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The service Department at Latch is very inconsiderate to customers needs. The theme of Latch is to get you in, make the money off of you, then put you on hold. The parts and accessory department is excellent! The owner and service... Not worth 2 cents!

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m schauger
, US
Jun 29, 2016 11:30 am EDT
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Ms Coast Harley Davidson-Biloxi, MS
I asked my wife to stop by Ms. Coast Harley Davidson to pick up a master link for the rear chain of an older Sportster I am putting together. This is not rocket science. When she went in to the counter and asked for the part, she was told in no uncertain terms "WE DO NOT CARRY PARTS OR SERVICE ANY HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES THAT ARE 10 YRS. OR OLDER", She got absolutely no help what so ever and was given the attitude that her request was unreasonable. She was also told "WE ONLY HAVE PARTS AND SERVICE FOR BIKES THAT HAVE BELTS". It was not only the fact that they did not have such a hard to find part but it was more their condescending attitude. Absolutely no help what so ever and I don't think I need to patronize anybody with such an attitude. I won't be back. Plenty of aftermarket sources steeling your business.

Cheryl Gillen
Rogers, US
Nov 21, 2009 4:33 pm EST

I took My sportster in to this shop to be fixed they gave me an estimate on the cost, I gave them the go ahead to do the repairs. For weeks I get no progress report then when I get hold of the person I`ve been dealing with, he says the repairs should same the unless he calls me to let me know. I don`t hear from him for 2 to 3 weeks so I call he`s there but busy with a customer or something. I know he`s busy but they say they`ll leave him a message to call, no call. When I finally get hold of him, they had done some more work that is $1400.00 more than the estimate with out asking for my prem ission to do the work.Instead of the bill being aroud $ 1400.00 it is up to $ 2800.00. Granted they are letting me pay it out but those extra repairs shouldn`t have beeen done without my permission now I`m forced to pay the full amount . Also they`ve had my bike for at least 3 months.

, IT
Jul 17, 2011 2:49 am EDT

Do you people even know how harley davidsons, or even motorcycles, or even yet, mechanical parts in general, operate and require regular, routine, and even preventative mainentance, to even consider a manufacurer of any make in the round world called earth would ever cover these problems under warranty?! The guy claiming open recalls; no recall exists even getting near that rear drive system on your bike, its called poor maintenance. To the guy with the wheels, you ride the bike on the road dont you? Isnt there rocks and all kinds of debris that could hit your rims at any time going down the road and you would never hear it, or that the fact that every tire is different as far as weight and balance. Every tire change requires a rebalance of tires, so the weights will be in a different position. Lastly, to the guy that doesn't want to get the 1k service and most important service, no 1k=NO WARRANTY! Know what you're complaining about before you start posting this non-sense on the internet.

Paul upset
Monroe, US
Jul 07, 2010 3:58 pm EDT

I made the mistake of taking my bike to Granite Mountain Harley Davidson in Conyers Ga. All I wanted was an oil change not the 1k service. So without my approval their service dept did as they please and charge me 306.24 for a oil change. In stead of doing the right thing and refund me my money minus the oil change. All I get is the run around of how they would like to sit down and explain to me why I need to the 1k service. I don't need their excused I was the customer and knew what i wanted. I will not step foot into a Harley Davidson dealership again. Not only Granite Mountain but any with the Harley Davidson name.

