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hdfc credit card fraud

I have an HDFC credit card for a few years now. Few months ago, I opted for the SmartPay facility, where my mobile and telephone bills will be automatically paid by the Credit Card. I was promised that there will not be any processing fee for this. Also, there was a promise of 5% Cash Back. HDFC started paying the bills and also a processing fee of Rs. 10 per bill payment (3 per month, in this case). Also, I never received any cash back amount till date. The bills due this month were not paid, so I had to face problems from my service provider.

When I called customer care to lodge a complaint, I had to pressurize them to give me a complaint number. I was also told that "No Action" will be taken regarding the non-payment and "false promise" of cash back and no processing fee. Now, to cancel the facility I have to personally go to the bank and drop a letter, vis-a-vis, when they wanted me to sign up, they kept sending their executives to my office for 1 week continuously.

- Kanchan.


If some one would like to experience the worst services of a bank you just need to apply a credit card of “HDFC BANK”. My name is “Vikas”. I am a customer of “HDFC Bank” since I have a credit card of that bank. In the month of May 2008 on 28th I called up the customer care of hdfc bank for clarify some charges on my monthly statement, I have received the answers on 4th July 2008 through a mail which says that “ Dear Mr.Dahiya, Thanking you for your e-mail, We sincerely regret the delay in our response. We request you to treat this delay as an exception and assure you that we are committed to quality customer service” With this mail I thought it ok & decided to forget what all happened & dropped the check of my payment due on the card. On 5th July 2008 I received a call in from a collection agent of HDFC asking about the payment. I had informed him that I have already dropped the cheque for the payment on 4th of July evening. On 8th July 2008 morning I have received a call of the same executive asking about the same, when I replied him the same what has happened the he started abusing me & did that for the next 4 min continually. At the end I have disconnected. I would request you to please do not have any relation with HDFC Bank if you want you and your family members will stay happy. I am launching a complaint with consumer court as well.

non acceptance of fd

HDFC Bank deny to issue more than one Fixed Deposit in a day in one account. i.e. If one wants to put four FDs of Rs. 50000/- in a day they refuse!!! The depositor is asked to put only one Deposit of Rs. 200000/-. They do not bother if the depositor opts for other bank instead of HDFC Bank. SURPRISE.

  • Sa
    santoshi gupta Aug 29, 2008

    santoshi gupta

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  • Ma
    Manish Jha Dec 01, 2008

    I have done the FD (amount of 95000/-)by hdfc Rewari brach (HARYANA) But i have not received the FD due to address change & i have sent the bank statement by attached mail

    So, kindly issue the duplicate FD at my new address. My new address is given below.

    G-79B, GAMMA-II
    cONTACT NO-9310993713, 9311674985

    Waiting your reply
    Manish Kumar Jha

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rudely talking

Dear sir/madam

I have ur bank credit card no [protected] in the named harminderf pal singh from last abt 3 years. I want to complaint u against ur customer care execuitive named puneet no. [protected] punjab. I called him on 01/07/2008 during talk with him he abused me & used very rough language on phone & giving me wrong commitment about my limit release. He want to describe that I m lier abt commitment & he is telling truth. He cut my phone in angry mood & without giving answer of my questions. If this type of presentation happened by any bank executive then which type of image shows infront of us abt bank. I hope my complaint will solve by u in very short time.


harminder pal singh


  • Pr
    PRAKASH R. MODI Jan 23, 2009

    SUBJECT : Request to do stamp in same bank transfer slip in HDFC, GANDHIDHAM BRANCH, KUTCH
    Dear Sir,
    In reference to above subject, You are requested to do stamp on same Bank Transfer Slip.

    I am working an Accountant with several parties in Gandhidham, For an Example, I am submitting herewith the scan copy of my Deposited Cheque Slip of my party KASMANI IMPEX A/c.No.02162020002077 sum of Rs.452488/= .If by mistake Bank missed the cheque, who will be responsible.. A Customer or A Bank..??????

    But When accured this type of problem, with the Customer will not have any proof of deposited cheque. You should give 2 option to customer (1. Drop in Drop Box own risk 2.Stand in a que to made stamp in slip). Today on 22-01-09 Staff of HDFC Bank had pressured to drop this cheque with slip in drop Box. As I was standing in que to made stamp. Other thing You can check with the TV Channer 24 HRS News, I saw a documentary within last a month. At Some places Droped cheques are stolen by some one. And also cleared in some duplicate Accounts.. Then What I/ we should do ??????

    This is not a complain.. But only a request or suggestion.. So, Please, Do not do any type of experiment like this... I also have a SB account with this Branch of HDFC in Gandhidham..

    Your Truely Customer,

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  • De
    Deepak D Feb 27, 2009

    I would like to ask the people responsible, primarily, to the people responsible for this website, and secondarily to the people who has lodged this complaint.

    " Have any of you received the solution or rather soved these issues? If so, i would like to know as to what solution the bank or you has come up with."

    On a personal note, i would request Mr. HARMINDERF PAL SINGH to go to the respective HDFC office and lodge a personal complaint, in writing, and submit it to the Manager

    (Or you could (if you are "thandurusth"enough) beat the ### out of him) - least advisable!

    The point is these complaints are made by the common people and i request the concerned authority to take immediate action.

    Thank You,
    [email protected]

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employee settlement

I have been working with CBOp Since april 2007. I had resigned from the services and got relieved on...

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manager calls 3 times and continues to use foul language for payment

Today dated 12th June a Bank Manger of the Credit card division gave 3 calls from the landline no...

threatening call

Today (11th June, 2008) I got a call from a representative of HDFC Bank (name- shubhra, team leader, faridabad branch ph. no. 011-[protected]), she was looking for the contact details of any person, I don’t remember the name exactly, but the way she was talking, and they way she was behaving, I really got frustrated and felt irritated, on the top of that, when I asked her to tell the real purpose of this call, she started speaking all bull ### she could actually speak.

This kind of calls are made at any time of work which is disturbing and time consuming and deviate me from my work. This is definitely affecting my working. The mental torture caused by that call is severe and disturbing me constantly.

Now please advice smb, what should I do?

  • Ch
    chitra mahendra shah May 23, 2007

    One mr abhijit rajpal had been calling from 020 30281609. On the 23 may 2007 for at least six times talked very rudely is this customer care? He must be taken to task. How can hdfc employ, hire such guys.

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  • As
    ashwin kumar Jun 01, 2007


    Do not settle for anything, verify lawyers credentials and do not worry read the full mail below and visit the sites I have given and share this knowledge - THIS IS CRUCIAL.

