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Growth Cave review: Knowledge business accelerator

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I am writing to file a formal complaint against Growth Cave, specifically highlighting their false advertising, deceptive business practices, and systematic strategy to avoid accountability.

False Advertising of an Automated Program: Growth Cave's advertising heavily promoted a program that was purportedly largely automated and required minimal effort from participants. The cornerstone of their advertising was the assertion that a simple YouTube ad, when placed in front of the right audience, would drive substantial sales to an online course. This gross misrepresentation was the primary factor in my decision to enroll and invest $9,800 USD.

Concealment of True Program Requirements: Post-enrollment, Growth Cave deliberately withheld crucial information about the program until the onboarding call was completed. This tactic effectively concealed the true nature of the program, which involved extensive manual effort, including personal messaging, lead generation, and cold calling. The content revealed post-onboarding was starkly different from the advertised automated solution, indicating a clear strategy to mislead and entrap customers.

Manipulative Onboarding and Refund Policy: The timing of the onboarding call appears strategically planned to ensure that customers are unable to request a refund by the time the true nature of the program is revealed. This practice is manipulative and designed to lock customers into a program that is vastly different from what was advertised.

Evasion of Responsibility and Censorship: Growth Cave systematically removes any negative feedback or complaints from their forums and fails to address customer concerns effectively. This pattern of behavior demonstrates a calculated approach to avoid responsibility for their misleading practices and lack of service delivery.

Impact and Demand for Action: As a result of these deceptive practices, I have experienced significant financial loss, stress, and disappointment. Growth Cave's program, contrary to their promises, requires substantial manual effort and fails to deliver the automated, revenue-generating solution advertised.

Call for Regulatory Investigation: The practices of Growth Cave raise serious concerns regarding consumer protection and potentially violate various laws. It is crucial for regulatory bodies, including the Federal Trade Commission, to investigate Growth Cave's advertising and business practices and to hold them accountable for their misleading and deceptive conduct.

In light of the serious nature of these issues, I urge immediate and thorough investigation into Growth Cave's practices. Their approach to business is not only unethical but likely illegal, and it is essential that they be held responsible for the harm caused to myself and potentially many others.

Claimed loss: I am now $9800 in debt for a program that does not deliver what they say.

Desired outcome: Refund and dismissal of the contract

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