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hdfc personal loan

I am totaly disappointed with HDFC bank service on my personal loan account pre closure. HDFC Bank informed me that I will get confirmation call on pre closure loan when I got call from bank to pre close the loan I have informed executive not to close my loan account but without informing me bank close my personal loan account.

I am repeatedly requesting bank not to pre close my loan account & my request number is [protected].

I have not got single revert from bank on this issue.


ecs to bank a/c even after discontinue of ecs

I had give a written application to HDFC Home Loan gurgaon on 12/Jan/2008 to discontinue my ECS from my bank and that the EMI would be deducted directly from my salary. HDFC has this tie up with my company.
Even after they deducted EMI from my salary on 4/feb/2008, they attempted ECS from my bank account which bounced due to insufficient funds and the bank charged Rs. 200/- on this.
HDFC Home Loan has no answer on this.
Whom do we complain now? Is there any authority who can take action?

  • Vi
    vishal steels Jul 03, 2008

    want to find the loan ac no, purchase of chervolet u-va car on 03/04/2007

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application for credit card

The Credit card Manager

Ref : Application for Credit Card

Dear Sir,
I have applied for a Credit Card to your HDFC Roorkee branch, my a/c no is [protected].

I had provided all the required documents (copy of PAN card as photo identity proof, copy of Passport as address proof) as requested by the bank representative and was assured that I will get the SILVER card.

There was a phone call from HDFC bank for verification of my particulars but after that when I contacted the bank they said that my credit card is declined by the Chennai office, on asking for the reason for that they did not give any specific answer.

Therefore I request your good self, that on what reason my application for credit card is rejected.
Looking forward to an early response.

Best Regard
Praveen Chopra

  • Ra
    Rajiv Kumar May 04, 2008

    Dear sir there is my saving account of hdfc bank account no.02591000066441 I want to make my credit card but ur bank employ asking me you have no eligibility to make a credit card so is there any way how to make my own credit plz reply: THANKS

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bad & rude behaviour of sales manager

This the hdfc bank express loans located in rtc 'x' roads in hyderabad city, andhrapradesh in india
On of the company role employee designation is sales manager his name is radhamadhab misra
His emp code is r3315 and his behaviour on off role employees is totally very bad he used walgar language and without information he terminate the employees and he is not giving the salaries properly he is join recently and he is decided to terminate all the senior employees and recruit the new who his personal I have never seen this type of behaviour previous managers and iam disscuss the higher authority to this problem and no use please take action on him.

  • Mo
    Mohd Mubin Nov 26, 2008


    I "Mohd Mubin" Coustoumer of your bank for the last few Year "Accnt No-5176 3500 007 9133.

    Today in the evening I got the call from the No.011-66093272, from the Rajori Garden J- Block Ansal Classic Tower.
    Regarding the payment which is for Credit card & Jambo Loan .Yesterday I had Discussion with
    the Sr.Excutive Miss Riya Sharma & Sanchita Shrivastava her no is +91-9313483855, her Desk No:- 001-66093325.
    I got a call from the Same branch yesterday excutive start talking with rough language with my Father so for that Miss Sanchita personally opologies regarding this matter and
    I assured her that we talk & made this matter sattle down and today in the morning I had discussion with the Riya Sharma .
    The Executive from that branch call me in the evening and directly starts abusse language with me and
    His personal ID Mr Ajay Sharma ID No:C222 Collection Manager he is Stiill calling me with threats and abused language
    His excutive came to my Home and used the rough language with my Mother.Due to Mental Trouma and Harasment I am putting the
    Pettition in the Police station so for futher discussion we will talk in the court.

    So please I need a frequent reply and oppology otherwise I will take this mater to your Higher Management.

    Look forward to hear from you.

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abused by the caller!

I am using a credit card of HDFC bank. Everything was going fine, but due to some reasons my card limit exceeded this month. I got a call from the number 011-[protected] (Rajouri Garden), that lady asked me for the payment, but i didn't receive any statement for last 4 months, so asked her to mail me the statement then after i will pay the amount. But then after she shouted and said ""payment to tera BAAP bhi karega" and "Do take ke aadmi" and many more. then after a person "Rahul Sharma" came on the line and did the same and favored her. I never expected this response from at least HDFC bank.

Is there anyone who can take the action...

  • Su
    Suhhas Mar 18, 2009

    I strongly agree, I want to add my words to htis kind of treatment towards the customers of HDFC. Using filthy language, abusing family and colleagues, how far is this correct?