    Good Luck

    First visit www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in

    file a case here;Bangalore
    Shri. K.R.Ananda
    C/o Reserve Bank of India
    10/3/8, Nrupathunga Road
    Bangalore-560 001
    Tel.No.080-22210771, 080-22275629
    Fax No.080-22244047
    email: [email protected]

    Mark a copy to : New Delhi
    Shri H Kulshreshtha
    Banking Ombudsman
    Reserve Bank of India Building
    2nd Floor, 6, Sansad marg
    New Delhi - 110001
    Tel No. 011-23725219/23710882/23725445
    Fax No. 011-23725218
    email: [email protected]

    Next go online and file a case online at



    http://www.bcsalliance.com/x_creditcardtricks1.html [ full info on credit cards ]

    Tactics Credit Card Companies Use to Get You to Pay More

    Although the credit card industry earns more than one trillion every year, they aren't satisfied with that, and have adopted dubious tactics to further fatten their wallets. Late and over-the-limit fees now account for more than half of their revenues, so they like to encourage or trick customers into paying some sort of penalty fee. And they are now only getting away with it, but they keep raising their fees up and up -- just a few years ago a penalty fee was about $10. Now the average is $29.00. Consumer groups estimate that soon these fees will average $59.00.

    Late and over-the-limit fees are not the only methods companies use to rake in trillions each year. There are also the credit insurance programs, universal default policies, dishonest marketing campaigns and other stupid card tricks. Many of the major issuers -- First USA (now Chase), Chase, Capital One, Providian (now owned by Washington Mutual), Citibank -- have been sued over allegations of unfair billing practices and accused of blatantly using tactics to cheat customers out of money. Some of these tactics are outlined below.

    Not posting your payment on the day it's received -- Federal law requires credit card companies to post your payment on the date it is received. If they fail to do so, they cannot assess you late charges or added finance charges. Still, a common tactic most card issuers use is to post only those payments received by 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. on a given date. Payments received at 9:01 a.m. are posted the next day despite the fact that all the major card issuers have payment processing centers that operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Best way to fight back: Send in your payment at least 10 days before the due date. If you can't do that for one reason or another, arrange to make your payments electronically by signing up at your credit card issuer's website so you can quickly zap a payment to them and they can't claim that they didn't receive your mailed payment until after the due date. It is interesting to note that almost all of the major credit card banks used to allow customers to quickly zap a payment to them via Paypal.com free of charge. Of course, this must have put a big dent in their late fee revenue so some of them stopped allowing this (Providian and First USA to name two).

    Tricking you in to paying late -- Federal law requires that credit card issuers mail you your statement at least two weeks before the due date, so companies have to resort to other tactics to get you to pay late. You know that your credit card payment is due on the 25th of the month, or do you? Your issuer might suddenly change it to the 20th of each month to try and get you to mail it in late. If it's received late, they will slap you with a $39.00 late fee. If it's late two or more times, they can legally increase your interest rate dramatically, to as much as 29%. At various times, several credit card issuers have even resorted to not mailing out statements at all to encourage customers to pay late under the theory that "it is a courtesy that we mail statements out, not a requirement." [First USA actually used that as an excuse once and lost many customers as a result.]. Best way to fight back: Always open your monthly statement immediately upon receipt and check the due date. Don't be surprised if it has suddenly moved up five days and you received your statement "late". You might have to immediately write a check and get it in the mail that day to allow at least seven days for it to get to them before the due date. You don't want it to arrive at 9:01 on the due date do you? If it does, you will be assessed a late fee.

    Penalizing you for carrying a big balance -- If you carry a high balance on your credit card month-to-month, don't be surprised if you one day notice a small paragraph on your monthly statement that informs you your interest rate is going to increase from 7% to 28% next month. What the credit card company doesn't tell you when you sign up for the card with the low interest rate is that they almost always raise the interest rate dramatically on people who never pay down a high balance on the credit card or carry big balances with other credit card companies. It doesn't matter to them that you have always paid your bills on time and are never late. You can be a customer of theirs for 20 years and never be late or miss a single payment, but one day they will decide that you are no longer a good customer and raise your rate to 28%. [Citibank is notorious for doing this. Every time I see one of their ads in a magazine or TV about how much they love and respect their customers, I want to throw up.]

    Credit card holder wins suit worth Re 1 lakh

    The Statesman 29.5.07

    Arunima Ghosh

    KOLKATA, May 29: Credit cards may be a status symbol to some but for a vast majority of consumers irregularities in credit card bills can cause a great deal of harassment. The recent victory of a credit card holder against a leading bank will be a boost to such consumers who are regularly harassed by their banks.

    A city consumer court has come down heavily on ICICI bank by slapping a fine of Rs 1 lakh, the highest compensation imposed by the court so far for discrepancy in credit card operations. The court of Calcutta District Forum, Unit-II, president Mr TK Ghosh and members Mr H Bhattacharya and Ms R Acharya pulled up the credit card division of the bank for recovering a loan that was never received by the customer. The bank allegedly asked the consumer to repay loan installments along with interest including late fees for a loan amounting to Rs 33,500, supposedly issued by the bank, which was neither solicited nor asked for or received by Mr Kalyan Kumar Sur. The court ordered the bank to pay Mr Sur a litigation cost of Rs 5000 along with compensation worth Rs 1 lakh.

    Mr Sur was taken by surprise when his credit card statements suddenly displayed interest charges. He complained that bank did not respond to his repeated e-mails when he asked the latter to provide him with loan details. Instead the bank allegedly harassed him further by sending loan collectors to his residence.

    The clause 5.1(b) under Reserve Bank of India’s credit card operation guidelines reads: “Unsolicited loan or other credit facility should not be offered to the credit card customers. In case any credit card facility is extended without the consent of the recipient, the credit sponsoring bank will be liable to pay such penalty as may be considered appropriate.” During the court proceedings the bank failed to substantiate with written documents that it had received a loan request from Mr Sur. When contacted ICICI Bank spokesperson in Mumbai said: “We are aware about this case and the bank might appeal before the state commission against the order passed by the city consumer court.”

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  • As
    Ashok Bhargava Jun 30, 2007

    I am also a victim of the same kind of attitude of banks. I have surrendered my credit cards of HDFC and Standard Chartered Banks by paying them the full amount due in 3 installments as offered by banks. Still they put my name in blacklisted/ social customers list. I am still having good track record with HSBC bank but due to mis communication of an executive I am suffering a lot socially. I am not able to apply for any loan.

    I would like to ask RBI when I paid full amount, How can they put me in social trouble.

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  • Im
    Imran Shariff Sep 19, 2007

    I have been contacted by one of the telecaller of HDFC Personal Dept to avail personal loan since my two wheeler loan has no outstanding. I have informed her many time that my account cannot handle indian currency, so how could I get the loan to my account. She assure me that, i am not the first candidate to this and the amount can be transfered immediately to my HDFC Account. The funny part is the loan got approve in my name and got the sms and a letter to home address for the first installment. Constantly I have been following up with the bank that I have not received any money to my account from the bank. After 10 to 15 visit to the loan dept. then they informed to that they cannot transfer the amount my account. At last I have open an separate account just for the sake of loan. and received the amount the 24th March 2007. and informed them to send an executive or change my account neither of it has been done. Due that it resulted in loan overdue. Hopeless service no customer sanctification at all. Whether the loan is paid or not the person, but they want to deduct the emi's at any cost. They are just bothered in taking money they have not paid and not bothered about their customers!

