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Our verdict: With Harley Davidson's very poor resolution rate, careful consideration is needed. Research their service comprehensively, and read up on how they handle customer disputes. If you face issues, be prepared for potential challenges in obtaining resolutions and explore other service providers as backups.
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10:08 am EDT

Harley Davidson boom! stage ii

My FLHTKSE Anv was to be upgraded from the factory stage 1 to the stage 2.
Simple list in the P&A dealer gave me.
Then I'm told by HD Audio department the [protected] is wrong on the P&A list and I need [protected].
Now I find out that I'm still missing parts for this upgrade because my bike is a SE 2018 it's different?
Then that means The HD 2018 P&A book is wrong.
What the heck?
Why is this so difficult?

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10:11 am EDT
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Harley Davidson leasing/loan office

I agreed and signed for 6.99%, but then three days later, when I picked my motorcycle up, I was told that I would have to accept and sign 11.25% interest in order to keep the packages that I chose for the motorcycle. I had already signed and agreed to 6.99%! I believe this is immoral and bad business practices. I want hd to honor the previous agreement! I signed the 11.25% agreement because I wanted to keep the care packages, but I don't believe that I should have had to choose. If this had been an issue, they should have informed me of this when I agreed to the 6.99%!

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10:25 am EDT

Harley Davidson dealer running my credit without permission

Space Coast Harley Davidson ran my credit this month with out my permission. I was paying cash for a motorcycle and asked them repeatedly NOT to pull my credit. The next morning I get an alert from the credit bureau that my credit had been pulled by them. I immediately called and emailed and asked them to get the inquiry removed from my credit and they have yet responded.

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11:53 am EDT

Harley Davidson service center in harley davidson abu dhabi

I have ultra limited 2014, Import from USA, all service done in dealer workshop last seevice was before 1 week, got call said there is noise in primary and after then said bike ready and i asked them and they said that there is loos on part and we fixed after receiving the bike going ride there is huge noisy and send the bike to them again and the said there is major issue on engine need to change and it will cost you 12, 800 AED

Its top urgent issue and i need your support
Please contact me on below

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10:47 am EDT

Harley Davidson failed sale

My wife and I were bike shopping near are home in s.w.La. End up at Harley Davidson dealership in Scott, La. Cajun Harley was met by great salesman who tried his best to fine the bike that we were seeking at the price with in our budget. Trouble started when I asked the salesman to give me his best out the door price for the bike of our choice ( Limited FLHTK ) 2018 model vivid black. The quote was put on paper with my name and address. That's all was on the quote nothing about any bike vin color model, just my name address and some numbers added up to a total of $27, 000+.
We had also looked at a 2017 Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager from a shop a few 100yards down the street. There I was given a full discretion with total price and business card from salesperson. Very professionally handle not like Cajun Harley Davidson. James E Parker p.s. I had financing already done $30, 000 line if credit .

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6:10 am EST

Harley Davidson crankcase (24621-06b) order from indonesia

Can someone help me. I had place a part order (crankcase) to harley davidson with the below detail, but unfortunately the parts still not arrive at dealer side.

H-D order NO : [protected]
Order date : 26 sep 17

At early Feb, I had also send email to asia emerging inquires and said that the parts will arrive at dealer side in Feb but unfortunately the status remain the same.

For the past 1 week i resend my email several times as reminder and need a respon from asia emerging market..but seems no reply until now.

Please help.

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2:38 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Harley Davidson unsatisfied with the bike

Dear sir/madam,

I'm Joycen Mathew owned Fatboy . I'm not satisfied with a bike for improper service and they handed me defected bike from bleddy Bison Harley Davidson and [censor]ing my bike was with showroom more than with me.

When I received new bike (14/12/2017) with damaged key fob, damaged exhaust and without side bush, I complained to Bison Harley Davidson. They promised me that they will change to new one from that day to today still this bleddy people changing for new one whenever I approached for that I'm getting same reason as no stock!.

In tusker Harley Davidson they charging only 2k bugs for entire engine and exhaust chrome polish but the bleddy Bison Harley Davidson charged me for 3k that too they polished outside of the engine only [censor] less peoples.

