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While traveling on my Harley Davidson my battery quit working, I went to the closest Harley Davidson dealer and purchased a new battery. Six months later this new battery developed a short and could not be recharged so I took it to my local (about 30 miles away) Harley Davidson dealer only to be told that the warranty was only good if returned to the dealer I purchased it from. Beware of buying Harley Davidson OEM parts and accessories as the warranty is worthless.


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    Randy Lennard Sep 26, 2008

    Warranty. Poor at best. Bought my last Harley. If anyone is interested I sell my 2006 FLHT . Not going to support Harley's robbery factory anymore.

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  • Fr
    frank cavanaugh Nov 28, 2008

    they dont have enought expearenced manicanics. i got rid of my extended warrenty because they dont take care of us. the new rocker is put together differently and the dealership only gets paid so much to cover a warrenty. it would have taken these dummies days to fix my problem if they believed me or know what was going on. i had 7/16 in bolts in a 1/2 bushing hole for one thing. their top dog said it was fine and they can drive legly over the speed limit.who's going to pay a guy who doesnt know what he's doing to find and fix a problem like that. at best they have a ton of new bikes and only maybe two guys that know someting about what their doing.someone will get killed for what!because they dont want to fix a problem because of time and money.for the money i spent on this new bike only to spend more to be safe is stupid. mean while they build these big buildings and call themselves the leagon. the riders made harley davidson and look how they treat us. more money to fix what they wont. im so pissed of now .i might talk to a laywer myself. frank from cape cod in mass i have all my paper work also

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    General Dec 14, 2008

    Poor Service Department... Even after complaining to the owner by Leaving messages and even mailing a letter received no response. I kept calling until I was able to get the owner on the phone and still received no concern of my unhappy experience with their Service Department.

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  • Co
    CosmicTwister Jun 03, 2009

    Cape Cod Harley Davidson Just doesn't have the competent staff to handle serious issues with a Harley. I had brought my bike in there several times for the same problem.and they talked to me like I was imagining it.. Then that did some adjustments like changed the motor mount to passify me.
    You see it was getting late in the riding season and I was losing all Faith and thrust in Cape Cod Harley Davidson ans their band of cronies. So i decided that I would wait till I got to Florida, where I winter and have PB Harley look at it.
    Why was I not surprised at all the worl and that transmission basket Bearing was out by just a bit ... enough to make my ride shake like it was a high speed vibrator. Well they fixed that problem. Un-did the Jets that Cape Cod Harley Davidson said that they could fix. Seems like they drilled them out instead of replacing them.
    All and All the Best to the folks at Palm Beach Harley Davidson. and th the folks a Cape Cod Harley Davidson best keep dippin your Dunkin Donuts cause you all need to be re-trained. As for the General Manager at Cape Cod Harley Davidson. think it might be time for you to retire.

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  • Bu
    BuellXB May 24, 2011

    Yep had the same problem with my Harley Battery it kept dying a few months after I purchased it so I put off taking it back over the winter seeing as how it had a year warranty. When I took it back to the dealership I bought it from they said that it only had a 6 month warranty instead of the year the salesman originally told me and that they couldn't do anything for me. I was just at 10 months on the battery and they said they would give me $9 off the price of a new battery, which put me at about $2 higher than I originally paid for the battery in the first place. It was clear that the battery was defective due to the battery acid that had been bleeding out of the top around the cover sticker. This by the way was supposed to be a sealed leak free Gel Cell battery. I will never buy a single thing again advertising Harleys warranty cause it seems to be worthless when the need arises. Who wants to buy this Crap with an american name on it if its made in china and only lasts several months. Might as well buy it at the auto store and get the better warranty. Shame on Teds Harley Davidson of ALton IL. for not forcing the distributor to replace a clearly defective battery.

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  • Ga
    gary i hodson Mar 27, 2012

    My 2007 streetglide fareing mounts broke do to excess engine vibration do to no engine mount. They added the mount on 2008 and later to solve the problem.Why should i have to pay for there mistake and i know i am not the only one with this problem.

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  • G1
    g18glock Jul 02, 2012

    I have a 2007 ultra with the batwing fairing. The fairing brackets vibrate into. Replace at $50 per side in the box. No labor included. Harley needs to take care of us and get the vibration issue corrected on our bikes.

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  • G1
    g18glock Jan 18, 2013

    mine too!