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  • Rc
    RCN Apr 19, 2009

    If in case you can record a few of these calls as proof and get your phone company to track the number from which the call originated and prove that it was either the bank or an associate of the bank, then you can raise a complaint with the local police station for harassment and abusing and provide a copy of the same and a copy of the voice recordings to the Ombudsmen Committee, Reserve Bank of India and they will take care of the rest.

    If only a few of us had the guts and willingness to take up matters against these banks, the private banking system would have been much better.



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false charges on my saving account

I have 2 accounts with HDFC. I opened my first account in [protected] , G C AVENUE, KOLKATA. I went to...

incorrect dues charged

Card no [protected]

1. The necessary tenets of my complaint are as follows:-

(A) the present statement of yours exercises an auto pay option from my savings bank acct which to the best of my knowledge has not been exercised by me. However i dropped a cheque on 21st dec– icici bank cheque no 350322 before the due date ie 22 dec 2007. The same has been debited from my acct on 26th dec 2007 (Proof enclosed in the form of icici bank e statement).

(B) as per your statement this cheque has not been recd by you in the first place.

2. I have been in view of the above been charged with an auto pay returned fee of rs 300 , a late fee of rs 300 as also the rs 776 amount which has already been debited from my acct. This amounts to a total of rs 1376 which is for no fault of mine. I wished to register a complaint for which i was not given a complaint number as your system does not have the capability to generate complaint nos.

3. In view of the aforesaid i want immediate redressal of the following:-

(A) crediting my account of rs 1376 for which i have been charged as also the interest charges ,finance charge, service tax and cess tax accruing on the amount.

(B) reversal of status of immediate to normal pay by date at the earliest.

(C) an unconditional apology for the incorrect debits made and undue harassment caused to a customer who has paid in full the amount due out of him failing which i will be forced to refer this matter to the banking ombudsman for due redress.

  • Cr
    Craig Bullim Jan 19, 2008

    maybe you should stop posting your credit card number on the interweb, you tard.

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  • Nv
    N vinay Kumar Feb 04, 2015

    Hi sri
    hdfc bank credit card no : 3608 250013 7886
    l am using credit card last 10 YEARS I had found rs 6500 rs later fee charges & lnterest ln my statement l have some health problem that is reason to not make payments right time sri plz kindly reviews changes l am not read make payments right now

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  • Sa
    Sandesh Lathkar Apr 07, 2015

    Namaskar sir! I am HDFC Card Holder from more than 10 years. My last 4 digit of the cards are 7642 & bank giving the statment of 1812.29 Rs which is incoorect. I am alredey paid all dues regarding this card.
    So please consider my request & please reverse the all charges.
    Thanking you.

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  • Sa
    Sandesh Lathkar Apr 07, 2015

    Namaskar sir! Iam using credit card more than 10 years. My last 4 digits of the card are 7642 & bank giving the statement of Rs 1812.29/- which is incoreect so please revers all the charges regarding this card.
    Thanking you.

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issued with the salaried account.


Myself akhil n. Gupta having a salaried account in hdfc bank.
I have received an letter dated on : - 18th dec 2007, from your bank stating that my salaried a/c has been suspended due to irregular payment of credit card.
Also you had mentioned that extent of & lsquo; hold on funds & lsquo;: - 9674 rs / - which I have to pay.
And within 7 days from the date you receive this notice failing which the balance outstanding on 02nd jan 2007 on your captioned card account or the balance available in your captioned hdfc bank a/c shall be debited.
Now note these points.
1. I had received this letter on 29th dec 2007 in the afternoon also I had the proof because your bank envelope has motioned the date on it which states:-29th dec 2007.
This means you are not ready to give the time.
So for your kind information, on 31st dec 2007 I have approached your ghatkopar branch where I had a discussion with a lady whose name was ms ritu.
Where she had called up at your & ldquo; chandivali branch” at andheri and I had an telephonic discussion with hdfc bank collection officer & ldquo; ms shruti”. She told me to bring whatever proof you had for your credit card in which I had problem in terms of & ldquo; late fees charges, payment debited to some other account & rdquo; four years back which where put up by hdfc bank in my statement. For this same thing I made atleast 20 - 25 phone calls to your customer service department but for no help, no one use to listen to me.

Ms shruti has given me the contact number and she had told me to call on 03rd jan 2008 and bring all the statement for that credit card.

