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Complaints & Reviews

charges debited towards service charges for non-maintaining sufficient balance in savings account no : [protected], cust id : 1302689

This is to bring to your kind notice that HDFC bank has debited a sum of Rs.827.25 on 09-07-09 citing that I have not maintained adequate balance in my subject savings account.

Please note that I also had a fixed deposit a/c in the same bank (Ref Account No : [protected]) where there was a clear balance of Rs.8016.56. Since both the accounts were interlinked and also had a sweep in facility attached to it, bank's claim of non maintenance of sufficient balance in my savings account does not arise.

The subject account was a corporate salary account opened by my previous employer in the year 1999 and since then I was having banking relations with HDFC Bank and had number of fixed deposits with them. I was compelled to close this account only on 27-08-2009 since I was unsatisfied with the service rendered by the bank. Bank also has not informed me while converting my Corporate Salary A/C into a normal savings account when I left my previous job and joined in a new company.

I seek proper justice on this issue.

recovery people trochering

sir please help me i am not getting sleep. with trocher of collection & recovery people i am not having any job they are asking to pay the paymet for credit card when that time they told only on salary base they have provided the card but when i am not having income source then how can i pay the pay ment please help me. one more important thing is my mother is hart patient

harassment by gayatri of hdfc bank in closing sba for so long.

25th August, 2009

How the Branch Manager Ms. Gayatri Krishna Rao of the “Churchgate HDFC Bank Branch” has been harassing us, for what- just to close the Saving Account of one of our family members (deceased) for so long, coming up every time with a new cooked up illegal and unethical demand.

(1) After the sudden demise of one of our family member, we applied for the closure of the saving account (SBA). HDFC phone banking said - A simple application letter + the Death Certificate would suffice the purpose. We submitted. No result.
(2) On reminder, this Gayatri asked us to submit the Closure Form. OK. We again submitted our second letter + their Closure Form + the Death Certificate too, to their staff Mr. Kaushal Saiya on 10th June, 2009. Nothing happened.
(3) We lodged our grievance to their Phone Banking Services. We were given the complaint no. “MUN-054906” on 24th June, 2009 by Ms.Meena of HDFC. Again nothing happened.
(4) We again spoke to HDFC Phone Banking Services- Mr. Prartik & his senior Ms. Shilpa only to face all the vague answers.
(5) We pointed out to Gayatri that this SBA (with OD facility) of the deceased person could be misused by any miscreant. Hence the SBA ought to be closed immediately without any further manipulated delay. But this Gayatri remained too adamant.
(6) She cooked up a new excuse and said- SBA could not be closed as this SBA is linked with FD and these two could not be separated. How ridiculous.
(7) We have categorically mentioned in our closure application to de-link these FD with SBA and close the SBA.
(8) These FD were linked to SBA on our request only and thus could be very well de-linked as and when we want; as such a link is never mandatory but totally optional for the account holder.
(9) To authenticate the fact, we inquired with several banks and submitted the reply of the top leading bank SCB, categorically saying- “FD link with SBA is purely optional and could be de-linked any time as per the account holder’s wish.”
(10) ON this, Gayatri had to keep quiet over her illegal refusal to de-link FD & SBA.
(11) We reported the matter to Media. And thus being frustrated, this Gayatri demanded a heap of unnecessary documents from us with hell of the tedious formalities as follows.
a) ID & address of the Claimant & ID proof of Legal Heir
b) 2 Guarantors required. (Should not be relatives)
c) ID proof & latest Salary slip or IT returns copy of the guarantor.
d) Letter of Indemnity to be franked for Rs 300/-
(12) We clarified categorically that all their demand are totally illegal and unethical as they demand to follow heap of tedious formalities with Rs. 300=00 stamp paper; while the balance in this SBA is Rs. 13=71. (Thirteen rupees and paise seventy-one only.) Hence we have forgone our claim for this trifle amount.
(13) And for closing the SBA, the needed closure form and death certificate were already submitted to them hundred times. NOW- WE GOT NO REPLY from Gayatri as it seems she has fallen short of any more harassing dirty tricks.
(14) We emailed our grievance to “HDFC Grievance Cell”; under the Subject head as -“HBL=[protected]- Hell of the harassment & trauma created by this lady in each and every of our case for so long.” The ref no. allotted by HDFC GC was “A51891070”.
(15) And then what these people have done to us. They made a mockery of our grievance.
(16) “HDFC Grievance Cell” said- WAIT for 5 working days for our reply. And then, after 5 days on our reminder, they again said- wait for further 5 working days. And after the next 5 days, they said- wait for the next few days. And their such demand to wait further and further is still going on since 11th July, 2009
-R K Agarwal. Mumbai.

  • So
    Someone helping Aug 27, 2009

    Hi Mr. Agarwal,

    Why don't you contact the Banking Ombudsman at RBI. Currently I think it is a lady and her contact details are available on the RBI Website.