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  • Mu
    MUBEEN AHMED CHANDA Apr 11, 2009

    main ne two weeler loan ke liye apply kiya tha mera name: "Mubeen Ahmed Mohammed Iqbal chanda" hai main ne required document se zyada documents diye the 3 year Income tax returns taxable Netprofit 203000/- mere name ka Telephone bill, pan card, light bill, ration card, aap ke executive "aaradhye" ne kaha ke aap showroom main jakar down payment bhar do main abhi approvle letter fax kar raha showroom ke aadmi ne bank ke executive ko phone par baat ki ke aap byke delivery dedo main approvle letter fax kar raha hu, main ne 20000/- rupees down payment showroom main deposit kar diya 6/05/2009 ko ab bank main bole rahe hai ki aap ki file reject hui hai aap ke father ne information wrong di hai verification executive mere father se kuch bhi nahi puchha, aur file reject kardi, main bank ke credit manage se baat ki to oh bole rahe hai ki aap ka koi business hi nahi hai, mere paas 3 years ka Income tax returns hai taxable, pan card, voter id card, telephone bill mera name se, light bill, ration card hum us ghar main 35 saal se rehte hai mere 20000/- rupyee 6 days se showroom main hai, mere paas bank ke customer ki list hai jo aap ke credit manager ne without income proof ke byke delivery di hai bank, aap ki requirement 30% down payment ki thi main ne 42% down payment pay ki credit manager ne kaha ki main aap ka business dekhne aap ke shop par aaonga magar 4 days huye aur mumbai se approvle lunga magar oh 6 days se rooz ghhuma raha hai
    mera email id hai ([email protected]) aur mobile no.9960180140

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savings account on hold

My Credit Card No:[protected] was due for settlement.
Every month I have been paying 4300 rs as minimum amount due.
This did not lower my Principle amount but the amount was adjusted.

I asked for settlement after which they took their own sweet time of four months.Meanwhile
the persistent phone calls came on coming for payment of min amount due.

Now even before receiving the settlement letter, for which I was ready, HDFC bank has put my savings bank account on hold and I cannot make any transactions.

All my ECS and other checks have bounced due to it.
No body from HDFC called or informed me that the account will be kept on hold nor did I receive any
communication regarding the same.

HDFC should understand the situation and should not act erraticly.

repayment issues


I am an NRI working in Dubai for a pretty long time.

My parents had some financial crisis back home in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Someone had given them an idea of approaching HDFC Home Loans by purchasing a property. They were able to get a loan of 20 Lakhs from HDFC for the property which was not even worth 4 Lakhs then.

This loan was taken on my parents name, me being the primary loan applicant. My parents asked for few documents and informed me they are buying a property for me. Even tough I was not at all interested in the same I had to agree due to the pressure from my parents.

My parents expired 2 yrs after this loan was taken. I was paying the EMI without any default during this period. When my parents expired I came to India and found out the foul play happened.

Now, I am stuck with this loan and property. The value for this property now is not more than 4 lakhs. I tried to sell it but stuck as the Deed Documents carry a value of Rs.22 Lakhs for this property. So I can only sell for 22Lakhs or above, else the Govt Registrar will not validate the sale deed.

I haven't paid the EMI's to HDFC for almost 4 months now and they have been putting a lot of pressure on me. I have asked the collection agent that on what basis have you valued a property which was not even worth 2 lakhs and provided a loan for 20Lakhs. He was not having a proper answer other than "your parents need money so they showed the value high". My next question was, "if someone approaches HDFC with a property worth 1Lakh and apply for 1 Crore will you give". Agent was very furious and told me "I don't want to talk about all these stuff I just need money or else your property will be Recovered thru Govt Revenue Recovery".

My question here to the readers here is :
1. How can I go legally about HDFC providing a loan for property which is not even 10% of the loaned amount ??? HDFC have an internal value assessment dept plus there is an external agency who audit the value given by this dept. Only if they tally with minor differences loans are given out. On what condition did they approve my loan ???

2. If they proceed with Revenue Recovery what are the consequences I will have to face ?? Will I have a deport from UAE to India ???

3. During Revenue Recovery what will be minimum value they have to sell this property ?? (I was told by the agent that they will sell at any value and no one has the right to question them)

4. Can they sell the property lower than 20Lakhs as they and an external agency have confirmed and assessed the property value ??

5. Will I loose my current job/visa in UAE if HDFC files a complaint thru the Indian Embassy here in UAE ??

Appreciate if someone can shed me some light on my issue. I had contacted this HDFC recovery agent this morning and he has given a threatening timeframe of 'within 2 days' to get back to him with my decision on settling this deal.

Thanks in advance. My e-mail ID is [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Sh
    Shariq1379 Oct 24, 2011

    My file number FOR HDFC HOMELOAN is 602140663...It’s been more than 2 months since, I have submitted docs. but no satisfactory answers rather false promises being done.

    Many times I have visited (more than 5 times) Noida Home Loan Branch and met to officers but they always said your file in process and one day when I called they told me, your file has been missed. Again, I provided all doc before 20 days back but still I am getting same response from their side.

    Kindly look in to matter.

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  • Pk
    PK mangalore Dec 24, 2012

    I have taken a loan from HDFC Ltd and I was happy with there service for past 6 years. I have decided to sell of my flat and buy new one and I got the buyer. The buyer wanted to take over my loan and he applied loan with his bank, now his banker wants NOC and HDFC is not providing teh same. Pls help.

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  • Ma
    manoj kumar 01 Mar 23, 2013

    I have taken the loan with the hdfc limited file no is:-606734435, but due to some reason i have cancel my DD, on 21st feb 2013, hdfc staff taken the 2 PDC cheques amount rs.1805 and 4991 rs, , , , 1st cheque rs.1805 is bounces due to miss-communication by staff., staff member said your cheques are stop. but i was not clear that my PDC Cheques are still under clearance.. on the behalf of the staff i complaint. staff member said your money is recovered with in 48 hrs. but after some time i got a massage form hdfc limited that your second cheque is clear on 15th march2013, , i again complaint to the staff member Mr. S.V RAJA In account department, he said your fund is refund with in next 48 hrs. but still i did not return my fund in my account... may i know how much time it will taken to return the money?????

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ecs dr billdesk

28 Apr 2008 ECS DR RTN CHGS - I-F [protected] 28 Apr 2008 200.00 -147.38
28 Apr 2008 ECS DR BillDesk-TTELBL-[protected] [protected] 28 Apr 2008 339.00 52.62
28 Apr 2008 ECS DR BillDesk-TTELBL-[protected] [protected] 28 Apr 2008 339.00 -286.38

I haven't auth this transactions. I have sent them loads of mails regarding the same and even i have called them up and they haven't given any kind of responce.
Because of there mistake my a/c is in negitive balance. This the 2nd time they have done a mistake. Please take an serious action and make customer feel happy. This the 1st time iam writting you hope this won't make me sad. I have come to having an hope. Please make this hope to be fullfilled.