David Waddell
Rural Hall, US
Nov 24, 2009 2:28 pm EST

I have to vent a little as well. I took the wheels off of my 2008 FXCWC. I took the rotors off, calipers and pulley as well. I was sending all of these items off to be chromed. I took the wheels with tires on them to the local dealership, Smokin' Harley Davidson of Winston-Salem, NC. I was going to take them to a local tire shop but, a friend talked me out of that. The tech at Smokin came into the service lobby area, got one of my wheels and, took it back to the changer machine. I had advised the young lady, Danyelle, in the service dept that I did not want tires at this time due to sending them off for chroming. I went into the showroom and looked around while the work was performed. I was paged to let me know that the wheels were ready. I went back to the service dept, picked up the rear wheel and looked at it. It had six damaged sp0ts around the outer edge incl. inner and outer, there was an obvious gouge where the tech had taken a screw driver and removed the rear wheel weights...he then replaced them IN THE WRONG POSITION ! The service manager came out and I sware, before he looked at the wheels he told me that that couldn't have happened there. He said that the damage must have happened the last time I had my tires replaced...I laughed at him and told him that was bull because this was the first time the tires had been off ! I showed him the all of the damaged areas were shiny and "fresh" damage because they had no dirt or road film/grime in the fresh damages. He flat out told me that there was nothing he could do about it and tried to get me to go to the back to look at his tire machine...I told him that I didn't give a damn about his tire machine and got my wheels and left. They still had the nerve to charge me $35.oo for breaking down my wheels ! I was a [censored] for paying it but, was just pissed off and trying to hell out of there. I took my wheels to the man who was doing the chroming for me who I have litterally been friends with for 30 years. I later called the dealership back and spoke with the operations manager who said "The guy fixing your wheels is trying to rip you off". He also stated that there was nothing he could do. As soon as he said that, he offered to send them to Dallas TX for "his guy" to fix. I never asked for a new set of wheels (which I could have), I never asked for the shop to pay for polishing/chroming (which I could have). I only asked for the amount of extra money that I had to pay to fix their screw up...$200.00 ! In the past 18 months I have spent $32K plus with Harley Davidson...the bike, the accessories, the clothing, the jewelry...I guaran-damn-tee that was the last dime that they get from me ! Congratulations Harley Davidson and especially Smokin' Harley Davidson of Winston-Salem, NC, you have alienated another customer ! With the economy the way it is and judging by the amount of bikes on that particular show room floor, I would assume you need to keep each and every loyal customer you can get. Also, I am in the insurance industry and work as an adjuster. I have sent lots and lots of customers to your facility for repairs...NEVER AGAIN after I have first hand witnessed your customer service will I send you as much as a homeless man with $1.00 to buy a drink out of your damned Coke machine ! Thanks for the wonderful customer service...Signed an ex-loyal customer and a current Harley owner who will never buy anything from any Harley dealership again !

David Waddell
Rural Hall, NC 27045
case # 1051538
Harley Davison Customer Service Rep = Olga

Glendora, US
Oct 29, 2009 2:54 pm EDT

Vehicle identification number: 1HDGM1116K342387

2006 FXD

Current mileage: 13, 252

Reference number: 1033580

Same exact issue 5 bolts that go into the rear tire sprocket were completely sheared off and the belt off as well and I was riding down a major highway but for the grace of God my tire stayed one while I coasted to a stop...same exact response not under warranty and caused because I did not have my 10K bike service.
When I told the service dept at Mike's Harley Davidson in DE that I was leary of the bike he told my husband I should maybe sell my bike. This is how Harley does business?

We work looking into the new Trike from HD...not anymore!

Patchogue, US
Nov 12, 2008 5:13 pm EST
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I would like to formally complain about your customer service representative at [protected] named “Cindy” who wouldn’t give me her last name. On 11/12/08 in the late morning I called up because I had a complaint about Oakdale, NY Harley Davidson. She was very rude, argumentative, and the worst representative I have ever dealt with in over 40 years on this earth and 23 years in the United States Military.

I own a 2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob Dyna. I was told the troubles I was experiencing with the “False Neutral Light” coming on and the engine or gears down shifting dangerously losing power was a recalled issue by Harley Davidson. I was driving it recently and the “False Neutral Light” came on and the engine went into neutral and refused to drive and I looked down and the 5 bolts that go into the rear tire sprocket were completely sheared off and the belt off as well. IF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED AT HIGH SPEEDS HARLEY DAVIDSON WOULD DEFINITELY BE SUED AND BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES! I had to get my cycle towed via Progressive Insurance.

