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2:57 pm EDT
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The program's initial promises and subsequent changes have left me feeling unsatisfied. Initially, it was conveyed that we would receive comprehensive support for running YouTube ads, with a promising example involving Taylor Swift. However, within a week, the entire roadmap shifted, requiring me to independently locate Facebook groups and establish a niche. The instructions for proceeding have been consistently unclear, leading to frequent alterations in direction.

Furthermore, my coach's lack of experience has been detrimental to my progress. Despite being assured of a call with an expert to guide me in product development, this did not materialize. My coach appeared inexperienced, often hesitating and failing to provide satisfactory responses to my inquiries. This lack of confidence in their guidance has left me uncertain about the program's value. In light of these concerns, I withdrawing from the program and request that the company initiate a cancellation request with the Credit Union. I obtained a $10,000 loan with the intention of financing my enrollment in the Knowledge Business Accelerator Program, and I was given assurances that a full refund would be available in the event of program dissatisfaction. However, I have recently been informed that the refund option is no longer being honored. It is my belief that this organization engages in deceptive practices, targeting individuals in vulnerable financial situations who are striving to make ends meet.

Desired outcome: I request the cancellation of the loan with Credit Union/LandingPoint.I will take legal action and involve law enforcement as well as the media to address what I perceive as fraudulent activities.

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Richland, US
Jan 20, 2024 8:03 pm EST
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Immediately file a complaint with your state Attorney General's office about Growth Cave's illegal activities. A guarantee is a contract; not honoring a guarantee means that Growth Cave is in violation. The AG will help you in dealing with Growth Cave.