Thanks and Regards,
Sharath K

  • Ra
    Rakesh Kumar Oct 03, 2008

    I have a ECS running on my HDFC bank account # 01321000103283, and I maintain a balance of around Rs.3200- Rs.3700 in my saving account, whose minimum balance amount is Rs.2500. I do a max of 4 - 5 transaction during a month, since I have a SBI saving account & Axis Bank salary account. Still my account has been put on hold and also around Rs 100 have been deducted from account during the month of sep'08.
    my account is put on hold and I am not even informed by my home branch. because of the above deduction the amount in my account is less than the ECS which ideally goes on 1st of every month. I would appreciate a proper answer from HDFC as to how am I doing very huge transaction( in term of amount or # of transactions), because of which you people put my account on hold so frequently.

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amount blocked from salary account by credit card department without any reason

i am using HDFC bank credit card. there credit cart recovery demartment was following up me from last three monts and they are telling we have settled your credit card amount and they taken around 2500/- from me. after few months they told me still your request for settlement is not made. again we have to made settlement request. after few days credit card department had blocked some amount from salary account and they are not respnding me.

  • Na
    NAVEEN MEHTA Oct 06, 2008

    Dear HDFC Customer care

    I am having a corporate saving & current account in the name of Wipro e-Peripherals (Naveen Mehta a/c- 02711610000744) last 2 years in delhi.

    Apart from this I am having a HDFC credit card last 4 years (4346771005837878).With the limit of 15k. Due to some personal issue with hdfc collection person, I stopped the giving payment after feb or march 08.
    After that I was ready to settle this credit card account with bank because it was my liability & in this regard I got a call from some collection agency of HDFC.
    In the mean time, all of sudden I got to know that my total saving account balance(10, 712) is hold due to credit card outstanding & it was without my prior information & it was very humiliating situation when I got to know at the shop. At least bank should inform me in prior to holding this account.

    After that I contacted in bank & I connected with Megha – 09350466305 (hdfc – delhi jankpuri office ) & then I asked for settle this credit card & I have been offered to settle in 18000 in three installment, & in this first install is Auto debit amt. – 10712 & another 2 month PDC of 3600 on 26th sep.

    In the mean time I got a letter from Chennai office regarding the account holding & mentioned with the name Mr. Sumant Kumar – 09313133544 ( officer – Hdfc, delhi janakpuri office . ) Again I contacted to him & he asserted in front of megha that ur credit card is settle as per megha.
    I asked megha to sent a settlement letter & pick the pdc from me. He twice confirmed that she has sent the settlement letter to my given email ID ([email protected]). But thrice in two days I confirmed that I didn’t receive any mail from bank side then she confirmed me that already she has sent twice & having mail in her sent item.

    Then twice also I asked to come personally at her office & collect the letter & give the pdc but she told me there is closing in bank for 2 days & no customer will entertained in this period .

    After that again I contacted on 4th oct. then I got to know from sumant that there is no settle letter released for my credit card & they have again hold the extra balance 25, 983 from my account.

    My concern is after settling my credit card account why bank hold the extra amount from my saving account & why the employee of HDFC bank credit card division denying the previous settlement even megha was still saying my card was settled but she don’t have the reasons for the mess up.

    This is a literarily mental & Monterey harassment from HDFC bank & being a customer I felling really helpless to how to get justification .

    In between I connected to Mr. Anuj - ( 09313304295 ) & he is also not helping in this matter.

    Please help me out & I am ready to pay as per my earlier commitment to megha, otherwise I have to go in consumer rights court & banking ombudsman of india .
    Please consider my case on priority basis & revert .

    Thanks & Regards
    Naveen Mehta

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  • An
    anjani kumar shukla Oct 14, 2009

    Dear HDFC Customer care officer,

    I am having a corporate saving and salary account with my name ANJANI KUMAR SHUKLA-A/c number -03191140007102 from last 2 years in delhi.

    Apart from this I am having a HDFC value plus credit card from last 2 years (43467720o6328198).With the limit of 12k. Due to some personal reasons, I could not pay minimum amount due in last two months that was in september 09 and october 09(current month) . this was just because of delay in salary transaction in my account. before this, my credit card payments were on time. In the month of september i got2-3 regular calls from some collection agency for the payment of minimum amount due. then i told to the collection people to pay the amount of sept 09 and oct 09 put together in the month of oct 09( this month) after my salary transaction .
    I was readyto pay credit card payment from my account because it was my liability & in this regard I got a call from some collection agency of HDFC.
    In the mean time, all of sudden I got to know that my total saving account balance(11, 227) is hold due to credit card outstanding & it was without my prior information & it was very humiliating situation when I got to know at the shop. At least bank should inform me in prior to holding this account.

    My concern is instead of my last two month credit card payment why bank hold the extra amount from my saving account . please release my money in my account after deducting 2 months consecutive credit card due payments as soon as possible.

    This is a literarily mental & Monterey harassment from HDFC bank & being a customer I felling really helpless to how to get justification

    Please help me out
    Please consider my case on priority basis & revert .

    Thanks & Regards
    Anjani Kumar Shukla

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  • Ni
    Nilesh Powar Jul 07, 2011

    Even i am facing the same situation at this point of time...
    I didnt knew my account was freezed and i tried withdrawing money from the bank, each time i tried, i was charged 25Rs for the transaction.
    I have around 10K in my account right now but the available balance it shows is -375Rs.

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non accepting of hdfc loan

The Branch Manager,
HDFC Bank Limited,
First Floor,
B-6/3, Sufderjung Enclave,
Opposite Dear Park, New Delhi.

Sub: Non accepting the Loan amounting Rs.48, 043/- vide Cheque No. 179554 dt. 11/03/2008.

I was visited the Dear Park Branch where my application was received for cancellation of Personal Loan (Copy enclosed) where they asked to my complaints witch was mailed by me in the month of march in reply of that mail Ms. Swati Bhargawa was tells me that she has sending a person to collect the cheque from me. But no one has come to collect

Your representative Mr. Noor Mohammad who got my signature on all the papers in my office has not giving the reply satisfactory

It is therefore requested kindly cancelled this loan and give me refund of my EMI who is cleared by you on 5th of April 2008 through ECS from my PNB Bank Account No. [protected] (Copy enclosed) disbursement Advice dated Mar-11-2008 Reference No. [protected] Account No. [protected] a loan of amounting Rs. 48, 043/-(Rupee Forty Eight Thousand Forty Three Only)

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Instructor Civil Defence,
Encl. copy: Cheque No. 179554 dt. 11/03/2008 Dte, Genl. Of HG & CD,
Room No. 106, First Floor
(M) [protected], (O) [protected] Ext.No. 726
second letter copy ( Reminder) I


The Branch Manager,
HDFC Bank Limited,
First Floor,
B-6/3, Sufderjung Enclave,
Opposite Dear Park, New Delhi.

Sub: Non accepting the Loan amounting Rs.48, 043/- vide Cheque No. 179554 dt. 11/03/2008.

I was applied for a loan of Rs. 1, 00, 000/-(Rs.One Lack) your representative Sh. Noor Mohammad who was collecting my document from my office i.e. Room No. 106, Directorate General of Home Guards & Civil Defence, Nishkam Sewa Bhawan, CTI Raja Garden. He give me assurance that my required loan amount Rs.1, 00, 000/- has been approved and the documents are required to be sign. I asked him to show me approval but he gets my sign. And keep me in dark.