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  • Sa
    Santosh Bhagwat Jul 07, 2010

    Hi, This is santosh bhagwat. I also wanted to close my saving bank account. I formally submitted my account closure request at HDFC branch in Lonavala, Pune. The banking officer was not ready to close my account. She asked to meet branch manager and get a confirmation from him. We had a meeting and explained all the reasons for closing my account. I wasn't happy with the services bank was offering. Hence i mentioned honestly the reasons in their closure form. After submitting the form, I asked for a receipt but they don't give receipt for such requests. It was expected to close this account in 4 working days. but its still active in their records and they kept on charging penalties for not maintaining minimum balance in account. I suspect the officer has purposefully not forwarded my application ahead. They are not ready to close my account.

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personal loan

I have a savings account (AC no. [protected] ) in HDFC Bank at Hitec city Branch, Madhapur, Hyderabad since last 26 months. I also have loan with the same bank. My track was very good as none of my cheques have bounced till date.

I recently applied for a personal loan of Rs.1, 60, 000 in my bank(loan ref no:[protected]) and was assured by the sales executive and his manager that i was eligible to get the loan (also they made me close an existing Staff loan which I had in my company to have the eligibility) and was asked to show the papers.The process has started and they found my track is also good, as CIBIL report was pretty decent enough and none of enquiries have failed. Then suddenly these people rejected my application without a valid reason explained to me.I was totally shocked by this unproffessional behaviour of this bank. When I asked the reason they are telling as I have another loan I cannot apply for this loan, if that is the case, the sales manager should have informed me well in advance, if not then the credit people have no right to stop my file as I am having eligibility and good track record they cannot reject my file just like that with out proper reason explained to the customer. Stragely the costumer care department is also does not answer our queries satisfactorily.

What is it? Are these guys just making a fool of us or what? Who should we address such issues to? What was my fault in this whole scene? Of course I am in great need of money, and that is why I applied for this loan. Are these guys just playing with our emotions and need, or simply, with us? I wanted to escalate the issue to the higher authorities of the HDFC bank, but then... there are no contact details available, not even with the customercare... Is this what they call "Customer Service"?

I want to know if the assurances that HDFC gives are just limited till their brochures.
I request the bank management to pay attention to this.

  • Ra
    Ranjit Kath Barooah Sep 11, 2007

    No response from HDFC regarding personal loan, though contacted thrice through phone banking.

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  • Su
    Suresh Natarajan May 19, 2008

    Sub : Delay in personal loan process -reg.

    As I am a salary a/c holder for the past 3 years in HDFC Bank, I have applied for the personal loan on 7-April-2008 in T.Nagar branch.Triggering of the loan process was done through HDFC call center people (in loan section) canvassing business over mobile phone and they promised that the loan will be sanctioned with-in 7 days from the date of apply.

    Even though all documents submitted and verifications done successfully, Yet I didn't get any proper response / status updates from those people / bank.

    If the loan could not be processed then please return my documents.

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  • Ra
    Ravish Kumar Jan 03, 2009

    I am Ravish Kumar. I applied for the personnel loan on 15 Dec, 2008 and the concerned persons of hdfc bank told me that they will transfer the loan into my account with in a week but till now (3 jan, 2009)i could not find any response from HDFC Bank. Please let me know whether you are interestd to provide personnel loan to me or not. I applied for the loan of Rs 50 thousand with EMI of 2520 p/m for 2 years but could not getting any response from the HDFC bank. I called so many times to the concerned persons of the HDFC bank and on each time i got response that your file is in process and within 1 or 2 days loan will be transferred to your account. I am still waiting for those 1 or 2 days that are not ending from last 20 days... For more details please call me at 9463391880. Please take some action to avoid further inconvenience.
    Ravish kumar

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  • Su
    Suba Aug 07, 2009

    Sub : Request you to revise my Rs. 827/- against AQD deductions belongs to Salary Account.

    Dear Sir,

    This is Subashini. I am having salary account in HDFC bank since May 2008. From that day my salary is getting cleared in the same account without fail. Inspite of AQD, the sum of Rs.827 has been deducted from my account. Kindly reverse the amount and help me for the same. My Account Number is 01661050088181.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

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  • Mu
    MUKUL SINGH Mar 26, 2011

    Dear All,
    I hereby draw your kind attention that i have a personal loan of 3lac bearing # 12459270 whcih was taken in the year 2008 and is sechduled to close in 2012...I have not defaulted in any of the emis, though ECS get bounced and i pay the emi 7456 on 26th of every month... to-day a caller called up and i ask her to send an executove on monday for the same.. she took time of 10-12.. then after an hr your officer Tanisha called up and sys i will have to pay to-day and wh will not given time till 28th...and then she even used a word " defaulter" to treat me and compelled me to pay to-day in threatning way .. she even sys if not paid to-day then she will send executives everyday...she was shouting on top of her voice and used other unparliamentry words...
    i want to ask one thing that is this the way to treat somebody who is not even one payment default and in current status...
    i need a reply on the same on my e-mail id " [email protected]"

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  • Su
    SUJAN P L Apr 21, 2013

    respected sir,
    i am working in a hospital, were i too stay, which is a company provided hostel.recently i have applied for a loan (personal loan) in hdfc, they have got all of my requirements two times and at the final process they say that my loan has been rejected.i never told me the reason for that. Meanwhile my friends everyone got the loan for the same address and proof which i have submitted.so sir please look in to it and make the clearance.

