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Complaints & Reviews

paint failure

I've been dealing with the shop where I bought my fxst 07 for months complaining about the pealing paint on...


I a pplied for loan to purchase '04 night train and was denied. I have NO debts at all, I owe nothing to nobody, I offered 2, 000$ down even but still denied, I believe I was turned down because of my age (61). I make about 38 to 40K a year. Is this a common practice?

  • So
    Sonny Bridges Oct 26, 2010

    Hey Mike,
    How about a 2007 in 2007 paid all payments like clockwork, engine case left side cracked, YEP, paid for 5 year warranty at purchase. Harley Dealer denied repair over three visits for 3 differing reasons refusing to repair. Haven't ridden it since April 2009, still paying payments, pulled engine to have a "builder" repair and now find after my complaints that HD Credt sold the loan to Bank of America, and they immediately show me 4 payments late, now have writ to possess, and bikes gone. No suit, no negotiations, and their way of typical solving a WARRANTY CLAIM, so bikes gone.
    Sonny, Woodlands, TX.

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  • Rv
    RvMan56 Mar 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Be Glad they don't want you, I paid off my loan by the payoff date and the amount they wanted but they won't honor the payoff amount, I have never been treated so rude before, They are black mailing me into sending more money for the the pay off so stay away from Harley. It's in writing too, the lady called me names, called me a lair and when I asked to speak to someone else she said hell no, be glad they didn't finance you.

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poorly made parts

Radio doesn't work half the time. Front of bike shakes when coming to a stop. Left handle grip fell off. Security not working properly. Wheels are pitted and junk. Rear tire is badly cupped. Rubber seal on windshield keeps falling off. Muffler is loose. Gas cap rusted and would not open. The heat from the engine causes burns if not carful. Remember this is a 2010 NEW motorcycle!

  • Wi
    william durys Dec 26, 2010

    My 2010 RoadGlide has only 2000 miles and the wheels are badly pitted.Harley dealer said no warranty on wheels for pitting.Low miles and they look like crap.This also goes for the other touring models.Also what you said about the heat holds true.Do not wear shorts with this bike, unless you want to get a burn.

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  • To
    Tom Young Nov 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have 2011 road king w/ pits in wheels, levers differant luster, bars are yellow and clacking in motor, loses power and dealer says every thing is normal. Check Dept. of consumer affairs in your state. Have left my dealer and will not return. Have ask several lawyers about my situation, they say start w/ Dept. Consumer affairs.

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05' softail

WELL, The 05' Softail SAGA continues...It has now been back to Black Diamond Service Dept. 9 times, this particular time they have had it almost 3 weeks during prime riding season. The custom paint on the tank has been wrinkled due to the console being re-installed incorrectly and not seated in the rubber properly. I dropped the bike off before going on vacation (which I was suppose to take the bike on) in order for them to have sufficient time to install an ignition module and have the paint on the tank fixed.

WELL GUESS WHAT!!!????????? I called on my way home to find out the status on my bike and they failed to send the tank to be fixed. I was told "the tech didn't get the message that the tank needed to be pulled."

This is completely unacceptable! Not to mention the fact that they act like they are PISSED OFF at me for having to make the bike run right after I purchase it from them. I get reminded of how much money they have lost on "the deal" because they are having to work on it to make it right every time I take it in.

When I purchased the bike from Black Diamond and they made the announcement over the intercom, they said "we would like to welcome the newest member to the Black Diamond family" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I asked them if they would just buy the bike back to make things right and was willing to take a little loss since I had put miles on it...they're offer was $3500 less than what I paid for it 4 months ago...

Ya know the old saying never sell anything or loan money to family? Here is a PRIME example!!!

I asked them if they would just buy the bike back to make things right and was willing to take a little loss since I had put miles on it...they're offer was $3500 less than what I paid for it 4 months ago...

screwed me up

Harley-Davidson is not living up to the contract purchased at the time of sale nor is it protecting me (the customer) from fraudulent statements (and lack of information) by its authorized dealers.

I purchased a 2003 Electra Glide Classic at Bryan’s HD of Philadelphia in March of 2004, because it had been a rental unit of Bryan’s and was not a used motorcycle I was able to purchase a new vehicle Extended Service Plan (ESP). At no time was I informed that any engine modifications would void the ESP I had just purchased, I had a big bore kit installed in the motorcycle before I took delivery in April.

I used the motorcycle for the 2004 riding season (I lived in Buffalo, NY at the time) and when I stored it for the winter, I questioned the service representative at Stan's HD in Batavia where it was stored that if I had a '103 kit' installed would it impact my warranty. I was told that as long as it was a 'street legal' kit it would not impact the warranty coverage.