A disbursement Advice dated Mar-11-2008 Reference No. [protected] Account No. [protected] a loan of amounting Rs. 48, 043/-(Rupee Forty Eight Thousand Forty Three Only) have been sanctioned and delivered to my office to some one.

Sir I was applied for loan Rs. 1, 00, 000/-(One Lakh Only) and sanctioned amount is very lover and not fulfill my requirement and not sufficient for me this amount is not acceptable to me I am surrendering this Cheque to you

It is therefore requested kindly cancelled this loan and give me refund my EMI who is cleared by you on 5th of April 2008 through ECS from my PNB Bank Account No. [protected]

Thanking you
Yours truly,

Instructor Civil Defence,
Encl. copy: Cheque No. 179554 dt. 11/03/2008 Dte, Genl. Of HG & CD,
My I-D proof is attached with this letter Room No. 106, First Floor
(M) [protected], (O) [protected] Ext.No. 726

First Letter Copy who was mail by me earliar and no reply have been received by me on my mail till date

The Branch Manager,
HDFC Bank,
11th Floor, Ambadeep Building,
14, K.G. Marg.
New Delhi.

Sub: Non accepting the Loan amounting Rs.48, 043/-

I was applied for a loan of Rs. 1, 00, 000/-(Rs.One Lack) your representative Sh. Noor Mohammad who was collecting my document from my office i.e. Room No. 106, Directorate General of Home Guards & Civil Defence, Nishkam Sewa Bhawan, CTI Raja Garden. He give me assurance that my required loan amount Rs.1, 00, 000/- has been approved and the documents are required to be sign. I asked him to show me approval but he gets my sign. And keep me in dark.

A disbursement Advice dated Mar-11-2008 Reference No. [protected] Account No. [protected] a loan of amounting Rs. 48, 043/-(Rupee Forty Eight Thousand Forty Three Only) have been sanctioned and delivered to my office to some one.

Sir I was applied for loan Rs. 1, 00, 000/-(One Lakh Only) and sanctioned amount is very lover and not fulfill my requirement and not sufficient for me this amount is not acceptable to me I am surrendering this Cheque to you

It is therefore requested kindly cancelled this loan.

Thanking you
Yours truly,

Instructor Civil Defence,
Encl. Cheque No. 179554 dt. 11/03/2008 Dte, Genl. Of HG & CD,
Room No. 106, First Floor
(M) [protected], (O) [protected] Ext.No. 726
Copy to :-
1. Governor Reserve Bank of India, with the request to kindly see the working procedure of bank and working of their staff.
2. Delhi State Consumer forum with the request to kindly help me in this case against the Bank Policy or their employee.
3. Manager Punjab National Bank, with the request to kindly stop the any kind of payment releasing to HDFC Bank through Cheque No. 050775, 050776, 050777 and 050778 or ECS
4. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, New Delhi for information please.


they cheat me

I have opend an account with hdfc bank almost three months before with amt 10000. The next day their executive mr bodh raj tandon came at my house and said they will make a fixed deposit of this money for one year I said ok. They never told me that I will have to maintain the 5000 other than this and when I asked hime that they will not show less minimum balance becasue of this fd then he said not now the bank has dedcuted 840 rs from my account saying less minimum balance when I went bank today mr bodh raj tandon came and told me to revert that fd into my account and what they did they again cut rs 300 from my fd in three months I loss 1100 rs just for nothing. Pl tell me what to do. This happend in ghaziabad ambedkar road branch of hdfc

  • Au
    audrey schulze Apr 23, 2008

    i have been trying to be disenrolled with todays options since dec, 31 07. they are impossible to get rid of. my bills are not being paid, because of todays options refusing to disenroll me, i have filed a second complaint with medicare. the bills are getting higher, so i will not receive any medical treatment until this is resolved. i am very angry, and i will spread the word against them and im thinking of getting legal assistance, which i hardly can afford. why dont the todays options co-operate? its determental to ones health, when treated this way, to prevent bills being paid. . a disgruntled lady.

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  • Ni
    nitin gupta May 19, 2009


    I want to draw your kind attn towards that my self NITIN GUPTA PROP OF M/S RADHA METALS and my a/c no. is 02872020000714
    iam doing complaint twice regarding withdraw my amount from my C/A by cashier ( mr BHUVAN SEHGAL, mob 09911373782 ) ashok vihar phase 2 delhi branch by overwritting on my cheque .. bt there is no response from your side .
    my complaints no. is del063368 and del053769

    so iam complaint to you and dis is my last request from my side otherwise iam going to consumer court. so please take an strict action against my complaint as soon as possible

    I THINK iam doing a great mkstake bcz iam opening my c/a in your bank . now iam knowning why people say that icici bank is good then hdfc bcz in your bank there is no value of customer in your eyes n customer is not getting any sufficient reply from your side


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marketing calls - they sell phone nos

I had applied for credit card a month ago and hdfc phone banking agent sent an executive called afzal - who claims to be their dsa.

Even if they did not give me the credit card... Due to foolish reasons that I am out of town resident - despite I being a classic banking customer.

Further now I receive many many calls on my office number. I have never given my office extension to anyone or any bank except hdfc's dsa while applying for credit card.

Hdfc bank never calls on office nos. They use email communication for classic customers who r in dnd list.
But their dsa are pathetic. I got a call 7 times from [protected] (+[protected]) from this guy afzal who was promoting various investment schemes... Today it was disgusting.. He started selling me compititor bank's product.
Surprisingly, when I callback the number I get msg saying this no. Does not exist.. Beware of such dsa... They spoof tel nos. Also now...

I would like to warn everyone not to approach bank dsa for credit cards.

  • Ru
    rupesh kumar Aug 15, 2008

    dear sir
    i want to request you that please give me dsa of hdfc bank credit card . we have a lot of employee and space . and please tell me how much commission will you provide me.

    best regd.

    wating for reply in positive

    thanking you

    rupesh kumar

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harasment by bank


I was an HDFC credit card (No- [protected]) holder during 2004-05. There was a scheme to Buy whirlpool home appliances in easy 0% EMI. I bought a washing machine and the EMI amount was 641.00 only. I paid the entire installments (12 installments) without any fail. But after paying all the 12 installments, again I got another bill of around 400/-. I complained to the customer care, but that was in vain. The response was if I don't pay the amount the card will be invalid.

A letter come from HDFC after 6 months, stated that my case has been informed to RBI and my card is invalid. After 2005 there was no communication between HDFC Credit card and me. Rather HDFC issued a gold card to me in the year 2007. I am never been a defaulter till now for HDFC, even though I have done several transactions through HDFC credit card.

After a gap of almost 3 years suddenly I got a legal notice dated 12th April'08 to pay a whopping amount of 5370/- else, HDFC has threatened to take serious action against me. It has been mentioned in that letter that I should be ready for the consequences thereof.

My question is where was HDFC all these days ? Again If I am a defaulter how come they issued another Card that to a gold card to me? If I can pay 7500/- to them, I could have paid 400/- odd amount. But since that was not justified and the customer care, didn't care to talk to me and settle the case, hence I didn't pay that amount as it was not justified.