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The person calling for collection is using foul langauage and asking me to change my husband as i cannot make payments or beg on the streets for the same the person calling from HDFC is Mr. HARPREET and a female friend of his the numbers from which i am reciving calls are 011 [protected], [protected]. [protected], [protected], [protected],
i agree my check got bounced is this the scene if payments get delayed i intially asked them to relaxe and talk but after repeated efforts when i got no response i came to their level, but is it that if your checks get bounced come to me but is this the way to do things
And these male and females hired by HDFC are very sure that lodge my complaint on any platform it wont matter to me.

i will keep abusing you and hitting your personnel life like how you earn how to sell urself and earn or beg and many more things

WAT IS THE SOLUTION to all this?

  • Sa
    Sandeep735551 Oct 02, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I Sandeep arora, Karnak has issued a credit card fron HDFC Bank. I did't got any statements from bank & on the purchaseing of 12-13K, I have paid 17K approx but still getting harrasments. Bank is claiming very high R.O.I from me instead of commitment of 11% annualy by executive.
    Pls help me. I want to pay my balance.I am not getting how much i have to pay & to whom?
    Pls call as accepted

    Sandeep Arora,

    BCC to : SP, Karnal, HDFC Manager, Karnal,

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limit decreasd

i am very disappointed because i am using hdfc bank credit card in last 1year and i give u a timely payment...

discripency in fixed deposits

Dear Sir,
I got the following two fixed deposits issued with senior citizen and nomination facility from Centurion Bank of Punjab.

A/c no. Amount Date of renewal Rate of interest Period
[protected] 86106 17.05.09 8% 15M 15 days
[protected] 48545 22.05.09 6.5% 15M 15days
Renewed by HDFC Bank Kirti NAGAR Ext. Br. New Delhi and Karol Bagh branches respectively.

After the merger of CBOP the HDFC bank Branches had auto renewed the above mentioned fixed deposits on due dates. The following discrepancies have been observed which need immediate rectification.
a) Why there is difference in rate of interest, when the renewal dates of these deposits are very close?
b) Whether these fixed deposits carry the senior citizen benefit?
c) The nominations already submitted and mentioned on the fixed deposits be carried forward. However I have again submitted the nomination applications through your Kalkaji New Delhi Branch on 20th August 2009 to the home branches of these deposits (the Kalkaji branch did not do so as the signature of the depositor was not scanned.) Please incorporate the nomination and advise

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully
(D.D. Arora)
G-3 Saket,
New Delhi-110017
Ph. –011-[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@gmail.com

to relies my three months salary and full and final settlement.

H.R Dept. Block No. 8, Ground Floor
Ambika Mills Compound Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai- 400013

Dear Sir/ Madam

Sub: To relies my three months salary and full and final settlement.

I am Mohammed Gulfam employee code 51564 was an employee in Hamidia Road Bhopal Branch (0400) as a Contract Sales Executive (Branch Coex).
Sir, I Have submitted my resignation latter to my branch manager Mr. Alok Bordia but I have Still not Able to get my Salary for the period of above Mentioned date that is from April 2009 To June 2009.
Sir, My Basic Salary Was Rs-7500&Rs-2500 a Conveyance Allowance and Total of Rs-10000/- per month. And I didn’t received last four months incentive from Mar 2009 to June 2009.
my salary a/c is [protected]
My provident fund total is Rs. 29880/- but I received Rs. 20554/- only.
this is my query
now i am requesting you to release my thee month salary and remaining amount of provident fund .i have enclosed my resignation copy with this mail pleas find the attachment
pleas do the needful as soon as possible.
Thanks & Regards
Mohd Gulfam
Contract Sales Ececutive
Employee code 51564
Branch Code 0400
Mob. [protected]

  • Du
    dubey abhinav Aug 21, 2009

    Dear Sir/ Madam<br />
    <br />
    Sub: To relies my three months salary and full and final settlement.<br />
    <br />
    I am Abhinav Dubey employee code 69044 was an employee in main road korba Branch (0918) as a Contract Sales Executive (Branch Coex).<br />
    Sir, I Have submitted my resignation latter to my branch manager Mr. Anurag jain but I have Still not Able to get my Salary for the period of above Mentioned date that is from may 2009 To July n2009.<br />
    Sir, My Basic Salary Was Rs-5500&Rs-2500 a Conveyance Allowance and Total of Rs-8, 000/- per month. And I didn’t received last three months incentive .my salary a/c is 04001040000253<br />

    this is my query<br />
    now i am requesting you to release my thee month salary and remaining amount of provident fund .i have enclosed my resignation copy with this mail pleas find the attachment <br />
    pleas do the needful as soon as possible. <br />
    Thanks & Regards<br />
    Abhinav Dubey<br />
    Contract Sales Ececutive<br />
    Employee code 69044<br />
    Branch Code 0918<br />
    Mob. 09993324903