So I request you to wait till 03rd jan 2008 and let me show her the entire document.
Please do not debit my account because my cheque for the mba fees and housing loan has been dishonoured I required money urgently.

2. Since four year’s hdfc bank is committing mistake as the letter which bank has forwarded to me mentioned the date as & ldquo; 02nd jan 2007 & ldquo; instead of & ldquo; 02nd jan 2008 & ldquo;
So you cannot debit the amount from my account as the date has been mentioned wrongly
In the letter.
If debited by your bank before 03rd jan 2008 then I promises you that I had got the number of government grievances cell for credit card division.
I am already prepared for the worst, just want your bank to be prepared for the same.
If possible, please reply this mail and give me the assurance that some one from hdfc bank is listening.


This was the mail that I had written to hdfc bank customer service on date:-01st jan 2008.
But not recived any reply from the bank till now. Also bank has debited the amount from my account.

So I request everybody who ever read this message and also who has an account with this bank to be carefull as hdfc bank doesn't care for there customer. And without intimation hdfc bank can do any thing as they wish to do.

  • Sh
    Shaik Imtiaz Basha Jan 15, 2008


    This is S Imtiaz Basha having account with HDFC bank T Nagar , Chennai.

    While filling the form for salary account the HDFC representative told that 'Fixed Deposite' will be done on my salary of about 5000-oo INR if my account having more than 50000.The fixed deposite amount can be withdraw if required but when I am trying to withdraw I am not able to do so.

    First I have raise a request on internet they are asking to contact Branch office but I am not getting the contact number of the branch to raise the request and next when I am getting from other site

    Error message
    1. Number not in use
    2. No body lifting the phone

    The number which i have tryied as follow

    1. 044-28158257
    2. 044-28605959


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  • Sh
    Shiben Das Gupta May 19, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    I had applied hdfc home loans 1st week of April 2008. I earnestly requested yours sales representative, area manager, operation manager etc. etc. to sanction as well as disburse my loan as soon as possible. They assured me, don't worry you loan has to be sanctioned and today after one and half maonths back i got loan a/c no. 476267562. Now they are telling that you will have to wait to complete the entire process atleast seven to ten days.
    I am very much annoyed and disappointed with their behaviour.
    Can you relief me immediately ?
    Thanks and regards,
    Shiben Das Gupta
    (M) 9830008812.

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misuse of net banking

I am using net banking facility with HDFC bank and without my knowledge there was a transaction and a lumpsum amout had been debited to someother account. i reporterd to the bank immediately and the response was very very worst. they dont care about my lose of money and their answer is not at all satisfying me. i did not get my money back and dont know when i would get it.

  • Ra
    rajiv Jun 01, 2008

    dear sir.y friend asking me use net bankimg without any charge but i see my account hdfc bank charge 50 rs.for using net banking service so i want deactivate my net banking service as soon as possible:Rajiv kumar account no.02591000066441

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  • Ra
    rajiv Jun 01, 2008

    dear sir i m not satisfy to open account of ur hdfc bank becouz i join the kid advantage plan for open account in this schme minmum 2000 rs.showing my account but last 2/3 months ur bank cut 750 rs.in my account.This is totaly frod of ur bank only 3.4 days left account low ur bank withdral 750rs.quarter balance i dont understand ur policy. i want to try to make credit card but my friend asking me ur charges are unlimited without using credit card thank god escape plz reply if i understand ur policy and my withdrawl money back in my account then i think what next step i have taken currently there is three account of ur bank my firm my brother and my friends:rajiv account no.is 0259100066441

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harrassment by mr. aditya srivastav of hdfc bank credit card

In the ### end of November, 2007, Collection Agency of HDFC Bank Credit Cards Divison, requested to pay Rs. 530/- towards the pending payment and they said they would deactivate the card and to mention in the letter that this payment is towards full and final settlement. Accordingly, I have issued a cheque and cut the card into 4 pieces and handed over to the Agency person for which they have issued a receipt.

Till date, various persons are calling me and harrassing me to make the payment.

I fail to understand their intention. While selling the cards they lure the customers and now they keep on harrassing.

unparliamentary threatening calls!

I am Chandra Shekhar Dwivedi, a customer to HDFC bank who was honored HDFC gold Credit Card. I have been using it since last one year and was happy with the services.