Sir, Now after 3 years, HDFC has started harassing me again. I, therefore, request you to please take necessary step, so that my family shouldn't be in any trouble, without any fault of mine.

Thanks & Regards

Mrs. Pragnya Arun

  • Sh
    Shekhar Parekh Apr 28, 2008

    The customer care could not specify reasons for the denial of credit card, even after all the papers as required by them were submitted in all aspects.

    Further, I wanted mail address to be changed from present address gievn to new one, which they are not able to process. To add my woes further, the customers care people are not even solve the above query and insisted, I post my grievances in a website called [email protected], which I beleive is wrong. I will love to know, what HDFC has the answer for all the above.

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  • Vi
    vinish May 14, 2008


    I vinish v credit card no 5176521000830754 made full and final settlement of Rs 38, 000 ( Thirty Eight Thousand only) with HDFC Bank on 14th May'08

    The money was colleted by Mr Sivaram J Deputy Manager - Debt Management.

    Please find reciet details for your acknowledgement.

    Ref no 0154241 ( HDFC)
    Payment invoice - 11607916

    Customer contact centre ref no:08135112187

    I was told that this is full and final setlement towards my bill. And there will be no harrashment from HDFC Bank.

    Today 15th May'08 i called up HDFC Bank and spoke to lady called Reena at 04844084332. She saying i have another outstand amoutnt to pay.

    My question then why one your employee Mr Sivaram J Deputy Manager - Debt Management commits that there won't be any outstanding amount as in i had made full and final settlement againt my bill.

    Why two statement from one Bank...please stop harrasing customers like this...

    I hope someone will look into this matter and get to back to me ASAP

    Please give me a acknowlegement receipt for the same through email.

    Thanks and Regards

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  • Pi
    Pio Fernando Sep 24, 2008

    I would suggest you to contact MACCAAN ( Moment against credit collection agony and Nuisance ). This organisation is formed to liberate the people from the multinational banks collection harassment .

    They deal with all kinds of unsecured /secured loans and help the common layman to come out of the credit clutches.
    Pls visit the website :www.maccaan.com for further information on this .

    This looks like a boon to the people who are stuck on the hands of the international banks .

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  • Je
    jeevan Sep 24, 2008

    Pragnya Arun

    I would suggest you to contact MACCAAN ( Moment against credit collection agony and Nuisance ). This organisation is formed to liberate the people from the multinational banks collection harassment .

    They deal with all kinds of unsecured /secured loans and help the common layman to come out of the credit clutches.
    Pls visit the website :www.maccaan.com for further information on this .

    This looks like a boon to the people who are stuck on the hands of the international banks .

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  • Su
    suresh Kumar Feb 14, 2009

    Feb 11th, 2008
    Mr. Saravananranam
    The Corporate Manager (Credit Card)
    HDFC Bank, PO Box; 8654
    Chennai 400041

    Sub: Block Credit card Immediate 5243681100863037
    Dear Sir,
    I was using this above mentioned card since 23/06/2007 and was happy using this card, but one day I came to know my credit limit and outstanding increased beyond my limitation instead of, I am paying regular amount to HDFC bank, it is surprised to me, then I had contacted to your bank local at Delhi (Rajori Garden) to meet Apinder (his Mobile number is 919313104992) to understand the interested rate calculation done my bank, Oh! It was really panic for me it is rate of interested rate is 45% PA.
    Even I had request few wrong transition was held during 14/01/2008 (double payment to Baja Allianz) and another payment to some US university< which I never obtain and paid amount then I had requested to bank on March 2008 to stop usage of my card because there is dispute, then HDFC did not hear my request and calculated huge number of figure as interest rate and demanding to pay, O! Which I never done such transition from HDFC credit card and HDFC bank asking to pay me… anyway, I Do not know what HDFC done about this complain? I already layoff from my JOB on July 2008, in spite I regular made payment to HDFC till Dec’2008, Same I communicated to Ms. Simaran, Mr. Apinder, but Arpinde calling me 30 call in 15 minutes and he is treads like call again & again my mobile and my residence number without any time limit & frame.
    I am surprised, why HDFC hired such un-educated person in bank to destroy reputation of HDFC and forced to break relationship with client.
    As I understand from HDFC-Rajori Garden Branch, I already paid to Bank against my outstanding 1, 79, 000 against my credit limited of 2, 91, 000..00 (Please correct if wrong calculation provided by Rajori garden Branch). Now, I am looking forward co-operate from HDFC bank to stop making call to my mobile number and lend line number as harassed my family and me, secondly I am not able to make payment rate @45 % which is my out of scope, really, which I was NOT aware before as rate of interest..I am also requesting please stop calculating interest rate which is NOT practical, I M READY TO PAY INTEREST RATE BASE ON RBI DIRECTION & Guideline, (It is available on RBI website)
    I will try to settle my outstanding amount in next six to eight month with mutual understand as I am NOT running away from here or world, but if HDFC creates situation more worst in my family life during this struggle period then I have only option to [censored].
    So, I requested HDFC, during this time, please cooperate with me as I am honest person to clear all genius outstanding of HDFC ASAP.
    Suresh KUMAR Chaurasia.

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agreement fooling customers

Some months back wanted to take a home loan and contacted HDFC for details. Sales Manager of HDFC mailed me...

saving bank a/c

The General Manager,
Head Office

Dear Sir,
I have a Saving Bank account at Rajnagar, Ghaziabad Branch of HDFC Bank. Despite my innumerable complaints I have not been able to open my account on the Internet. As I have often to be on tour, I need to download my statements of account frequently. I have also sent repeated requests to my Bank Manager to post my monthly statements of account through email but so far they have totally ignored my request.

I am a bit surprised at this callous attitude of a well known private bank. Even the portal of SBI is so user friendly that we have no problem at all downloading our account details.

I would appreciate if you could instruct the Rajnagar Branch of Ghaziabad HDFC Bank to send my monthly statement details on the 5th of every month on my email ID: [protected]@gmail.com

DP Agrawal

  • Ki
    kishore Apr 27, 2008

    net banking

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  • Vi
    vikas mishra Aug 14, 2008

