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On August 27, 2019 I was charged to my TD Bank two amounts: 52.00 and $104.00. I did ordered the special for $52.00. As of today I have not received the coupons in my e-mail which is [protected] I have tried to reach and did talk with one of the service customer and as today Have not received and answer. I am very frustrated because of customer service which have not taken any action.
Please review and credit my TD Bank for all the transaction made to my account do that right now I am very annoy.

Thank you

Awilda Coira
[protected] - buying a groupon.

I purchased a hair salon groupon.the salon would not honor it.I contacted groupon.they let me trade it for another .one.I had to pay 7 more dollars also.this salon also would not honor this one.the stylist said you have to pay me.I don't accept was her and her salon.she said I could get a refund.customer service at groupon.said I would get a refund.they only refunded $7. The rest is groupon.bucks.dis honest.I don't have to accept.anymore worthless groupon s that salons s refuse to honor.they are telling me groupon.has reduced how much they get from purchased groupon they are refusing to honor them so groupon is keeping my money.pretending in going to get something for my money.I don't have to keep trading groupon s for another worthless one.I am owed a refund.they send e mails asking if I need anymore help.I reply.a e mail comes back e mail address no longer available.they are a dis honest bad business to me.I want my full refund.since I got no salon is very hard to find he customer service.they try and keep you from finding it.lots more bad reviews i have found - refund not granted

I purchased 3 vouchers from Groupon. I used one on 8/9/2019 and contracted a skin rash, an URI and a stomach virus. They have had numerous complaints including being shut down 3x! I have requested a refund on the other 2 vouchers and no one has contacted me at Groupon and their phone number does not let you speak to a live human or even a recording. Groupon should not be advertising an establishment that has broken many legal codes and health codes. I will go to every agency there is until this is resolved. - pitbull tickets

I submitted a purchase for 4 Pitbull tickets yesterday. My order went to 'processing 'status.
I emailed to find out why. I was told my credit card was the problem. This was the same card that had successfully purchased a groupon earlier the same day.
I verified the credit card info and purchased 4 tix again. Again they went to 'processing status'.
I emailed to find out why and was again told it was my credit card.
I entered a new credit card and purchased 4 tix yet again. Same 'processing' limbo. Same response that it was my credit card.
Today the orders have vanished and customer service now informs me that the reseller stopped fulfilling orders.
#1 - I was lied to about the credit card issue
#2 - if they rean out of tickets, why did they keep allowing purchases?
I have been cheated out of tickets and want someone to call me back. I did request that a supervisor call but nothing. - bubble spa purchase

I purchased a bubble spa on Groupon. Cost $409.99. Delivered withbut a defective heater. I called the vendor and after extended wait was told they would call me in 2 business days with a fix. When no call came, I waited an hour on hold & left recorded message asking for a resolution. Days later Groupon claims they fully refunded. No refund received - oil change groupon for jacks muffler and car repair.

I payed $25.00 for an oil change. When it was done I was handed another bill for an additional $34.58. I expected to be paying for the oil disposal fee but that was all. He never said that his oil...

Read full review - unauthorized debit card charges

Their Representative was so uncaring and had no interest or empathy at all to try to help me with some unauthorized purchases.. if you look at my years of ordering and order history I have never had any disputes or problems with Groupon. a few mos ago I ordered two sets of satin sheets and until recently a pleased customer. Recently Three sets of these sheets has been unauthorized purchases on my card. Two were made that generated the chat call. I did not know of the purchases until I saw a confirmation email. Tried calling to no avail and directed to your chat which was awful. Immediately after got off the chat line another set was charged on my card and unauthorized. Was informed nothing could be done until I received order than I could return for refund. You are emptying my checking acct out with these unauthorized purchases. Will be seeing my bank first thing in the morning to block groupon from taking any more funds out of my acct. Your policy is terrible and even though I have been doing business for several yrs will discontinue all purchases with groupon. Your customer service recently is the worst have ever experienced and your policy way below unsatisfactory. If this is how you treat a loyal customer I want no part of this company. I am requesting all my monies to be refunded back to my checking acct immediately. I am done with groupon due to your unsatisfactory customer service, unfair practices and unauthorized charges. - face product

I purchased this product only to find out I didn't have the right phone to use the voucher. Groupon billed Pay Pal and American Express I never authorized this charge twice the amount is $149.00. I also had 2 Groupon that expired I they locked me out of my account. This issue has been going on since Jan 2019 I have tried calling them and I get someone overseas !! I never received the product !!! - sales harassment

Groupon has been repeatedly calling and emailing us about advertising. We can recall at least 3 months of calls and emails, maybe more. We told them months ago we do not want to advertise with them. They continually call and tie up the phone lines, we are a medical office with patients who cannot get through when they are calling after we asked them not to- we have a list of multiple patients who have had to leave messages when they call because Groupon will not stop talking and the staff has been intimidated. (I have since advised them to just hang up). Today, 070819, "Angello Bray" from Groupon called and I asked him to take us off of their call list and stop emailing us and he fully denied that request. I told him that we do not want to do business with Groupon. He proceeded to tell me that "If you don't want any more customers than you are sad" and he continued with several more insults. I asked for a supervisor and he refused. I asked for the department that would handle complaints and he refused. I asked for a return phone number for Groupon and he refused. After I hung up the phone he emailed us, after I advised that we dont want any more phone calls or emails. - car toys