After 2weeks I got oil leakage from engine, immediately I went to tusker Harley Davidson they politely told me within day they will rectify the problem instead of that I gave my bike to [censor]ing [censor] Bison Harley Davidson because I purchased bike over there they took a week to rectify the problem but the bike is in same problem What the bleddy [censor]ing kind of service they done, In same service the bleddy [censor] changed my new pillion seat with old one.

Within 3month from the date of I received bike from Bison Harley Davidson I gave bike service for four times I'm totally inconvenient with Fatboy Harley Davidson . Bison Harley Davidson had given me manufacture defected vehicle totally I'm frustrated with the bike. I can't go further with problematic bike. I want new bike

Thanks & Regards,
Joycen Mathew
Mob:+91 [protected]

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3:29 am EST

Harley Davidson poor parts quality

When I bought my 2014 Ultra Limited in 2015, it wouldn't start so they went ahead and put in a new battery. A few months later, the bike wouldn't crank and they said it was a bad regulator. A couple months after that, again the regulator was bad and now the battery was bad as well. Everything was done under warranty. Then a year and a week later, guess what. The regulator and battery are bad again. You're telling me that I'm going on my 4th regulator and that I've just "been unlucky with regulators". Seriously? That was the answer from Harley tech services . Replace the battery and the regulator. They're looking at it as though it's the very first time the regulator went bad on this bike. It's obviously being caused by something else, but they can never find any other issues with the bike. Well since it was a week past warranty, they refuse to cover the faulty part. The piece of crap regulator that they put on the bike the last time. So I have to pay out of pocket for another crap regulator that I'm sure will be in the shop again getting replaced with the 5th regulator in a few months. Wouldn't be so pissed if they just covered the damn part. 1 week past warranty after replacing the same thing 3 times. Give me a break. Poor customer service. After this, Harley isn't getting another dime from me or my family. Bye.

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11:31 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Harley Davidson damage to hard bag due to support bracket

I have already had to have both hard bags replaced along with the support brackets due to damage they were causing. I brought the bike back in to the dealership in Sept. 2017 and found that the left bag had damage again to it, the right was fine no damage. Have been going around in circles trying to have this situation resolved without prevail. Ready to contact lawyer in regards to this. I have owned 4 CVO's and this has been the worst experience I hate to say it but I don't think I will own another Harley.

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2:24 am EST

Harley Davidson for illegal retention of my motorbike harley davidson street 750

To : Harley Davidson
FM : Mrs. Sunita Kotian

Sub: Complaint against your authorized Service Station in Navi Mumbai M/s Bafna Motorcycles Pvt. Ltd. for illegal retention of my Motor-Bike Harley Davidson Street 750- bearing Regn. No. MH-43-AS-5411
The above Motor Bike given to Bafna Motorcycles P. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Bafna) on 26-10-2017 for service is not being delivered in spite of repairs completed in December-2017 and my agreeing to pay the charges for servicing on pretext of their claiming for outstanding pertaining to period of January -2016.
I would like to place before you the facts as below:
• The Vehicle was given for repairs to Bafna in January -2016 following accident. I filled up the Insurance Claim form as requested by Bafna and the Survey was arranged by Bafna without parting with any details as regards to the amount of claim. No intimation was ever given to me in connection with insurance claim.
• The vehicle was delivered to me on 15.03.2016 after my making payment to Bafna as demanded by them.
• The vehicle was again given to Bafna for servicing on 26-10-2017 and the job has been completed in December, 2017.
• Bafna is now refused to deliver vehicle on the ground of some previous outstanding pertaining to January, 2016.
My submission is as follows:
1] When vehicle was delivered to me in March -2016 on my making payment as per their demand, it is impliedly presumed that the settlement has been made for bill of service.
2] There was not even single correspondence to me by Bafna in connection with alleged outstanding till the completion of job in December -2017.
3] No intimation about alleged outstanding was given to me prior to the servicing in October - 2017.
4] The retention by Bafna is absolutely illegal and retention on invalid ground amounts to their mala fide intention to extract more money. Bafna has not followed due process of law for alleged outstanding claim.
5] Now, Bafna has intimated to me that they will be charging Parking Charges @ Rs.300/- per day till the delivery of vehicle is taken after payment of alleged outstanding. The parking charges are levied only when the vehicle owner requests for parking slot. In this case Bafna has forcefully and illegally retained vehicle.
I therefore request you to intervene in the matter and issue instruction to Bafna for adopting corrective steps, failing which I shall have no option but to initiate criminal proceedings in appropriate court of Law/Forum for the damages/losses/inconvenience/harassment/mental agony being caused to me . Also I will keep option open to approach media in this connection.
I am certain that the reputed company like yours will prefer to avoid such remorseful situation.
Mrs. Sunita S. Kotian