    To: SBI Chief; HDFC Chief
    Subject: Faulty ATM Network Operations
    It is highly disappointing & sorry to inform you that the service is provided by your network of banks are found to be faulty. Your banks are considered to be among the most reputed trusted bank of India & financial transactions are consider to be most critical transactions. Even then, I suffered loss of a considerable amount of my hard earn money (earned by serving the nation on border) due to your faulty & non tested networked ATMs.
    On 03/08/08, I withdrawed Rs.3000 from nearest HDFC bank ATM (refer details below in the mail) while mini statement slip showing Rs.6000 less from total amount. When I did call at SBI help line number (08026599990) then they said “you inform to your nearest SBI branch & submit an application there to the branch manager.” But when I met, the branch manager of SBI (sector-41, NOIDA-201301), he rejected my application & advised to go at HDFC branch where transaction had occurred. When I went to the HDFC (Sector-51, NOIDA-201301), they also refused my plea & reverted to SBI. Finally, from both the sides my application was rejected & was directed to the ATM card issuing branch. But owing to distance (the branch is in South), it is not possible for me to. I was made bouncing ball & the sufferer between both of the banks at no fault of mine in this issue.
    This entire aforementioned incident has caused lot of agony, pain, aguish, financial loss, mental stress & lower productivity in my personal & professional life.
    Hence, I want justice in form of reverting my lost money of Rs.3000 plus the costs incurred (tangible & non-tangible) to get the same bank i.e. Rs.500.
    In case I do not get any positive reply from your end by Monday august 18th I have to escalate to Reserve Bank of India.
    Transaction Details:
    HDFC ATM Slip Details: DATE TIME ATM NO.
    03/08/08 12:47 S1ANDE 18 (Sector-34, Noida (U.P.))
    CARD NO. – 6220180859600021264
    9247 Withdrawal 3000.00
    AVAIL BAL- 13045.00
    A/C - 00000030307195806
    07/08/08 10:36 S1AN70066101
    CARD NO. – 6220180859600021264
    TXN NO. - 3927
    WITHDRAWAL- 500.00
    AVAIL BAL- 9525.00
    A/C- 00000030307195806

    Bank Daryl’s:
    Account Holder Name: Ram Nivas Mishra
    Bank Name- State Bank of India
    A/C No.-00000030307195806
    Account Type- Saving Account
    Vikas Mishra
    Behalf of Ram Nivas Mishra (Defense Personnel)

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Sharma Sep 16, 2008

    My A/c no. is 02791000050529.

    worst expirience with hdfc bank, hdfc image lost

    you peaple try cheat with the customer's for Rs.200/- Very Shameful, Wrong Commitments, I want Close this Account.

    Today one year completed but no any solution is provided yet.

    Not Satisfied with your service.

    If you want to know more about your service then make a call to 0 - 9899568877,

    Provide me with Regional Service Manager's contact number For NCR (Faridabad)

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  • Su
    Surjit Singh Oct 18, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    My saving actt. no 0030011000100203. I have recd.SMS for from no. 5676712 that reply ur correct E-Mail I D for e-statment.
    Any corspodance may be done to my E-Mail I.D

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  • Su
    Surjit Singh Oct 18, 2008

    Dear sir,
    Reply to SMS no.5676712 regarding


    saving actt.no.003011000100203

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  • Vi
    Vivek Mittal Oct 23, 2008

    I have deposited Rs 5000 in my saving account number (08121000004153) on dated "10-10-08" but the same has not appeared in my a/c. consiquently my cheque issued to the party bounced. Kindly investigate the fraud done by cashier " Ms Rekha of Kharar branch". We have approached the matter to the bank and they have replied that the matter will be investigated by the higher authorty. We have lodged the complaint on dated 22-10-08 in writting with the bank.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vivek Mittal

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  • Ja
    jaheen israt Nov 01, 2008

    a/c statement

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  • Ja
    jaheen israt Nov 01, 2008

    statement of account

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  • Va
    vasanthigowrishanker Dec 04, 2008

    my query nos are A52851424 & A52851452 about non opening of an oridinary savings bank account in your estimmed firm.I made several complients to your bank, but till time no action tobe taken. it was very shameful action.After a month was went on, an ordinary sb account cannot be open. this is very rediculas. I don't understand that you people do what?
    I hope you can understand my problem and do the needful action immediatly. it will more appreciable.
    yours faithfully,

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  • Ma
    manish jain Jun 20, 2009

    Dear sir,
    I am customer in your bank since 2 year my account no. 10591000001193 Name Manish Kumar Jain
    i have deposit cash Rs.19000/-in your bank HDFC Rewa M. P. Branch.dtd. 20-6-2009.
    Note Denomination 100x100, 50x100, 500x6, &10x100.
    Your cashier says we have not Recd.note Rs.10x100.
    dear sir this currencies is indian govt.
    your cashier atitude is very shameful.
    pl. take action .
    PH.NO. 07662 404567
    email. [email protected]

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refusal to close fd

Hdfc bank and its customer service is the worst of its kind in india. I have been a customer of this pathetic bank for over 5 years and they would treat you like your worthless. I made a huge mistake of opening an fd through phone banking back in jan. 2-3 days later I wanted to close it due to an urgency but their stupid reps at the call centre told me I would have to go to the bank to do that. Somebody ask these idiots why in hell would a busy person take time out to go to the bank to undo what he did over the phone. Oh I definately will go to the bank but that would be only to close my account with this crappy bank not to close my fd. Whats even more pathetic is their refusal to acknowledge any complaints they receive. I dropped my list of concerns in their drop box around a month back and ive still not received any response. Icici your lucky cos im coming your way very soon and hdfc I hope you burn in hell.. !!

  • Le
    Leena Joseph Sep 12, 2008

    When I booked my Fixed Deposit for 1 year 15 days through phone banking they told that my F.D booked at the rate of 10% after ten days I got the F.D. receipt it printed 1year 11 days and the interest rate is 9%. One of my coleage also get the same experience. I don't think it is a typical error some type of cheating is going because before ending the telephonic conversation they repeted the details of the booking that time it is o.k. and how it will change after that.

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  • Ab
    abhishek Jun 09, 2009

    really correct..

    They have the worst customer service among all tha banks...


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harrassment on phone by a tele caller

I have a hdfc bank credit card. I have use this card 3-4 months before. I have purchase diesel for my official use. Last two months I m not able to pay the dues of the bank due to some losses in my business. In jan. Month I recd. A call from your rajouri garden branch bank/collection agencies regarding the payments of the above card. In reply I said pls. Send the executive to collect the payment. A boy called "rahul" is in contact with me. Next day I recd. A call from the same office. This time a lady speaks to me & asked me whether I can pay the amount or not & she is using abuse language. She is also making a calls in my neighbours & using abuse language against them.
For that my neighbours lodge a complaint against your office contact no. I have also lodge a complaint against the nos. Of your rajouri office. Then I again recd. A call from rahul & he was using abuse language & I also use abuse language agt. Them. I cant remember the lady name. Then nobody comes & I deposit the minimum payment i. E rs.1100/-cash in janak puri branch agt. My credit card. This month again I recd. A call from same lady & I said that I m out of station, I will be back on saturday i. E. On 23.2.08 then u can call me on saturday & collect the payment. On saturday I recd. A call from that lady at appox.2.00 p. M. That whether I send the executive for collect the payment. In reply I said that mam yet I have not reach my home, you can send your executive on monday & collect the amount. After that she becomes angry & again using abuse language. After that I recd. A call from same office on 27.2.08 at appox.2.30 pm a called swati, I said mam right now I m driving pls. Call me after 15-20 minutes & collect the dues. She said ok. But that old lady again calls at my residence no. And she was shouting on my mother by using abuse language.
Today again I recd. Call from swati, she is talking in a very beautiful way with me regarding the dues. I said send ur executive & collect the dues & the collection boy already collect the dues.

