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2:56 pm EST

Amco They blew up my truck motor

They have had my truck for 8 days. At one point the manager tells me that he can't find anything wrong with the truck except the manifold needs to be tightened. I say great! Do that. I call him up Monday and tell him I need it back. He calls me back and says that he can't give me the truck back in the shape it is in. It'll be another day. I say O.K. The next day I call him, and he says I need to come down to the shop. I get down there and he shows me that the truck engine blew up. I tell him that it's very shade that I drop off a working truck and then come here to a blown truck motor. He makes a bunch of excuses and then tells me it'll be up to 10,000 dollars to fix it. They need to fix it. I dropped off a working truck and they try to hand me a truck that has a blown motor.

Desired outcome: Them to fix the truck on their own dime or give me a working truck back because I dropped off a working truck.

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10:09 pm EST

Amco Amco 4wheeler battery

I purchase amco battery before one month ago now it's not working and when I checked by machanic they told me one cell is gone damage how is possible that within one month cell can damage .I purchase from Kolkata but now a days I am living at Bihar, patna if any solution please provide me, I never suggest to anyone for purchase amco battery.

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8:05 am EDT

Amco faulty battery

On 18th March-2019, we have purchased a new Yamaha Ray from this show room. Exactly after a month we were not able to start the engine by using Self start. We tried so many times Finally we went to the service center and informed them regarding the problem. They asked us to give the bike for service and we also did it. They said that they have charged the battery. Exactly after a month now again the problem is having, even if we do kick start also it is very difficult to start the engine and o the worse Self start. It is fully battery's Fault.

When we approached the service center for this above mentioned problem they are not responding us properly. They asked to go to AMCO battery company which is near to Express AVENUE, CHENNAI. We went to AMCO battery company and they are asking for a letter from the service center where as from the service center they are not providing any letter.

Kindly take some decision on this issue and change the battery and give us. Expecting your reply and valuable service.

Battery Number: AB5LBYMIL0ZL8745997

Name of the Dealer: Jain Motor Bike, No. 23, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600029. Landmark: BEHIND Ampa Skywalk Mall

Name of the Service Center: JAIN MOTOR BIKE PVT LTD, NO:157, NORTH USMAN ROAD, T. NAGAR, CH-600017

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India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.
, IN
Jun 10, 2019 7:00 am EDT

Dear Dhana Seelan,

Greetings from Yamaha,
We request you to please provide details of your complaint at, so that we can process the complaint further. The following details are mandatory:
User name
Mobile number
Email id
Chassis number
Nature of Complaint
Concerned dealership
Retail date
Address (if possible)
You can also register your complaint at our Toll free number [protected], Monday to Friday between 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Team Yamaha

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7:13 am EST

Amco warranty

Dear sir, I have a query regarding the Amco conventional Battery Warranty Policy.

Is there a clause in your Warranty policy which states that the battery should be sold within 3 months of manufacturing?

This clause is not stated on your warranty card. There are 9 remarks for rejection of warranty & none of them pertains to the 3-month clause.

I had contacted someone from Amco in the west zone on 11 Jan 2018. According to him, this clause is mentioned on the Warranty Card. I had sent my mail ID for further clarifications but I haven't received any mail.

I have attached the photos of the warranty card I'd received for reference.

I request you to kindly clear this query.

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11:47 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Amco NON Functioning of new battery

Dear sir,
I have purchased one amco battery for my two wheeler (Activa). Details are given below:

Name : Manohar M Chotrani
Date: 12/12/10
Two wheeler: Activa(MHO5-Y.5496)
Battery Model : AB5LB SHAKTI
Seal No. 540969
Near Gandhi Chamber,
Bill no. 350
Price : Rs. 850/-

Battery was fitted by mechanic of the shop. After 12-13 days it started giving problem. I have to start my scooter by manual kick. On checking with garage mechanic while he opened the scooter in front of me a large heap of white powder was seen on the both terminals of battery which he said was carbon and water level in the battery was above normal. He advised me to contact battery seller. As per the warranty I contacted the dealer. But he was in no mood to listen. His mechanic talked in very rough manner and was drunk. I asked him to rectify the fault or change the battery. but he said it is to be recharged and asked me to take back it at the evening time. At the evening he fitted it back after recharging it. why a new battery is to be recharged within 12 days. Amco batteries last for only 12 days? What for they are giving the Warranty. Should I buy a new battery after every fifteen days? I asked the dealer to dare to use the same battery in another scooter and see the results and check the all systems of my scooter with an authorised activa dealer which he refused. After this I checked my scooter for any fault from garage mechanics. Garage certified it perfectly all right. Charger was working well. Again after 15 days battery was not working and I have to got recharged it from garage fellows by spending 50 rupees. This charging also went for 15 days. Now again it is due for recharging. It seems that battery is having manufacturing fault which is to be corrected by the company. I am asking them Why I have to recharge it frequently which was not in the case when I was using EXIDE battery which went smoothly for 17-18 months without giving any problem and not a single recharge. In case of failure on the dealer part should I go to consumer court and put my case . PLEASE Help me.

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Biswa bimohan
, US
Aug 04, 2019 11:55 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I bought a battery for my vehicle, number is OR-04 J-9690 on November 15, 2017, but this battery does not work and it is in the guarantee period, I have attached photo copies of guarantee card so please get those and please suggest me what to do?

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where is my phone
, IN
Apr 10, 2016 3:53 am EDT

I purchased an amco battery from local market, ROURKELA, odisha for my scooty pep + but it is a faulty one the seller is not helping what shall I do now

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