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8:22 am EST

Harley Davidson 2018 sport glide repair

Harley davidson does not care about consumers!
Hog member us679
I purchased a new 2018 sport glide on 1/7/2018, it was delivered on 1/10/2018, and it's now in the shop needing a replacement part since 1/25/2018. The neutral light would not turn off from the display, I was told to take it in thinking it was a quick fix, well come to find out they had to take the transmission apart to replace the switch for the gears. I called customer service, I opened a file 3283509 talked to craig, I expressed to him my frustration and concerns with the purchase I had just made and he said he would call the dealer find out what happened because his concern was that it was broken when they delivered it. My concern was that a brand new bike should not be in the shop getting the transmission removed to get to a part that is broken, 3 days later, I still had not heard from craig, I called and he stated that the dealer had never returned any of his calls? Lies, he never called the dealer until I called him back 3 days later, he had no intention of calling the dealer on our behalf, he continuously blamed the dealer as being the ones who broke this part on the bike and said that the dealer needed to make things right, that harley davidson did their part by fixing the bike under warranty! Really? That was his reasoning.
Harley davidson does not care about consumers!
Craig lied several times on the many phone calls I made to him, he stated that he would email me about the complaint! That never happened, he stated he would return my call after talking to the dealer that never happened, I had to call him, and he stated that the bike did not have a major repair! That was a lie, the transmission needed to be removed just to replace the broken part! He stated that the dealer offered to give us free 1000 mile service for our inconvenience that was a lie! He told them that they needed to do that! Once again not taking any accountability that the bike left the manufacturer with a defect! The bike had 3 miles when we received it, no one had the opportunity to break it other than when it left milwaukee! At one point in our conversation craig asked, "i'm trying to find out what it is that you want me to do? The bike is fixed, it seems you want something else!" no accountability at all, he blamed everything on the "licensed dealer"
Harley davidson does not care about consumers!
This bike came defective from the manufacturer, harley davidson needs to take accountability for their defect and stop blaming the dealer that is licensed to carry their product! We are second owners of harley davidson and this will be the last purchase we ever make! If harley will not take responsibility for their defect, I will make sure my voice is heard and that other know about my experience with their new product and remind them that harley davidson does not care about customers!

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5:10 am EST

Harley Davidson price difference with book price and retail price

Hello, I bought a Fatboy 'S' 6 month ago at what I was told was a really good price £18, 000 and told it would hold its value.
Due to the lack of decent suspension I hurt my back going over a small bump in the road so decided to get a part exchange price for mine towards a new heritage softail 114 or the CVO pro street. I only bought the bike 6 month ago and it had 2500 mile on when I bought it so it was not brand new.
I rang a few dealers up (UK) and all dealers gave me the same book price bearing in mind they have the same model as mine second hand selling at £18, 000. They told me book price was 12, 700 ?
That's a loss of £5300 in 6 months, that is unacceptable as I invested part of my pension to buy this having been told I would not loose much money on this in fact in time will become collectable and go up in value.
I no longer can afford to upgrade there fore looking at a different brand.Its a shame because my girlfriend has her own Harley and we were both going to change up as we love the Harley brand.

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12:47 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Harley Davidson dealer refused to return gloves

I am new to Harley. Winter cane. People recommended gloves. Went to Harley Dealer in Riyadh. Bought leather glives. Tried them a couple of weeks later. They were too soft to maintain a grip. I almost crashed. I went back to dealer they said they wanted the "tag" in order to return it. I asked them to document their answer by eamil. They sent saying their return policy was 7 days and didn't mention the tag.

I left the gloves at the dealer and left.

It is really disappointing to even have to write this email when the main reason I bought a Harley, not a BMW, was what everyone said about how Harley took care of its customers.

The dealer can pull up my invoice using my phone number.