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  • Pa
    PANDYA DIPAK Nov 14, 2009


    MY CONTACT NO. IS -> + 91 - 963 888 0707
    MY MAIL ID IS -> [email protected]
    MY EMPLOYEE CODE -> 67790


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  • Ni
    nileshkshatriya Feb 18, 2010

    my self Nilesh my current a/c HDFC Anand, I am taking Vehical loan from HDFC, Anand, I wants my loan statement I write on application for my company lettar pad but HDFC anand Employee give me very bad response, He say some valgure language I contact Mr. Deepak (Cell No. 9427540202 ) he is Head form Loan Dep. he is living Baroda I try many time his contact no. but he is not recived my landline or mobile no. I contact Head Office HDFC.

    This is my very Bad & Poor Service for HDFC

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pin not received

Below is the copy of my complaint send to the HDFC Complain Dept. but nothing has happened. I think i have to close my account.

Dear Sir,

It has been 2 months that I have opened an account with you and till date I have not received my pin for the debit card and net banking. I received the checkbook within 10 days of opening the account. I have reminded several times (to Mr. Partho - sales rep.) and the branch manager out here about this but to no avail, my problem lies unsolved. They made me to fill up a form last month for re-applying for the pin of debit card and net banking, I did that too. But still I haven't received the pin. Could you kindly solve my problem.

I have accounts here in other banks but this is a thing that has never happened with me. Your bank people were at my service at the time of opening the account. But as soon as the account was opened, I was just left out. God I don't believe how people can be so careless in a bank which I thought had such a good reputation.

Please revert back asap, or else I would be compelled to close my account.

lousy customer service.. unpaid cheque

This is a copy of the complaint which I have registered in a complaint forum...

This is serious Stuff. I have been following up with HDFC bank on my refund of balance left in the Bank.

The situation started in June'09 when I filed for closure of my bank account which was lying dormant and sending back the draft for balance remaining in the Account.

This was supposed to come to me within 2 weeks. Then 1 month later no response so again calling back the customer service and running around. Then the shocker saying my account has been already closed in 2007 and no balance. Then after some heavy duty checking back coming back to me in 3 days with just a sorry and saying my balance is still there and will reach me within 2 days.

Just the start of the story then again 3 weeks and no reply so back to square one calling the customer service and again the story continues... They say they will call back in an hour then 3 hours but no response.

When the bank has the guts to charge me for every transaction and etc etc ... As i write still havent recieved my cheque..

never join hdfc

The below is the copy of the mail I have sent to hdfc grievance cell.

Let me explain my issue in simpler words.

I have a savings account and a credit card from hdfc.
And there were issues from the initial stages, vendors calling me as hdfc gave them my info.

1) so once before I gave approval hdfc charged the amount in my account. when I said the vendor that I have not approved the purchase they cancelled and the amount was returned to the card. but both the transactions were charged to my card. I let it go as I thought it was an error of judgment and as it was not a huge amount I did not bother to mail and call.

2) there was another vendor who again got my info from hdfc and canvassed me and I purchased it. soon enough I left india and realised that I could not pay through my hdfc savings account to hdfc credit card via netbanking. initially I wrote a few mails to hdfc thinking it was the browser issue or some issue at my end.
Later I was told by few that it is possible and another few that I need to go to nearest hdfc branch and sign a document for enabling third party payment.
I send them request after request. and collection agents started to go to my parents and harass them. I shooted a mail not to do it and I still keep paying through another banks.
But now I decided I am not going to pay through another banks when I have 5 times more the amount I owe to credit card in my hdfc savings account, they again called my parents and threatened that they will send "goondas" to collect the money.

I want an official statement from hdfc on this so that I can plan my future actions. shall I match hdfc at their own action or more respectably in court.
I am not interested in paying through another accounts. my logic is simple, I have my account in the same organisation.

Hope you guys will have some answer to this.

This is a perfect example and reason why you should not join hdfc. but I am not leaving at this. if they reach my parents in my absence the son of the b* will get royally f* when I return, whatever the consequences may be.
I am not going to some 420 to go to my parents and threaten them at their old age.
Currently I am looking out for the hdfc top guys email id to send them a mail.
Second thing will to drag them to court.
But if they go physical, I will match them or may be teach them a few new lessons.

It is because people like us usually let it go such bas* take advantage of us.
They would not dare to do such thing in western countries.


