Greyhound Lineslack of customer service and how they treat passengers that are disabled

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I booked passage on Greyhound from London Ontario to Ottawa Ontario and return trip on August 11, 2018. I was travelling on August 24th, and again on August 27th. I have travelled on Greyhound many times in my lifetime. I believed it was a pretty good service for the most part. Until now. My first complaint, the bathrooms at all 3 stations - London, Toronto and Ottawa are absolutely horrible. I don't expect them to smell like a rose garden, but they shouldn't smell like an outhouse or uncleaned portapotty either. Also 1 wheelchair accessible bathroom on the main floor in the Toronto Station is hardly adequate!

I arrived at London Greyhound terminal at 8am for my 8:30 bus, since it was an express bus I went and sat in the red seats. The protocol I knew from my last Greyhound trip to Toronto a few years ago. I waited patiently for a Geryhound rep to come by and check my ID and Ticket and to discuss boarding process as I walk with a cane due to mobility issues and wanted to see about being one of the first people on the bus so I could more easily pick my seat. At 8:25 am there was an announcement over the P.A. System that the express bus to Toronto was now boarding at Gate 8. No Greyhound employee bothered to see if there were seniors, children or disabled that should have been boarded first. I thought, oh maybe Greyhound has discontinued this process.

But when I arrived in Toronto, low and be hold there was not one but 2 Greyhound employees doing the express boarding procedure for the bus to Ottawa. I was asked to take a seat for a few minutes by Avril, who I have to say is a very pleasant person to deal with. She approached me and told me to go wait at gate 1 to board the next Ottawa express bus. My bus left on time, though due to heavy traffic on the Don Valley Parkway and the 401 we got behind schedule. Arriving in Ottawa after 5pm.

I booked an overnight return bus trip for August 27th from Ottawa to London. The bathroom was the first problem, the stalls are awkward to get into and neither are truly handicapped sized. The odor in there could take your breath away. There was no instructions on which gate the bus would be boarding at, and since there is 2 - Toronto Local and Toronto Express, it is confusing! After several people lined up at gate 8 I thought I should inquire with the only Greyhound employee I could see. I did not get her name, although she ended up being the driver of the bus from Ottawa to Madoc, ON. I inquired which gate to board the bus at, and my cane was very clearly visible. I was told Gate 8, I was not informed to remain by the front of the line in order to board with seniors etc. I joined the long line, and we boarded. The driver once ready to leave the depot informed passengers in the seats behind her and by the door as well as those directly behind them that they had to turn their cell phone lights off. There was no explanation given for this just a blunt "Turn your cell phone lights off". As we got going, once of them must have been using their cell phone and she barked at them "I said turn your cell phone lights off".

The lack of good customer service in Ottawa and London is very upsetting. People with disabilities shouldn't have to approach staff and request to board the bus ahead of others. At all Stations it is should be a rule that staff approach passengers with walkers, canes, etc and suggest they go to the front of the line to board ahead of others. This is how it is done with Via Rail, and at every Airport I have been in! As ridership with Greyhound is decreasing, keeping customers happy should be priority #1 and good customer service is a good way to keep customers happy. I can tell you that this passenger is not happy with the customer service I received. And the way Greyhound London and Ottawa treated this disabled passenger is terrible. And it has made me definitely consider not taking Greyhound in the future when I travel.


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    Tracy12764 Sep 05, 2018

    From the time trying to get on bus in Mesa it took 20 minutes for the driver to figure out the wheelchair lift operation while I sat in the hot sun seating my tail off finally the counter girl came out and figured it out which I tried several times to ask him to try the switch under the side of frame to release the flap to ride up on as he ignored me and when the counter lady came out and stepped on the platform the flap than dropped just as I tried telling him.
    Than I had to transfer bus at Phoenix where there again I was stuck inside the bus because the lift would not go all the way up as the driver and one of the staff there were messing with the controller i mentioned try sliding the door further open again I was ignored and told I was not a greyhound technician and let them alone so they could figure it out again here I sit inside the bus hot with the annoying warning buzzer blasting in my ears for another half hour and again it took a female counter person to come out and pull the door to the full open position which was about half an inch and the lift worked perfectly.
    So than we get on the connecting bus from L.A to Sacramento i asked before departure after loading me with wheelchair if my checked baggage got on board i was told if it was check it was on the bus already i had a feeling something was not right so i looked and did not see my checked baggage so the driver asked what it looked like i described the two he said must have been put on differant bus I said no I seen it put on the last bus it's got to be here so without the sid of my wheelchair I had to go looking for my baggage I found one at dock B when it was scheduled for dock G loading door than the other we didnt see it right off and the driver said it's not here we dont have time to be waiting looking for one bag we have s full bus to load they will find it and notify you when found I refused to except his comment and continued looking while not having my electric wheelchair assistance I found my baggage out by the fence/well near the middle of the lot behind some uhaul boxes that the drive walked past three times prior when I said here it is he looked at me and said well I guess u were right and offered to carry it to the bus.
    Than get to Sacramento all is well I board the bus with wheelchair lift and again I'm stuck sitting in sun for 10 minutes while the driver can't figure out how to open the door with me all the way up in the air on the lift she lowers the lift finally after 10 minutes of messing with the lock and than goes inside the bus just before she stepped into the bus I said the is s handle here that rest pull for upper door again I was ignored and 5 more minutes of hot sun beating on me as I sweat my tail off than the driver comes out I again tell her try pulling this knob and gee the door pops and than she starts to swing it open and about hot me in the head with the dam door I'm on the bus finally and I ask her where the electrical plugs are she said none of the buss's have plugs where the wheelchairs go I informed her that the past two buss's I was on did she rudely said u must have been on a new bus and at that asked away and started boarding other people as I went to rest room, upon entering the restroom I was hit with the strongest odor of human waist I've ever experienced on a bus and after she got everyone on the bus and was going thru the dis and donuts of the bus I mentioned the condition and smell in the restroom and she acted as though she didnt here me so the next four hours we have to deal with the smell of pee and poop that us not sanitary. I hope nothing else comes about cuz I won't be using greyhound any time soon my foot and back hurt enough from having to locate my baggage without my wheelchair to assist me

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