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lack of customer service

On january 3, 2020, at approximately 10:00 pm, my husband and I went to the fullhouse café at the gila river...

gift card bait and switch

Ordered a $100 gift card but was only credited $50. Canned customer support answer that this was a policy change (link sent) but this is not a transparent and obvious notice (not provided on the rewards page). There is no separate acceptance of this policy that benefits OpenTable by shorting (loyal) customers of promised benefits. I had to ask for a company 800 number since the computer form answering service has no ability to make decisions on customer reimbursement for charges.

tst* diamonds of hamilton town nj

I was at a funeral all day and made plans for dinner. DIamonds of Pennington had closed but I did not know this. They had been in partnership with Diamonds of Hamilton, and my browser went to the website. I figured that Diamonds of Hamilton was the billing party, but I could pick up as usual at Diamonds of Pennington. On 9/4/18, I entered my online order, paid for it, and then was told that it was closed. In my grief, I received a note I did not follow up on as I thought it was in error, as it noted that there was a problem that the order had not gone through. Okay, good, that means the order did not go through at Hamilton (a half hour drive away), and I made other plans for dinner. On Sat. 9/8/18, Diamonds of Hamilton called to inform me that my order had just popped up on their screen, but they noted that I had been billed for a dinner that they had not prepared or provided. I checked my VISA account, and the bill had been paid, $70.91 for the meal plus $13.30 for the tip. Kindly credit this to my account.

Powered by Toast

FYI: It's been more than 5 minutes and Diamond's of Hamilton has not yet approved your order. Please call them about your order status.

Diamond's of Hamilton - [protected]

Order Sent to Restaurant:
Check #30 for Mara Connolly TAFT
Pick up 6:55 PM EDT
Diamond's of Hamilton

Diamonds of Hamilton
661 NJ-33
Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

TO GO *PHONE* (Online)
Mara Connolly TAFT [protected]

09/04/18 6:25 PM
Check #30 Mara Connolly TAFT
Expected: Sep 4, 6:55 PM

Meatballs Bolognese $8.00
Add Ricotta
Sautéed Spinach $4.00
Tomato Salad $9.00
Eggplant Parmigiana $13.00
Add Parmesan
Add Parsley
Add Pasta
SALMON $32.50

Subtotal $66.50
Tax $4.41
Tip $13.30
Total $84.21

Visa xxxxxxxx7897

Transaction Type Sale
Authorization Approved
Approval Code


Never used their coupons and so on, but very disappointed by the way they reserve the tables. Look at their...

extremely bad attention on entering the restaurant

We have been using Opentable for a long time. And appreciate Opentable ease of service. Tonight we made a...

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used opentable successfully for years but what about our awards?!

I find Open Table a fantastic help, and did not expect anything in return. When the reward program came...

Phantom reservation

I made a dinner reservation on OpenTable at the Empire Rooftop, Empire Hotel, New York City, for 6 PM on January 28, 2017. We got an immediate confirmation of the reservation, and the next day got a reminder of the reservation. (The emails, both sent to me at larry.[protected], were received 1/26/17 at 11:12 AM (EST), and 1/27/17 at 6:09 PM. I cannot seem to attach them.) When my wife and I arrived for dinner, there was a large sign saying that the entire restaurant was closed for a private party. We confirmed that with someone from the hotel. This was a birthday dinner for my wife, after which we had tickets for the opera. Instead of dining in leisure, we tromped around Broadway in the cold looking for a restaurant that could take us. We were turned away at several completely booked spots before having to settle at a dump of a place, just so we wouldn't starve during the opera. I'm extremely upset at a ruined birthday event. I would like some recompense.

Larry Kamin

Terrible experience!

I made a reservation via and it was very simply to do that. I thought the service was nice but when I needed their help they did nothing.
I booked a table for several guests but later I contacted OpenTable customer support and told them that there will be some extra guests so I need another table with extra seats. They promised to do that but when we arrived at the restaurant it appeared that OpenTable did absolutely nothing.
Restaurant manager apologized and said that all tables were taken.
Terrible experience! Will never use OpenTable again!

They charged me two times!!

