Later they issued me a gold card with new number which I had not received. (They says they had issued the card, but I never received). Since they were adding more hidden charges I wanted to close the card. As per their instruction I had broke the card into pieces and dropped into their drop box with a request letter to close the card. They had sent me a letter (on 16-Sept-2006) saying that they had received the request for cancellation and for that I have to pay Rs.3878, which they had given explanation as late fee (Actual amount was around 800 Rs and by the time the discussion went on, it became Rs. 3873). But the late fee was happened because I had closed the card and was waiting for their response. So it was not actually my mistake. I called up their customer care number and pointed out this issue within 2 days. They were convinced with the explanation from me and said the card is closed and no further clarification is required.

    After that there were no communication from the bank. But surprisingly after 10 months I got a registered letter saying, there is outstanding amount in credit card, which is accumulated to 5061 Rs.!! They blocked this much money from my saving account that I was not linked with credit card and without prior notice. I received the letter on 30th of July ’07 and the deadline to pay the money was before 31st July ’07!!.

    I think this is totally injustice, where I was intimated as the card is closed but the amounts were adding up on background. And the bank is not intimated me for around 10 months about this and without prior notice they are deducting money from my savings bank by giving 1 day notice!
    so be aware of HDFC credit cards !!

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  • An
    Annonymous Aug 03, 2007

    It is the habit of HDFC Bank to do it this way. Even after paying my complete credit card dues, one fine day I receive notice from their lawyer to pay up Rs. 75,000/- which they said as due on my card. They blocked my savings account, deducted all the money which was there in the account without my prior notice. To my horror, when I wanted to pay up my hotel bill, no money was available in my savings account. Imagine what could I have done in such situation?

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  • Ah
    AHIRRAO NITIN P Sep 12, 2007


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  • At
    atul kumar gupta Sep 13, 2007

    Dear Sir,

    This is to your kind notice ,that in my saving bank account no. 0891000037686 , an amount of Rs. 6359.00 is debited for credit card .

    I have two major concerns regarding HDFC bank.

    1) The amount in my saving bank account was debited without any prior intimation given to me. There is no any account details / my dues / or clarification of penalty.

    2) I am not getting any satisfactory reply from anyone in HDFC bank. I have been talking to helpline

    All this has created a very bad impression about HDFC bank. I want a solution of the issue from you immediately and a reply from you . Your bank can not hold my money at any cost. This kind of service I never expected from your bank. Because of this my entire family is suffering, where I can not fulfill my basic need.

    I hope HDFC will take an appropriate action

    >With regards,

    atul kumar gupta
    ( 09350265600 )

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  • Bo
    Bodducherla. Vara Prasad Oct 03, 2007

    Dear Sir,

    I have one health-plus card from your bank. I am not at all using the card. So, please cancel the card immediately. Hereafter, I will not pay any extra service charges even if you put.

    My card number is:- 5176 3580 1029 3297

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  • Ga
    gavali prabhuling dhondappa Oct 04, 2007

    Sir my salary account No 1691150065154 with ATM facility without my dues are clems account is closed please send my dues by check on my home addresse

    Gavali prabhuling Dhondappa
    serve No 59. Santh gajanan Mharaj Socity, Near Shiv Chatrpati highschool, Kondwa Bk Pune 48, Pin 411048 and my mob no is 09421044180 please urgently give me reply throuth my E-Mail Addresse

    Thank your

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  • Su
    Sundeep Kumar Oct 16, 2007