Mohammad Attiya
HOG # SA6700914

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6:29 pm EST

Harley Davidson apparel

i have complained a couple of times to harley davidson and i got a email back saying that i would be contacted within 2 business days by a haley davidson rep but i was never contacted. my boyfriend got me a pair of hd sandals for my birthday and i only wore them a couple of time before the shoe started to rip away from the sole. i am totally disappointed in hd for making such a cheap sandal. i love hd and everything about it and have been a customer for a long time but this is truly disappointing to me that i never got a response back when i was told someone would be calling.

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3:20 am EDT

Harley Davidson extended service protection

My 2011 street glide throttle stop working. I was traveling on the road and heard a metal ping. I have the bike towed to Z and M Harley Davidson in Greensburg PA. They said my handle grips loosened up and caused the throttle to stop working.I told him I loosen them up when I was sitting on the side of the road for three hours trying to fix my throttle.So then I was informed handle grips or not covered by your service protection plan So I have that bill. And since it's not a covered repair I'm stuck with the 300 dollar tow bill.I am 100percent sure the hand grips did not loosen up. The Harley dealers and the ESP plans are in Bed with each other . They will screw you any chance they get.

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Maria McCarthy
Phoenix, US
May 27, 2023 6:52 am EDT

I agree. I have bought 2 HD, the the last year. I am a woman rider of 50years. They take advantage and gaslight after you sign on the dotted line.

10:16 pm EDT

Harley Davidson tee shirt

This is the worst dealership so pathetic for harley enthusiasts looking to purchase a tee shirt or poker chips. Not only didn't have any poker chips they Never even had one tee shirt with Athens Greece on it. So international brothers and Sisters don't waste your time going there. What a disgrace to call yourself a dealership. I was there Sept 19 2017 Randy Redfern Ontario Canada. A retail store is needed in the tourist area

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10:31 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Harley Davidson service and rude behaviour of staff

Harley Davidson Big name but small service and staff full of negative attitude and rudeness

If some one want to spoil hapiness buy harley davidson and go for service

I got to know about this in last 3 months

March 2017 brought Harley davidson fourty eight 1st visit to Harley showroom was good after purchase got to see true colours of Harley davidson

Harley davidson Bike looks great from outside but inside you will find all negative things of Harley staff

Dixit patil
rajesndra jaiswar
and many more

I Regret buying Harley Davidson seriously pathetic service and behaviour from Such a big brand and Company

Now No Hope just thinking What to do With This Harley Bike i Brought.

Its Been So many days i Have emailed my concern No reply from harley davidson

Hopeless people not concerned about their Clients

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1:00 pm EDT

Harley Davidson customer service

I walked into Jacox Harley Davidson located in Mississauga morning of May 03/17. When I walked in I said good morning to a lady and she returned my greeting. I planned on buying a coat and a local T however not a sole approached me and I was the only customer in the store. From what I saw there were 6 people working that morning in the store front but not one commented to me. I even commented hoping to engage in some help that they must be having a good week cus I saw so many sold signs. The guy barely acknowledged I had spoke. If this is considered a good dealership it sure as hell isnt from the customer service effort that is put forth. It's a damn shame to see that sign hanging on their door ! PS : I do drive a soft tail and have way to much tied up in it and apparel. I also do repairs and service on bikes as a sideline therefore buy lots of parts. Very disappointed !

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1:43 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Harley Davidson disgusting customer service from dealership management

