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Resolved debit amt without intimation

sir, i m puneet gupta hdfc debited rs 700 from my account without any informatin acctually i have hdfc salary account they converted my acc into saving acc but it should give me the information when i called custmer care it was phatatic u should maitain 10, 000 bal in ur account but without information how can i know that i can maintain this bal rightnow i feel cheated by hdfc bank .it is kind of theft from my acc kindlt give me soln or if i need to go to consumer court i can go plz give me way i will very thak ful to u

  • Su
    sudhanshu kumar Aug 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Debit amt without intimation
    I am Sudhanshu kumar hdfc bank debited rs827.25 from my account
    without any information .I have hdfc savings account. when called coustmer care it was phatatic u should maintain Rs10000/-bal in ur ac but without any information amt debited.
    so pl reverse my debit amt pl credit

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  • Su
    sudhanshu kumar Aug 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    pl adjust debit amt

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  • Vi
    vipan aggarwal May 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have opened a new S/Account with HDFC last month. first I never received the customer ID and net Banking password.After repeated applications now I have received net banking password but not the customer Id failing which I am unable to operate net banking. What should I do? should I close my account with HDFC and switch over to some other bank who will provide me the facility at first step.

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  • Te
    tewari Feb 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my father sri rajendra prasad tewari had policy pradhan mantri suraksha bima yojana from hdfc bamk shibpur howrah branch he was died in road accident claim submitted in bank but bank is not co-operating me

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  • Dear Customer,

    Please mail us the branch details, your policy details, customer id and registered contact number at [email protected], mentioning ref id as TTU260216-01 in the subject line. We will check and get back to you.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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Resolved account balance

Dear Sir/Madam, My relative Mr. Liton Shaha holding a bank account with IOB Ac count no.10357 SB Account...

car theft and bank hassles


I had bought my Tata Safari (Pearl White) (DL 3C BB 1638) in the 2nd week of May which got stolen from the designated parking lot in front of my house 10 days back..

It took me 4 days to get the FIR lodged. The police themselves has a very lacklustre attitude towards the entire exercise..
They dont think twice, when they say that "Bhai saab, yahan hur din itni gaadiyan chori hoti hai, aap kyu pareshan hote ho.. Jao baitho aa jaana 2 months baad, non traceable report le lena aur insurance claim ker lena".

Just want to mention here when someone buys a car he/she is emotionally attached to it. We from middle class family buy a car after lots of homework and all due diligence done on financial part..

Here I had taken car loan from HDFC Bank Limited who is again asking to pay a hefty foreclosure charges of 6%. As per them they are not concerned of what happened to vehicle but just concerned with the money. Even after telling them that it would be a forced fore-closure as I would not had for-closed it if been using the vehicle.
In this case the car is stolen and I am forced to closed it once get money from the insurance company and that too after a long wait of 3-4 month's time.
Even after the car is stolen, I honoured my EMI cheque and did not let it bounce.

Now my question is:

1. Why should I keep paying the monthly instalments when I am not using the product and have informed all the concerned authorities ie Police, Bank and Insurance Company?

2. If from the Day-1 the risk is covered by the Insurance company then why am I forced to clear my monthly instalments? Is not this the Consumer Rights Violation??

3. If it takes 4 months for the insurance compant to clear the money then why should I be held responsible to pay the interest amount till that time?? It should be the Insurance company's liability..

Please help and suggest me on this...

manish agrawal

  • Am
    Amit U Jain Sep 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our company was remitted a fund from our UK based client. The client had not mentioned our Indore branch account number - this needs to be communicated to the branch for claiming the amount - that I have done almost a week back. The cluster head - Sanjay Panjwani - does not care to authorize due to his preoccupations - as reported by relationship manager. I have written to the bank's md as well.

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Resolved rude behaviour by phone banking rep

I have a complain regarding my interaction with one of the phone banking representative.

I had some queries related to net banking and as I received a message from bank, stating that for any assistance I can call up Phone banking, but when I called, Ms. Ritu picked up the call and was really rude and not at all ready to help. It seems to me as if she just wanted to avoid the call or wrap the call asap.