Over the years of ownership I have had several repairs done to the motorcycle and they were normally covered by the ESP, the ones that weren't, were excluded by the contract, such as shock absorbers, a part that is normally not covered by any warranty unless it fails due to workmanship.

In "August of 2009, I took the motorcycle in to Henderson HD because of an unusual noise in the motor. It was diagnosed as a bad inner cam bearing; it was replaced under the ESP. When I got the motorcycle back, I spoke to the service representative and told her that it was running strangely, idling very rough and extremely hard to start. I was told to ride it a little as this could be due to the fact that it"was now running like it should"because of the engine modifications. The motorcycle was ridden very little after that, less than 3000 miles.in April of 2010, the motor stopped running. When it was taken back to Henderson HD, it was first diagnosed as a leaking gas line; this was replaced, again under the ESP. When it turned out that this was not the problem, the technician went into the motor and found out that the part that they had replaced less than 300 miles ago had come to pieces and destroyed the bottom end of the motor. And I was now informed that the ESP would not cover the repairs because of the engine modifications had not been done at the time of purchase and had not been registered on the"SWR". This was the first time I had been told this and I had never heard of the"SWR" during my entire ownership of the motorcycle. Sure enough, when ESP was notified, they sent out an adjusted and he immediately voided the warranty because of the reasons I just stated.

All work was done as prescribed in the 2004 Harley-Davidson catalog, under the watchful eye of an Authorized Harley-Davidson dealer as prescribed in the 2004 HD catalog and by the ESP contract Section 9, item 14.

I would expect the ESP to honor the contract I purchased from then in good faith and pay for the repairs to my motorcycle.

  • Ji
    Jimmie MCintyre Jul 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Beware HD is selling trikes without telling customer that this motorcycle will cause 1st-3rd degree burns just from the heat coming up from the pipes and motor, (that is without touching any metal). Also you can not hear the stereo system if you travel over 65mph. To get this trike up to par you have to come out of pocket again for another $1000. to $1200. after already spending $32, 000. for a new trike. HD says the motorcycle is functioning exactly as it was designed to do. I thought HD was better than that. I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one. I will never buy another HD produce and I have owned 5.

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Needed A latch assembly for my trunk on my Electra Glide Classic. I was there 3 seperate times before I...


Bought a 07 Harley Davidson Deluxe, this bike was hard to start since new, put 4000 Miles on it, when primary drive failed, destroying the starter, clutch, chain, generator and cases, all caused by a loose bolt on clutch basket and broken teeth on starter ring gear, since then bike in shop for at least three months, for continued hard starting problems, loose starer, Bad generator and voltage regulator, adjustment to throttle body, still hard to start, finaly returned to me as unable to fix. Wrote letter to Harley to get problem fixed they said nothing wrong with bike. Bike now sits because continues to be hard to start and the potential for another primary drive failure inevitable. All happened under warranty. Thank you Harley-Davidson for bringing my life long dream of owning a Harley a nightmare.

black diamond service department

Bought a really nice 05' softail from black diamond harley davidson 2/20/2010 in marion, il. Had a "deadspot"...

product support

Shameful product support, I purchased genuine parts which had the chrome peel off within a short time. I dealt with the dealer who was very good about helping me out and passed on that the company would not honor my return since I passed the 90 day from purchase time. Ok, good point, but I made a decision to purchase a genuine product with the expectation that I would be getting a quality product. I will not make that mistake in the future. The genuine product with the gunine product price tag will not be my first choice in the future. I will also think about the choice of motorcyle brand I will continue to ride. You got my money but you lost my future purchases. I plan to be in the motorcycle market for a long time and you can be sure that my business will go to the company that will have genuine quality of support to back up their clain of genuine quality products. I will shmefully display these genuine parts on my motorcycle and share with all who point them out what harley davidson wants to have seen on their product.

  • Di
    disapointed_harley_Fan Mar 25, 2010

    I was planning to buy a new road king in a couple of month and keeping my fatboy for my wife.
    I had a bad experience today that totally pushed me away from Harley Davidson here in Dubai.

    Very disapointing - As much as I used to love the brand GOODBYE! you lost my vote and those of my friends who were planning to get harleys.

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  • No
    No More false promise Jul 07, 2010

    Same here for HD in Dubai, no service after the sale.
    They wont be getting any more of my business either.
    Being a Harley owner for many years I found this to be the worst Harley dealership around.