    Hey, I really been surprised to see the above complaints on HDFC bank. I have a trouble too with HDFC bank, I have recently joined an organization NIPUNA SERVICE PVT LTD ( Satyam company) and the entire organization hold a HDFC bank salaried account. Nowadays as you know every one wants a loan to fulfill is needs. I have called HDFC bank for personal and credit card. The banks says NIPUNA is a "DEFAULTER" and i really dont understand how NIPUNA a big organization with over 2500 employees and a SATYAM company became a defaulter. Actually prior to NIPUNA i worked for TATA and I have a CITI BANK salaried account, the phone bank was so good that, booking of cheque book, pin change request and stop payment..., an IVR can do it. When I called to HDFC Phone Banking for anything they will guide me to HDFC BANK branch. And what the phone banking officers do at HDFC phone banking, believe it "AN IVR OF CITI BANK PHONE BANKING WILL DO IT". I hope this is not a service will be expected from this big organization and if they dont have capacity of doing the service to the corporate companies, better they withdraw the services with them. Hope HDFC bank read this message and at least they make a 0.1% better services to there customers so that they will be benefited at least.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sundeep Kumar.

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  • He
    hemalatha Oct 20, 2007


    I am holding account with HDFC from 2006. I opened an account and at that point of time did not require the online/debit card facility. In the year 2007 in month of July I went back to India and in Managalore (Karnatak) requested for a net banking facility. I received a statement with 100rs deduction for net banking but never received the net banking pin. The service at the Managlore center is very poor . I had plans of opening a joint account ,but they wanted voters id,pan card ,driver license and all sort of proof of identification(they are not happy with one single photo and address id prof). So I had to drop out the plans of opening a new account. Anyways my majore concern is the net banking pin.Is there any way I can track the net banking pin mailed to my home address??


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  • Ke
    Keisha Holliman Nov 17, 2007

    Every time I try to process my free lotto form it says that my subtraction can not be processes and that the CVV does not match the billing. I dont know if I put in the incorrect CVV number or not. Please help me figure out the problem!

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  • Pr
    Princess Angela Jugueta Nov 19, 2007


    Your subscription cannot be processed. The CVV Value you entered does not match the Billing information you provided.

    Click here to login as a different user WHY? AND WHAT I CAN DO NOW TO CONTINUE?

    Please Help me.

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  • Yo
    Yogesh B.Rathod Nov 23, 2007

    Dear Sir,

    I am YOGESH RATHOD is employee of the
    " M/s.LG Electronics Pvt.Ltd."
    Andheri East -Mumbai Branch

    We are request you to kindly provide the status of
    my Salary A/c in your HDFC Bank.

    We have already submitted in A/c opening form in
    last month to Mr.Jayprakash Hiralal Rajjak
    but we are not recd any correspondence in your bank side.

    Kindly provide / dispatch my salary a/c kits
    & cheque book below Residence address or Office Address.

    Res. Address:- Office Adrress :-
    6-B Sakil Malik Chawl, 4Th Floor, A-Wing,Trade Star,
    T.S.Colony,Opp.Badi Masjid, Andheri-Kurla Road, J.B.Nagar,
    Pathan wadi, Malad (East) Andheri (East)
    Mumbai - 400 097 Mumbai - 400 059
    Tel: 022 -28492272 Tel : 022 - 2835 2882 - 87
    Mob : 09324202626

    We are request you to send the my Salary A/c
    related Corresspondence asap.

    Pls do the needful

    Thanks & Regards.

    Yogesh B.Rathod
    LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd.
    Dty.Sales Manager Asst.

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  • Ti
    Tiru Dec 14, 2007

    Please look for comments at the following link,

    Universal Gift Ventures /

    HDFC Bank India floated this venture. All transaction money collected from this website is deposited into a HDFC Bank owned savings account in India. HDFC have known to float many of these small ventures via website in different countries to raise money for their instant debts to avoid their crash predicted starting March end 2008.

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  • Ar
    arun Jan 08, 2008

    Hidden changes. Some problem ic ECS was from bank side and they are charging as late installment fee from me. Which is not good and increase unsatisfaction.

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  • Ra
    radha Jan 22, 2008


    This is just to inform that there has been repeated calls from HDFC reg. credit card offers, during office hours and other important occasions. Even after repeated rejections to take up the card and 0 balance account, there seems to be calls 1/2 per day and everyday the same way. It looks like a kind of harrasment for a person who holds an account. Since its an official account, we cannot stay away from HDFC. If serious steps are not taken on the employees who keep bugging account holders this way, HDFC would lose its recognition eventually.


