Bed Bath & Beyond Complaints & Reviews

Bed Bath & Beyond / bissell crosswave

Oct 11, 2019

My bissell crosswave is a product I live by. I am disabled and cannot use a regular mop. My crosswave makes my life much easier. I recently got out the hospital and missed my return date. I am not claiming to be special or privileged because I am sick. I was just asking for a break. The...

Bed Bath & Beyond / no communication and no invoice to the payment to this purchase.

Oct 09, 2019

On line purchase to this company Bed bath& beyond, Borderfree did not sent me a invoice of the Payment and good which I purchace on line.Date was Oct.6 2019.I had sent you guys a email no one even bother to reply to were is this goods, I had been charge to to my Visa amount of 438.85 could...

Bed Bath & Beyond / I am complaining about the service in your store

Oct 08, 2019

On October 7, 2019, I visited your store in Rego Park to buy a blender. A cashier named Kendran acted like she was doing me a favor. After I paid for the purchase, I asked her to put the blender in a plastic bag, she said that she did not have a bag for such a box. After that, a girl from...

Bed Bath & Beyond / using a 20 percent coupon

Apr 09, 2019

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond, Yonkers NY LOCATION, 2141 Central Park Ave STORE #394, on 03/09/2019 during this visit I forgot my 20% coupons. I asked the cashier if I can bring the coupons back the next time I visit the store and was told yes. On March 25 I returned to the store and wa...

Bed Bath & Beyond / empty shelves/lack of cashiers

Mar 21, 2019

Bed Bath & BeyondI have found that every time I go to this location the shelves are empty in the health/beauty section. Half of the items I am looking for are not on the shelves. I have attached pictures. One is in the makeup section and you can see it it almost totally empty. The other is in the hair care...

Bed Bath & Beyond / unacceptable customer service @ 16800 sw 72nd ave, tigard, or 97224

Feb 03, 2019

The store manager Karla @ 16800 SW 72nd Ave, Tigard, OR 97224 has given us a hard time to return the baby item, even though it comes with original receipt and packaging. The return process at the store was horrible and she was so unprofessional and rude. All she explained is "baby item...

Bed Bath & Beyond / expresso maker

Jan 12, 2019

Was treated like a second rate citizen by a immature very monotone young person. Like a recording I was told the return policy has changed. Bought several of these for my restaurant and did not have the receipt from a year ago. So I left it there. Never again!! Going to Walmart! What's the...

Bed Bath & Beyond / staff/product

Jan 05, 2019

Yesterday we had a gut wrenching punitive experience at BB&B after all the stuff we bought from you here is the worst. Bissell Bolt Plus. The cashier told us to go pick out another one and bring it to her then she went to another department. We asked another cashier to help us and he...

Bed Bath & Beyond / fraudulent charge on account

Nov 27, 2018

Summary of Bed Bath and Beyond fraudulent charge Here are the basics on this order that was placed with my stolen card number. 1). Order place on 5/28/18 # BBB3221245165 for $1008.98 (a Roomba vacumn) that was not ordered by our company. 2) I notified the bank of the fraudulent charge and...

Bed Bath & Beyond / concern

Nov 01, 2018

I was in your store on 71st in Tulsa and approached 3 employees for help. As I walked up I could hear the woman who appeared to be the Nanager telling two young male employees to "go ahead and see if you can get her to complain to HR again today". The men went past me so I asked the woman...

Bed Bath & Beyond / poor resolution

Oct 06, 2018

My wife purchased a Dyson Vacuum in 2016 and realized it was not working in August 2017. We exchanged the vacuum at that time at the Bed Bath and Beyond in Mission Valley, San Diego. We were given a new vacuum from that store and all was good until September 2018 when we noticed the vacuum...

Bed Bath & Beyond / aerobed air mattress

Sep 24, 2018

Bought one in Bowling green for camping as the one I had quit working, they never once told me about the return policy nor is anything posted in that section of store ( I have pics) took it back to Greenwood, In on south 31, they told me the box was open the couldn't take it back. they...

[Resolved] Bed Bath & Beyond / still no refund of a return of wrong shipped item

Sep 22, 2018

I ordered a canvas from Bed Bath and Beyond, they sent me the wrong one. Order# 659CAN3241091463 PO#DN3T2RY ORDER DATE: AUG 23 2018 I returned the canvas immediately via per there online instructions, printed the Fed Ex return label and was returned safely to their warehouse. I am still...

Bed Bath & Beyond / handling of spill hazard

Sep 16, 2018

I was shopping at bed bath and beyond lakeline store # 571 between the hours of 5:30pm and 6:30pm on the 15th of September. During my shopping experience, with my son, I nearly slipped and fell at one of the clearance areas. I had to call for my husband who was not too far away to assist...

Bed Bath & Beyond / shark vacuum

Sep 13, 2018

I tried to return a vacuum with a receipt dated 8/28/17. On the return sign it said with a receipt you could return at store price something about 20% off which is fine. I was told that on the bottom of the sign it said exceptions electronics. If you look up a vacuum it is not an...

Bed Bath & Beyond / manager of store 59 wrongfully accused me of shoplifting

Sep 09, 2018

While we were paying for our merchandise the manager abruptly approved the cashier screening and inquiring if we were returning something? The cashier replied: " no, they are making a purchase". Suddenly he searched our bags without asking for permission for making us aware of hi...