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  • Te
    Terryhodge Jun 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an open case with Harley 1194666 about a brake master cylinder. Rear brakes FLHTPI 2017 and they keep saying will have the rep call be and she has not as of yet long story short they will not tell why this piston repair kit has to fluid returns and one primary inlet and the one I removed from my Bike only had one return and it was not all of the way opened so I have always had a soft pedal until I rebuilt it my self I also had the rear brake line fray through in two places with less them 10, 000 miles on the bike I have just file an on line complaint with the NTSB

    not real happy with this company seeing this is the third Harley I have owned!

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I purchased a new harley davidson in the winter of 2006 and they sold me unemployment insurance along with the bike I was not told that this insurance was not part of their company but a third party, I was also not told it was only for 6 months and that you have to be 60days behind before they will pay and that I would be charged the late fees on this note when they take up to 90days to pay their payments. This is a scam put out by harley davidson and I am trying to get a class action suit going against harley but was told I needed other confirmed cases of this happening to other people if anyone out there has had this problem please e-mail me at [protected]@gmail.com thanks

  • Sc
    sch716 Jun 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    went to Rommell Harley Davidson in Syrna De. to buy a 2012 sporster 883. Sticker Price was $8299. Harley was paying Taxes and tags.so bike should be $8299 out the door. When the salesman came back he quoted price of $10028. They wanted to charge $1400. for assembly and frieght. I believe the sticker price should be the final price. We also had a friend the went to Rommell Harley Davidson of Annapolis to buy a 1200 sporster. They did the same thing to him. Salesman also took a copy of my paperwork which contained driver license and social securty number on them. He would return the paperwork back to me and i didn't fell comfortable leaving my information. We also had $5000 cash in our pocket to put down on the bike. If all dealer are going to hide prices then we all should buy a different bike.

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credit score reporting

My issue is that Harley Credit refuses to report my monthly payments to the credit reporting agencies. In 2007 I filed for and had a chapter 7 bankruptcy released. In the release, I reinstated my loan with Harley and have continued to make my $400 monthly payments on time and in full.

The Legal department at Harley will not report my good payer status to the credit reporting companies, instead, my Harley account shows that it is corrupted inside of my bankruptcy filing from 2007.

I have asked Harley credit two times to begin reporting my good payer status covering the past 3 years of payments and they continue to refuse.

What can you do for me? My Harley Davidson Credit File number is [protected]

defective oil reservior

I have a 2007 Harley Sportster. Yesterday the oil reservior blew out on it. My complaint is this. Why in the world would Harley use plastic to make this part? Actually it is in 2 parts with a seam holding them together. With all the pressure contained in the oil reservior it would only make sense that sooner or later it might split! My bike is now in the shop and will be for the next 5 days, waiting for the part which had to be ordered. The extended warrenty covered all expences but $50. I don't think I should have to pay even this! This is clearly a bad judgement call on the part of the designers. I'm truely disappointed. The oil reservior cover is metal while the reservior itself is plastic. Go figure!!


Lester G. Drumheller


370 Dinwiddie Street

Portsmouth, Va. 23704


will not honor warranty unless I ship bike back at my expense

Do not buy a new harley! You are at your dealerships mercy and my dealership wasn't smart enough to stay in business! Is yours?

After saving for years I finally got my first new harley and I loved it for a while. But there is no joy in owning it now because it needs a little bit of warranty work and harley expects me to ship my harley back to the mainland to get my warranty work performed! I wish I would have never bought it!!

I called harley davidson customer service and was told by john that harley davidson dealerships were closing all across the country! Will yours be next?

Will you ship your harley hundreds and possibly thousands of miles at your own expense to have warranty work performed? If you are not willing to do that then do not buy a new harley or you will be very sorry!

I have a 2008 harley that is still under "harley davidson warranty" and the gas gauge doesn't work and the clutch reservoir has leaked since day one. But my local harley dealership went under, (the losers), and now harley will not fix my bike unless I "ship it back to the mainland" as per john at harley davidson customer service. Yes, john actually said that. He also said there was no manager that I could talk to. Apparently, according to john at harley davidson customer service, there is no one besides these phone jockeys to help you. It's like calling a foreign country!

Before you buy a new harley try calling customer service and try talking to a manager, i'll bet my harley the people at customer service will not let you talk to a manager. Then if you are smart you will realize that there is no harley davidson corporation standing behind your harley, only your local dealership. Then if you are really smart you will not ever buy a harley!!

Buy a foreign bike, you'll be glad you did!!