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  • Pr
    Praveen Kumar K S Feb 11, 2008

    Non co-operating customer care.

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  • Pr
    Praveen Kumar K S Feb 11, 2008

    Poor customer care. Representatives shows more frustration on customers for calling them. And forces customers to hang.

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  • Dh
    Dharmaveer kumar arya Mar 25, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    I am DHARMAVEER KUMAR ARYA is employee of the
    Emp. Id. -c55269
    exihibition road -Patna Branch

    We are request you to kindly provide the status of
    my Salary A/c in your HDFC Bank.

    We have already submitted in A/c opening form in
    last month to Mr. Amit jee 9334794008, by Mr. Suresh jee
    but we are not recd any correspondence in your bank side.

    Kindly provide / dispatch my salary a/c kits
    & cheque book below Residence address or Office Address.

    Res. Address:- Office Adrress :-
    Dharmaveer Kumar arya
    India infoline ltd.,
    Exhibition Road, Patna
    We are request you to send the my Salary A/c
    related Corresspondence asap.

    Pls do the needful

    Thanks & Regards.

    Dharmaveer Kumar arya
    India infoline ltd.,

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  • Sa
    santosh kumar Apr 19, 2008

    Actually few days back one of the employ of hdfc bank had approached to me for personal loan division. I had given all my documents to him. but so far he has not returned back to me. inspite of so many calls to him he never recieves my call. to save my tax i applied for loan. but this year my RS80, 000 tax i had pay only because of this guy. if you wont respond and say then its whose mistake. is it yours or folls like us going for loans with your bank.

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  • Pr

    change in mailing address.

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  • Ni
    Nikhil Shinde May 15, 2008

    HDFC customer service desk in Vashi is worst .. that i have ever seen or faced in any banks.. some manager Mr Arun Rajgopinathan has an attitude of being the owner of the bank.. when i went to him to have savings account opened for me .. i was forcebly giving me a gold card and when i rejected the same he dint allow me a account to open and account in this bank at vashi branch and was acting as if this is the only branch and the bank in whole world..

    If HDFC wants to grow its bussiness then they have to sack these of some guys who are creating problems for customers and they should not forget that there are sevaral new banks that are ready with much more faclty then any other.


    Nikhil Shinde

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  • Sa
    samir ghosh May 18, 2008


    I have applied for the credit card since a month ago. every formalities has been done but i am still waiting for the card. It was suppose to come on my home address.I don't want it anymore. Sorry to say but i am just fedup of your service.


    Flat no. 11, building no. 3,
    Runwal meadows (pune-mumbai highway),
    Warge, Pune, Maharashtra

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  • Ar
    archita murkute May 28, 2008

    pls let me know how to issue cheque book online i did called my hdfc bank for help but they are not able to satisfy my duobts i am really fed up i dont have time to visit my bank for my cheque book

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  • Si
    siddhartha purohit May 31, 2008

    i had applied a loan against used car from hdfc, my net income is 4 lakh 50, 000 per annum, i had submitted all my documents. then finnaly my loan got disapproved bcz my house owner said that they know us as an tennant,

    the ###ing bank dissaproved my loan. finally i applied loan from same hdfc bank from orissa, my laon got approved with in an hour . the hyderabad branch mr vijaya at raniganj is a bulshit person and also as an employee of press(hindustan times), i have infomormed our press to put the edition and compalin on hdfc, i will make the add on the paper. how certain employee make the bank ###,

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  • Kh

    I don't have a credit card, how can I do?