The lady was not ready to register my complain regarding the activation of Net banking feature and simply asked me to wait. On asking her till what time should I wait she got irate and offered me to talk to her supervisor. but instead came back and registered the complaint.

Comlaint Number: DEL 092110

Representative Name: Ritu:

Then when I asked for the supervisor, Ms. Preeti took the call

  • Sa
    Sathyakiran Sep 08, 2009

    I agree with you completely... HDFC members are all in a hurry to cut the call. They are not listening to us completely but simply putting us across the IVR. The management will have to sure take this into account and take suitable steps so as to increase the AHT (average handling time) so that we won't get often put into the IVR without even listening to our query completely...

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Resolved threat from credit card collections dept.

Hi human helpers, My name is sumeet kumar thakre... I used to work with wipro ltd. , I have received a...

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Resolved cash not received

Actually I used my atm card of bob bank in hdfc atm center mansarovar jaipur (Patel marg) with request of withdrawl of rs 5000 / on 19th may but cash was not received by me and the amount is debited in my account I have make a complain against this in bob and now m requesting u to solve my problm and return my cash m a student plz consider my reqest as soon as possible my contact no.

Resolved atm txn declined, money debited from sb nre a/c of hdfc bank

Dear sir, My hdfc bank debit card no is [protected] and sb nre a/c no. [protected] (vijay kumar...

Resolved used car lone

Whoever wants to apply for a car loan M.ASOKKUMAAR

I am from CHENNAI and I applied for a used car loan in HDFC bank 23 days ago (they told me the loan will be sanctioned in 4 days). All the requested documents were given to them and the verification process began (thats what they told me than). After 2 days one of their executives came home for address verification and took all the details and they came to my office and did all their verification stuff. They told me they required additional details which i provided them. They also did the car evaluation stuff. After that for 5 days thye kept telling me that the credit/risk team is doing another verification check and they needed a guarantor, which i provided. They have called me over 20 times for a verification check. AFTER PASSD LONE AFTER TWO DAY CHQ RECIVED 13.06.2009 TILL TIME ALL SO RC BOOK NOT REVICED IAM PURCH FROM CUSTOMER HOW DAYS WAITING PAY MENT U ALL SO THINKING


Resolved hdfc credit card misuse

This is regarding my HDFC Credit card [protected]).

I lost my card on 27th Apr 2009 and it was misused for Rs. 13, 685, with in an hour i called to customer care and blocked the card.

One of HDFC executive called for the Transaction (Rs.13, 685) confirmation, i confirmed saying No, i didn't done the transaction.

On the same day i file a complaint in HAL Police Station, Bangalore and i filled the Dispute Form and did Fax ( Both Dispute Form and Police Complaint Form) on 28th Apr 2009.

I received a call from HDFC investigation department and they also confirmed saying the card was used by some other guy, they inquired in the shop where the transaction was happen.

I received this Card three weeks before the Card lost and this is the first ans last transaction happen.

HDFC customer care guys are harassing me for payment.

They took more than three days for providing the transaction details and unable to provide shop details from where the transaction happen.

Resolved kyc document missing

I have requested to create an security account with hdfc bank, madipakkam branch, chennai. I am an nri staying in singapore. If I send thru post, they used to convey the message from bombay office "they never receive the documents". This time I personally submitted to the branch on last nov 2008. I have been following up with them for the account status.in march I got a answer from the bank "the forms which I personally submitted to the branch is missing". Somebody named "ganesh", zonal manager for south called me on this issue and stated that this is quite normal in hdfc bank and they want to sign again one more documents. I really felt ashamed on the service provided by them. Is somebody knows how to proceed legally?

Resolved ecs money not received

I am an NRI working in a senior level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I send Rs.60000 via electronic transfer from Al Rajhi Bank at Jubail on 01.03.2009. When I checked, I came to know from the HDFC bank authorities that the money is credited in my account (SB A/C No. [protected], at Kalamassery Branch in Cochin, Kerala) on 02.03.2009 but it had been reversed back to Al Rajhi bank on the same day as per them. When I checked with the Al Rajhi bank authorities, they confirmed that the money had not reached them till now and they have registered a complaint against the same also.