I would like to on behalf of myself and other Harley owners in the Garden Route report on events and service from the Knysna Dealership with regard to (I will only explain my situation) one of my motorcycles being there since December 2016 and not getting much joy or response from the management there except from the Merchandise girl and the Mechanic who are the only ones trying to assist me when they can.
Who can I email my explanation to, to report my absolute unhappiness with the dealership?
In Brief:
I had a small accident in December and took the bike in for claim evaluation and repairs. The insurance assessor inspected the bike and approved the claim and for work to continue.
Nothing proceeded till I after a couple of weeks phoned in to ask regarding progress. I was then informed by Jimmy the Dealer Principle that no work would be started till they are paid first which is totally contrary to any claims procedure for insurance. I was basically forced to fork out the money for the orders to be placed for required spares. I in the interim found out that the actual orders were only placed after that time again a week or two later.
So the waiting began again. This causing me to lose clients in my rental business and loss of possible INCOME on that motorcycle from clients wanting my Street Glide.
I never ever received any feed back or updates except if I made the calls to follow up on progress and too this day the same applies.
I have sent the Dealer Principle a strong message and once again got a zero interest reply on my dilemma I am faced with. (The message to him is attached below as with his answer).
I am not the only one that has or is experiencing this treatment from the dealership and its distressing to see as we support the dealership because they are close and affordable for us not having to continually take our babies to CPT or Tygervalley dealerships over the distance from the Garden Route. (In my case I have currently five bikes that need maintenance and looking after by a representing dealership due to me renting them out).
I now too fear that I will be treated worse due to my voicing my dissatisfaction with their operation.
I was informed by quit a few of my fellow riders who have experienced issues with the dealership over the brief time it's been open to report this as we cannot allow for this to happen.
The worrying fact is that we are lied to and told excuse after excuse continually regarding things there relating to our bikes when they are taken in.
Sue I am not sure if there are regulatory inspections and follow up reports done on dealerships but this one needs to be addressed as it is becoming worse and the management is not showing interest in their riders or Harley community in the Garden Route.
I trust that somewhere I will be able to send same explanation to for assistance from Harley Davidson worldwide with what we are experiencing in the Garden Route.
I do not know who to contact with this.

I did send this letter of disgust to the dealership Dealer Principle James Keefer and one will see his perfect customer care reply afterwards.

"[03/20, 8:41 PM] 171605: Hi Jimmy.
I have sent an email to you and yet no reply regarding my Bike which has been there since end December.
I managed to finally speak with Nick and Angie the only ones who have replied to my messages when I sent trying to find out about my bikes progress.
It is sad that you as dealer principle hands down responsibility to your staff when you are emailed in question about my bike and time it's taken.
I have been covering the dealerships reputation left and right but it seems like as a friend and supporter I am treated like someone who can be walked over.
Jimmy I am asking answers from you without ### or normal heard excuses why I am on the 20th March still waiting on my motorcycle after being initially handed in before end December 2016.
I am not impressed with the dealerships treatment of my support with regard to my bike and across the board the handling of the claim and rectification of my bike from the initial time where you gave me instruction to pay you before insurance pays out or nothing was to be done.
I did so and it is totally against all insurance claim procedures so yet another lie and ### from you and the fact that the parts were still ordered late after my payment with the disrespect and careless customer service that you have chosen to provide to one of you better supporters.
I have in mind you will send me a email or whatsapp or response that you support me with clients etc but that does not give Knysna Harley Davidson the right to treat my business like hand me down and non important priority above their Car division.
Please be mindful of your reply as this is a legitimate message with full history leading to this message to you only at this stage but should there be discrepancies it may and has a right to be published with awaiting publishers.
Yes Jimmy. It is a matter of disbelief and I have incurred serious costs at your dealerships expense and lost additional business at your dealerships tardiness and non care approach in helping a loyal customer out with priority...
Jimmy you have an excuse you want to check emails when we are there always but when we do email with relevant things that have to be addressed you do not reply or come back with ulterior responses.
Yes Jimmy I am a very unhappy client currently and this is a form of expressing my unhappiness.
I was hoping you would have shown the enthusiasm you show with the cars towards the bike section but it does not seem possible between you and Bert...
"Thank goodness you have people in your staff to the likes of Angie and Nick that cover and attempt a response of questions asked by clients from far and wide from what I have been told during our rally by numerous attendees. "Good on the two of them and shame on management". Quoted words from people as far as Gauteng and far reaches.
It is with sad review I know you will hereby revoke any further assistance to me and my company but it would be due to your poor management and non caring procedures with the dealership toward the clients who have entrusted their support for you.
In case this message is long and difficult to read on whatsapp I too will email it and maybe this time you will choose to reply or find the time to review my situation.
Yes sir. I am angry because you have chosen to treat your customers like dirt.
I am truly hoping that you review your approach to the Harley Davidson brand you claim to represent but unfortunately are not achieving currently due to your commitment to the vehicles above us.
Think over this and I hope you will be admittedly responsible enough to know the faults mentioned and as management make efforts to be accountable instead of passing it on to Angie and Nick.
I have now voiced my bottled up opinion of mistreatment from what I was hoping to be a successful entity but I know my feelings are now not unique to me but carried across South Africa alike with regard to Knysna Harley Davidson.
Some serous adjustment needs to take place.
Trusting in your responsibility

[03/20, 9:21 PM] Harley Garden Route Jimmy:
Roelof, all I have to say is that we are still awaiting spares for your bike. I will not stoop to answer the rest of your msg."