I called up Oakdale NY Harley and spoke to Justin who stated he could not give me a tentative approval to have my cycle covered by warranty! He denied my request. I explained I was in there last year 11/12/07 and had called numerous times and everyone claimed my cycle wasn’t a recalled Vin number WHICH IS LUDICROUS! They claimed to test driven it and it didn't occur! NO ###! This is an intermittent problem and they should have replaced the parts which are on the Harley recall list to play it safe! Justin should have been courteous to arrange for this but claimed he could not! Obviously they aren't safe or bright individuals! I am sure someone DROPPED the ball and failed to enter my Vin number and many others into the computer. They had claimed mine missed by a few months which is BS! At the time I had spoken to Jim and Steve in the past and Justin verified this in his computer system. I had around 9, 000 plus miles on it then and now a year later only have 11, 000 plus. THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON THE SAME PROBLEM I HAD THEN GOT WORSE NOW AND RESULTED IN 5 BOLTS COMING OFF AND ME NEARLY DYING! I refuse to bring it there seeing they will probably rip me off and charge me a massive amount of money unless I have prior authorization or someone come and see it where it sits? Unless I can receive some reassurance unlike I have received in the past with Harley and its poor representatives I am not towing it or bringing it there anymore! On my 2005 Sportster they failed to tell me about a air filter replacement of which I had to hear from a third party and insisted they change and after much arguments they finally changed it! Very poor service at Oakdale NY Harley!

When I called and spoke to a very rude and unprofessional “Cindy” she denied this was the case and became very defensive and rudely arrogant claiming I don’t know what I am talking about. This was why I advised her she didn’t know what she was talking about, then she decided to say I was being rude to her after she “clearly” initiated the rude and poor customer service towards me a good paying customer and military veteran who has been protecting her sorry self for 23 years!

I then requested to speak to her Supervisor and she refused again wrongfully and violated my rights and privileges as a citizen and good paying Harley customer and owner of over 4 Harley’s as well as 23 year Combat Military Veteran! I have always promoted Harley Davidson and all I get is LIES, MISLEADING INFORMATION, and NONSENSE from all of its derelict representatives! She denied me nearly dying and crashing on my Harley was true etc….What a disgrace she is to put it lightly!

Nevertheless, my cycle is not running with damaged internal parts perhaps, rear sprocket, hub etc.. I am requesting an INTELLIGENT Harley representative contact me without any delays and explain to me what professional corrective action will be taken to fix and repair this matter without any delays. If you fail to properly handle my complaint, I will be forced to contact every complaint agency on earth and take Harley Davidson Inc. to small claims court to compensate me for all repairs I have to made!

Please forward this complaint to your Corporate officers and respond to me via my cell phone immediately xxx xxx xxxx on what action Harley will take to repair all these screw ups and rude personnel!?

Bob Foley
Sep 12, 2008 11:28 pm EDT

I financed an 2008 anniv lowrider.

The vibration of the front tire/wheel created damage to the headlamp housing and the riser cover.

H-D replaced the headlamp housing.

The riser cover was described as a poor design by Brett the service writer.

I didnt know that H-D sold a poor design.

The cover rattles like a bell.

Brett informed me that the technician did a 4 mile test ride of the bike.

The tech advised that the tire didnt need to be balanced.

My idea would be to balance the tires while observing everything.

I really enjoy my bike. Did I finance a LEMON ?

My bike has apprx 7000 miles on her.

The pain to my hands and limbs are pretty rough.

Thks. Bob...

jamie moore
Aug 17, 2008 7:29 am EDT

I also have about the service i recieved at chi town harley in tinley park ill. i took my bike in to get two brackets fixed this bike is still under warranty. i dropped the bike off on monday when i called on friday they havent even looked at it. when i told them this was not acceptable all i got was OH WELL. there are many harley mechanics who have tired of the way harley treats there costumers and have opened shops of thier own and are liscensed to do warranty work. we the harley owners need to start taking our bikes there instead of the dealers they might realize that they are losing money and change there attitudes