From the last few months there have been some problems. Please read them:

Problem I:

I was using Hutch as the service provider for my mobile the no is: [protected]. Unfortunately at the very same day when I made the payment of my hutch phone through my HDFC Credit Card, I lost my mobile. I called up hutch Customer Service to stop the outgoing calls and tell the last few dialed numbers. As there was calls being frequently made by the caller on some nos. I thought I could track my mobile through those nos. However Hutch CS denied to provide me the call details. I said that if you will deny me only about my last dialed nos, I would deny paying you as to tell me this has been mentioned in our service agreement. Despite of that they denied. I called HDFC bank credit card CS who told me that the payment for the merchant is still not claimed and they can only stop the payment if the merchant would not claim them. I called up Hutch again requesting them to do so, but was advised that they would not be able to do that at their end which was perfectly sensible. I again called up Credit card CS and was advised to send a fax for the same. To get you all aware is that the people sitting at CS of HDFC are so ignorant that they themselves do not know how to help and assist CS. The communication went on till approximately 2 o clock in the night and I have to pay approximately 400 bugs to my colleague whose phone I was using for calls. Ultimately I was assured by the CS that the payment would not be credited to the merchant even if they will claim that.

However, one can never trust CS team of HDFC, and the same happened with me. It made me pitched off.

Problem II:

I booked an online reservation of IRCTC by my HDFC credit card. The passengers were my mother and my sister. They were traveling at night in a Sleeper Coach. My mother is a mental patient and my sister has been the acting guardian. I did not have time to go and see off them and since the ticket printed online was confirmed, I did not have enough to bother. The Ticket Checker while verification said that he can not validate the same due to some reason. Later on when my sister informed me from some one's mobile I was shocked and was helpless to do anything. I called up Station inquiry and they also were helpless. Then I called up CS of HDFC credit card to check the status of payment. I was advised that the payment was invoiced however the merchant has not claimed that. I asked them to stop their payment and explained them the whole incident. However they denied my request and said that they could not do it at their end and I need to contact IRCTC which was closed during those hours. The next day I contacted the IRCTC, they said they could not do anything as the reservation was past dated and the bank has paid them the amount. I could not claim the cancellation as well.

Problem III: Despite of all these chaos when the bank could actually have saved me from all those above chaos, I made my mind to repay the whole amount. I contacted CS for the repayments. As I had one disputed postings of a Mobile Purchase on my card Account, I got my card Blocked. I contacted CS to reissue my credit card and send me the bills also. I was told that it would get delivered within 15 days following the receipt a written request for the same. I gave the request and did not got the card. When I contacted CS to know about the status of reissue, I was told that it would not be possible for the bank to reissue the card till I do not clear my total outstanding. I humbly said that I have got funds available and would repay the card but I would require my card to live up my livelihood for the rest of the month. But the CS Executive was rude and firmly said that the bank would not address the request till the time they would not receive the payment. I said that if in case I would not get my card back then in that case I would not make any payments as I would be using my funds for my Higher Studies. I was advised that it would be my sole wish and she is not bothered for that. I asked to call up the supervisor on the call and was told that she would not be able to do that as well and disconnected the call.

Problem IV: I then went off on my leaves for my higher studies. After some time, I got a mail from Meenakshi Mehrotra from HDFC Bank regarding the payments on which I reverted the same day. I would definitely start banking with HDFC after I get back from my leaves. I do not have funds available now to repay the bank as I have already used that. After this, I was given some threatening calls by Mr. Vikram Rana who said that he is from the Legal Department of HDFC bank Rajauri. Apart from me he started giving calls to my family as well. My father was mentally assassinated by those calls. I have some clippings of those conversation which I would love to post if in case if continues. I contacted Bank n no of times, and they only apologized and kept promising for a call back since last 15 days. I got a call from Summit who said that there would definitely be some compensation after the verification. I am still waiting for a resolution and will definitely keep on updating the same.

  • Aj
    Ajit S. Ghodke Jan 08, 2008

    M friends in Pune were insisting me to obtain a credit card from them. They are working in Pune HDFC Branch. After 11 years of my service I am not having any CC and never wanted to do so. But for the cresibility to his account I made up my mind and said YES to him. But I live in Lonavala and those frnds r from Pune, kuchh jam nahi raha tha. He said to go to Lonavala Branch and I did the same. There was verification and yesterday I got the News from the Call Centre that My CC is rejected.
    This should not have happened. I am getting salary Rs. 28,000 and many CC companies were running after me to obtain a CC from their Bank but I didnt.