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  • Mi
    Milbenji Jan 19, 2014

    I purchased a 2013 harley davidson electra glide am having a issue with a engine vibration and a rocker arm noise you can feel it through the bike throught the handle bars and feet it;s so bad that it tingles your hands and feet after riding for awhile, now i am not a novice when it comes to motor cycles .i have been around motors most of my life.every time i bring my bike to a dealer they tell ne they don't feel a vibration or hear any abnormal noise.The moter cycle is still under warranty i have contacted harley davidson they tell unless someone can varify the problem they will not do anything about it.I know there is a problem but can not get a dealer to say there is.they tell ne it is normal and wth in specs .don't know how they can say that when no one checks it for specs they just ride it .I traded my 2012 harley electraglide the same motercycle but a year older and did not have the same vibrations that i am having have ridden three other electraglides and did not have this bad vibration so what am i to do about this situation i am lost.paying for the next 6 years on a bike i can not enjoy.bought this bike for touring and can not tour with it .

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  • Wd
    Wdupuy Mar 26, 2015

    I took my 2013 trike to Hampton Roads Harley to have some issues checked out and they charged me for diagnostics? It is still under warranty? So what is the warranty for?

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  • Ch
    chrisklinger Sep 21, 2015

    This concerns my Harley davidson 2015 switchback.
    I purchased this bike from Spacecoast Harley Davidson of Palm Bay, Florida, back in April 2015.
    I have taken extremely good care of this bike, my first brand new one, after 5 months some of my chrome has started to rust, I have this bike garaged when I’m not riding it. It gets washed and waxed at least once a week, which takes at least 3 hours.
    I took the bike in to the dealer, and spoke to the service manager, and explained what the issue was, he abruptly told me that warranty will not cover rust. I couldn’t believe that Harley would not stand behind their product, that was only 5 months old, that was so meticoulosly maintained. I was forced to leave the premises before I lost my cool. Seriously?
    After I cooled down, I called the dealership and asked to speak to someone in management, preferably the general manager. I was told that they did not have a general manager, and was transferred to the sales manager john. I explained the issue to him as well, he very rudely told me the same thing, rust is not covered by warranty. At this point I was very frustrated and decided there would be no resolution from the dealer that I purchased 2 bikes from in the last 2 years.
    The next day after I cooled down again, I called Harley corporate customer service, I spoke to heath in customer service, he took my info and asked me to send photos of the issue. I sent the photos as requested, and haven’t heard anything back.
    After a couple of days I got a call from ed at the dealership, he wanted me to bring the bike in so he could see what the issue was, he told me he was the customer service manager, I arranged to meet with him on Saturday. When I arrived at the dealer, there was no ed, so I asked several of the employees there at the time if they had a general manager I could speak to, they all told me they did not have a general manager. I asked one more person, Thomas was his name, and he told me he was the new general manager, he had only been there less than 30 days, he listened to my issue and looked at the bike, he apologized and told me that rust is not covered, and that he had already had at least 10-12 other customers with the same issue. He also told me that since he has been there, they have started “selling” a rust insurance policy with new bikes. I voiced my concern for my bike, he tried to sell me a new bike and told me they couldn’t cover mine because it was 5 months old, after I declined the new bike deal, he had the service and parts managers come out and look at my bike to see what could be done to resolve my issue. They never came back out to offer me a resolution. While I was waiting for someone to come out and speak to me, I had several chats with new bike owners who were taking possession at that moment, I asked them if they bought the rust insurance on their new bike, they said no, I told them of my dilemma and they said it was breezed over in the paper signing process, but nothing was mentioned of the issue being known to anyone. I tried to tell them it will happen and it won’t be covered, but their heads were clouded by the fact of owning a new Harley. I left the dealership very unsatisfied.
    A couple of days later after I cooled down for the umpteenth time, I recalled Harley corporate customer service back to see if they were going to offer me a resolution, this time I spoke to Jamie, and he very rudely told me that rust is not covered and that the service manual states that harley will replace 1 item 1 time only for rust issues. And that was all they were going to do.
    At this point I do not want this bike any longer, and if Harley is not going to stand behind their products which they absolutely know and are aware of the poor quality, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against them. I am also going to make sure that everyone else is aware of their disregard for their customers.
    It’s a sad day in the Harley world. Absolutely disgraceful behavior. Harleys corner cutting, lack of quality control, poor customer communication skills, and piss-poor customer service are going to be their demise!

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