Dear Sir,

On 4 Aug 2009 my salary account balance was kept on hold. On 4 Aug itself I called the customer care of bank and they told me that credit card dept has kept for balance on hold and provided me this number to do inquiry [protected]. I called the same number on 4 Aug at 11:00am and asked the details as why my account balance is no hold. Executive told me that you have a pending amount of a card which you used in 2005 (For which settlement was already done in 2005).
I asked the details of the card and transaction done and the pending amount but the information was not provided to me and told that you will receive a call within 48 hour from the concern dept about the details of the card.
On Wednesday morning I called the same number and asked about the call back so they told me that I will receive the call before evening on Wednesday itself. In evening I called the same number again and requested to talk to a senior executive or Manager but they told this is against their policy and I will receive a call on Thursday morning 100% for sure. I requested to send me an email on my email Id as an acknowledgement but they refuse. On Thursday afternoon I called again but no information was provided to me and same sentence was again repeated to me that you will get a call on your Mobile number from which you are calling on Friday morning. I waited till afternoon on Friday and called the same number again and the executive told me you will get a call before Friday evening.
I called them at 5:15pm on Friday and asked to transfer the call to the manager but the executive told me that the manager is busy and will arrange a call back form manager within 2 hour.
I waited for 2 hour and called the same number to talk to the manager but executive told me that manager has left for the day and I will get a call about the card on Saturday between 11 am to 2pm for sure. I waited again but no call back was arrange on Saturday till 5 pm so I called them again and I was told to wait till Monday as Saturday is a half day and Sunday is holiday.
I am mentally and financially harass by the HDFC credit dept.
And I am getting call from the same dept to take a loan on the credit card and add-on card and all the marketing call form HDFC daily.

I don’t know what to do now. Please help...

Pullkit Khare

no process flow

my cousin bro. went for a personal loan in "HDFC Bank Civil lines, Allahabad". I was there along with him. When we asked the procedure/eligibility for the personal loan, they said that (ladies in reception) they need to check, for this they took account numbers of both of us and after sometime they said "yes sir aapko loan mil sakta hai"...then one lady dialed one number and spoke to one guy over phone and explained the loan request to him. After that she handed over the phone to my cousin and asked to talk to him, my cousin explained him the whole story and after listening that call the person on the call asked to come to another building (above Indusind bank). When we reached there we were welcomed by one guy (approx 21 year old), he projected himself as a representative of PL dept. He was not able to talk properly in english, so we started talking to him in hindi. He took our acount no. and went for a check after 20 min he came back and came to a conclusion stating that "Aapka loan process nahi ho sakta, kyoki trasactions/balance bahut kam hai." When we asked 'is there any senior person, we could talk?...he said no...right now nobody is there...and I am only handling. That day we left, since we had no other option. Next day in morning we got a call from a person from HDFC, he said "the personal loan can be given and we need to go to meet him in the office" we again went there and the same story was again repeated. Again next day he called up and this he was ready to give personal loan to me instead of my cousin...

It appears that HDFC staff in Allahabad doesn't have any process awareness, are not able to communicate properly in english, ...

customer care ignorance

I wanted to talk to the customer care people of HDFC Bank and i was redirected to verify my Customer id and Phone banking number..the thing here is i am trying to get my Phone banking number, the four people who wasted my time redirecting me and not listening to any of my concerns(i was trying to tell them my concern, but they wont listen, they are more interested in redirecting me) and every time they redirect there is new voice asking me how can they help me, while there is no more help they did...why are customer card people not trying to listen to customer...

  • Fi
    fight4right Oct 08, 2009

    no suggestions / quesries.just wanted to leave anote on the experience which i had in your bull ### branch Kottayam. unfortunately i dropped a cheque for collection thru ur branch for collection on 23 last month . which is credited to my A/c . so thought to make an enquiry about the same . Badluck i lost the counter foil which carries the Cheque No.spoke the gentleman ( i would like to call HIM ### here after) in the counter .the Arrogant shemale was like abusing me with his tone as that i have done a mistake ( i lost the chq No) . when i changed my tone ### bounced back to his shell pointing some other counetr. appoched the Bank Manager . Mr hari ( not calling him ### cos he helped me to sort my issue, but not so polite & friendly)he forwardes tpo conter No 9 one MRs Das . All i wanted to share is it would be Good if you take care of your staff & train them in customer service .IF that front office ### ( xcuse my langugae, But he deserve IT)utter a word ther after i would have been creating scene, giving a slap on his face. educate ur managers, Its our money which is there in ur BANK, its we pay interest which is an Incomefor u .we are not there to FEED ur EGO. i Know what penny he recieve it as a MAnager . stupid beggers !!!
    i know it will fall in to deaf ear only, but still if some one who is so customer centric, use ur SWORD. THANK YOU . DONT DISTURB