Bed Bath & Beyond / jermaine at your oakland park store

Aug 03, 2018

I went in to buy a Breville Espresso machine just about an hour ago. The item was not available at that store or any store. So I called on the Supervisor to help solve the situation since this was a birthday present. The item I wanted was $299...I had a 20% coupon to use. That would bring...

Bed Bath & Beyond / the customer service associate at the desk

Jul 24, 2018

Saturday I was at the Exton Pa store. I had several hundred dollars in gift cards from my wedding. I went to customer service to ask how much money was the total accrued. I waited in the customer service line. There were 3 people ahead of me. As I stepped forward to be the next in line...

Bed Bath & Beyond / one year bed bath and beyond membership

Jun 14, 2018

Hello, I went online to order Bona Hardfloor cleaning liquid, all of sudden I saw an item added to the cart for one year Bed Bath and Beyond Membership. I am not sure how that got added, I did not realize and made the payment thinking that I bought Bona Hardfloor cleaning liquid. After few...

Bed, Bath & Beyond / cusinart 5-1 griddler

Jan 21, 2018

Bed, Bath & BeyondI purchased the griddler10/26/15 from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I am totally dissatified with it. The grease does not drain into drip pan, just lies on the grid (my as well fry a hamburg in frying pan), I tried tilting it back a little, then just runs on the counter. NOW, the coating i...

Bed Bath & Beyond / worst customer service and online experience

Jan 16, 2018

Never purchase anything online from this company. I had to placed an order with someone on the phone because there is no place on their website to add my promotion code. They were able to place my order with my promo code, however I received an email from the purchase department 2 day...

Bed Bath & Beyond / unprofessional

Aug 14, 2017

Incredibly long lines for checking. Only one employee was working. Slow like a snail. I think I was waiting for about 30 minutes, so I decided not to wait and just left the line. The second cashier appeared out of nowhere and asked the first one about me not in a very polite manner. Kind...

Bed Bath & Beyond / too expensive

Sep 01, 2016

I've purchased something from this website and must say that there is a big difference between what they show you on their website and what you actually receive. I was not satisfied with my purchase, because it was nothing what I expected. Their products definitely are not the worst, they...

Bed Bath & Beyond / impossible to get a refund!!

Apr 28, 2016

I made an order with Bed Bath & Beyond and never received my stuff. They did not reply to my messages and when I called they did not pick up. Since there was no way to reach them I contacted PayPal and BBB. I opened a dispute and only then someone from Bed Bath & Beyond finally contacted... / new coffee machine hasn't been sent

Aug 15, 2015

My husband ordered coffee machine from the company 20 business days and he finally received the order, but the machine was wrong and defective as well. He spoke with the seller, who excused and told that they would easily change the machine. But 3 weeks have... / they stopped to reply and I didn't get money back

Jun 12, 2015

We bought coffee machine from the company It was real disaster. I waited 4 weeks and heard some fake promises about the delivery. The seller found different excuses and blah-blah, when I asked where the order was. After 4 weeks of waiting and hearing his lies, I... / the seller didn't return money back and their services weren't at high level at all

Apr 29, 2015

I ordered set of towels from the website The company is real scam, ‘coz they provided the confirmation info. But they have sent me wrong sizes of the towels. I returned the whole order back, but after that the seller informed me that my desired towels were... / beware of text offers


BEWARE OF TEXT OFFERS!! They sent me a 20% off coupon in the mail and it said text this code to this number for 20% off one item and you will receive your code to use mobile online so I text the code to the number and get a response --"YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR CODE IN ONE WEEK" Really??? One...

Bed Bath And Beyond / shipping delayed


I went to the Bed Bath and Beyond store in Cedar Park for an item that was advertised in the Sunday paper. They did not have the item in that store, but offered to get it online for me and ship it free. I was assured that I would receive it in eight days. It was not even shipped for eight...

Bed Bath And Beyond / beware


I recently bought a Ninja 1000 blender from Bed Bath & Beyond.. I used it to make a smoothie;. First I crushed ice with which the blender did a very good job, then I added the rest of the ingredients:. After pouring it in my daughter's glass, she spitted out something'. It was a...

Bed Bath And Beyond / bad service


Worst managerial staff ever in triangle mall in raleigh, nc. They did not follow tornado drill training in the April 2011 raleigh nc tornado. A woman from Sanford told me that the same tornado flattened buildings and it was headed towards us. The managers were outside taking pictures of...

Bed, Bath, and Beyond / declined check


I tried writing a check to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was told they couldn't except it. So, I walked out w/ nothing. Days later I found that the check HAD gone through. How do I fight this one?

Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc / inferior products


Purchased bed sheets which did not last more than two years, the fabric shredded; washed the towels the first time and they snagged, second time the edge seams came apart. Spent over $1, 000 within two years and have purchasd crap made in China!

Bed Bath And Beyond / rebates


I bought two products for Xmas gifts at Bed Bath and Beyond and sent in the paperwork for my $50.00 rebate on each product. A few weeks later I received a notice from the Rebate Center that one of the rebates would not be honored due to lack of proof. I got a hold of a rep at the Rebate...

BedBath & Beyond / customer service


Managers at BBB ridiculed, maltreated, and shamed me. The manager is retaining my stuff I brought for return and refused to give me a receipt or credit.