    I havent received the reason yet but I am interested to know the reason and promise that I'll never ever have any CC from any company and I dont have time to do so.

    Thanking you.



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  • Je
    jeevan Sep 24, 2008

    Chandra Shekhar Dwivedi,

    I would suggest you to contact MACCAAN ( Moment against credit collection agony and Nuisance ). This organisation is formed to liberate the people from the multinational banks collection harassment .

    They deal with all kinds of unsecured /secured loans and help the common layman to come out of the credit clutches.
    Pls visit the website :www.maccaan.com for further information on this .

    This looks like a boon to the people who are stuck on the hands of the international banks .

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safe guard your investments

US citizen and NRI have reported to share their Bank information with people in Spain claiming to Venture Capitalist and Angle Investors who register their own Banks to create thousands of Billions financial Fraud across the world. HDFC Bank from India is likely get involved in such Fraud transactions forcing Foreign Investors to withdraw their investments from HDFC.

bad treatment to consumer, side-effects

HDFC Bank will lose its market Cap starting March end 2008. Due to their poor commitment and services to cnsumers, Grievance Redressal for Escalation of Complaint has registered highest number of complaints till date. Investors will take this opportunity to pool their funds into Nationalized Banks focusing on microbanking.

  • As
    Astha Apr 23, 2008

    HDFC bank staff misbehave with the NRI customers. Not sending the bank statements and not answering to the tel calls made to them.

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  • Pu
    purushottam Nov 07, 2008

    this complaint about yr commitment thats done by yr employee and cause by this we've in problem now.
    I m a bussinessman so i've applid 4 limit in yr shivpuri branch. 4 this limit purpose our turnover & assets are so solid, and yr commitment 4 this also according it. but after completion of all formalities limit sensioned 5lac only thats less by 3 lacs.
    only 5.34lacs limit not enough 4 us and other banks provide us upto 10lacs by same condition.
    sir/madam, 4 this proceeding there 2 a/cs opened in yr shivpuri branch advised by yr empolyee.
    i've requested that plz return my doc. file & also close my both a/cs.
    i hope u'll responsed to me.
    cutomer id: 26669713
    a/c: 09072000000071
    shivpuri branch

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yet not recd saving a/c kit (chq. bk & debit card)

I had open saving account on 28/8/2007 but not yet received saving kit.
Not only I had contact branch goregaon (East) (Enquiry counter and also a branch manager mr. Manoj rane) and also email to hdfchelpdesk but there is no response from their side so what to do next? I had deposited rs.5200/-at the time of opening the account. Please help me.

  • Am
    amit chauhan Mar 09, 2008

    My name is amit chauhan and I have just co,mplaint about my Debit card which has been lost last month I have made a call in customer care he told me that would I like to apply for new Debit card I told him yes then he told me that only 100Rs has been deducted from your account and debit card has been send to your office address exlsevice.com noida but now it is more than 20 days ago bo response given from your bank

    So please take some necessary action in this matter

    amit chauhan


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  • Am
    amit chauhan Mar 09, 2008

    I amit chauhan I foget to write my account number plz refer below mentioned account number.
    My account number is 0881140145941


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  • Gu
    Gurpreet Singh Mar 19, 2008

    I had opened a Dmat account at HDFC Patel Chowk Pathankot six months ago. The kit I recieved was in january and accordingly I signed the Cheque and forwarded to the Bank for opening an account. They say It goes to Bombay and password would come from there. But till date nothing has arrived. i feel that i should have not opened an account with such Irr responsible people . I would like to close my accont with such people and suggest others not to trust these people. My name Gurpreet Singh, annexxe Mount view no 26 bus stand dalhousie.

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  • Dh
    dhanumjay Sep 22, 2008

    Even I have applied to open an account with HDFC at BTM, bangalore. I was promised that the account will be opened within a week. It has been 3 weeks there is no response from the bank.

    It is really frustrating to bank with these idiots

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non - receipt of credit card bill

Dear Sir / Madam,

I wish to bring to your notice that I am a credit card holder of HDFC Bank. I have not received my Credit Card Bill which was due on 15/11/2007. The last date of payment as confirmed by the Customer Service Agent is 05/12/2007.

