Harley Davidsontorque 2018 street bob

C Sep 11, 2019

At low speed, say in a 90 degree left turn at street corner, if I don't "slip the clutch" a fair amount and just twist a tiny bit the bike wants to go straight in the line of power ie straight ahead and doesn't want to track following front wheel in a turning arc. It will even sometimes push front wheel somewhat sideways ie in power line as stated. This is with the bare teeniest of throttle, bike just revs high out of the gate and lean won't always adjust to maintain turning arc. Is there a way to "de-sensitize" throttle and harness all that low end torque? I love the straight line power of the 107 but don't feel that every sharp turn should need feathering the clutch to avoid climbing onto a sidewalk. And I don't want to trade for a 900.

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