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  • De
    deepak Jun 13, 2008

    hello sir/mam

    my comphany name in ''jain amar clothing''
    and outlet name is ''madame'' i have complaints many times for hdfc customer care for replace my card swape machine. becuse it machine has not acccepted 'mastro card' and in this some tacnical problem customer care has allwase said to me for 5 months the new machine is out of stock.plz give me 2 days time.
    so please replace this machine imidatitly .
    thank you.

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  • Ru
    Rufi Zeya Jun 15, 2008

    I have opened a new NRO A/C in HDFC, Br. Exhibition Rd, Patna from Jeddah, K.S.A & my A/C is activated on 17April, 08.I checked my balance, Pls let me know on what reason bank has deducted Rs.100/= and Rs.12.36 from my A/C.I did not received ATM card.
    Pls.correct my E-mail id: [email protected]
    I have also met HDFC staff in Jeddah, but they are saying, just wait.
    Pls. do the needful

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  • La
    LAXMAN HARANE Jul 25, 2008

    i haven't received my credit card till now. i applied in the last month. i have given my office address, plz send it on following address. reply soon
    8th flr, paradigmbldg, Mindspace, Malad Goregaon Link Rd, Malad (W)

    cont no: 9773191822/ 9122 66506000

    thank you.

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  • La
    LAXMAN HARANE Jul 25, 2008

    i haven't received my credit card. plz send it on following address

    paradigm bldg, Mindspace, Malad Goregaon Link Rd, Malad (W) / 6

    cont no:9773191822/ 9122 66506000

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  • Cg
    C.GANESHA Aug 07, 2008


    This is Ganesha i have applied HDFC Credit card and i have provided all documents . Verification also has been done . i would like to know the status of my application . My Applcn No :cc00297283.


    C. Ganesha
    Mobile No:9967588595

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  • La
    Lakemichand. S. Bajaj Aug 07, 2008

    Can't Recieve MY D-mad A/c Statement Since Last Four Months
    A/c No: 24066754

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  • Vi
    vijay prakash Aug 26, 2008

    Overbilling by hdfccredit card by making debit twice!

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  • An
    Andrea Oct 06, 2008

    I had the same problem regarding the FREELOTTO thing. When I enter my visa number and everything it tells me that its incorrect. What I can't understand as well, if I won 1 million dollars why do they want my card details if they are going to send the money by cheque, anyway I m sure that this is some kind of scam, as they would have sent the cheque a long time ago, as FREELOTTO have been sending me emails for the past 2 months .
    If any one knows anything about these prizes and can tell me more about this site. please tell me

    Andrea, Malta

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  • Bk
    B.K. Chaturvedi Oct 13, 2008

    Even after repaeated requestes for August statement, they have not send it. I need these statemnet for Account purposes

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  • Ja
    JaiPrakash Panchal Oct 20, 2008

    Dear Manager,

    Please pay a little attention that I had applied for Life time Free Credit Card four months ago, but I have not received it yet. Please send it to me.



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  • Ra
    Rajashri Oct 21, 2008

    I have a saving account with HDFC loan with a preapproved loan of 7.50 lacs inspite of submitting the documents the application is rejected. On making an enquiry for the reasons of rejection the sales personel from their Andheri office says it is not their duty to inform me about the reasons. I was given the number by their telecaller to call some lady by the name Shital she didn't bother to return the call nor attended the call even later. There was this person who did not reveal his name who was extermely rude in replying. I biggest mistake I commited was opening an salary account with a pathetic bank like HDFC. If an HDFC customer is given this kind of treatment one can imagine what non-HDFC customers will have to face. The staff at HDFC credit and sales team is extermely rude.

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  • Mu
    Mustafa Mutlu Oct 31, 2008

    I won prize from freelotto for a long time ago. I took off my formal documents from my computer. Please send to me your
    valid mail address as soon as possible. As soon as I get your valid
    address, I am going to send you my valid formal documents on your mail address. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. My e mail:[email protected]
    My address: Mustafa Mutlu Basınevleri Basın Caddesi Söylev Sokak 8/7 Gül Apt 06120- Basınevleri- ANKARA

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