I am registering a complaint here by and I am disappointed with your bank’s performance and want to know that how the money can be reversed after crediting to the account. Also due to such happenings our faith in your bank is deteriorating day by day. Also I want to point out that two of my cheques to your bank might have got bounced by now due to the problem and you might have debited the demurrage promptly by now. We the customers are not only loosing the money but also have to go through high tension due to such incidents. It is not at all good for a reputed bank like yours which claims to be customer friendly.

Expecting an immediate reply and solution,

Yours truly,

Manoj Chandrasekharan Nair
Mob. No. [protected]

Resolved interst rate

Dear Sir,

I have HDFC bank home loan from last 2.5 yrs. Right now as every bank have down their interest rate which is around at 9 %. But HDFC bank still charging me 11.75% of interst rate.
Therefore I called their CCE & asked my query like why they are charging this much of higher interest rate for a old customer.

On this I got reply as I can decrese this interest rate by paying 0.5% on the principal outstanding amount. so my query is why bank is asking to customer to pay an extra amount for decresing the interest rate ? Why should I pay any extra amount for this ?

Also ... Initially bank offered me home loan & it was based on my monthly income & other related things. But as of now when bank is incresing their interst rate then why they are not considering the economical condition of their customer. This will not remains same all the time.

Please consider my complaint and do the needful.

Thanks & Regards


  • Ve
    VenkataRao Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even I too got cheated by HFDC the same way and still looking for god to help us as neither the RBI nor the Government are doing nothing to save the people from these blood drinkers.

    I pray god to give proper mind to RBI & the GOVT to consider this issue soon and save the people from these banks. Please do not go for home loans in any bank that gives loan on their Bench Mark Lending Rate(like PLR /BPLR..) instead of BASE RATE.

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  • Pa
    Padmanabh Soman Jun 22, 2014

    HDFC is exploiting the floating rate agreement based on RPLR in bad faith.
    Over the 12 months - 2013 - 2014, HDFC has increased the spread offered on new loans. The old customers remain tied to the existing spread as the RPLR remains unchanged.

    HDFC actually charges old customers to move them to a lower rate - even when there is no change in credit scores or other circumstances, with an excuse that the contract with HDFC specifies a spread.
    HDFC conveniently forgets that the agreement also requires HDFC to revise the RPLR. HDFC is simply gaming the agreements by playing around with the spreads.

    A good faith floating rate agreement requires HDFC should revise rates for all customers.

    Can someone advise is this can be taken to the consumer courts to change HDFCs behaviour?

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Resolved possible fraud with signature

Want to warn all people in Dubai and other emirates of UAE not to open an NRE account or NRE fixed deposit account with any local representative of the HDFC bank in Dubai. I did that, and later on discoveredthat wrong signatures are registered with the accoutn and somebody has signed fake signature change forms. On questioning I was told that the boys do this somtimes and there is no problem with it!

They are completely ignoring the standard and safe banking parctices and doing all kind of irregular transactions for some purposewhich might not be legal.

  • Zu
    ZUBER AHMED Feb 25, 2009

    I Have open NRI account in your bank in 2004, from WAZARAT center in Saudi Arabia. On that time bank send me ATM card & pin number on my post box address bank can not forward my check book.
    Befor few month I will contect to your custemer care service to provide check book but still I cant recived my check book so please forward my check book on my po.box address. I will write my account detail bellow.
    CUSTOMER NO. 471-852609
    AC.NO 4386242001240443

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  • Gu
    Gunwant Dhaliwal, MD Oct 13, 2013

    HDFC Bank committed a Fraud of Rs 18 Lac by forging my signature to withdraw money from NRI Acct. without authorization for investing in HDFC Life Policies.
    Had been fighting for 6 months, documents clearly show FORGED SIGNATURES.
    Registered case with EOW and Reserve Bank of India.
    Any other suggestions ??