I have called up the 24 hour service helpline (Mumbai) twice once on 24/11/2007 and on 30/11/2007.
On 24/11/2007 the agent confirmed that the original statement was sent to me on 16/11/2007 and that a duplicate bill would be sent to me.
On 30/11/2007 the agent re-confirmed that the original statement was sent to me on 16/11/2007 and that the duplicate bill request was processed. I request her to send the statement via email to me.
Till date I'm sorry to state that I have neither received my statement by courier nor by email.

I guess geniune customers are being penalized for negligence & delays of the Company. The Customer Service helpline set up for the customer is thoroughly useless and inefficient.

Request that an immediate action be taken else I will not be liable to pay any interest / late fees. If I donot receive my statement within the next 2 days, pl. discontue my credit card. I donot wish to follow up every time for the bill and waste my time.

A really irrate customer,
Delnaz Khodaiji.

  • Vi
    vidyasagarkuralla Aug 04, 2008

    my credit card no.4346772004590609
    i wan up to date statement.

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  • Na
    NAGARAJU P Aug 06, 2008

    My credit card number 4346772006336894
    i want up to date statement, pls send card first date to till date i need statement full details. pls send me on mail address

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frustrated after taking the auto loan from hdfc


I have taken the auto loan for my car from hdfc bank, bangalore. Before processing the loan the executive mr. Ajith gave me the details about the loan. And he told me that I can go for the insurance policy if the car dealer is going to provide. Otherwise I have to go for bajaj allianze insurance. Before signing all the documents I told I would like to go for national insurance from the car dealer. Ajith told fine I will do the needful. By the time I asked the car dealer I would like to go for national insurance. I have already paid for the national insurance. They have done the proceedure and gave me the insurance copy (National insurance) on the day of delivery. After 2days, I met an accident and went for the claim through national insurance and its clearly done. Now the hdfc auto loan executive mr. Ajith and his team lead mr. Andrew are saying that you must go for bajaj allianze which is done without my knowledge. I haven't received any copy for the insurance from bajaj allianze till now. And I asked hdfc people to cancel the bajaj allianze insurance and they told me that its on road funding so you must go with bajaj alianze which I have never expected. Because hdfc gave the cheque to bajaj allianze for making this insurance without my knowledge. Then I discussed with the person mr. Divyaprakash from bajaj allianze to cancel the insurance and he told me that we tie-up with hdfc. So we cant cancel.
Now I cant cancel the national insurance which I have already claimed for my accident. I request you to take this as my personal request to cancel the bajaj allianze insurance and relieve me from this problem.

My auto car loan a/c no.[protected]
My mobile no. +91 [protected]

Best regards,
Sivakumar b

hdfc car loans

I had taken loan from hdfc a month back. I had asked them for a ecs deduction from my savings account with abn amro. However, the money was not deducted from my account and I was charged for bouncing of ecs by abn amro as hdfc guys have not sent them the mandate form. These hdfc guys have harrased me for the payment which I clearly stated that I will pay them as and when they wish but I wanted to know that what would be the status form next month. I mean whether they will come every month to me for the payments or they gonna clear the ecs thing. The call center uneducated associates call me everytime and only ask for the payment and when I ask them what when my problem would eb sorted they just respond that they will talk to their senior (Obviously no one) and get back to me. I am really fed up of these frequent calls and would never ever recommend anyone to get a loan from hdfc. They are a bunch of uneducated people working there in hdfc.

  • Mr
    mr vicky manchanda Mar 01, 2009

    Dear sir
    Due to sudden loss in my business I cannot afford to pay the monthy installments of Rs 8078 of my car (model 2004)Santro PB08 AN 7002 {purchased in 7 feb 2007} under Used car loan, .account number2884289.I have already paid the monthly instalments till 7 feb 2009.The balance now is Rs 82000 approx .
    Earlier the loan was sanctioned through ICICI Bank for the amt Rs 2lacs .for 5 years & monthly instalment of Rs.4600.00 only.I have paid 7 instlaments.but due misguidiance by Mr. Pradeep from HDFC bank{O.D car loan and Od deptt}.
    It is the first time that i have availed for the loan facility and for the first time was introduced to the term O.D.According to Mr. Pradeep the procedure would become simple by giving us a limit against our car for the remaining amount that would be paid to ICICI.and i did as he said .He also told me that my account should not contain less than 8400 Rs. This O.D cont. for 8 months.after 8 months when i checked my statements the OD which was previously of Rs 190000 approx turned to Rs 220000.On informing Mr.Pradeep, i was told that he will close my OD asRs 2600 interest would be charged even when the amt in the account is there.Being a layman in accounts i followed your executive blindly.Then he told me that he will help me to close the OD for which another 1400 would be charged (no receipt given)and gave all the documents (debit card R.C of my car, cheque books etc...) and then he got me sanctioned a loan for Rs 225000 for a tenure of 3 years monthly instll (8078Rs) through your bank.I asked for my car's R.C .For this purpose he again asked for800 Rs.I had told him that my salary is Rs 15000 .the only earning member of my house .I have two daughters.how can i afford to bear an instll of 8078 Rs .Inspite of this i have paid for 2 yearsand 2 months .but now as i have said due to sudden loss now i cannot afford to pay them .I am really depressed at this as thecar has costed me and my families life .I am unable to make up with my families needs . I was earlier a holder of mutual funds in HDFC but now i have lost faith in your bank.
    i request you to remit some amount keeping in mind my problem .this is the last request to your bank, .I shall be highly grateful to you if one time settlement can be done of my account .
    yours sincerely,
    vicky manchanda