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11:52 pm EST

Harley Davidson clothing and accessories

hello everyone. I'd like to start off by saying that I love Harley Davidson motorcycles and the Harley Davidson brand in general.I've spent close to $30, 000 just in the last year buying my wife and I new Sportsters and thousands in accessories to go along with them including coats gloves riding jackets and numerous other items like t-shirts and hats. I must say that the clothing and accessories harley-davidson offers have really gone downhill. I realize that the company manufacturing their products are the lowest bidder for the job but if I spend $40 on a Harley Davidson baseball cap, I expect some decent quality. These are not $7 Walmart caps we're talking about here.the little cap on the very top that holds the 6 seams together was very off centered and when I tried to correct the problem the cap seems impossible to get back together. Granted I should have taking it back to the store but who would have thought I would have needed to save a receipt for a baseball cap. Am i right? Also on t-shirts I've noticed a lot of off centered or crooked artwork being printed and hard to notice until you get it home and put it on and take a look in the mirror. I'm just saying the American legend that is Harley Davidson should put a little more effort into finding the right manufacturer for a product that should be of the highest quality. Bring Harley manufacturing back to the good ol United States of America where it belongs, and if we can't do that then how about coming off of those prices a little bit.I have been and to this day still I'm a loyal customer of Harley Davidson. But this can't go on much longer. just the Harley Davidson badge alone should not be worth tacking on 70% to the price of an item when it's being made for pennies on the dollar in a foreign country. Give me good quality American made products and I will be happy to continue paying a high price for a brand and a lifestyle that I love.

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Harley Davidson In-depth Review

Product Range and Quality:

The Harley Davidson website offers a wide variety of motorcycles to choose from, catering to different riding preferences and styles. The quality of both the motorcycles and accessories is exceptional, with attention to detail and durability. Additionally, Harley Davidson provides a range of customization options, allowing riders to personalize their bikes to their liking.

Customer Service:

Harley Davidson's customer service is commendable. The staff is responsive and knowledgeable, promptly addressing customer inquiries and concerns. They are also well-versed in the products and can provide valuable assistance with product selection and customization, ensuring that customers make informed decisions.

Pricing and Value for Money:

While Harley Davidson motorcycles and accessories may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, they offer excellent value for money. When compared to competitors, the pricing is competitive, considering the superior quality and features. Customers can expect a worthwhile investment in terms of product longevity and performance.

Brand Reputation and Trustworthiness:

Harley Davidson has a rich history and a strong reputation as a brand. Their commitment to delivering on promises and providing exceptional customer experiences has earned them the trust of riders worldwide. The high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty further solidifies their reputation as a trustworthy company.

Online Experience:

The Harley Davidson website is user-friendly, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the information they need. Detailed product descriptions and specifications are readily available, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions. The search functionality further enhances the online experience, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

After-Sales Support:

Harley Davidson offers comprehensive after-sales support, including warranty and service options. Their repair and maintenance services are efficient and effective, ensuring that customers' motorcycles are well taken care of. The high level of customer satisfaction with the after-sales support reflects the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Community and Events:

Harley Davidson actively engages with the motorcycle community and organizes various events. These events provide opportunities for customers to interact and engage with fellow riders, fostering a sense of community. Additionally, the company participates in charity and social initiatives, further showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact.

Environmental Responsibility:

Harley Davidson is dedicated to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. They prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and practices in their manufacturing processes. The company also demonstrates a commitment to ethical manufacturing and sourcing, ensuring that their products align with environmentally responsible practices.

Innovation and Technology:

Harley Davidson embraces innovation and incorporates advanced technology in their motorcycles. They continuously introduce new features and improvements to enhance the riding experience. The integration of digital tools further enhances the overall riding experience, providing riders with a technologically advanced and enjoyable journey.

Overall Experience and Recommendation:

Based on personal experience, the overall Harley Davidson experience is highly satisfying. The brand's commitment to quality, customer service, and community engagement sets them apart. Potential customers can confidently consider Harley Davidson as their preferred choice for motorcycles. While there is always room for improvement, Harley Davidson's strengths far outweigh any areas that may require attention.

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