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The KBA program, offered by GrowthCave, is a scam that doesn’t deliver what it’s guaranteed.

It has– by far– the worst service delivery I have ever experienced in the world of online technology.

I committed over $9,800US, with an additional $3800 that was taken off of my credit card without warning or notice. I was counting on this program to further encourage and create a transformational journey, but from the moment Growth Cave charged my account, unfortunately I've experienced nothing but frustration, lack of communication, disappointment and misleading promises. Growth Cave have essentially breached their contract in more ways than one and refuse to communicate on any matter.

My messages and messaging within their system constantly disappear. My coach was fired on the spot without warning. And any time I had a call with their tech team - all it did was uncover further issues with their system and more delays of wasting significant time, and money.

They also promised / guaranteed that I'd make my $10K revenue back within "one month" of activating my course, but between losing my coach, their system and platform constantly changing, tech issues galore, no platform improvements and actual blame towards me for their platform not working, I've actually wasted significant capital, and still not been able to launch.

The betrayal cut deeper when I discovered the content I paid for was held hostage until I navigated through the 'beta sales' maze, which is this convoluted, never ending hole of irrelevant, out dated content, guidance and material that didn't even match the details of the platform.

The notion of looking for prospects in Facebook groups - a tactic notorious to anyone with seasoned marketing experience for being a one-way ticket to account restriction - was never part of the deal.

When I did voice my concerns to the Growth Cave team, I was ignored. This is far below the standard one would expect from a program that asked for $9,800 USD of my hard-earned money and countless hours of my time.

They have yet to produce the results that were guaranteed to me within a reasonable timeframe (or at all) in accordance with industry standards, and are failing to perform the work that I paid for.

I paid for a service, I signed an agreement, and I was betrayed by the Growth Cave team. DO NOT ENGAGE. Do not pursue.

Desired outcome: A return of monies spent and essentially owed.

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