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I purchased the program for $9,800 back on 9/16/23. They had me pay through a 3rd party company called Ellective since I did not have that kind of money. In the on boarding call they stated that I easily make that back in a month. And that they would help me through the whole process until I made $10,000 in profit. Which would be pay back loan for course and on top of that make the $10,000 profit. I told them, are you sure I can make that kind of money in a month because the payment coming out of my account was going to be $600 plus dollars. They told me as long as I went through the modules in the course and stayed on top of everything, they did not see why I wouldn't.

Let's take a step back to the ad on YouTube I saw. I understood from the Youtube ad that there was an AI program that would help create the course. Then they had a program or algorithm that would help put your course in front of the right people on Youtube that would be interested in your niche. Well come to find out you are required to do what they call beta testing. What this is, you find Facebook groups to follow then you message or talk to people in that group about taking a survey. They take a survey about your future courses that you will be selling. They do not help you create a course at all. They said I am welcome to use any AI program I want to create the course. They do have an AI program, but it cost extra money. $149 a month. And you have to create the survey through that AI program called Growthbox or something like that. When I was at the point of looking into Growthbox the whole website to use it was down. I asked them what I should do they said I could use Jotform. But as I'm watching the next modules, I see that you need Growthbox again. So, after charging me $9,800 for the course they require you to use the Growthbox AI that has an additional monthly cost. So, I reached out to them again and said I don't feel I should have to pay an extra cost for an AI program after paying so much for a course. They never responded to that comment.

At my on board call I was supposed to be meet on zoom with my coach Isaiah, I was trying and trying to get on thinking it was me having trouble but come to find out Isaiah was 20 minutes late to a 30-minute call. I thought we were going to discuss how he was going to help me create this program and what were the next steps to take, but the whole time Isaiah kept looking off in the distance. I told him I was not happy with what I was hearing that needed to be done for me to get something going. I told him I thought there was a program or a group of people that was going to help create this program for me to sale. He said he did not know anything about an AI program and that pretty much had to do it on my own. This whole time we are talking he is moving around and can't really sit still. I really thought he might be on something. He then said he had to go because he had another call. I was with him a whole 10 minutes maybe. I reached out to Growthcave telling them about this experience. I have been communicating with Robert from Growth Cave. I requested a refund and to stop drafting out of my account. He said that they could not refund my money because I had already had the on boarding call and that after that there was no refund. I told him again to go watch the recording of the on boarding call and they will see the tardiness of Isaiah and the unprofessionalism of him as well. He asked what call I was talking about and that he was sorry if Isaiah got on with me a couple minutes late. I told him have you watched the video? It was more than a couple minutes. I requested to be able to speak with Lucas directly, but never got a response. There is more but too much to put into writing.

Claimed loss: Loss of precious time and lots of money $2,450 on 9/15/23 and $668.19 on 10/15/23. Another payment is scheduled to come out on 11/15/23.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund for the course due to it not being what they said it would be, and because when I needed to move forward with creating the survey with Growthbox, it was down.

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