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  • Ha
    HARIYOGA Dec 16, 2014


    I have registered NRE account - HDFC BANK a/c no - 01331060005248 and sent $100 check to the address given asking to remit to my HDFC NRE account .

    Looks amount is taken from my account here in USA and not been remitted to my account at HDFC bank, J.P. NAGAR 2nd phase, Bangalore, Karnataka.

    Please let me know when you are going to remit the amount to my account. Even after 21 days it is not remitted to my account, and giving the nonsense reason like interanational clearance, I need my amount in my account soon.

    Looking for your immediate feedback.

    Harikrishan Yoga

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  • Sh
    Shajupnr Jun 30, 2017

    HDFC has the worst NRI service interms of opening an NRI service and service there after

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  • Mc
    mcmattu Sep 13, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Shajupnr Can you mention your experience here about it? I am planning to open a NRE account along with NRI fixed deposit. Can you comment so that I can decide?

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For some reason my netbanking got blocked and when I spoke to the customer care executives they told me that it was blocked due to a request given by me. Can u imagine how absurd that is? In fact the customer service exec asked me if it had to be done and I said no. Now I am out of the country and not in a postion to make any sort of cash transfers online. What bothers me is that even after committing such a blunder they have the audacity to tell me that its going to take another 7 days to reset and recieve the new password. All this while I always thought that it was a great bank. This experience has completely changed my opinion. In fact I believe that ICICI seems to have an definite edge over them.

  • Dear Sir, I haves sent you email on [email protected] as regards the nonfunctioning of my network password due to nonuse of it for a considerable time. However I haven't receieved your any respose till date! Your complaint form asks for a credit card number which I don't possess! I am having a debit card and I took it as advised by your staff member that it would help me to reset my password on netbanking! Your complain form is funnY! It's precondition is to possess a crdit card! Don't the banks in India can think how ot formulate the complaint form or they don't simply want to receive it? I am an ex-staff member of Bank of Baroda and they have a same "brains" as the one your "brains" are having! They have a complaint form as you have or a little better, but the complaint never reaches them since it's connection is not properly set! Now may I have to undergo the same ordeal? Since I fail to find a complaint form on your submit complaint I am using this platform. I am having my account with your shankar shet road Pune branch which is 01041330002899 which I provide you to find my reference with your bank since I am afraid my mail must have been ignored or deleted so far! Yours faithfully, kdchitnis.

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  • Dear Sir, my complaint is above. Please attend it fast. Yours kdchitnis.

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  • Now What?

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  • Ra
    Ravinder Bassi Mar 18, 2011

    My netbanking has been blocked without any reason and it's been 3 months now i am struggling...

    Worst bank i have ever have relationship with...

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fraud on my account by bank

I have NRE Account with HDFC, recently Rs.40, 000.00 has been withdran from my account fradulently, I got withdrawal alert on my e-mail and I called up to HDFC Bank-Mumbai to ask about this withdrawal, at first no body was giving me proper response and almost half an hour i kept on calling from Dubai to Mumbai by my Mobile and landline, at last I got somebody to reply and he infomred me that through my 'Debit Card' which is given by HDFC bank, cash has been withdrawn and somebody has purchased materials from some shop, cash has been withdrawn by ATM machine in Russia, I imediately same time asked customer service staff to block my debit card.

How can it be possible that anyone can withdraw money cash in Russia ? whereas I am here in Dubai, U.A.E. with my Debit card which is underlock and key. I have not been to Russia any time, even I have not given my debit card to anyone even to my wife so far to use it.

My Complain no. with HDFC is [protected] and enquiry ref. no.

Can anyone help me to get my money back to my account ?

I am looking for Indian government to interfere in this matter, I need RBI interference to this matteril, I want this matter must be interfered by bank associations in India and abroad.

I need assistance of a lawyer who can fight with my complain case.