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p.f. not received

This is inform you that I gaurav kumar was working in hdfc bank, ashok marg branch, lucknow, as a sr. sales officer since 22 aguest 2008 to 3 april 2009, I have received my final sattelment on 16 april 2009, but I am not geeting my p. f. to till date. please clear my p. f. as soon as possible. my employee code was cg09777.
date - 6/08/2009

p.f. not received

HDFC Bank, P. F.
  • Di
    dinesh khurna Aug 20, 2009

    bund marao

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  • Ra
    rahul katyayan May 14, 2010

    dear sir,
    i am rahul katyayan worked as a contract sales executive in anand niketan delhi from april 2007 to december 2007 and i am not gatting my p.f to till date.. i am already send my p.f form on this address [o' source india pvt. ltd.company mumbai] and i have not any hdfc bank a/c so please transfer my p.f in this a/c -910010010819666 [ axis bank ltd karkardooma branch delhi] as soon as possible...

    thanks / regards

    [email protected]

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its about harrasment by bank employee

Dear sir, Date : 28/07/09

Sub : complain of one bank employee about abusive language with the customer

I am krishna vishwakarma from dahisar east. my card number is [protected]. I am using this card from august-08.My overdue till today is around 23000/-.I converted this amount as EMI & my minimum due is my EMI every month i.e. around 4000Rs.This time i failed to pay my dues on my due date.Bank has blocked my card from 2 to 3 months. This was the situation of my card till date.

on 24/07/09 morning your bank employee Named As Mr Raj, Empl code:12992 from chandivali branch called at my landline number. I told him I will pay the amount on 29th july. Hearing this he started talking very rashly to me, started using abusive language related to my mother & father. After hearing this i also got angry & reverted same to him but he didn't stop & start harrasing me saying that i will come to your place, I will come to your office, you beg to someone or you sell yourself but i want my banks money back now only.

when the situation got worsed, I disconnect the cal, but he called me atleast 30 times on both my landline & my mobile number with different number.

I have recorded some conversation in my mobile, but he was aware of allthese things, he told me, "u cant do anything to me, He told me to come in the chandivli branch I will show you" but i refused to do so. He doesnt afraid to anything And shameless about his ill behaviour and abusive language.

I want to know If anyone fails to pay the said amount on due date & he is ready to pay on some other day, Bank has got the permission to abuse his customer .If yes, who has given the permission to abuse anyone’s mother & father & that person is very sure that nothing will happen to him.Noone can do anything about this matter & what he did to me is wright.

please revert back with the next action i will have to take or what action you have taken about that employee.
If i am not getting any response from you i will knock the door of consumer court, But that is very sure i will not stop with just writing a mail /letter to you.

In all his converstion he was saying, ”I m of chandivali branch bank employee. U come here I will show you who I m.” I met him in the chandivli branch on 27th july at around 2pm in the afternoon, but he was shameless about all these things & started the same way as he was doing on phone.
Please take some positive action as I have the proof of his abuse and ill behavior. I expect that you will respond to my letter positively as it has created very bad impression of a reputed bank in the eye of customer.
Please do the needful ASAP.
Following are the details of that employee.

Name : Mr Raj (name given in telephonic conversation)
Empl code : 12992

HDFC bank Ltd, ( credit card division), 4th floor
26 /A, Narayan properties,
chandivli farm Road,
Andheri (e)

Number he has called from: [protected]
Date/Time of call : 24th july. Bet 10.30am to 11.00am

Number he has give me to reply :[protected]

e-mail [protected]@rediffmail.com, [protected]@yahoo.com

My contact num : [protected].

  • So
    soni30 Jan 25, 2012

    I got a call from the collection team at around 10:00 AM about my
    payment on 16 Jan 2012 when i was travelling to my ofice by train and have told that customer care lady tht can u

    plz call later she was like Madam even we are busy and all nonsense and was not allowing me to speak at all..i have

    launched complaint against her for which i hav recvd call frm hdfc CC they hav told me its her duty bt Is yelling on

    customer is her duty..???? and hav informed them will do the payment on so n so date..

    Still tht lady name sujata no. are 22-42044700, 22-61396300, 2261396900 keep on calling., .. tell me the date hav

    told her hav informed earlier don call me she gav to anothr lady name Jenny a very rudeeeeee n ruthless lady don hav

    manners how to speak she was like i will not listen to anythg..i was being trying to inform her tht their is an sms

    with me tht my due is on 1st of Feb stil this lady is like we don knw anythg tht sms is not for u whereas the sms

    was from HDFC bank..n evn i m ready to do the payment but this behaviour and nature of calls frightens me a lot for

    the payment...I hav complint abt them still no reaction..and the keep on calg continuously and keep on arguig..n not

    even alowg us to speak..Please tell me where to launch complaint against these people..