Anyone want to buy a slightly used harley? I do not want mine anymore. I want a foreign bike!!

awful, awful, awful

I purchased a 2005, Harley Davidson 883 Custom Sportster motorcycle in July of 2007, from Lighthouse Harley Davidson in Huntington, NY. From the date of purchase I had nothing but problems with this motorcycles, I returned it to the dealership for repairs numerous times for the same issues only to have it returned to me each time running poorly once again. I have made spent countless hours on the phone with the service department trying to get my motorcycle fixed and running properly. When I could no longer take the unsatisfactory condition of the way this motorcycle ran, I then contacted Harley Davidson Headquarters in Milwaukee WI. and informed them of my problem and requested a full refund on the motorcycle, needless to say I was referred back to my local dealership who in turn told me to come pick up my bike that it was running well enough to their satisfaction, and they were severing all future ties with me. My motorcycle is due to be delivered back to today, for the fifth time since purchase. I am very disappointed with the service I have received from Lighthouse Harley Davidson, not to mention the way they have ruined the joy of purchasing and owning my very first motorcycle.

To add insult to injury, on that same day I purchased my motorcycle a family member also purchased two brand new 2007 motorcycles along with extended warranties, they are as unhappy with the service they have been receiving that they are asking to be released of their warranty contracts from Lighthouse Harley Davidson so that they may bring their motorcycles to another dealership for service, but are being refused.

frustrated with service

I bought my o8 sportster nitester 8-08 of last year I just recently had it at harley for it 1st service..in the shop the tec or detailer left greese hand print on my grey casing this was pointed out and my bike left for them to remove grease spots from my bikes casing, I came back to harley service to pick up my bike a few days later and there was dark spray marks that dripped down the top of the grey casing.. I ask what happened now and my bike looks offel with spray dripping marks on the bike.. I went round and round about what would be done to correct this problem, after the manager looked at my bike he said harley wouldnt charge to replace the grey casings to leave my bike and when the parts came in it would be fixed at no charged to me.. My complaint is I missed a lot of riding time my bike's motor and other parts had to be removed to replace the grey casing..3 weeks later my bike is still at harley. I am making payments and not riding!! Very frustrated.. I think I should have been given a loaner bike to ride and or not be charged for a months payment.. I feel my bike is not the same it being ripped apart and I hope noting happens mechanically while I am riding... When ever it gets done! Connie roth pahrump nevada

failure to honor extended warranty

I took my Harley in for repairs and was advised the engine was "fried". Was told that if I could provide...

repair service

What is the normal time for a motorcycle to be fixed in your shop when it has been run into the back end? I...

2009 road king flhrc

i purchased a brand NEW 2009 Road King Classic FLHRC on June 26th 2009
in Beaumont, TX and it is now August the 17th, and after it's first 1, 000 mile service i had to take it back due to a loud clattering from the engine, WHY, let me ask again WHY???
should anyone have to go through this after purchasing a brand NEW F ' n bike ?
i wasn't even offered a rental, if you buy something new WHY should it be in the Shop
a month and half later. i grew up with Harleys i've been a Harley Davidson freak since i was a kid. but right now... i'm a little upset that this great AMERICAN ICON of a machine is setting in a shop.

mechanical-warranty issues

2008 Street Glide, less than one year old, the pipes are burning red at the engine. Took it back to Old Glory in Laurel, MD the dealer. They had it two weeks could not figure out what was wrong, called in the area service rep, who says that it is normal. To come pick up the bike or be charged storage. Took the bike to to another dealer in Elkridge, MD the same service rep saw my bike in the shop and stopped work on it. He called and said there is nothing wrong with your bike. Told him that I was told that the fuel injectors were incorrect. He claims that the injectors are the stock 25mm, but he would not know that because they have never taken the bike apart, they just plugged it into a computer. The bike has been in the shop for a month now and Haley Davidson will not even look at the injectors, they tell me that it is OK. Other people that I know have this bike and they do not have this problem. What good is a warranty if they will not even take apart the bike to see what the problem is.

  • Mt
    MTM Aug 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. I ride a 2006 Street Glide. I was at the local Harley shop ( Peterson's South of South Florida 305-235-4023) when an individual approached me and said that he had just bought a 2008 Street Glide. He went on to describe the same problem that you did and he was leaving it to be checked. He asked if I had experienced the problem which I assured him I had not. I happened to see him again in a few weeks and he said that the dealership had resolved the apparent problem. I didn't go into what the problem was but it is an apparent well know ailment with this 2008 engine. I wish you well and safe riding.

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extended warranty

I recently purchased a 5 year extended warranty contract. Harley makes it clear that the contract must be purchased before the 2 year factory expires. What is not explained is that when the extended is purchased at the end of the 2 year factory coverage it rolls back to the original day of purchase. So in purchasing a 5 years contract, at the end of the 2 year coverage. The new contract rolls back 2 years so the customer is only receiving 3 years of coverage at the cost of a 5 year contract. But the dealership is telling the customer they are receiving 5 years of coverage...

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