This must be done by following things :-

a)Either HDFC computer syster has got error or
b)Some body has breached HDFC security system or
c)This is done in association with top employee of the company or
e)This is done with full knowledge to save some body in the bank.
f)Or This sidone to save to the bank from finalcial crisis and they are choosing NRI so that they will not complain to the right institution.
g)Or HDFC security system is not proper .

Who can be responsible for the above things, only HDFC not a customer like me.

I need help from all the quarters to stop fraudulent activities of this kind of bank.

I am fully sure that HDFC is fully involved in this kind of activities.

I am not going to leave any stone unturned to get my money bank. HDFC has to pay my money back.

Please help me if you can on my e-mail ID [protected]@yahoo.com, My name is Rajesh

fraud account statement

I really feel insecure to have account with HDFC.On 06-Sep-08 Rupees 2300 withdrawn from my account. But i didn't even go to ATM that day and i hold my card. Phone inquiry says i withdrawn money from an ATM. I don't know how can i get my money back... HDFC shows like they are not responsible this!!!

  • Ha
    HARMINDER SINGH Sep 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have opened my account in HDFC bank branch kabir park opp. gurnanak dev university Amritsar on 22/07/08.
    I have not received my cheq book and other documents which are given by the bank after opening the account. I have received the message of opening my account on my phone after 5 days after opening my account and i have conformed my a/c no from the custormer care my a/c no. is 04761000036815 . I have gone to the branch three times but no one gave response . I think the branch is not under a responsible person.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh K.Pathak Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am NRI and holder of HDFC NRE account, Rs.40, 000.00 has been fraudly withdrawn from my account on 25/09/2008 and 26/09/2008. I asked the bank and they said that cash is withdrawn from ATM machine at some places in Russia. I am in Dubai and have not given my debit card or used it and it is under lock and key with me. How it can happen that anybody can use my debit card and take out money in Russia, I have never been to Russia in my entire life. I asked the bank and they say that I am responsible for this as debit card is with me.

    I am asking that how it is possible for me to go to Russia and take out money and come back same day in Dubai ? it is impossible. It is HDFC bank responsiblity to give my money back.

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worst abusing agent collection

This is inform every one in Delhi phone.no. 011-[protected] hdfc credit card collection. How hdfc credit card payment collections work when Ur hospitalized and u pay after due date, they abused on phone and ur staff(who ever picks the phone) and even threatens u to tarnish Ur image and spread rumors in Ur neighborhood calling every one saying vague/misleading things that u own them a lot money in lacs, even when u don't own them money.Even u always pay on time.

They abused on phone many times to our neighbor & threatens them, ask them to call you. They have the worst person employed in hdfc card collection the girls are worst men too, they just don't listen to any one just threatens and keep calling and abusing every one. At last fed up with harassment and calls i made a complaint to hdfc website and FIR to the police station. Then these calls stopped.

This is the worst ever experience... in my life. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY SERVICES FROM THIS BANK -- HDFC BANK!

If u have the same experience let every one know!!


  • Na
    Naveen gupta Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ru right ya only hdfc credits card ka nahi hay.sbsay jayda fraud or rong charges icici bank balay lgatay hay.kahtay kuch hy hota kuch or hay.paymant ac may honay kay baad bhee cheak bauns karay hay or late charge lagaty hay or finace charge lagatya hay.or jitni jayda say jayda cheting ho sakay bo kartay hay.

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  • Ni
    Nitesh Vij Nov 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Long time back in 2003, i opted for HDFC Credit Card Number 4346 7710 0318 0230(The biggest mistake of my Life)...

    Every thing was going Okay ..In 2005 my adddress changed as i shifted from Delhi to Pune...I called the HDFC Credit card Customer care Number ..They asked me to verify my company's address ..I used to work with Vcustomer at that time...
    I verified my address that i gave while filing the credit card applications ..I told them this is my company address

    Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate
    Mathura Road
    New Delhi, India 110044

    But that Girl refused that this is the incorrect address.We have some thing else in our records..I told her if you have something else, then please correct it but she refused and said sorry i won't change your address as Yours identification is not verified..

