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I wish I had come across this page before I purchased the Growth Cave product. All the complaints are legitimate, and I have been experiencing most of them, which I deeply resonate with.

Growth Cave promised $10,000 in revenue, and this is why I purchased this program (I paid $6,000), but they do not provide the support needed to reach that goal. I've had to repeatedly explain my questions every time they transfer me to a different coach. And most of the time, after explaining my problem several times, there is no answer. I also get tired of asking the same question over and over in different ways.

When I initially bought this program, there was no explanation of the right type of courses that can benefit from the Growth Cave method. They offer very high-priced courses with an intensive sales process, which unfortunately hasn't worked for my niche. My program is an online fitness program, and competitors offer much more reasonably priced courses. Even when I asked potential customers to have a call with me, which is the Growth Cave way to sell your service. It scared them away. That's why Growth Cave way has not worked at all for me. And I told them this fact, now they are not supporting me because I'm not following their process... I expect them to iterate with my needs, bring their expertise to help me.

Recently, I also got laid off from my full-time job, and I am a single mother in dire need of financial support to survive and get back on my feet. I requested a refund because I am not receiving the step-by-step support I was promised. The representative responded with a refusal to grant a refund, claiming they are fully committed to supporting me. However, the reality is quite different. My questions are consistently ignored or passed on to other coaches, forcing me to reiterate my concerns repeatedly. And most of the time there is no resolution. This level of service is extremely poor, and the program content is readily available online for free. It offers only basic, zero-to-one product development guidance.

I acknowledge that Lucas is an adept marketer and salesperson, which is why I initially fell for this program. However, product design and development are not his strong suits. Ultimately, the service falls short of what was promised during the marketing and sales pitch. In software companies like the one I work in, there are various departments, including sales, marketing, product management, design, engineering, and others such as legal. Each department serves a distinct purpose, and Lucas lacks the knowledge needed for effective product management, development, scaling, or enabling additional features and services, which are the responsibilities owned by product organization, not sales and marketing.

This lack of understanding leaves customers feeling frustrated and trapped, exacerbated by the strict no-refund policy. I would go so far as to say that this service is a scam due to its significant shortcomings in taking responsibility for its customers' needs.

Message to people: I highly suggest you don't sign up for this program and make the same mistake I made. This course is EXPENSIVE and they do not provide what they promise to you. I made my own researches along the way going through the process because I can't find answers from the coaches at Growth Cave. I can direct you to alternative way to learn the same thing and probably even better.

Additionally, if you are getting pitched to sign up for Growthbox, which is a marketing software that they try to sell you with very high price. Do NOT sign up for it and pay, because it's very poor user experience product. I am in tech / software industry and this software is not something you want to buy for the price they are asking! Another mistake I made...there are tons of legit software for the same purpose.

Message to Lucas: Hi Lucas, if you truly want to develop a great product and service, I am happy to coach you with the same amount of fee you charged me for Growth Cave and software. As a marketer and sales, your experience has probably been assessed by the number of sales, however that's not the only the way to succeed as a company. If you are a founder, you need to really think for customers and take care of your customers, and add different measurement to your company's success, like customer satisfaction in addition to the number of sales. I'm happy to help you what measurement can help you to the right direction if you want my knowledge.

Desired outcome: Refund with no string attached or refund with my consulting service I'm happy to offer using my expert knowledge in product and design

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Dana Point, US
Oct 21, 2023 10:49 am EDT
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I am having a very difficult time connecting with people on fb and YouTube because my posts and comments keep getting (suspiciously) reported. Myself and over 20 other KBA clients are organizing to demand refunds and take legal action. If you have bought their course and they have failed/refused to deliver results or services, PLEASE contact me to organize with us.