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saying that will block my account

Hi there,

I am balamurugan, I have used my credit card in the past now I have some dues to pay.. with regard to that I have one minimum amount due pending tats it then alos I am paying the rest of my minimumum amount dues till date.. But this time I was not able to make the payment (2nd minimum due amount) on date due to my mom's ill. Shewas hospitalized, so I requested ythe cdollection agency to give me some time but they are not accepting and also they are saying that your salary account is blocked now only if you pay entire all outstanding amount it will get released. I dont know what to do now. Any one can help me please..

  • Ra
    Raj kumar shokeen Jan 06, 2011

    I am Raj kumar my credit card no is 5176-5210-0758-9213 due to some problems my card has been block so i want to issue a new card so plz cantact me my num is 9999856495/9811485485

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  • Ku
    kumar raman May 07, 2011

    I am raman kumar, I have used my credit card in the past now I have some dues to pay.. with regard to that I have one minimum amount due pending tats it then alos I am paying the rest of my minimumum amount dues till date.. But this time I was not able to make the payment (2nd minimum due amount) on date due to my brother ill. hewas hospitalized, so I requested ythe cdollection agency to give me some time but they are not accepting and also they are saying that your salary account is blocked now only if you pay entire all outstanding amount it will get released. I dont know what to do now. Any one can help me please..

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  • Ba
    Bapan Ghosh May 15, 2013

    I bapan Ghosh my c.card no xxxx xxxx xxxx 4927 which has been blocked.so pls unblock my card.so iwill be thank ful to u.pls contact me my num is 09933134923, 09832579055thanking u.

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faulty bills

This is regarding my hdfc bank credit card no. : 4346 xxxx xxxx 0562

This is with much agony and pain, I am writing the horrifying experience I have undergone with regard to the hdfc credit card payment. Now after raising several voice and e-mail complaints they blocked my card and started sending bills by e-mail. Before that they delivered a single bill to me neither by e-mail nor at my residence at that time.
As per my knowledge I had taken a loan of 40k and paid after 1-2 months only. But still I am getting emi. I raised voice and e-mail complaints several times. But it seems they don't want to do anything except charging extra amounts month by month.
Hdfc credit cards are really horrible. You people don’t follow rbi guidelines. Till date I didn't receive a single bill at my home address. I have written more than 30 e-mail complaints but they hardly did any action.
And their customer care department don't have access to my bills, in this case how can I raise a complaint and solve my query. I don’t know whom should I approach.
I requested in written several times to assign a senior officer to resolve the issue, but they hardly did anything.
On 22nd july I got a call from mr. Rajeev (Ph-020-[protected]) from their collection department regarding this. According to him they cannot arrange anyone at my current residence. He said clearly if I want to close this either I have to pay full amount or come to pune from where the card was issued.
It seems that you don't want to close the case. Now they started sending bills on my mail id every month and with all fines adding every month.
Their statements always have faults and simply penalized the customer. They don't bother the complaints. The only solution is to approach honorable courts.
As per my knowledge this is the summary of all the transactions till date:

22/04/08 mini cards fee 99.00
12/05/08 sans institute/bethesd [protected] 4, 307.37
15/05/08 service tax: @ 12% 11.88
15/05/08 cess tax : @ 3% 0.35
20/05/08 service tax - curr con fee 17.48
20/05/08 edu cess - curr conv f e 0.52
04/06/08 netbanking transfer 4, 416.60 cr