    I waited for some months and finally i got the call from the recoery agent of HDFC in that there is some outstanding on this card..I told him the above story and told him that i want to settle this amount ..I dont want to be a defaulter ..I said him that i am ready to pay that i have actually spent on the card as it was not my fault that you guys did not send me the statements at my address as the lady refused to change my address..Something around 17000 was the principal amount at that time...

    He told me to pay 20, 000..

    I paid him 18, 500 by citi bank cheque Number "665557" -Status Cleared
    700 rs were deposited in their local branch in Pune..(have the transcripts with me)..
    rest 800 rs i tried to pay at that timeonline, but some how transcattion failed and i was not awrae of that ..I assumed that i am clear.

    So No notification was send to me at my address, and their recovery agent t ook my new contact address..

    After three years yestrday i got the letter from their advocate that your outstanding is 33000 ruppes...

    Can you imagine 800 rs -> got converted to 33, 000 K rupees in 3 years..

    i asked the person whose number was mentioned in the letter, that why you guys did not tellme at that time that 800 rs is pending ..Why you guys are coming to me after three years and saying that you need to pay 33, 000 rs ..But that guy abused me and said that you need to pay or bear the consequence...

    Defaulter is a person who does not want to pay..I wanted to pay but still i am getting harrassed by these guys..

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loan disbursement

I applied for the personal loan with HDFC bank. At the time of application i was assured that loan will be sanctioned within 7 days and fund will be transfered to your account. After 20 days of Application HDFC bank employees are unable to process the loan and still don't know the exact status of the loan.

  • Di
    Dikshit Feb 01, 2009

    HDFC has been the least of helpfull when it comes to getting the loan disbursed. I applied for the loan almost 6 months back and the slimy sales person (read Swapnil Kattur from Pune) took the processing fees of almost 15K from me within 2 days. Initially my project was not approved by the bank and now that the project is approved, HDFC has RE_CALCULATED the terms of my sanction amount and reduced it by 5 Lacs !!!
    I really do not understand what right does HDFC have to re-draw the terms and conditions, since it was the failure on its OWN part in dibusring the loan till date.
    I really tihnk HDFC is cheating people by charging processing fees and then not being helpfull at all.

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  • Dh
    dhiraj sarkar May 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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credit card cheating


I owed Rs 55000 in Nov 2006 and there was a dipsuted transaction of Rs15000 on my card for which HDFC did not credited the amount to Merchant Account, and there after I kept paying the min amount which already closed to Rs 50000 until now and requested to remove the 15000 transaction and send the clear statement to me so that I will clear the complete outstanding. They said they need my signature to rollback the transaction and I've sent the letter, But they never rolled back that and keep adding finance charges for that amount as well.

In meanwhile agent was collecting the payments and agreed for Rs11000 final settlement, but when I called back they said they did not talk to us at all and they dont know.

On Aug 16 HDFC Credit card Collection department has transfered RS 64671.81 from my HDFC savings account without my concent and authorization from me and they made my saving account to zero balance.

I am planning to bring up this issue to Media and as well proceed legally for transfering the funds without my concent, so that this will not repeat to any other customer.



non transfer of funds

I transferred 4000GBP from UK to my NRO account in HDFC india. It has been about 10 days and the money has still not reached my HDFC account in India. After emailing quick remit and hdfc bank and also using phone banking there has been no luck. Nobody can seem to find out what is happening. To top all this quick remit do not have a phone no where they can be contacted, there is only an email address on their website and when you send an email you get back an automated reply.

I am still chasing hdfc and escalating further to resolve this.


  • Ra
    Rajesh Kumar Nov 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    R/Sir I have one mistak my side I have deposit the Amount of Rs.12, 500. in Account Number is 04111540021895 is Ok and the name of Urooj Saved . I maistak, the one recipt is Ok the Number is 0411154002189 my mistak is last one is 5 .

    Write number is 04111540021895. Mr Dhiraj is reni g me . I hank to Dharage The Branch code 459 Palwal Haryana Dated on 14/11/2008 Pl cleare the payments


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