Harley Davidsonharley dyna wiring harness faild

N Aug 13, 2018

The wiring harness on my 2014 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide failed after only 3300 miles. The harness was installed improperly at the factory when it was built new. We discovered this after removing the wiring harness. This defect could not be see until the harness was removed from the bike. The motorcycle would blow the fuse that controlled the brake light, turn signals, speedometer, instrument lights, horn etc. It was installed at the factory so that the swing arm rubbed the covering off the conduit protecting the wiring.

The motorcycle is out of warranty but the main wiring harness of a vehicle should not fail after only 3300 miles. Having no brake lights or turn signals is a dangerous situation on a motorcycle. I have paid $830.00 so far to repair this issue. The dealership, to their credit, covered the wiring harness. I say so far as the dealership is still working on the bike... when I got it back the engine light came on and it did not run properly.

I called Customer Support at Harley and they started a case number for this issue and passed the buck off to the dealership. They were not willing to support this defect. The issue, so far, is $830.00 that Harley Davidson should reimburse me.

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