19/07/08 dass electric trading pune 40, 000.00
30/07/08 shivkrupa enterprises pune 2, 890.00
15/08/08 finance charges 1, 131.37
15/08/08 service tax: @ 12% 135.76
15/08/08 cess tax : @ 3% 4.07
23/08/08 fcy conversion markup ee 691.21
26/08/08 coc processing fee 600.00
26/08/08 ref of finance charge 1, 131.37 cr
30/08/08 b u bhandari & sons / pun 512.50
30/08/08 petro surcharge waiver 12.50 cr
03/09/08 atm transfer credit 42, 910.00 cr
15/09/08 coc, prin nb:01, [protected] 2, 940.70
15/09/08 atm transfer credit 20, 262.00 cr
15/09/08 coc, int nbr:01, [protected].00
15/09/08 service tax : @ 12% 127.18
15/09/08 cess tax : @ 3% 3.81
23/08/08 isaca/itgi [protected], 748.95 usd 455.00
02/10/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 455.05
02/10/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 628.11
09/10/08 late fee 350.00
09/10/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 628.11
15/10/08 coc, prin nb:02, [protected] 3, 006.87
15/10/08 coc, int nbr:02, [protected].83
15/10/08 finance charges 163.69
15/10/08 finance charges 36.52
15/10/08 service tax : @ 12% 166.07
15/10/08 cess tax : @ 3% 4.97
14/10/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 417.00 cr
16/10/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 526.31
04/11/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 471.33
08/11/08 late fee 500.00
08/11/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 1, 272.50
09/11/08 atm transfer credit 12, 242.00 cr
11/11/08 indian railway caterin new delhi 1, 210.00 cr
15/11/08 coc, prin nb:03, [protected] 3, 074.53
15/11/08 coc, int nbr:03, [protected].17
15/11/08 service tax : @ 12% 151.84
15/11/08 cess tax : @ 3% 4.55
02/12/08 atm transfer credit 4, 135.00 cr
10/12/08 hdfc bank sangavi br in 2, 500.00
10/12/08 hdfc cash advance fee 300.00
10/12/08 yatra. com-sale mode gurgaon 4, 780.00
11/12/08 reliance infocomm limi pune 1, 655.00
15/12/08 coc, prin nb:04, [protected] 3, 143.70
15/12/08 coc, int nbr:04, [protected].00
15/12/08 finance charges 18.13
15/12/08 service tax : @ 12% 121.81
15/12/08 cess tax : @ 3% 3.64
24/12/08 hdfc bank porur ii in 500.00
25/12/08 hdfc cash advance fee 300.00
26/12/08 hdfc bank porur ii in 1, 500.00
27/12/08 hdfc cash advance fee 300.00
08/01/09 late fee 500.00
15/01/09 coc, prin nb:05, [protected] 3, 214.44
15/01/09 coc, int nbr:05, [protected].26
15/01/09 finance charges 231.64
15/01/09 finance charges 134.06
15/01/09 finance charges 155.53
15/01/09 service tax : @ 12% 269.68
15/01/09 cess tax : @ 3% 8.07
27/01/09 atm transfer credit 9, 156.00 cr
04/02/09 atm transfer credit 11, 728.00 cr
06/02/09 yatra. com-sale mode gurgaon 6, 083.00
07/02/09 kingfisher airlines lt che 17, 640.00
15/02/09 coc, prin nb:06, [protected] 3, 286.76
15/02/09 coc, int nbr:06, [protected].94
15/02/09 finance charges 107.01
15/02/09 service tax : @ 12% 79.31
15/02/09 cess tax : @ 3% 2.37
17/02/09 miot hospitals limited chennai 2, 500.00
11/03/09 late fee 600.00
15/03/09 coc, prin nb:07, [protected] 3, 360.71
15/03/09 coc, int nbr:07, [protected].99
15/03/09 finance charges 800.28
15/03/09 finance charges 121.10
15/03/09 finance charges 3.59
15/03/09 service tax 200.47
15/03/09 cess tax 6.00
08/04/09 late fee 600.00
15/04/09 coc, prin nb:08, [protected] 3, 436.33
15/04/09 coc, int nbr:08, [protected].37
15/04/09 finance charges 941.89
15/04/09 finance charges 266.90
15/04/09 finance charges 4.11
15/04/09 service tax 422.18
15/04/09 cess tax 12.64

Amount paid till date:= 106704
I am ready to pay rest of the amount immediately. But, before that I want to clarify few things: like why I am getting emi payments in bills till date since I have already paid that amount as mentioned above in bold. For that I raised several complaints by voice, e-mail and even I visited one of your bank and get a complaints receipt as well. Till date you people didn’t do anything.
Note: I am requesting it last time. After that I am forced move to court.
Please arrange someone immediately and resolve my query.
For further contact please contact me at my cell.


debit amt without intimation

sir, i m puneet gupta hdfc debited rs 700 from my account without any informatin acctually i have hdfc salary account they converted my acc into saving acc but it should give me the information when i called custmer care it was phatatic u should maitain 10, 000 bal in ur account but without information how can i know that i can maintain this bal rightnow i feel cheated by hdfc bank .it is kind of theft from my acc kindlt give me soln or if i need to go to consumer court i can go plz give me way i will very thak ful to u

  • Su
    sudhanshu kumar Aug 11, 2010

    Debit amt without intimation
    I am Sudhanshu kumar hdfc bank debited rs827.25 from my account
    without any information .I have hdfc savings account. when called coustmer care it was phatatic u should maintain Rs10000/-bal in ur ac but without any information amt debited.
    so pl reverse my debit amt pl credit

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  • Su
    sudhanshu kumar Aug 11, 2010

    pl adjust debit amt

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  • Vi
    vipan aggarwal May 23, 2011

    I have opened a new S/Account with HDFC last month. first I never received the customer ID and net Banking password.After repeated applications now I have received net banking password but not the customer Id failing which I am unable to operate net banking. What should I do? should I close my account with HDFC and switch over to some other bank who will provide me the facility at first step.

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  • Te
    tewari Feb 25, 2016

    my father sri rajendra prasad tewari had policy pradhan mantri suraksha bima yojana from hdfc bamk shibpur howrah branch he was died in road accident claim submitted in bank but bank is not co-operating me

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  • Dear Customer,

    Please mail us the branch details, your policy details, customer id and registered contact number at [email protected], mentioning ref id as TTU260216-01 in the subject line. We will check and get back to you.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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account balance

Dear Sir/Madam, My relative Mr. Liton Shaha holding a bank account with IOB Ac count no.10357 SB Account...

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