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  • Ni
    NITIN nit Jul 08, 2009


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password for trading not provided


First complaint was made on 7. 11. 2007 regarding non sending of password.

Even after repeated requests I havent received the password and
excuses given were:

door locked

inability to regenerate password

Due to above reasons I have to per force contact my local broker to
apply for shares resulting in undue hassle for me.

Customer care phone numbers are absolutely non responsive.

I request to take prompt action regarding the same and my password be
sent to either the addrsses mentioned by me in the mail or the address
recorded by them.

In case of courier default please I be provided all the details.

References call id :- [protected],[protected],[protected]
Thanking you

  • Ba
    Balraj Dec 11, 2007

    This is the worst service being provided. My colleagues are als struggling for retrieving their passwords since last 15 -20 days, I am being suffering in other ways.

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  • Vi
    vikash kumaragrawal Nov 15, 2008

    iam vikash aggrawal iam not trade with you since 8 days i frogten my password send new password

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  • An
    Anuj Kumar Nov 24, 2008

    I have opened a new treading acount & i have recieved kit, but i have not find usser id so plz. send to user id. Thanks.

    0 Votes
  • Sk
    SK29 May 30, 2009

    Although the original post is from 2007, HDFC Securities still has a horrible customer service (2009). Their system locked up my trading account for no fault of mine and now they are charging me to unlock my account! What an extortion!!

    Do not do business with them. I later found other much better trading sites with far better customer services. Stay away from HDFC Securities.

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bad service!

I purchased the cbz extreme from millennium motors pvt. Ltd. , 139/26, domlur 2nd stage, bangalore - 71 with...

credit card statement


I have HDFC Bank credit card for a long time. I requested to customer care to sent monthly Credit Card statement thru email as mostly I remain in traveling from 1 place to another. but I never received the statement thru email nor thru local post. They always try to take late fee on this A/c.

Now I m thinking about to take some legal step to sort out this matter.

  • Vi
    vineet bhagat Nov 18, 2007

    Your right as I have faced the same problem many times... they send people to collect money and dont send bills on time...

    0 Votes
  • Ku
    KUMAR Tarkeshwar Nov 27, 2007

    This is smart.

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  • Ku
    KUMAR Tarkeshwar Nov 27, 2007

    I need the statement of HDFC credit card!

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    PARTHA MUKHERJEE Jul 09, 2008


    0 Votes
  • Sa
    satish jha Feb 06, 2009

    I have HDFC Bank credit card for a long time. I requested to customer care to sent monthly Credit Card statement thru email as mostly I remain in traveling from 1 place to another. but I never received the statement thru email nor thru local post. They always try to take late fee on this A/c.

    satish jha
    chanda book stall
    noonmati market
    guwahati, assam

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  • Ka
    kartik Mar 22, 2009


    I have HDFC Bank credit card for a long time. I requested to customer care to sent monthly Credit Card statement thru email as mostly I remain in traveling from 1 place to another. but I never received the statement thru email nor thru local post. They always try to take late fee on this A/c.

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  • Ji
    jitendra gawanday Mar 28, 2009

    credit card statment

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  • Pr
    prajyot Oct 02, 2009

    I have not received credit card statement and hence finding difficult about minimum amount and last date of remittance. pl. mail me on [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Vm
    V M PATIL Aug 31, 2010


    [email protected]
    cridit card no.5243681101373523

    0 Votes
  • Bh
    Bhaskar Malpure Dec 12, 2010


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