I've had terrible customer service from Car Toys. I bought a groupon to have my car detailed and called to set up an appointment. I was told to bring my car in on June 29th at 10:00 am. I showed up to car toys and they had no appointment for me and the lady next to me had the same problem. We both called and was given an appointment time and when we arrived there was no record of us calling. That's not my only bad experience with car toys. I purchased a car that had no back up camera so I went to car toys to see if they could help me. They showed me some stereos and I decided on one that looked nice and then was told I had to buy a adapter for my 2015 Camaro, OK, i said and we decided what day they could do this. I came into the store to drop my car off and then asked if my controls on the steering wheel was going to work ? Oh no was there reply, there's another adapter you need to buy. Nobody said anything about another adapter at the time of purchase . So I said I didn't want a mickey mouse stereo in my nice car. I bought the other adapter and said is that everything and was assured everything was set. I went to pick up my car and was showed this new stereo that looked very nice except I had to plug the phone in for it to work!!! nobody told me i would have to plug my phone into the car for it to work. I recently had a 2015 Honda civic and didn't have to plug my phone into the stereo for it to work. to me these people only care about making a sale without telling the customer everything that I needed to know before the installation. I was very upset with them and still am and will never step foot into there store again. I posted a bad review on Yelp and Facebook and wasn't surprised to find plenty of other people very unhappy with this company. I would like a refund or credit on the groupon I purchased. - fuji green thai spa

Dear Customer Service,

I bought a Thai Massage for $60 through Groupon on March 16, 2019 and it was immediately marked redeemed. I went to redeem my massage, today (May 3rd, 2019) and discovered this was a scam. In googling the issue I see thirteen other complaints reporting that it is a scam. I would like Groupon to refund my purchase of $60. Please see a photo of the purchase below that have not been able to redeem. It also states that the purchase expires on July 14 2019. I've called the number and there is no answer stating that it is out of service.

My number is [protected] - perfume

I, order a product called Carolina Herrera Good Girl on 03/23/2019.Once I received my package it contained Black is Black Cologne for men.I, returned the package on 04/01/2019 and yet to hear anything.How can a $64.49 product get confused for a $16.?? product being for a man.Not to mention that I was referred to groupon by a very believer person and it was a gift.At least me saying something.I'm learning to believe with in store NOT online.I'm frustrated with this action and SUPER DISAPPOINTED.PLEASE ASSIST ME IN THIS MATTER.Sincere Thanks - teleflora - 2 vouchers on 1 file

I purchase 2 vouchers for a Teleflora Groupon. The 2 vouchers appear separately on My Vouchers implying they are 2 separate entries. They aren't. They put 2 vouchers on 1 file. So when I ordered 1...

Read full review - order showed paid/printing showed groupon unavailable

Last night (Sunday night) I ordered a Groupon for my wife. The Groupon had a special price ending that evening. The screen showed it was paid. When I went to print the Groupon, I received a screen that side Groupon was unavailable and that it was not my problem — it was their's.

I went to print this a.m. and discovered the same print problem. Their chat told me that the payment did not go through (I checked and it is true). However, their screens told me it was paid and that Groupon had issues at that time.

I asked for credit for the difference between today's cost and yesterday's. A stone wall.

I tried to send an email using their email function, but every time I typed a key, it erased. I hit send with a blank email regardless. I did receive a return email asking me to explain.

My response email included copies of the screen shots in addition to the narrative. I received a boilerplate email denying anything while being wholly unresponsive to my claim.

Bad ordering application, worse customer service.

Awful. - follow up with pictures/hair service at dana at simply chic hair studio

I previously submitted a complaint. I had highlights done on my hair on 1/4/2018. I was dissatisfied with the service/results. I have pictures to follow up my complaint. Notice the banding areas on...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - hair service/highlighting

I purchased a groupon for a cut and highlights at Dana at Simply Chic Hair Studio. I arrived and had to wait in the chair while she took time to eat lunch. Note I was on time for my appointment. She...

Read full review - ticket

I purchase a ticket for my son didn't. give me an option for a name I assume it would not have a name on it. the voucher did mine. this was a gift for my son birthday who lives in los Angeles. I live in Indiana.. I sent them email which was no help I talk to ticket master but no help since I purchase thru Groupon. I think it should state the voucher will the purchasers name on it. or put in a link for gift item. now I am out of 50. 00
I purchased under [protected]@yahoo which I no longer have. voucher #gl-bc3h g7gr vw79 g3y9 Dallas max v la clipper frd 25 name Wanda merkison - deal on 16x12 canvas, ord # [protected]

I've tried to track the order and it always says not found. The payment of $92.90 was taken out of my account on 12/10 by BestCanvas Inc as this was my first Groupon and didnt know how to do it...

Read full review - event tickets

On 10/9/18 I purchased 2 Nutracker tickets for the Kansas City Ballet using your service. Order # VR50942. The event was Saturday December 8, 2018 at 7:30pm. I never received the tickets for thi...

Read full review - bamboo cutting boards that need to be personalized and redeemed

You have heard this before because even Groupon will not help and tells us to go directly to Qualtry. Website and link do not come up after multiple tries over two hours. The boards are bought through Groupon. A voucher with a Redemption Code is given so when you go to their site you can personalize the cutting board and officially place the order. Cannot link to site. Customer services tells you to send them an emal. Groupon declares in writing that there is a problem with getting through to the company and refers you to Qualtry.

Theft if we have bought and cannot redeem. Qualtry cutting boards

Contact information: [protected]

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