I dont know how u people are mainting a good relation with the customers who are using abuse language agt. The customers. I also can use abuse language agt. That lady, but I cant.

Pls. Take neccassary action against rahul & that girl.
Pls. Do the needful or may u can loose the mkt.


  • Ma
    manoj kumar Apr 24, 2008

    i am using the credit card for past 8 month but the service provide by the bank is really worst. the charges they are putting unnecessarily, also they do not know how to behave with the customer, whenever i not given my amount, one lady name
    mhamsa she called me and told some words that is not tolerate by anyone, also other banks are giving best service the charges are also low, not much charges, but they are putting unnecessary charges to the customer, i already send 4 fax letter but they are not sending any response to the customer, bcz they are bank people
    they giving lot of pain to the people, if any bank will do like that then why govt not
    taking serious aginst them.

    if i am not getting proper response i will made a case against them, so anyone please
    support to proceed with my activity.

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  • Ta
    TABREZ ALAM Sep 16, 2008

    because, i want settelment

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  • Ta
    TABREZ ALAM Sep 16, 2008

    i am very harrashed.because, iwant settelment

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  • Je
    jeevan Sep 24, 2008

    Sachin Chugh,

    I would suggest you to contact MACCAAN ( Moment against credit collection agony and Nuisance ). This organisation is formed to liberate the people from the multinational banks collection harassment .

    They deal with all kinds of unsecured /secured loans and help the common layman to come out of the credit clutches.
    Pls visit the website :www.maccaan.com for further information on this .

    This looks like a boon to the people who are stuck on the hands of the international banks .

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Singh Bisht Sep 30, 2008

    I have received the cerdit cards 3 month before, but i haven't received passdword till now. For that i have done the follow up with the call centre people, but no reponse.. i have get.

    Dear Team my request is this do the needfull at the earliest.

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  • Di
    dinesh kumar Oct 06, 2008

    my name is dinesh kumar.and simply want to know that if the customer account is running one payment behind..that means they give us the threaten call for the lady of the house and trying to kill elder brother if do not make a payment of RS 1790...is this the rule of the bank or the proper training was provided by the HR. I really do not have idea...such a harassment..

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  • Sa
    santosh Kaluram Vidhate Oct 15, 2008

    I have no Credit card of HDFC BANK. Why you send sms on my mobile no.9822103726. Firstly you check the name of Card Holder & Cell No. ask to card holder against mobile no. why you given wrong number.

    I requst you don's send SMS again & again.

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  • Ac
    A_Customer Nov 24, 2009

    Welcome to the club.. see, the biggest mistake you did was actually deal with HDFC, and now repent with your peace, and your mental health ..

    life will never be the same again, if you are a customer of hdfc, and by any chance, some emergency comes and you skip a payment or two. They will make you realize that you are the most pathetic person on earth, who should curl in your shell and die.

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  • Ki
    Kiran Gujar Dec 18, 2015

    i m the customer of HDFC Bank from last 5 + year & using credit card from 4 years..i getting calls from bank for the due amount from last 3-4 days ..
    Today Miss Neha called me for the payment i told her that the payment will be done today end of the day But the way she is talking is very very rudely & very insulting... After this payment i m going to cancel this card due to this type of services..
    I m going to make the strong complaint against Miss. Neha ( Pune- Bund Garden Branch ) for this in consumer court. If you can take any strong action against her please do the needful. as per the HDFC Bank services she is not good resources for the Bank.
    I want this neha madam out of the system asap.

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fooling existing customers

I am an existing customer of the HDFC Bank, and my salary is credited in the same account. I had applied for a personal loan in January 2008, and they never followed up after collecting the papers. Everyday I would give them a call to confirm the status, and they would only say that it is being processed and the amount will be in my account within 7 days. Around January-end, they changed their response and said my file is rejected because my previous employment proof was rejected and declared as fake. I submitted the original documents to them for verification and validation, which are till date with them, and no calls from them.

They never gave me the file number, and said it is rejected. I called customer care, and they gave me the file number and arranged a call back. The representative who called me today was from Naraina branch (New Delhi) and said they cannot process the file because my file was originally submitted my Noida branch (Sector-62), and said I cannot apply for another loan for next 6 months...

What is it? Are these guys just making a fool of us or what? Who should we address such issues to? What was my fault in this whole scene? Of course I am in great need of money, and that is why I applied for this loan. Are these guys just playing with our emotions and need, or simply, with us? I wanted to escalate the issue to the higher authorities of the HDFC bank, but then... there are no contact details available, not even with the call center people... Is this what they call "Customer Service"?

  • Dr
    Dr Jintu Bora Jun 05, 2008

    I have applied for a personal loans which the executive who had colloected my documments said to me that my loan is to be sanctioned less than a week because due to the HDFC Bank month ending on 31st may 2008 under parallel loan scheme, I was submitted all my documents on 27 th of May 2008 morning hour, but today is 5th May 2008, till date, I am Unable to get any positive answer from their end every time I wrang they said your loan will be approved today 2nd half, one report is yet waiting to come, on 4th May evening one person from your bank came to my chamber asking several questions, which I feel unnecessary because I have a very long term relationship with this bank ..

    I have a Car loan of Toyata Innova running more than a years without having any delay in EMI Payment,

    I have a personal loan amounting rupees 4 lacs 36thousand running since last 04 months.

    I have closed one car loan before date of termination of the loan in your bank

    I was applied for this Personal Loans( parallel loan) to purchase medical equipments to run my New Chamber but till date i am unable get any response from the bank end.

    Expecting a positive response from your bank end regarding my loan application.

    Thanking You

    Your sincerely

    Dr jintu Bora


    Nemcare Hospital
    Dept- Ortho

    Guwahati ( Assam)

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  • Ma
    Manoj Negi Oct 14, 2008

    let me help you guys out in this.

    these banks need business..and for more business they need to contact more people, and to contact more people they have to hire more people which they cannot...now the so called HDFC employees who are calling you guys are not at all this banks employee...they are based somewhere else they collect information and call you up...the worst part is wen you handle your personal banking details to them.

    the best part is please move your ### and visit a bank near you to take any loan and never never give away any personal or financial information over the phone.

    You let these thieves in your accounts then cry for your losses...its you who can stop it.

    be aware open your eyes...never make any buisness deal over the phone...never talk of your bank account over the phone...

    dats the best tip i have for all of you...may be for the life time..

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  • Ra
    Rahul Oct 26, 2008

    Dear All,

    I agree there are so called agents who are not HDFC employees.

    I strongly suggest at least ensure they have some office and regular business with HDFC for bringing the clients.

    Get always things in email minimum.

    If at all issue arises contact email addres sprovided for customer service of HDFC and escalate the issue.

    First 1/2 times they will try to close issue in normal way, reply to it saying I am not happy with your solution and then they will take everything seriously as they are not supposed to close the mails with I am not happy with solution remarks.

    I got this experience man this changed my interest rate from 19 to 14.5 %

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  • Sa
    Santosh Feb 16, 2009

    For existing customers the home loan rates are 11.5 and for new customers home loan rates are 9.5 .This is cheating . Since we are already their customers, HDFC is not bothered about us.

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