I have purchased a gift card from Opentable website and they charged me two times! I immediately called customer service and they asked me to wait and I was put on hold for about 30 minutes and then they told me that they need some time to resolve the issue and promised to call me back later. No one ever called me back, so I contacted them myself. They said that sometimes that happens and promised me a refund. They said that I'll get my money in a few days, but three weeks already passed and still no money. These people just do not care, because it is not their money and they got nothing to lose. Stay away from this scam business!

It was impossible to change the reservation

People, stay away from the website I made the reservation through the website. But I had some things to do and needed to change the reservation. I tried to do it online, but the app was strange and it didn’t allow me to change the time. I tried to contact the restaurant, but it was busy all the time. So, don’t reply on this app.

Impossible to change the reservation through the website

We made the reservation of the table through the company It was horrible, because we wanted to change the time, but it was impossible to do it through the website. It showed blank page all the time. The customer services were also futile, because they didn’t help and told us to call to the restaurant. But it was busy all the time. Don’t risk and avoid this website.

I won't use a company like this ever again

I have used opentable quite a bit and have been generally happy with the service provided. I often find that opentable tells me no tables are open, but can call the restaurant and get a table anyway - so I am not sure it is really that great, all things considered.

I recently had an experience which has made me vow not to use opentable ever again. I live in New York City and "missed" a reservation the night the storm hit. Opentable sent me an obnoxious email asking what happened and threatening to cancel my account if the behaviour continued. I couldn't have been more offended - the worst storm potentially ever to hit the East Coast hit New York and I was being dinged and threatened because I didn't show up at a restaurant.

Further, Opentable doesn't even have a "contact us" section of their website with a phone number or even an email address. The company is clearly not about the consumer - it is about making money. I won't use a company like this ever again.

  • Ho
    Hoolepe Oct 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This site is a scam. it has given my computer a virus. every time i log on to any food, hotel, car, travel site open table takes over and I can't get around it. STAY AWAY It will not let you unsubscribe!!!

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  • Po
    PokerJim Nov 01, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I found this to be true as you did. I asked the restaurant that I made reservations with and the manager told me they no longer use Open Table. I am thinking that Open Table still has the the the restaurants listed on their web site but you can no longer go through Open Table to make a reservation.

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  • Ri
    Rianes Nov 21, 2012
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    Verified customer

    While I have not faced problems with reservations, I have just experienced an even bigger scam: they just don't send you the reward cheques!!! That happened twice to me within two years, so about $200 gone. Their argument: they are not responsible when a cheque gets lost in the mail. Ridiculous. They can easily make the cheque payable to the account holder or to a person who gets it as a present.

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  • Ne
    newyorkjerry Feb 18, 2016

    Never again will I use Open Table. In the past, whenever I had $20 in open table rewards, I could trade it in for $20 off my check at any Open Table restaurant. This time, without ever notifying me of a change, they said I could only use my rewards at a limited number of their restaurants, none of which I eat at and all of which are among their more expensive options. When I contacted them to ask that they honor our agreement this one time, since they never told me of a change of policy, they flat out refused. All attempts to resolve them have been fruitless. Horrible anti-customer customer service. Very sad.

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  • Ka
    Karen Lawton Aug 20, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went ot my open table account. Had a problem with a reservation and wanted to address it. I went on the tabs "HELP" and "CONTACT US" and got a blank screen. This is not acceptable

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  • Mi
    Mike A Jan 01, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Opentable is ruining restaurants and is making it near impossible to get promptly seated any longer. Basically, Opentable has a 20% rate of no shows. With razor thin margins, restaurants cant afford to have empty tables; so they list 20% more tables (20% overbooking on Opentable). If they don’t get the 20% no shows, then you find yourself waiting to be seated up to two hours after your reservation at some restaurants. Thanks to Opentable, its near impossible to be seated on time anymore, so you may as well just not have a reservation at all. To make matters worse, Opentable employees are told to make a bunch of fake reservations with restaurants that leave their service as a way of making them come back. Other shady business practices include keeping a restaurant who left Opentable listed on Opentable links so when you click the restaurant Opentable will make recently recommendations for similar restaurants as a way to put the restaurant that left them out of business.

    Opentable is ruining the restaurant industry and turning the experiences of diners into nightmares. I will no longer use Opentable or patronize any restaurant that uses Opentable.

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